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  1. IT Industry - Phoenix, Dallas/Ft Worth, Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, Portland, Vegas: contractor
  2. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...: sales, apartment complex
  3. Best public transist system in the U.S. South: buy, pre-k
  4. It's: mortgage, lenders, house
  5. where to move from Asia: low crime, how much, home
  6. Finding the Right Place: buy, place to live, moving to
  7. Looking for city life- s: neighborhood, quality of life
  8. Questions - like usual :): fit in, condo, low crime
  9. Safe reasonably priced Gulf Coast town?: insurance, property taxes, to live in
  10. Salute!: living, cars, medical center
  11. Looking for AFFORDABLE northwestern town with cool summers and lower humidity: homes, living
  12. Pictures of house, neighborhood, street...: cul-de-sac, high school, college
  13. The seller raised his price on my dream house!: for sale, apartment
  14. Help with Best City or Town with 4 Specific Criteria!!: fit in, condos
  15. Sprinkler/pipefitters union: construction, live, moving
  16. Two zero zero seven!: health, best, good
  17. Horse Keeping Across The Country: home, tornadoes, inspectors
  18. ideas?: new house, neighborhoods, construction
  19. Help me find my place: crime, theater, colleges
  20. Driving From Delaware to California: hotel, live in, store
  21. moving need help on where to: apartments, rent, restaurant
  22. straightedge, cultured, passionate indie guy sick of philly (curious about NC mainly): appointed
  23. How to do a job search out of state: look for a job, living
  24. The search refuses to end!: apartment, for rent, low crime
  25. Zillow keeps zestimating less and less!: sales, real estate, house prices
  26. Best Cities for Graphic Design Industry?: how much, home, job market
  27. What is the best city to live in for a college graduate?: universities
  28. Need suggestions for a new city: safe neighborhood, safe, to relocate
  29. Existing-home sales edge higher in US: to buy, prices, housing market
  30. Need advice on cross country route: Sprngfld,Mass. to Denver, CO: vehicle, best
  31. Looking for that special place...: rentals, taxes, living
  32. Where's the sauce in a town/city that makes it great?: condo, home
  33. Check this lady out: hotels, live, vacation
  34. Needs to know: to live in, charges, county
  35. State Values: transplants, home, college
  36. Self-employed - what state?: sales, income, sales tax
  37. Traffic: how much, to live in, dangerous
  38. Moving from Chicago soon. NY or LA?: apartment, lease
  39. Relocating Possibilities: real estate, school, live
  40. North or South Carolina or Tennessee: insurance, buy, schools
  41. No education... want to start over: school, to live, to relocate
  42. Did you just KNOW?: for sale by owner, renting, houses
  43. where's a girl to go?: moving, license, best
  44. Government land for cheap??: taxes, legally, deal
  45. Where are all the good beach towns?: lease, house
  46. Walkable towns: middle-class, lofts, crime
  47. Bird Deaths in Austin?: gas, town, downtown
  48. New York vs. New England: crime rate, new house, schools
  49. BuySide Realty?: real estate, townhouse, buy
  50. Where to move?: real estate, condo, high crime
  51. Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale: live in
  52. Looking for a beach town to relocate to...: insurance, home
  53. extradition: felony, cost, charge
  54. Planning: to move, vacation, relocation
  55. Man crashes into jail perimeter gate.: citizen, local, surprise
  56. Help me decide - va or nc?: transplants, homes
  57. Where are the great suburbs locate?: chapel, houses, neighborhoods
  58. suggestions?: amusement parks, cheap home, school districts
  59. Where in the US?: low crime, good schools, living
  60. Is Out there?: shop, moving, food
  61. Looking to relocate family from FL - Suggestions on places to look?: real estate market
  62. single college grad- where to move?: home, neighborhoods, living
  63. Recommendations?: insurance, job market, college
  64. Tensions in LA: neighborhoods, gangs, moving
  65. HUD Homes: good, time, process
  66. President Ford: residential, work, weight
  67. Do of you think you overpaid or know someone who did on a house?: for sale
  68. forclosures up: buying, living, estate
  69. Nyc or california help me out!: apartment, to rent
  70. Finding a place to live...: to move, best place, money
  71. What is the difference btw. denver and rhode island?: apartments, rent
  72. Need advice on cities: wood floors, house, job market
  73. Newton,Massachusetts or Rochester,N.Y?: houses, schools, contractor
  74. Grace-oriented evangelical churches: areas, clothes, pay
  75. comparing big cities: transplants, university, living in
  76. When did your area outpace reality?: sales, real estate, renters
  77. where are there the most FINISHED BASEMENTS (in affordable houses!): renter, buying
  78. Two questions for Southerners: homes, to buy, movies
  79. Need trees! Which cities in TX, AZ, NM, OK, AR, and LA: houses, neighborhood
  80. California is turning into a 3rd world country: real estate, condos
  81. Its gonna snow in CA, Las Vegas, minus temperature in MT, ND, SD, MN, WY: earthquake, live
  82. Roman said a lack of affordable housing is the leading cause of homelessness in USA: apartment complex, to rent
  83. Scorpions on a plane!?!?!: home, scorpion, camping
  84. Californians(generalizing): real estate market, rent, insurance
  85. Where are the Irish neighborhoods?: construction jobs, construction, schools
  86. best areas of the south: crime, movies, school
  87. How to find an out of state job?: apartment, to rent
  88. Where to move-urban gay couple that can't afford to buy in San Francisco: crime rate, neighborhood
  89. From Idaho~heading to the East...But where: real estate, crime
  90. What do I need to live in USA?: apartment, purchasing
  91. Where is Paris, France in the USA?: rent, low crime
  92. Petrol (Gas) Prices in Midwest: home, shop, food
  93. Good Place For A Rock N Roller To Live?: employment, college
  94. And you California was bad...: sale, real estate, apartments
  95. Have to move soon- where is good?: real estate, apartments
  96. Peoples accents across the country: purchases, school, live
  97. Top 300 Best Places to Live: car insurance, crime, house prices
  98. Master Planned you're the slave!: cul-de-sac, appointed
  99. Easiest/low stress cities/states: HOA, neighborhoods, to buy
  100. Favorite Northeastern City?: neighborhoods, colleges, to live
  101. Totally torn: rentals, condo, house
  102. I'm gonna move to the US..... will it be successful?: lawyer, job market
  103. Best State and City to live in as an Interracial Couples: house, buy
  104. warm progressive city?: chapel, home, earthquake
  105. What type of weather do you like? Vote in the poll!: to live in, move to
  106. What's the worst Keepin' up with Jones's places?: low crime, middle school
  107. Places that are under-recognized?: credit, homes, schools
  108. Need relocation suggestions...: ski resorts, sale, low crime
  109. State Tax Burden per Capita: sales, real estate, insurance
  110. Lowest Cost of Living / Least Expensive Rent in US?: sale, apartment
  111. Looking for a porch-swing community: transplants, employment, public schools
  112. If you had to buy the house you currently own at today's market price...: insurance, income
  113. A for northern folks......sweet iced tea: for sale, crime
  114. Post of your area pics!: crime, to eat, vacation
  115. on the forum find their new place to live through this forum??: real estate, crime rates
  116. Seeking religiously, racially tolerant place to call home: college, living
  117. Your State - Moving-In or Moving-Out ?: how much, house, buy
  118. looking for a young, progressive city...: apartment, job market, neighborhoods
  119. Ideas for mountains?: appointed, crime, houses
  120. Where are the problems NOT reaching?: low crime, home, good schools
  121. Dont Blame Californians: middle-class, real estate, mortgages
  122. How well do towns tolerate outsiders?: for sale, real estate, low crime
  123. Bulldozing/demolation of perfectly good houses and buildings :(: for sale, buying a house
  124. Is the urban big city lifestyle worth not being able to enjoy a house?: fit in, real estate market
  125. Dealing with snow?: house, luxury, schools
  126. Your favorite National Park(s)?: camp, living in, moving to
  127. I don't know where to go!!!!: low crime, living, cost of living
  128. What are your upscale neighborhoods?: for sale, apartment, big home
  129. Visa Sponsorship: lawyer, deductible, tax
  130. Sailing, skiing, moderate climate, and cheap housing. Where can I find this?: ski resorts, house
  131. Would you rather have a big house or a big lot?: apartment, power lines
  132. Why does everywhere I want to move to suck?: real estate, rent
  133. Yeah Yeah We Bad!: to live, vacation, humidity
  134. A good city to move to if you are starting over-divorce-or: best city, living
  135. Is the Midwest Really the Friendliest !: condos, crime, living
  136. $150,000: for sale, real estate, apartments
  137. Police officers: appointed, credit, felony
  138. American tech and nurses.... watch out!: get credit, student loan, homes
  139. Where is marijuana legal?: house, buying, live
  140. An Exciting, Hip Place for a Gay 20-Something? Help!: cliquey, crime
  141. Good Places for Gays: house, buy, law school
  142. There is a huge disparity in house prices in areas!: real estate, oceanfront
  143. Does this place exist?: for sale, low crime, houses
  144. Ever of selling?: for sale, real estate market, rent
  145. Home Prices Drop in 45 Big Cities: foreclosed, rent, condos
  146. Does this happen in your town, too, or is it just NJ?: home, school
  147. Odd but I was 1 big house vs. 2 small houses?: hardwood floors, for sale
  148. Observation Towers Throughout the U.S.: 2013, floor, nicest
  149. Suggestions on moving from the North....: transplants, real estate, renting
  150. U.S. cities without rivers or natural bodies of navigable water: Can you name: neighborhood, live
  151. Water shortage in America: 2013, square footage, live
  152. Slow (Reasonable) Pace of Life: real estate, mover, attorney
  153. Guess ill be moving out quite soon. Is Oil City, PA the best?: for sale, real estate
  154. Affordable housing AND great, high-paying jobs?: real estate, rent, insurance
  155. Top States for you: transplants, apartment, loft
  156. Favorite Southern City: pre-k, live, floors
  157. Need ideas to decide what to do: apartment, condo
  158. Where do all the hippie's live: condos, low crime, organic
  159. Paradise!!: fit in, mineral rights, for sale
  160. Good places to live for the Non-Stereotypical Black dude: fit in, crime
  161. If you were single what city would you pick?: apartment, neighborhood
  162. How cheap did houses used to be? Share your stories!: apartment, mortgage
  163. To NAH: real estate market, apartment, insurance
  164. Good-bye 2006-whats the best/worst?: apartment, rent, health insurance
  165. Happiest People & City in the USA?: to live in, shop
  166. Micro-homes (under 1,000sf): vacation home, water heater, to buy
  167. When Will the East Coast Megalopolis STOP Growing?: transplants, real estate
  168. At what price point do you begin to consider a house expensive?: insurance, low crime
  169. Memory Lane; Google Earth: neighborhoods, school, live in
  170. If you were a creative artist/writer which city: apartment, rent
  171. Leaving NJ, but going where?????: rent, houses, neighborhoods
  172. General Differences Between Relocating To Tennessee Versus North Carolina?: sales, real estate
  173. Relocate best places to sail?: real estate, foreclosures, rent
  174. Best City for Introverted Intellectual Guy with Social Anxiety?: lawyer, law school
  175. US cities with good public transportation: college, to live, buses
  176. Best Place in the US to live: house prices, find a job
  177. Suggestions for me for a new city: apartment, city hall
  178. Best and Worst for 2006: homeowners insurance, mortgage, new house
  179. There is no perfect place!: real estate, new home, neighborhood
  180. Upper class blacks around the country?: townhomes, neighborhoods, luxury
  181. Which of states would you want or not want to live in: how much, new house
  182. Do you feel rent is a good deal in your location? Or is owning better?: real estate, apartments
  183. Post pics of your city: find a job, college, gated
  184. Are you worried about the crime in your city? I am!: apartment, for rent
  185. Converting to Judaism: good jewish-welcoming place besides NYC?: schools, university
  186. One fatality on Mount Hood...: home, camping, live
  187. Something I don't understand: crime, motel, tornado
  188. 12/19/06 and 81 degrees!: appointed, moving to, beach
  189. $275,000: real estate, apartment, loft
  190. How meaningful is crime index and how is it interpreted city by city?: low crime, felony
  191. Does everyone hate us?!?: fit in, how much, house
  192. Do you think people list their house erroneously high?: middle-class, oceanfront
  193. What is average?: school, live, storage
  194. Do expensive shacks and dumps ever actually sell?: sale, real estate market
  195. The best place?: crime rates, chapel, how much
  196. Tax rates and education in New England and US: schools, property
  197. Moving soon......need insight.: low crime, house, buy
  198. Most likely a naive about kids around the coutry: fit in, homes
  199. Very Useful Tool: social
  200. Need Help finding a home: to rent, hotel, to relocate