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  1. The real estate market is down . . . but I can't get a realtor to call/email me back!!: sales
  2. With All This Talk About Best Skylines: neighborhoods, parking
  3. OPEC cutting back oil production to boost prices: moving, discount
  4. Mixed income housing complex: low income, high crime, living
  5. Recommendations?: home, good schools, to live
  6. Parking Ticket Progress: live in, legally, airport
  7. Southern East Coast favorite Cities: living, cost of living, to move
  8. Short-Sighted Greed: to buy, college, taxation
  9. Do you guys know if Vancouver,BC is a good place to live?: appointed
  10. Best Indie/Rock City: good, people, about
  11. Local Plumbers HELP!!: house, contractor, costs
  12. Heartiest state in the union: crime, living in, agriculture
  13. construction work: for rent, crime, schools
  14. Where Home Prices Are Likely To Rise: home builders, to buy
  15. Favorite urban American forest?: park, creek, green
  16. best area of the USA for IT networking jobs: job market, moving to
  17. What is it like living in western U.S.?: how much, job market
  18. Wanting to move, need opinions.: crime, house, job market
  19. NY and SF make T+Ls List of World's 10 Best Cities: hotel, shopper
  20. Personality Map of the US - where is your state?: crime rates, home
  21. Relation between African Americans and Africa: sold, culture, African-American
  22. humidity and 4 seasons: area, average, maps
  23. Spanish teacher jobs: unemployment rate, public schools, college
  24. Matching States Personalities with your Own: college, live, club
  25. Secession in the south - opinions?: neighborhoods, schools, incomes
  26. License / Legal Advice: find a job, DMV, taxes
  27. America's Bad Parts: money, cities, east coast
  28. Small cities/towns: insurance, Home Depot, movie theater
  29. Best City for Teachers?: university, teacher salaries, living
  30. Green Cities?: rooftop, best, parks
  31. miami is number 6 in usa get more world class points: title, cities
  32. What happens if my check disappears?: credit card, closing, department store
  33. Why make a big deal out of people from other regions of the U.S.?: difference
  34. Are Bars Better In the Smaller Towns Than Big Cities?: college, to live
  35. What small towns in American are most accepting of minorities?: home, private school
  36. How does your area compare to the Wonder Years?: high school, beach
  37. Best city for a criminal justice professional: salary, living
  38. News, The Sex Change Capital of The U.S.: home, cottage
  39. City/State with the greatest number of Motorcyclists: areas, population
  40. Best Cities for Singles: living, cost of living, nightlife
  41. Places with friendly, laid back people: live, move, area
  42. You know you're in Detroit when...: closing, restaurant, shop
  43. While talking about it: houses, organic, move
  44. 105th Anniversary Harley Fest Milwaukee: bikes, town, downtown
  45. Why are there so many libertarians on the net?: live, law
  46. Harrisburg, Pa suburbs or Carrol County, Md: homes, shopping centers
  47. Which City is For Me?: home, high school, community college
  48. Living in a rural isolated area.: vacation, things to do, suburbs
  49. Is there a BETTER city than San Diego (CA)?: college, living in
  50. Where should we move????: real estate, school, place to live
  51. Moroccans in the U.S.?: rent, hotels, townhome
  52. What are you doing for Labor Day Weekend?: house, university
  53. U.s.: to live, banks, state
  54. States and renting: apartment, rentals, prices
  55. Where to move?: renting, neighborhoods, camping
  56. State Capitol Buildings/Governor's Mansions: house, neighborhood, university
  57. help us find the perfect city!: how much, living in
  58. Looking To Start Over - Would Appreciate Your Insight!: apartment, home
  59. Looking for a place to live!: apartment, dorms, job market
  60. Cemetery Cities: living, stats, land
  61. This board has turned into a great place....: used, become
  62. Atlanta, Charlotte, or San Diego: crime rate, buying a house, neighborhoods
  63. Idiots who try to ride out a hurricane: hotel, tax
  64. What section of your city/metro has the most crime?: real estate, renting
  65. What's Your State's Personality?: home, school, university
  66. Which American cities do you think will have a brighter future?: income, income tax
  67. Vertical city/ New park West: earthquake, estimated, money
  68. Suburbs of the United States: The next blighted areas?: middle-class, violent crime
  69. United States Population Concentrations:: to live in, centers, suburban
  70. what do you think?? is the boom over?: move to, activity
  71. Relo: best cities, earthquake, allergies
  72. Is it really fair to call Virginia a Northeastern State?: live in, area
  73. Do certain parts of the country use rougher language than others?: vs, cities
  74. Most San Diego-like city besides San Diego: house, landscaping
  75. Of Upper Midwest Cities...: fit in, live in, friendly
  76. grey days: live, stats, move
  77. Which city is Atlanta most comparable to?: crime rate, public schools
  78. Are Maryland and Delaware part of the South or North?: county, single
  79. Can people look at the same map of the USA and see it differently?: fit in, homes
  80. crusing the streets: homes, high school, live
  81. The Best and Worst Cities For Exercising Personal Freedom: condo, casinos
  82. MATH HELP... Significant figures... help!!: school, teacher, heating
  83. Has The North Moved South?: home, living, moving
  84. for The Midwest & The Rust Belt: attorneys, unemployment rate
  85. From the Midwest or the south, do you notice a harshness in the people in the URBAN Northeast: living in, eat
  86. Could You Live In Alaska?: living, train, vacation
  87. Cities of Beautiful People(?): rich, demographics, Cuban
  88. House approves drilling for oil offshore. What do you think?: live, prices
  89. College life - 5 hours of studying every weekday sound practical?: credit, buy
  90. What cities have the best local music?: towns, square
  91. What's important: Being broke in a major city or......: sales, how much
  92. Average salary: apartment, crime rate, house
  93. Why is the USA still so divided?: friendly, average
  94. Is it where you're born or raised that counts?: live, move to
  95. Top three location preferences if you had to get a new job tomorrow?: moving, office
  96. cities that will be most affected in the upcoming great depression: real estate, condo
  97. Front Door or Back Door?: house, neighborhoods, subdivisions
  98. Do accents put you at a disadvantage?: credit, employment
  99. Your State's Teaching Opportunities? Young Married Couple Seeking Better Opportunities and up for Move!: home, job market
  100. **FRESNO** Questions About Fresno??!!: crime, home, theatre
  101. Largest housing project in world: low income, co-op, house
  102. Why do people hate the Southern accents?: live, friendly
  103. Guess the skyline: smog, best, population
  104. Top Global Corporate Brand Names, 2008; from your city/metro?: store, move to
  105. YouTube tributes of your city--post them!!: best place, cities, place
  106. Where should I move? Maine, Montana,or Oregon?: good schools, colleges
  107. San Francisco debates legalizing prostitution; will other cities follow?: crime, attorney
  108. Largest Non Catholic Religious Bodies in 50 States: baptists, population
  109. Why is USA using another measurment system??: hotel, construction
  110. Amazing photo of the last house standing (Hurricane Ike): live, shop
  111. Earthquake Prone States and Cities: Where do they exist?: dangerous, move
  112. Has your area improved, declined, or stayed the same since 2000?: crime rate, houses
  113. US Counties by Median Family Income, 2007: unemployment rate, incomes, income tax
  114. Favorite Accents?: accent, Australians, Chinese
  115. Friendliest Midwestern states?: home, live, friendly
  116. Do rural Southern Whites have a certain look?: fit in, tenant
  117. States where the stigma against being fat is gone: health insurance, buy
  118. Region with friendlier, nicer, more down-to-earth people: Midwest or Southeast?: transplants, tax
  119. Will america always be 50 states: crime, living, cost of living
  120. What Cities are best culturally for New Orleans refugees to move to?: employment, schools
  121. States with the Best Overall Climate: place, humidity, offer
  122. Your height: rain, packages, system
  123. Split States (Carolinas, Dakotas): school, vs., centers
  124. Best Historic Downtowns: hotel, landscaping, designer
  125. Favorite State: to live, things to do, yard
  126. US Unemployment Rates by County: minimum wage, stats, move to
  127. Cities with the most Beautiful Women: fit in, best cities, how much
  128. City/State with the greatest WORK ETHIC: transplants, how much
  129. Leaving Your Hometown for Destination(s) Unknown: transplants, house
  130. Favorite Warm City to live in???: best weather, summers, east coast
  131. Cheapset Place to move: car insurance, crime, wages
  132. City of lofts??: apartments, condos, houses
  133. Free school lunch for students!: low income, high school, income
  134. pick my new dodge !!!: houses, job market, transfer
  135. Which State/Area/Place In The Us Experiences The Four Seasons?[OrCanada]: luxury, living in
  136. Austin to Seattle driving route?: motels, camp, restaurants
  137. Is There A City That Mirrors Seattle?: place to live, to move
  138. fall is my favorite season: 2014, live in, to move
  139. Cities with Ugly Names: college, place, rain
  140. Growing Cities: college, moving, metro
  141. Which region has the most attractive girls?: living, trendy
  142. Sterotypes about American cities and the reality.: houses, live
  143. Enclave, Near-Enclave, and Exclave Cities: university, gardens, estates
  144. NYC - greatest city ever...: best city, quality of life, to live in
  145. Which cities/regions are growing like crazy days?: new home, college
  146. drive in movies...: theater, university, mall
  147. Is New Orleans going to Be Inhospitable to live in after Hurricane Gustav Hammers, the entire Western Gulf of Mexico?: homes, earthquakes
  148. City with lots to do but nothing to drive to or city with nothing to do but lots to drive to: daycare, how much
  149. Do you prefer living in a dense area of a city, or living in a spread out area?: apartment, townhouse
  150. What cities have corrupt police or city leaders?: transporting, insurance
  151. Where it is safe?: low crime, casino, to live
  152. What city in the US has the Best City Hall?: house, architecture
  153. Best Midwest city: houses, private schools, universities
  154. The South as an Extended Family: home, movies
  155. Better name for the Midwest?: places, roads, great
  156. First, second and third class cities: vs, move, ranking
  157. what cities, if still like president bush? which cities dislike him the most?: military, beach
  158. What do you spend per month on transportation?: insurance, house
  159. Where is this place?: how much, live, swimming
  160. How are you planning to remember 9/11?: layoffs, movies, to live
  161. Plains and Midwest Metropolitan and Micropolitan Data: home, calculated
  162. Post YOUR idea of the US regional breakdown: fit in, live in
  163. What Celebrites are most assossiated with your city?: county, spring
  164. Because TX is rich/politicaly powerful, Ike no biggie?: homes, living in
  165. Proud to be an American: buy, live, military
  166. If you love NYC but can't afford to live there where to move?: theater, living in
  167. Canadian influence in the northern US: neighborhood, live, shop
  168. Seasons or year-round summer?: living in, activities, car
  169. Which affordable cities have most intelligent, beautiful women?: chapel, university
  170. America's Best Parades: high school, building, pictures
  171. Massachusetts vs New Jersey: homes, place to live, beach
  172. Is there such thing as...: transplants, lease, home
  173. City with Best Income to Cost of Living ratio?: real estate, rent
  174. What makes a place Midwestern?: live in, agriculture, farms
  175. Where is my place: house, place to live, commute
  176. How come nobody likes San Francisco?: best cities, construction, living
  177. The Seal of Your City: live, mall, agriculture
  178. Why does everybody think Miami has the 3rd best skyline?: condos, title
  179. Favorite/Least Favorite Regions?: moving, between, better
  180. The South: how much, gated, living in
  181. What is the Brazilian population of your city?: neighborhood, high school
  182. Time of sleeping: school, to work, student
  183. How diverse (culturally) is the West?: shop, suburban, rated
  184. Should Minneapolis's anti-panhandling law be adopted in other cities?: crime, home
  185. Los Angeles has more wealthy black households than Atlanta?: neighborhoods, cinema
  186. best big city public school systems: chapel, school districts, beach
  187. Light rail systems in the usa: inspectors, subsidized, wages
  188. Best rapid rail system: construction, live, bus
  189. Why do people dislike seasons?: living in, statistics, best place
  190. Santa Fe, New Mexico Landmarks & Attractions: chapel, hotel
  191. Where do the statistics for com come from if not from the U.S. Census?: population
  192. Pray for Houston and: tornadoes, better, hurricane
  193. Top 10 States, Least..or Most Foreclosures: households, year, worst
  194. Talk about music of 80 years!: club, good, hear
  195. AN impossible .. FL or TX: homes, school, commuting to
  196. US doesn't have universal health care. We only have millions to spend on criminals/crime victims: cost of
  197. In Depth: America's Most Affordable Places to Retire: estate, retiree
  198. Help! Low cost of living areas in NC, SC, GA, FL, UT??: low crime
  199. Veterans' Paradise?: taxation, live, retire
  200. Los Angeles, Nashville, or Denver - In General...: find a job, areas