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  1. travel route advice: trailer, car, places
  2. Another Quesiton on Suggestions on where to live?: apartment complex, neighborhoods
  3. Do YOU Think Campaign Mud-Slinging Works ???: school, live in
  4. Costco recall on Haloween candy: inspection, food, sold
  5. looking for a new city: construction jobs, neighborhoods, construction
  6. 50 First Ladies and Gentlemen: Spouses of our Governors: hotel, wedding
  7. USA --> Different from world: apartment, buy, schools
  8. H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n: school, living in, place
  9. Pursuing an MBA program: school, professionals, education
  10. ranking the parts of your town: condos, houses, neighborhoods
  11. HEY! I Figured Out Why Our Economy Keeps Ploping. your opinion?: real estate, appliances
  12. capstone propositions on your states/cities ballot this election: live in, cost
  13. New US Housing Price Data For Major Cities: sales, condos
  14. What's the differnce between Real and Fake: homes, buy
  15. guess what: money
  16. No More Whining about Cities, States,: how much, house
  17. Which place do you think is great for 20-34 year olds?: condo, schools
  18. The World's Most Liveable Cities 2008....: living, rankings, best
  19. where should we live?: real estate, neighborhoods, schools
  20. Pig market in NYC: sale, neighborhood, living
  21. House Democrats contemplate abolishing 401(k) tax breaks - Mandatory contributions from workers considered: sale
  22. Photos of your village or town: neighborhood, living, restaurants
  23. Are Desert cities good places to live for Asthmatics? Are they good places to live in general?: best cities
  24. Match a US City with a region in Antarctica: suggestions, access
  25. How do you pronounce status ?: people, around
  26. Calling All Small State Capitals!: neighborhoods, school, living in
  27. Whats your Gender?: women, results, present
  28. The D Word: neighborhoods, calculating, live in
  29. US vs. Foreign Countries: credit, quality of life, to live in
  30. Hell, Michigan USA 48169: live, place, town
  31. News, 13 Million American Children Live in Poverty.: homes, weddings
  32. college : /: apartment, violent crime, home
  33. Happy Veterans Day!: living in, military, cemetery
  34. research query ..: rated, corporate, cities
  35. Prospective Soldier of the U.S.: military, move, train
  36. Obama's cousin is George W. Bush: wealthy, average, community
  37. has heard of macy's stores below 70,000sq. ft?: sales, floor
  38. Why are cities the way the are?: transit, nice areas
  39. How's Christmas at your place?: houses, neighborhood, live
  40. Fishing/Seafood towns?: buy, restaurant, price
  41. News, Clock's, Don't Forget to Fall Back.: time, local
  42. Manners in the US: hotels, live in, restaurants
  43. Driving under the influence: law, car, office
  44. Gas prices are down, why is food still high: sale, costs
  45. Which of cities are good to live in...?: neighborhoods, salary
  46. Best Place to Live?: low crime, living, cost of living
  47. In regards to topics on the Confederate flag and racism...: lower-class, school
  48. Direct Messages: best, file, computer
  49. Which City/Skyline is the best?: houses, cars, medical
  50. School buses now required to have seatbelts: living, kids
  51. Federal Government Jobs: appointed, health insurance, how much
  52. CHARLOTTE NC residents.....What do you LIKE about your city?: crime rate, new home
  53. What the problem?: balloon payment, foreclosures, mortgage
  54. U.S. cities with employment opportunities in legal field?: fit in, best cities
  55. ONE FOURTH of children in Sierra Leon DIE by age 5: infant, free
  56. How different culturally are California and the other western states?: home, living
  57. Where???: suburbs, cities, place
  58. Is Honolulu/Hawaii underrated ?: how much, school, live in
  59. Massage Therapist looking for new city -- laid back, artistic, alternative and a place to work -suggestions?: co-op
  60. HELP translating a German letter!: to live in, deal, telephone
  61. How do you know where to make Home: to rent, transfer
  62. random dealing with Seattle: deals, buildings, skyline
  63. A Green Card: sales, how much, lawyer
  64. Best skyline in US: rankings, dental, buildings
  65. Which American city is the most dissmilar/unlike the rest of its state/region.: suburbs, cities
  66. Is Washington, D.C. the nation's and world's most powerful city?: wage, vs
  67. Philly Love it of Hate it: credit, price, architecture
  68. America: Where Do You Prefer to Live?: cities, population
  69. California The Most Powerful State In America?: population, place
  70. BRITISH FOLK do roadtrip from Orlando to Las Vegas: to buy, movies
  71. Why did the media not report on this hate crime?: car, racist
  72. Obama Won!!!: job, rules, resident
  73. Has ever been scammed?: attorneys, home, buy
  74. Have notice the Holograms CNN is using?: house, camera
  75. How many races?: cities, race, Asian
  76. News and how much is gas in your town or city?: prices, oil
  77. Is it rare to come from a town of less the 5,000?: high school, live in
  78. On Average Who Do You Think Are Friendlier, Texans Or Hawaiians ?: live, hospitable
  79. Alcohol in USA: sales, how much, home
  80. For White Americans, Where In Europe Do Your Ancestors Come From ?: farm, tree
  81. roads out there with no speed limits??: drivers license, speeding ticket
  82. What U.S. city is the most Dissaponting?: move to, beaches
  83. Why African Americans Wont Vote For McCain.: how much, racist
  84. What food/s is specific to your city or region?: home, organic
  85. What small U.S. cities and towns have you been to? Which were your favorite?: appointed, best city
  86. Top 25 NCAA Basketball Schools for Attendance: home, college, live in
  87. How long do your ancestors have to be before you are considered only American?: how much, rated
  88. Worst U.S. cities to own or drive an automobile: move, parking
  89. No common sense, no character: buying, construction, eat
  90. Friendliest cities to interracials couple: college, live, military
  91. How did get started?: how much, reputation, adults
  92. What is the most accepting state and how are the people?: moving to, racist
  93. Is your city like a small town?: houses, neighborhoods
  94. Look at this map my friend made: racist, place
  95. can u help me out: hotel, earthquakes, live
  96. favorite USA towns (moved from L.A. Forum): college, living in
  97. Which Big City In The U.S Do You Think Has The Best Italian Restaurants On Average ?: neighborhood, live
  98. Which Big U.S City Do You Think Has The Best Mexican Restaurants On Average ?: food, title
  99. Would You Ever Consider Living In Staten Island ?: houses, neighborhoods
  100. Has never left their state?: home, living in
  101. Wake UP America!!: neighborhoods, private schools, buses
  102. State..City, Ga$ Prices?!: how much, buying, to eat
  103. I-70 from Ohio to Colorado: restaurant, station, gas
  104. Poll: Which city has better food/restaurants?: credit, home
  105. How Big is a Small Town?: condo, school, university
  106. Cities with Plentiful Jobs?: apartments, safe area, contractors
  107. Gas Price Update: how much do you pay for gas in your city?: prices, stations
  108. Do you think living in a big city can make you a bad or mean person?: fit in, store
  109. Which regional economies are still holding up in the recession?: unemployment rate, living
  110. Shape of your state ?: county, top, agreement
  111. Why do all of the threads seem so negative: school, live
  112. Most likely to Secede: Indians, single, free
  113. Which town or small town is the oddest you have ever been?: live in, floors
  114. Where is the construction?: condos, houses, construction jobs
  115. What Southern state is the most country: title, best
  116. Poker in the US: hotel, homes, transfer
  117. Which state was the first to give women the right to vote?: live in, residency
  118. 2007 US Metro Areas by Million Dollar Housing Units: real estate, apartments
  119. What type of area are you from?: home, neighborhood
  120. interesting story about Southern states: live, move, area
  121. If you were president of the United States for one day, what would you do??: lawyers, house
  122. What would be my nightmare state?: tornadoes, to live, spiders
  123. Subway vs Quiznos: neighborhood, live in, restaurant
  124. Greek-Cypriot Americans!: home, neighborhood, university
  125. How Many Trick or Treaters do you have?: for sale, live in
  126. Are there real or serious plans to build High Speed Rail in your region?: transfer, construction
  127. Odd or Non-phonetic pronunciations: to live in, friendly, recycle
  128. Chicago has 428 homicides (US Murder Capital): low income, condominium, crime rate
  129. top 10 streetbasketball cites: high school, vs., best
  130. Phoenix (avondale) or Inland Empire(rancho)?: ski resorts, transplants, for sale
  131. Do you feel comfortable recommending unpopular cities?: to live in, rated
  132. Similarities between Boston, MA and New York City, NY: live, vs
  133. Chicago - The Great American City: sales, home, gated
  134. 4 US Cities rank World's 10 Favorite: hotels, luxury, live
  135. What U.S. cities have you been to?: suburbs, place
  136. Where to move!?: low crime, taxes, gangs
  137. What's the best Desert City to live, work and play?: living, move to
  138. May be moving to the US: rent, unemployment rate, transfer
  139. Daylight saving time: home, school, live
  140. What kind of political state would you like to live in?: living in, marketplace
  141. A point to consider......: house, living in, farmer
  142. Need outta But where to go?: real estate, mortgage
  143. Two Pictures That Would Sell Your City: loft, neighborhoods
  144. Which city did you enjoy living alone in?: apartment, home
  145. America's Most Dangerous Fault: insurance, houses, construction
  146. SEC colleges out of Auburn, Tennessee and Arkansas: home, private school
  147. Pictures of America's River Cities!: houses, metropolitan area, skyline
  148. What foreign language did you hear today?: live in, store
  149. What states could be there own country ?: estimate, farms
  150. Do's and Donts For a Southerner going North or to California?: home, living in
  151. Census Bureau's 2030 Population Projections for 50 states and DC: neighborhood, zoning
  152. Does aynbody find the Rust Belt interesting?: crime, houses
  153. America's Most Gritty Cities: safer, architecture, location
  154. How do you pronounce milk ?: live in, people
  155. How do you pronounce bag ?: American, people
  156. How do you pronounce Vietnamese ?: Korean, population
  157. Global cities index 2008: crime, credit, houses
  158. America 2008: Illinois vs. Arizona: to buy, living, metro area
  159. 1 cent (penny) and 5 cent (nickel) so unuseful: prices, club
  160. Help! Which city would work best for me?: home, neighborhood
  161. Odd names of college / university mascots: plantation, racism, famous
  162. **USA forum roll call! What neighborhood do you live in? name a few pros/cons about it**: fit in, real estate
  163. Shrinking States: taxation, prices, agricultural
  164. Too many threads in the 'General U.S.' forum. What should be done?: best city, deal
  165. Would you live in Florida if summers was not humid?: to live in, price
  166. Updated Forum Statistics: chapel, how much, where to live
  167. What do you consider the Northeast ?: farm, best
  168. How did you find: appointed, to live in, vs
  169. Chocked!!!!!!!!!! (READ): system, residents, countries
  170. The REAL cause of obesity in america: how much, neighborhoods
  171. Help with US states: crime, tornado, salary
  172. When did you move away from home?: transfer, high school
  173. Cities/towns/counties houses that have dropped a lot and is a nice neighborhood to move to: real estate, low crime
  174. Fastest-dying Cities according to Forbes: real estate, hotels, home
  175. What's your race?: Hispanic, Chinese, Latino
  176. Have we become this prudish in America? Well....: movie theater, bus
  177. Best place for a goat farm??: buy, college, taxes
  178. My heart says yes, my brain says no, help!: credit, schools
  179. How is the crime rate in your city this year?: unemployment rate, neighborhoods
  180. USA with metric system: suite, food, weather
  181. Top 10 places to live during a recession: best cities, real estate
  182. The nastiest and friendliest of cities: living in, nicest, friendly
  183. Houston or Inland Empire?: school, living, cost of living
  184. Is North Carolina the nation's most overrated, overhyped state?: cul-de-sac, living
  185. Official: Ask someone from the burbs: neighborhood, subdivisions
  186. Five Worst Things About Living Where You Live: homes, neighborhood
  187. How many floors is your home?: loft, townhouse, live in
  188. What's the most important State and or City for the upcoming PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION?: residency, Hispanic
  189. Phoenix is it under raited? If you have never been what do you think?: transplants, for sale
  190. I want to move to the U.S.: rent, house
  191. out there from Ripon, ca
  192. need help... where's the successful case about renewal: area, square
  193. Tourist/Resort towns in the western U.S.: move, areas
  194. Eligibility and Durability for US Green Card: program, resident
  195. Interested in Russian Fine Art?: auction, worth, 2008
  196. Looking for the best place in the USA/Canada (for me): house prices, per square foot
  197. Need help finding business listings: where to, today, figure
  198. Where do the Young and Wealthy in America Live? Try Bakersfield.: income, island
  199. News, Despite Rough Economy, Americans Still Planning to Donate This Year.: time, 2008
  200. News, State ballots feature hot-button social issues.: gay, place