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  1. In what NW US cities do ladies with kinky/nappy (type 4) hair wear it natural?: title
  2. Which major city has the best private schools?: crime, living in
  3. Favorite nightlife districts: neighborhood, live, garages
  4. Is it worth the move?: to rent, condos, student loans
  5. Bay Area Mayors Unveil America's First 'Electric Car Network': university, live
  6. Family with teenagers moving to US-: transplants, for sale
  7. Yellowstone National Park or Everglades National Park??: area, photos
  8. Can you guys help me out with my place?: house, schools
  9. The Thanksgiving Day Parade.: living in, deal, baptist
  10. Flagstaff Or Reno ?: casinos, vacation, place
  11. Relocating with nothing: trains, car, friendly
  12. jobs for IT professionals and mechanical engineers in Chattanooga, TN and Houston, TX: engineering
  13. Which Inland City In The U.S Do You Think Has The Best Night Clubs ?: personal
  14. Photographers Looking to Relocate: fit in, mortgages, luxury
  15. News, Flush with money, eager Chinese students flock to U.S.: schools, universities
  16. What city is best for a young, single woman?: best city, construction
  17. Ideas for livable city with artistic community?: neighborhoods, theater
  18. Happy Thanksgiving To All: home, military, eat
  19. Oil jobs in the US?: companies, engineering, mechanic
  20. Big 3 Automakers Impact In Your Region: loan, home, unemployment
  21. News, Christmas in Christmas: Places with holiday names.: post office, photos
  22. Which city would you more likely visit if you had family or friends there?: live
  23. Most Bizarre/Pointless C-D ??: vs., rating, quality
  24. Botts Dots/reflectors (raised traffic lane indicators): live, areas
  25. Favorite US Cities For Nightlife: town, downtown, great
  26. U.S. Forum for The Department of Positive out of Body Possibilities: live in
  27. I might make my first trip through the South...where should I stay?: home
  28. Nuisance Bugs: how much, live, car
  29. Good Cities for Piano Teachers: house, buy, school
  30. The most eco-friendly city??: public transportation, bike, cities
  31. post your favorite pictures of your city: homes, live
  32. 4 cities in the Southeast.: fit in, transplants, home
  33. Which city do you thinks has the best weather??: areas, humidity
  34. What is your definition of a safe city?: violent crime, neighborhoods
  35. Largest building in the USA: college, floor, health
  36. Fiat currency: Time to replace??: pay, debt, value
  37. Bugs and humidity in the Southeast?: to live in, move to, eat
  38. affordable place fairly close to beaches and colleges?!: rent, high crime
  39. Where to move to regain my well-being and happiness: job market, schools
  40. Is Chicago's status as most dangerous big city outweighed by low cost of living?: middle-class
  41. Have You Ever Met Somebody Who Belongs To An Ethnic Group That You Normally Don't Associate With Having A SouthernAccent: living in
  42. Give it all up and raise chickens: squatters, houses
  43. driving from maryland to oregon on interstate 80..: weather, dogs
  44. 2008 Atlantic Hurricane..: damage, year
  45. Remembrance: 2008: rent, condo, buying
  46. Was education in the United States better in the mid 20th century than now??: high school
  47. Do you live in a hilly city?: fit in, car
  48. SBF--where should I relocate?: best cities, house, living in
  49. Driving Licence: transfer, DMV, moving to
  50. Biggest Eyesores: city hall, luxury, horses
  51. Can Hampton Roads, VA claim to be an African-American utopia?: crime rates, houses
  52. Is Living Off Grid?: homes, purchase, safe
  53. Where Should I Go?: for rent, lofts, home
  54. The city with the best parks??: living, activity, golfing
  55. Figuring each state's urban cities....: high school, living, beach
  56. number of cities in US: rated, corporate, counties
  57. If You'd Have to Change Your Place of Residence...: live, move
  58. Which one: Chicago, IL or DC/MD/VA area?: mortgage, bankruptcy
  59. Happy Thanksgiving! :): eat, traveling to, parade
  60. Cities with the highest number of elegant people?: houses, buy
  61. States/cities with the least sarcastic people?: living, area
  62. How much is a nice 2bd apartment or 2bd starter home in a safe area of your city?: apartments, rent
  63. moving from MI to chattanooga, TN or houston, TX: job market, neighbourhood
  64. This has been done before, but what's your favorite college town and why?: chapel, universities
  65. Where would you rather live Colorado or Wyoming?: how much, university
  66. Which city epitomizes the South?: rich, cities, culture
  67. Natural Blonde and Redheads: suburbs, metropolitan, areas
  68. seeking advice on where to move: apartment, employment
  69. Vacation: Alaska or Maine?: how much, camps, live
  70. I want a FULL experience of the US.: fit in, rent
  71. Grid-Shaped Street Network or Haphazard Street Network?: cul-de-sac, home
  72. Predominantly Hispanic-American cities with low crime: neighborhoods, living, zip codes
  73. Favorite Festival?: houses, college, live
  74. Which city has the most diversified economy??: health, cities
  75. What was a city you visited lately, and what did you think about it?: power lines, houses
  76. America's Most and Least Favorite Cities: best city, chapel, how much
  77. What's the maximum distance between cities for a Metro: homes, gated
  78. Where could we buy a house for 50-60K?: for sale, apartment
  79. Where to relocate to?: apartment, how much, find a job
  80. What is your biggest gripe about where you live?: crime, buying a house
  81. Which is better: Safe but expensive, or affordable but dangerous: crime rates, neighborhoods
  82. What cities in the U.S. do you consider dangerous?: crime, most dangerous
  83. What American city has the worse drivers?: taxi, money
  84. What metros could Atlanta Metro surpass in population?: live, move
  85. When did you turn on your heat?: apartment, house
  86. Why is NYC Still Called the Tri-State Area When PA Is The Fourth Part of the Metro?: hotel, home
  87. US Border City Tijuana has had 740 MURDERS this YEAR: schools, murder rate
  88. Affordable cities with mass transit?: rent, house, neighborhoods
  89. What are the biggest money makers for your city?: colleges, casinos
  90. Do Predominantly White Public Schools Still Exist In New York City ?: middle school, pros and cons
  91. If you were very rich, where will your primary and secondary home be? (Only in USA): apartment, condo
  92. Twang: middle-class, transplants, house
  93. Other Country Besides The U.S Where The Racial Majority Do Not Makeup The Majority Of The Prison Population ?: crime, how much
  94. Most elegant cities?: live, restaurants, shops
  95. Is there anywhere in the US that you have extremely mild winters, but summers aren't god awful hot?: how much, home
  96. Urban or Suburban life: Which do you prefer??: car insurance, condo
  97. Which US city is emerging as a world city the most??: hotels, casinos
  98. Which do you think is the most overrated university??: schools, universities
  99. What Are The Best Christmas Time Cities In The US?: home, gardens
  100. The 2008 Global Cities Index: houses, quality of life, shop
  101. Good cities in remote areas: living in, location, population
  102. Will Houston surpass the continent of Africa in population?: statistics, move to
  103. Say good things about each and every reigon.: best cities, amusement park
  104. Which US shopping district do you like the best??: public transportation, architecture
  105. Would you rather live in a city with a hot and humid climate year round, or a city with a chilly climate??: place to live, versus
  106. What can 300,000 get you for a house where you live?: real estate, condo
  107. Sell your state to me: house insurance, condos, cheap
  108. Detroit and St. Louis move over- the most dangerous city in the US is....: violent crime, mortgages
  109. Austin, TX tops Forbes' 2008 coolest cities list: things to do, suburban
  110. Cities with large number of young professionals: universities, living
  111. US City where Day starts Late? Like School, Office, starts at 12pm or later: schools, universities
  112. Biggest Party Colleges or Universities?!: schools, reputation, state
  113. La Skyline or Houston Skyline?: living, medical center, rated
  114. Why does the United States have such a high violent crime rate??: lawyers, neighborhoods
  115. For People Who Live In A City With A Large Hispanic Population, Have You Ever Seen An MS-13 Member Up Close ?: neighborhood, gangs
  116. Large U.S. Cities Population Density / Land Area Graphic: credit, how much
  117. Midwesterner who hates winter...where should I move????: appointed, university
  118. Should I move to Los Angeles or San Diego?: crime, living
  119. highway tolls: tax, costs, trains
  120. Guns & ammo sales up everywhere in the US?: homes, buyers
  121. First Image to come to mind?: city hall, house, movies
  122. Like CT, but cheaper.: condo, how much, house
  123. Houston - most underrated city? It looks pretty awesome in places: neighborhoods, live
  124. Why is the U.S. so far right?: to live, bill
  125. Where should we move?: rent, credit, homes
  126. Why are so many people intrerested in Houston lately?: foreclosure, construction
  127. How would you drive across the US?: RV park, houses
  128. Are you a diversophile?: crime, houses, neighborhood
  129. Best city in the Midwest?: best cities, low crime, safe area
  130. Where do I find good fried chicken???: restaurants, metro
  131. May me find a place!: employment, living in
  132. East Coast vs West Coast: foreclosure, credit, houses
  133. Rank the top 10 most powerful states: how much, airport, agriculture
  134. Suckers: foreclosures, house, unemployment
  135. Tallest American Buildings Outside of a CBD: storage, design
  136. Would You Rather Spend A Summer In Phoenix Or The Australian Outback ?: malls, stations
  137. Just for fun: loft, hotel, home
  138. best suburbs in the U.S: houses, quality of life, farm
  139. Where you live if you had the chance?: living, friendly
  140. best cities with best looking people: travel, diversity, good
  141. What are Gas Prices like in your part of the US?: how much, live in
  142. Moving from Ireland to America: low crime, hotels, home
  143. New York City or Tokyo??: crime, hotel, movies
  144. Why are Texas and California the only important states?: shop, car
  145. Vermont the most powerful state?: cities, place, top
  146. Best movies about TEXAS?: office, cities, room
  147. What do you like about the city you live in??: job market, neighborhoods
  148. What famous people are from where your from?: home, movies
  149. Fun Game with Google Maps: for sale, apartment, buying a house
  150. Love Boston, Dislike Chicago,( Despise LA ) - what's your thoughts?: home, neighborhoods
  151. Why do you love the Midwest?: home, school, to live in
  152. Which city has a major problem with crime??: crime rates, most dangerous
  153. Which city has the largest income gap??: oceanfront, insurance
  154. What do you think the causes for crime is?: rent, home
  155. What's the cheapest gas in your town?: prices, stations
  156. urban AND conservative areas: employment, neighborhoods, shop
  157. The Great American Divide: homes, college, living
  158. Northern Cities Shift: neighborhoods, living in, areas
  159. Which US city has the best pie?: title, pizza
  160. Looking for a city with lots of diversity and a good transit system: house, job market
  161. Will Atlanta become like Detroit?: crime rate, houses, construction
  162. Has a suburb ever passed a main city in population?: school, beach
  163. Why are states poor?: houses, neighborhoods, living in
  164. If you could create your own city what would it look like: amusement park, condos
  165. A good place for my family: middle-class, for sale, real estate
  166. Which Midtown do you like the best??: apartments, condos
  167. What would be a nice state, with beautiful nature, not too crowded, low crime rate?: job market, college
  168. Favorite US Highway: to live, prices, beaches
  169. Slow Customer Service in the South: living in, restaurants, shops
  170. Good place to move to for a bi-racial family with gay parents?: low crime, home
  171. In this I will show you why Texas is not the South: low income, income
  172. Of choices.. (yes, another relocation: home, salary
  173. What was your city like in the mid 20th century??: safer, manufacturing
  174. HELP--Where Should I Move To?: best city, cheap apartment, credit
  175. What is America's Largest cities? (population wise): estimates, rank
  176. redneck pride: horses, money, lawnmower
  177. Did you read and study maps of the U.S. for fun??: sales, live
  178. ever live in two states at the same time?: sales, house
  179. Target or Walmart??: live, shops, parking
  180. Last Call (booze) by State and City: sales, buying
  181. Most Progressive City in the South: condos, metro area, area
  182. How late does your subway run?: home, taxi, live
  183. Ancestry for who don't consider themselves 100% white: racist, tree
  184. from MI in Chattanooga, TN: pros and cons
  185. Have you moved around looking for the perfect place to live only to wind up back where you are from: how much
  186. best city to get married in?: outdoor, year round, indoors
  187. changed skylines: pictures
  188. Revolution march - november 22 - end the federal reserve banks: live, office
  189. Good shopping, bad shopping: cities, average, quality
  190. Need help finding a new place to live!: for rent, low crime
  191. Sending gifts to US Solfiers in Iraq & Afg. from Christmas: distance, phone
  192. Where to Live - late 20's Female: living, cost of living
  193. News, Check your state for the lowest Gas Prices.: amount, 2008
  194. Win a trip to Miami from AARP!: hotel, transportation
  195. Wiki World Flicks: photos, video
  196. Search for people
  197. Northwest vs Midwest
  198. Where to trade-down and live for less: house, assess
  199. U.S Visa problem HELP: college, teachers, phone
  200. Great Recession of 2008/9 could wipe out 7 MILLION jobs