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  1. POLL: Do you think it's funny when people create ridiculous polls to make a point how ridiculous the polls have become: rated
  2. Best City for college grad with an Information Systems Degree?: sales, job market
  3. Rent or buy when moving to a new area?: to rent, crime
  4. The South Explained: home, places to live, racist
  5. Do people dress differently when going out at night in different parts of the country?: ski resort
  6. News, Southern critics out of line on aid to automakers.: buying, bankruptcy
  7. Where is the place for me?: real estate, school, living
  8. Where to find a marketing job? good states?: unemployment, live in
  9. Traveling from CA to TX passing I-40: questions, checkpoints
  10. Best towns for nurses and teachers?: low crime, teaching jobs, school districts
  11. Happy holidays!: living, safe, health
  12. What factors do great cities share?: neighborhoods, construction, university
  13. Great Romatic Getaway Towns: home, castle, yard
  14. Obesity: What will it look like in 2 decades??: live, food
  15. relocation to anywhere: to rent, low crime, loan
  16. Help me find a place....: condos, houses, live
  17. Wealthiest Cities, Towns, Places in the US with 20,000+ residents: university, income
  18. Which city (with a population of 500,000-1,000,000) has the most architecturally diverse skyscrapers??: city hall
  19. Let others get to know more about your city: houses, pre-k
  20. What Cities Do You Think Have Changed? (The new millennium): crime rate, how much
  21. Which Major City has the Best Neighborhood Architecture: homes, neighborhoods
  22. new state license plates: home, bill, yard
  23. Weird December: Snow on Malibu, L.A., lots in Vegas, in Houston...: winter
  24. Do you compare Chattanooga to other town in the U.S?: job market
  25. Cities by Average Annual Pay in 24 High Wage Earning Occupations: sales, lawyers
  26. 9/11: live, manufactured, place
  27. Chattanooga OR Tucson: construction, schools, standard of living
  28. Top 5 most sturdy states in US: job market, oil, dryer
  29. Share Photos of and About Public Markets in Your City: organic, shop
  30. Moving to the south...: living in, safe, areas
  31. Best Leisure time: neighborhood, cost, shop
  32. Relocating to the South: apartments, condos, townhomes
  33. Safest cities in the usa: crime, beach, metro
  34. Have you visited on one of cities?
  35. Which warm weather regions have the most charm in the winter: to live, move to
  36. News, Views on auto aid fall on North-South divide.: homes, buyers
  37. from Nuremberg: live, German, important
  38. Winning the lottery - Cash or Payments?: real estate, insurance
  39. Have you lived in a place where the winters are mild like Houston? Did you move to place cold?: transfer
  40. Ever attempted an Into the Wild type journey?: college, living
  41. new lawyer, looking to relocate to the south: neighborhoods, law school
  42. Help! From Bronx to Burlington? Good idea?: fit in, apartment
  43. San Antonio: closing, military, riverwalk
  44. Best Hot Springs.: dangerous, activity, clothing
  45. Would you risk moving to NYC in today's economy? Or would you transfer with your company to a less-desired city?: apartment
  46. First Post. Most important: home, neighborhood, salary
  47. I-70 or I-80 across the midwest: live in, most dangerous, cities
  48. Help Me Find A City: apartments, rent, employment
  49. Happy New Year! :): good, solution
  50. Planning To Drive from Chicago to Sacramento: hotels, casino
  51. Where to move in the southeast????? (small-medium sized towns): chapel, big house
  52. Quintessential Southern Towns????: 2015, big house, cities
  53. What is Considered On-Topic in General US? What topics belong in the City vs. City subforum? What are the Rules?: good schools
  54. Looking for Warm, Healthy, Safe city.: crime rates, cost, moving
  55. Areas with the least amount of pests: apartments, roaches
  56. Top 5 List for Metro Job Growth: employment, stats, metropolitan area
  57. Place with Bad Healthcare/Hospitals: insurance, schools, place to live
  58. Best cities for public transit.: insurance, living in, bus
  59. SF Chronicle recognizes Houston, L.A., NYC as most diverse in country: cities
  60. Which city do you wish your city was more like?: crime, train
  61. favorite ski resorts/mountains in U.S.: home, best area
  62. Match an American state/Region with a European country: beaches, architecture
  63. Your Favorite Western City?: live, beach, architecture
  64. The Worst Speed Trap Cities In The United States.: live, cars
  65. I want to be an american: university, live, statistics
  66. California or Japan?: earthquakes, living, cost of living
  67. Which cites would you pick?? (Northerners): how much, to live, restaurant
  68. Help Me Plan My Tour Of The US: live in, palm trees
  69. Accents by states.: appointed, fit in, rank
  70. Seeking friendly affordable small town with mountains/snow/friendly people/healthcare/schools: real estate, rent
  71. Cities of the Midwest that aren't flat?: living in, areas
  72. To what city would you wish to return?: homes, neighborhoods
  73. a great place to raise children?: for sale, real estate, foreclosure
  74. Region, state, or city with the toughest men: school, camp
  75. 'Death Map' of the US: Where you don't want to try and fool Mother Nature: crime, tornadoes
  76. The hot spots of your city: club, ferry, residential
  77. looking for a place to move: health insurance, hotels, neighborhood
  78. Common misconceptions about your city: crime, neighborhoods, theater
  79. Most literate cities in the U.S.: buying, university
  80. Biggest Influence On The U.S ? Chic-Land or SF Bay Area?: vs., title
  81. How do you commute to work and where in the US do you live?: transfer to, college
  82. What comes to mind when you think of a world city??: living, restaurants
  83. Most Eventful Cities in America, 2008: activities, rankings, population
  84. Which Regional Climate Do You Like the Most?: land, rated
  85. How people dress where you live: buying, theater, live in
  86. Where should a Philly native move to?: college, nightlife
  87. Why did Houston and L.A. become the most diverse & cosmopolitan cities???: title, Vietnamese
  88. Recent graduate, broke, stuck, where should I go?: real estate, apartment
  89. Is Austin the next Atlanta?: capita, African-Americans, American
  90. Cities that made the book, The Worst Towns In The U.S.A. By Maurice Crow: place to live, restaurants
  91. Cities in Movies: apartment, neighborhood, high school
  92. Test your U.S. geography-states map: places, average, state
  93. US net income and earnings?: insurance, how much, income tax
  94. Are there regional mannerisms?: college, move, food
  95. Census Points to End of Sun Belt Boom (USA Today): taxes, living
  96. What city has the best public transportation system?: rental, taxis
  97. Places In Your City Named After Other Cities....: universities, live in
  98. 10 worst real-estate markets for 2009: real estate, foreclosure, condo
  99. IN WHICH ONE WOULD YOU LIVE: LA, San Diego or SF: apartment, school
  100. What is the best city you have been to, and why?: apartment, to rent
  101. Fleeing Vermont to Escape Massachusetts (need advice): apartments, condos
  102. How to save rust belt cities from further decline in the 21st century?: schools, colleges
  103. Just travelled across the midwest - shocked at ignorance I saw: universities, casinos
  104. Which city would you consider to be the cultural hub of the West Coast??: live, food
  105. Why does so much tech innovation occur in TX/West Coast, not north though?: crime, chapel
  106. 'Bama or Arkansas: school, university, wage
  107. List the places in the US that you would not want to go to.: to live, east coast
  108. Should cities base their density on developed land or developed and undeveloped land?: houses, neighborhoods
  109. German inspired cities or towns: shop, food, rich
  110. Best Metro Cities/towns (top 5 by pop): beach, suburbs
  111. How would Atlantan rebuild New Orleans(grandpa): how much, neighborhood
  112. Best Cities for Pizza: restaurants, move, beach
  113. Which city was the best Gotham City?: credit, movies
  114. Immigrant/Ethnic neighborhoods in your city..: transplants, apartment, university
  115. If you were to pick the capitol of the country.: house, tornadoes
  116. Which City Has The Most Geographical Advantages: tornadoes, earthquakes
  117. Top 9 US Metro tag team battle royal: movies, living
  118. LA more walkable than Atlanta?: cul-de-sac, credit, employment
  119. Struggling versus expanding, maps of U.S. metropolitan economies: layoffs, construction
  120. Where'd you rather move for Warm Winter Weather: house, safe area
  121. Recommendations for Young Family (4 Kids) moving from Northeast: low crime, chapel
  122. Has the American childhood neighborhood experience changed?: fit in, renting
  123. What city past its prime has the most come-back: apartments, neighborhood
  124. What's up with the huge migration of Californians to TX???: hotels, neighborhood
  125. Are there places in the USA where the economy hasn't tanked?: unemployment, living
  126. Wich state has the best state flag?: Walmart, tree
  127. matching northern cities with southern cities: crime, credit, neighborhoods
  128. How many traffic lights are in your town/city?: live in, commute to
  129. What Do You Want For Christmas?: school, to eat, farms
  130. Great places with low cost of living: for sale, apartments
  131. I want to leave Texas, but where to go?: employment, taxi driver
  132. Small towns - more on the liberal side: home, school districts
  133. Small/Mid Size Cities with Good Public Transit: university, taxis
  134. Southern City with most outdoor activities/nature: apartment, home
  135. Favorite cities by region: place to live, rated, areas
  136. Texas is flat (Game: credit, live, dangerous
  137. What do you love about the United States of America?: movies, restaurant
  138. Getting acclimated to humid area: buy, live in, move to
  139. How come college football is not as big in the Northeast/New England as the rest of the country???: schools, universities
  140. What US cities have Tunnels?: rail, park, area
  141. What is Midwest?: live, areas, places
  142. Which city was more impressive than you it would be, Which was worse than you: appointed, to live
  143. Which sunny state has the most Rust Belt-malcontents ?: transplants, high school
  144. MY IDEAL TOWN write matches): high crime, houses
  145. How often do you hear sirens from your house?: neighborhood, living in
  146. Name cities with an ideal/bad CLIMATE: places, coastal
  147. Gee-whiz. Is happy in their place of residence?: house, living
  148. What Makes NYC Different From Other U.S. Cities?: neighborhood, live in
  149. Why Do Many Tend to Have a Negative View of NY and NJ and a POSITIVE View of PA?: transplants, home
  150. If you were poor and not white where would u live in the US?: high crime, living
  151. TX has a census area with 57,000/sq. mile (Houston?): apartments, condos
  152. Cleveland, Denver, Colombus, St. Louis, Kansas City, or Indy?: low crime, home
  153. Most dangerous metros in 2008: appointed, crime, home
  154. Which mountain range do you like best?: cabin, vacations
  155. Best State License Plate: DMV, plantations, license plates
  156. Mostly Racism Free States/Cities?: crime, neighborhoods, school
  157. Which is more unbearable: the Northern winter, or the Southern summer?: live, car
  158. Cities with inferiority complexes?: how much, neighborhood, universities
  159. Help me find my dream town/city: apartments, low crime
  160. What will be the next state?...: beach, cities, island
  161. Boutique Cities: young professionals, fencing, shop
  162. Why and where do gas stations require pre-payment?: credit card, live in
  163. Why do people want so badly to move to southern cities?: house, neighborhoods
  164. Do you prefer to live in or visit the North or South?: vs., to relocate
  165. GAS Prices where your are?: cheapest, metro, paid
  166. How do all you southerners handle Christmas without snow?: live in, beach
  167. What is your definition of the US North or South?: live, trains
  168. Fem Cities: live, shop, bars
  169. Cities with fashionable african-american girls ?: gardens, beach, Haitian
  170. Guess the City Game: homes, activity, architecture
  171. Looking for a city with the most Loose women: how much, beach
  172. Manly cities: how much, employment, eat
  173. Looking for a retirement destination with low humidity and lots of space: home, purchase
  174. Big Cities With High Proportion of Genuinely Nice People: live, friendly
  175. Why do people bash Winter???: living in, shop, to move
  176. Would you prefer Tampa or Houston? Is there a lot of difference between them?: to live in, beaches
  177. Which Community/State has a large number of very similar people?: live, cities
  178. How is the auto crisis affecting your area?: for sale, loan
  179. Snow in New Orleans and Houston today (12-11-2008): live, garage
  180. Southerners are Well-Groomed!: live in, vs, suite
  181. can you tell where someone is from based on how they look: transplants, live in
  182. Laid Back, Relaxed Places- mentions?: living in, suburbs, area
  183. Does you city have attractive rowhomes, townhouses or Brownstones?: apartments, condo
  184. Cost of living 2008: house, utilities, salary
  185. Photos of Your City's Churches....: chapel, wedding, university
  186. Ever do a South to North migration?: real estate market, allergies
  187. Which US Region will recover first from the recession?: prices, farm
  188. Which Cities Will You Run Into Many People with Attitude: home, live in
  189. Best City for Young Professionals: transplants, employment, college
  190. Are there rednecks in big cities (L.A., Space City, Chicago, ATL): house, neighborhoods
  191. Do you live in one of the cities?: metro area, city limits
  192. Rat Race City, USA!: suburbs, commuters, business
  193. Pray for the Stranded across the West: home, to buy
  194. Do you missed or regret moving out of your last location?: town, moved
  195. Where there is no commute or 100-degree days: wages, standard of living
  196. How many traffic lights are in your town/city?: dental, double
  197. Merry Christmas! :): color
  198. What ae the Most upscale shopping areas in america are my favorite: luxury
  199. stories from the South States...: singles, roads, groups
  200. Hoity Toity Texas artist Julian Schnabel shown to be fraud on 60 minutes: movies