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  1. News, Strapped states turn to gambling.: hotel, houses, casinos
  2. Do you know of small town versions of Austin?: area, population
  3. Worse hood P2: How to fix it...: crime, home
  4. The top 100 most populated cities from each census.......: land, population
  5. What to do with a UPS parcel for someone who ddoesnt live more?: apartment
  6. How do you think the economy is going to get this year?: house
  7. Best cities for current local funk music (wheres the best scene?): to live, moving to
  8. America's Most Abandoned Cities: rental, condo, homes
  9. Help Relocating out of Chicago: home, job market, neighborhoods
  10. Which Is the Best Southern State?: transfer to, vs, airport
  11. Which u.s. cities or towns offer asian or asian-american programming channels in their cable or satellite lineups?: movies
  12. Poorest communities in the U.S.: low income, crime, income
  13. Want to relocate - advice??: daycare, job market, elementary school
  14. Highest income places in the U.S.: bill, ranking
  15. Looking to relocate, suggestions?: rent, low crime, credit card
  16. Need help and/or: best cities, home, live in
  17. Want to Move to US but not sure where. Can you help?: health insurance
  18. Information of the High Schools in your city and/or school district........: university
  19. Who loves where they live? [ EDIT]: sales, college, living in
  20. What city is right for me and my family?: home, job market
  21. Where can I find public schools w/the least government intervention?: school districts, taxes
  22. McAllen, TX - true tropical winter - 77 average high, 65 average mean - hottest in U.S.?: island
  23. What if Principal Meridians had determined the US State Boundaries?: live, price
  24. Best U.S. state/city for special needs child??: best cities, real estate
  25. Most dangerous neighborhood: neighborhoods, stats, moving to
  26. Culture customs of your city.: school, college, to live in
  27. News, State list of birds becoming more, less common.: estimated, climate
  28. Parts of the South with large Catholic populations: transplants, live
  29. Austin, New Orleans or Nashville...: live, cities, capita
  30. Apartment advice for an out of state move: sublets, rental
  31. Where should I live? California or Rhode Island?: home, salary
  32. know of this city??: town, downtown, current
  33. USA's Most Wired cities: real estate, estate, parking
  34. 20 year High School Reunion questions: home, live, town
  35. Help, I need your feed back!: sales, real estate, closing
  36. Where to find a nice safe spot that's secure w/plenty of schools to find French-teaching jobs?: rent
  37. Looking for Mild Weather,Good jobs in IT field, I live in NH now: rent
  38. North Carolina vs Florida: foreclosures, crime rate, house
  39. Where in the US are there nursing home Care Aid (CNA) Jobs?: safe
  40. Summer Vacation: price, beaches, Amtrak
  41. Tropical Janurary on South Padre this year: mean temp was 64.5. Anywhere outside FL/HA achieve this?: island
  42. What would you make your hometowns theme song?: limousine, neighborhood
  43. Places you'd love to visit from seeing them on Google Street View: apartment
  44. Recent grad; Relocate suggestions?: crime, job market, living in
  45. Crazy for me to emigrate to the US?: theater, private schools
  46. News, America's Top 15 Emptiest Cities.: foreclosures, condos, homes
  47. Criminal background search: credit report, employment, university
  48. inexpensive housing: rent, low crime, home
  49. Where do you suggest and why,: transplants, for sale
  50. Where to own a piece of paradise?: purchase, utilities
  51. Move to the USA?: moving to, money, teacher
  52. St. Louis Mardi Gras and your city's Mardi Gras traditions: rooftop, live
  53. City Mayors: A list of polluted U.S cities that could cause serious health problems: live
  54. nu year nu me... looking for a rainy place with small towns and good schools: employment
  55. Does this place exist?: HOA, condos, mortgage
  56. Are you living in a city you love?: airport, nightlife
  57. Communities surprisingly with historically black churches: military, best, baptist
  58. Surprisingly mild winters?: live in, best, cities
  59. Forbes cites Chicago's horrible weather, bad economy, and declining population for topping Miserable Cities List: city hall, crime rate
  60. flying out of cities.: wedding, living, moving
  61. Irish, recent graduate planning a move to north east: apartments, rentals
  62. Urbane place like Manhattan or San Fran/L.A. or down to earth working class city like Chicago?: home, neighborhoods
  63. Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong place?: fit in, home
  64. FBI study shows which state has the most gangmembers per capita: crime, most dangerous
  65. Florida Summer Night's or SO.Cal Summer Nights?: living in, yard
  66. Looking for a place where it gets COLD but doesn't snow much at all: best, areas
  67. Are American Cities Too Ugly?: malls, eat, design
  68. Best cities for 18 year olds: rent, dorms, transfer
  69. Do you think Richmond, Virginia should be the new USA Capital?: house, restaurants
  70. Suprising COLD winters: high school, live, pools
  71. Whats the furthest North/South you could live?: living in, weather
  72. Just HOW expensive are the major cities of America?: ski resorts, sale
  73. Are certain USA cities more masculine/feminine ?: lesbian, population
  74. What is the most densly populated city in your state!!!: neighborhoods, design
  75. Why no statues or memorials of abraham lincoln in the south?: how much, bill
  76. Next time a Southerner says Civil War was about States Rights...: construction, wages
  77. Where does the South begin? Which states are South? (merged threads): transplants, chapel
  78. Point me in the right direction Want warmer winters, good schools/athletics and diversity.: real estate, low crime
  79. Recently married, seeking a great place to start out!: renting, crime rate
  80. Texas VS Florida-As a place to live: transplants, unemployment rate
  81. American lifestyles in midst of a permanent change...: middle-class, sales
  82. State IQ estimates: school, income, live
  83. What is the most populous Southern state?: live, stats
  84. Where is the Southern accent strongest?: live, vs, radio
  85. Why the Sudden Proliferation of Southern Threads?: transplants, home
  86. What are we the best at?: restaurant, shop, bars
  87. Richmond: So Northern It Hurts?: middle-class, homes, vs.
  88. 300,000 For House-Where To Buy: rent to own, new home, college
  89. other major cities besides Milwaukee still allow indoor smoking?: appointed, hotel
  90. If you were a tourist to America, what would your order of preference of states you would visit be?: beaches, rankings
  91. How often do you find foreign coins as change?: purchase, live
  92. College student needs a change of scenery from Houston... Which city/state should I move to?: apartments, to rent
  93. What would you choose between the eastern panhandle of WV and Hannibel, MO?: live in, move to
  94. Do you like accents in general?: how much, areas, phone
  95. How Important is Family when where you would ever move?: home, school
  96. Misconceptions In Your City...: middle-class, condo, crime rate
  97. Most empty state?: stations, gas, metro
  98. Good Places To Live Next to the warm Ocean: oceanfront, transfer
  99. How the Crash will Reshape America: real estate, rentals, condo
  100. Why doesn't the South stay Southern but the North Stays Northern?: transplants, how much
  101. Are you Proud to be an American !: living in, military
  102. Best Southern City to Move: house, moving, cities
  103. Cities with the Largest Black Population: purchasing, median income, standard of living
  104. What are the Safest Southern Cities w/population >100K?: chapel, gangs
  105. The richest counties in the United States........: house, buying
  106. Major immigration cities in the US: living in, plantations, moving
  107. Wyoming vs. Rhode Island: schools, live, beaches
  108. Surprisingly cold winters????: appointed, college, live
  109. Best place in the south to live for an old-money southern experience? Want Southern Charm, Manners and Lifestyle.: college, time
  110. First city that comes to mind!!: garden, moving, nightlife
  111. States with the most Beautiful CoastLine's?: live, beach, best
  112. Does a place like this exist? Population 150-300K; Progressive; Excellent Medical; Beautiful Scenery and Interesting: real estate, chapel
  113. What's Your Tap Water Like: house, live, best
  114. VOTE most dangerous cities (under 75K above 50K): high crime, unemployment
  115. News, Dog attacks push cities to look at pit bull bans.: crime, home
  116. Best Light Houses on the Atlantic/ Gulf Coasts?: dangerous, beach
  117. Utility Poles - Who's Responsible for Them?: lease, insurance
  118. Is a metropolitan area effectively all one city?: home, neighborhoods
  119. Best Warm Cities?: fit in, low crime, university
  120. Texans seek place with snow/skiing, low crime, near a hospital, and good schools for our son.: ski resort, hotels
  121. How are the Homeless people in your city??: theater, living in
  122. What is a city or town in the northern half of the usa that has a large proportion of southerners?: transplants, neighborhood
  123. the coolest bars in your city: hotels, restaurant, club
  124. What are cities with 100,000 people+ with predominately or pluralistically mostly White student populations........: school districts, university
  125. Wanting to live in USA - love hiking and photography: college, living
  126. go South: home, good schools, universities
  127. Recommendations on Where to Move??: ski resorts, for sale, real estate
  128. I am PROUD to say from my state: theater, school
  129. I'm looking for a safe city/state with a large population of educated black people: neighborhoods, college
  130. bad winters but long hot summers: camping, live in
  131. Favorite Boring State: farms, cities, pictures
  132. U.S. neighborhoods with the most street life: houses, college
  133. Should we add a City-vs.-City sub-forum?: public transportation, title
  134. Vancouver or Seattle?: ski resort, movies, salary
  135. Need to move out of MI - where to find better economy, good schools, low cost-of-living?: house, safe area
  136. What don't you like about malls??: sales, to buy, restaurants
  137. My Perfect Place: No Freezing, Near Ocean, Good schools, No Crime, Inexpensive Homes, Mountains: low crime, cheap home
  138. Popular businesses in a poor economy?: sales, buying, price
  139. My Perfect Place: Population 200K, little snow, near major city, mountains, religious diversity, good schools/colleges: houses, unemployment benefits
  140. What Is the Staple Food Or Foods In Your City or Region ?: living in, restaurants
  141. What housing markets near large urban areas list houses at or around 100k?: real estate, cheap house
  142. What US city is the best vacation destination?: best city, houses
  143. Is the US recession as bad as the news I hear about it in Canada?: buying a house, buying
  144. Which city is your favorite college town??: school, university
  145. Looking For A Place Called Home: No crime/pollution/racism with good schools and 4 seasons: neighborhood, to live in
  146. Why are northerners so openly racist???: law school, live, restaurants
  147. Best region for a European immigrant?: home, to live in, airport
  148. State/Region Tribute or Slideshow youtube videos: houses, live
  149. Which State do would you consider the shopping state: sales, sales tax
  150. Which US city has the most developed medical facilities??: homes, schools
  151. Our dilemma: High-Pay/High-Cost Connecticut vs. Lower-Pay/Lower-Cost Cincinnati: real estate, apartment
  152. What the economic Stimulus plan SHOULD have: a national rail plan: buy, cost of
  153. Pew Research Study: Where Americans want to live: transplants, real estate
  154. State with warm climate and low humidity?: rental, how much
  155. Help us decide where to relocate.: low crime, purchase, construction
  156. Help Relocating out of Chicago: transplants, job market, neighborhoods
  157. Can you help save America? Rail on!: how much, neighborhoods
  158. Vacation Spot Recommendations? Quaint older town/historical/tours/zoos/B&B/casinos within 500 mi of Branson MO.: apartments, hotel
  159. Where should I live now? Looking for outdoor life, active, healthy people, diverse population and a near university.: ski resorts, rent
  160. Do you think we will get the olympics?: costs, designs
  161. they moved to US when they were young and became famous: celebs, rated
  162. What kind of highways does your state have?: live in, buses
  163. Metros in the Mountains: ski resorts, university, metro area
  164. What is a good guideline for a one-day driving radius?: how much, hotel
  165. Seeking help finding an Utopian city or something close to it!: apartment, for rent
  166. moved and not happy: scorpion, to live in, best
  167. Underground railroad communities......: house, parks, dating
  168. American Culture: sales, big house, safe neighborhood
  169. May move away from Northeast due to SAD.... Opinions?: crime, houses
  170. Small, green, holistic healthcare,mountains,good economy: best towns, low crime
  171. Wealthiest States/Zip Codes in the U.S.: income, tax
  172. What does Americans think of Europe?: move to, friendly, accents
  173. Latest Unemployment Rates For Metro Areas: home, shop, statistics
  174. Cities with random breakdancing or dance battles?: neighborhood, university
  175. Looking to relocate to a new suburb: want place that's family-oriented, w/low crime and housing in the 150K-250K range.: for sale, real estate
  176. What City's/States have lots of jobs??: unemployment, buy
  177. Harris Interactive: Where people want to live.: best city, apartment
  178. Moving from Canada to US, looking for a warmer place to live with lots of biking/swimming/boating.: apartment, rent
  179. Cities where it is easiest to make friends: transplants, apartment
  180. *insert was a PR nightmare for my city (cities 150k+): transplants, crime
  181. What city has the lowest unemployment rate?: employment, college
  182. Tired of lake effect snow! Looking for new place w/ Sunshine/Arts/Jobs/Outdoor Life/Young People/Affordability/Quiet: rent, job market
  183. What State Do You Live In And What Was Your Last Electric Bill?: apartment, appliances
  184. Northeast with population decline, not just Rust belt. Why?: middle-class, homes
  185. A good place to live for a student?: apartment, rent
  186. favorite sports by state: high school, university, live
  187. News, Denver Tops List of Preferred American Cities.: to live, top
  188. Highest income states in the U.S.: America, free
  189. Looking for Mild Weather,Good jobs in IT field, I live in NH now: rent
  190. US good vs bad: to live in, restaurants, malls
  191. All night hangouts on the east coast with friendly people?: great, outside
  192. annoying things about this section...: buy, live, store
  193. what does this mean?: include
  194. Taxation questions: tax, living in, requirements
  195. ** Limits on types of threads notice ***: vs., architectural, racist
  196. The Current USA such a melting pot now that divisions erroding?: live in, restaurants
  197. How does your state fare in this economic downturn?: credit, rating
  198. Jen from australia: Australian, driving, routes
  199. America's most abandoned cities: real estate, rental, home
  200. Imagine YOUR City in a Perfect World--What's It Like?: townhouses, neighborhoods