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  1. NY subrubs and Boston's suburbs have town squares: city hall, tornado
  2. Cool summers but no altitude?: home, live in, places
  3. What The New Yorker (magazine) is to NYC, ____ is to ____?: area, cities
  4. My spot? 3 seasons and pet-friendly, preferably in the Western US.: for sale, apartments
  5. Great Lakes/Northern Shift Accent: live in, working, windows
  6. Americans Staying Put In Traditional Big Cities: layoffs, moving to
  7. Unspoken rules, personalities, fitness concerns: best city, chapel, new home
  8. most diverse communites: college, gated, wealthy
  9. World's First Online Bum: to buy, to eat, title
  10. southern version of kenosha or racine: home, military, manufacturing
  11. Where to go for more precise/detailed census (especially density) information?: homes, calculating
  12. Civil Engineer Moving From UK - Where To??!!: apartment, transfer
  13. Best 'Outdoor ' Destinations....: best towns, map, towns
  14. States to loosen alcohol laws to create revenue....: tax, budget
  15. Lackland AFB: camp, restaurants, bars
  16. What is your city's most recent economic development project?: real estate, homes
  17. Where is the WESTERN boundary of the Midwest?: living in, areas
  18. cities that have lots of city walking and warm climates: houses, to live in
  19. Cost of living: apartment, house, find a job
  20. Looking for a Warmer Juneau: to live in, beach
  21. News, Explore new U.S. historical landmarks.: home, floors
  22. Moving in the U.S.: college, great, graduated
  23. Desperate to Move out of Nevada! Available P.E. teaching or marketing positions???: student loans
  24. What State is the best for mental health or Social Worker jobs?: find a job
  25. Best Sourthern Cities w/population 500k to 1mill.: apartment, rent
  26. Maglev: construction, airplanes, trains
  27. Lord of the Rings, USA version.: trees, area, locations
  28. help me find to move to: Need 70% max humidity and no winter.: apartment
  29. Smart State Rankings 2006-2007: college, island, Irish
  30. Black on white hate crimes: violent crime, bars, racism
  31. Favorite Northwoods Lake Destination: vacation, island, places
  32. Describe great, vibrant neighborhoods: city hall, condos, low crime
  33. News, New Madrid fault may coming to halt.: university, earthquake
  34. Can the US government file chapter 11?: health insurance, bankruptcy, severance
  35. How would a European tourist in the US get treated/respected?: home, live in
  36. single mom with 2 teens and 71 yr old mom looking to relocate: to rent, low crime
  37. how can i get urdubooks in america: living in, Pakistan
  38. Hey NY'ers Were of you surprised to see Bruce Cuttler: attorney, to work
  39. Fortune 500/1000: renting, home, to buy
  40. Tent's city in san freancisco: homes, homeless, place
  41. What would be the result of growing greenbelts of forest around American cities?: crime
  42. [SERIOUS]Free and Unrestricted VIP treatment in the most exclusive nightclubs?: hotels, purchase
  43. News, Hillbilly No More.: to live in, work, culture
  44. Which State Would You Choose And Why?: transfer, private school
  45. Break-down of living cost in the USA?: sales, health insurance
  46. Far From the Madding Crowd???: for sale, low crime, house
  47. U.S. Government: airport, area, building
  48. affordable coastal small towns left?: real estate, university, to live
  49. Where would you go on vacation?: beaches, palm trees, cities
  50. News, 'Smart' parking meters catching on across U.S.: lease, credit card
  51. I can live almost anywhere: hotels, school, college
  52. Bicycle friendly cities....(a cities rated map): credit, neighborhoods
  53. News, States Consider Stopping Death Penalty Due To High Cost.: move to, paid
  54. Can't make up my mind on where to live? Would like a warmer climate than NH with different Scenery: unemployment rate
  55. Future teacher, looking for a job/good county to teach: public schools, to move
  56. Ancestry map.......: area, demographics, county
  57. Which major Southern city will become northern first?: cities, county
  58. Where would you rather Live Inland Empire or Phoenix?: mortgage, to live in
  59. Whitest State: cities, ethnic, snow
  60. cross country drive from California to Florida - advice: insurance, motel
  61. Will the Southern accent die out?: school, college, live in
  62. ANYWHERE liberal/progressive AND affordable that isn't freezing cold???: loft, low crime
  63. Do introverts enjoy living in big cities?: fit in, schools
  64. Are there towns/counties in the US a certain race just cannot go?: homes, neighborhoods
  65. What's impressive about New England?: schools, universities, camping
  66. How are cities made?: live, move to, rated
  67. When does it get dark in your area?: places, summer
  68. Living in the it as bad as the media portrays in NZ??: real estate, foreclosures
  69. Are Deep South people jealous of Virginia?: homes, to live in
  70. there City (specific) accents east of the Mississipi?: live in, metro area
  71. worst insects in your state: house, school, live in
  72. Are you jealous of people living in Florida?: transplants, costs
  73. Cities with active outdoor chess scenes?: vs, getaway, parks
  74. What do Americans think of the Canadian Prime Minister?: approval, rating
  75. Native American culture by state: casinos, tax, living in
  76. Most city-ish US cities: suburbs, residential, business
  77. Just got back from my first trip to the south...: spring break, houses
  78. Richmond: Worst City in the North: place to live, cities, places
  79. A recurring trend in metro areas (cities on the river): lawyer, live
  80. Best Cities For A Conservative Democrat: home, income, income tax
  81. Is Charleston, SC a nice Mid-Atlantic city?: architecture, architect
  82. Where is best to move on 32k a year?: transplants, real estate
  83. Washington DC or Washington State: low crime, buying, best school
  84. How do Black southerners (and IRL) feel when southerners praise the confederacy?: live, legally
  85. WHat city in the south is influenced by the North: university, living in
  86. Help Me Pick a City: apartment, foreclosed, to rent
  87. How do you like roundabouts?: landscaping, vs., car
  88. Why is it that New York City remains the safest big city?: apartment, crime rate
  89. World's Financial Centres: centers, assess, eat
  90. East coast road trip: house, place to live, restaurant
  91. What cities are attracting the most people?: public schools, taxes
  92. Travelling across USA on Amtrak: renting, hotels, to buy
  93. State Taxes: low income, sales, house
  94. Most liberal southern state?: college, live, suburb
  95. Which areas for young adult (25-30): rent, places to live, professionals
  96. Does a Rust Belt (or lower-ish midwestern) Accent Exist?: how much, campus
  97. im looking to move anywhere in the USA (suburb): low income, section 8
  98. Favorite Northwoods Lake Destination Part II: maintenance, living, vacation
  99. New MSA Census Estimates (over 2,000,000): metro area, areas, island
  100. United States Counties map: how much, live, design
  101. Best city to raise a family on one income?: home, schools
  102. City with best climate: to live, move, best weather
  103. You know your an *Urban* American when....: taxis, live
  104. A look into the future of America: transporting, felons
  105. why is there so much spanish writing on products and things?: homes, groceries
  106. What Cities are going through a Renaissance?: rent, condos
  107. Mountains with best topological prominence?: buy, vs, resorts
  108. Which regional center town would you choose?: place to live, retirement
  109. Californimania: living in, floor, store
  110. What will the U.S. be like in 50 years?: apartment, eyeglasses
  111. You know your American if...: buying, live, groceries
  112. My map of U.S. Cultural Regions: fit in, live in
  113. Where is the North/South divide sharpest?: transplants, live
  114. 40% of US births are now out of wedlock: live, approval
  115. The Stereotypical Southern Accents: mortgage, living in, moving
  116. Which city would you choose?: living in, smog, rated
  117. If you could have region of your state to separate what would it be???: university, live in
  118. Does Atlanta feel like the South?: transplants, crime, homes
  119. Under the radar tech-savvy cities?: school, company, jobs
  120. Just curious but what is the most common kind of vehicle in your area?: suburban, cars
  121. British Prime Minister visits US: place, average, kids
  122. How many Wal-marts does your city have?: hardwood floors, home
  123. Where is it like Austin, San Diego, Asheville?: living in, rated
  124. How do you plann on celebrating St. Patricks Day??: neighborhood, college
  125. Is Americanism a religion to: leasing, living
  126. what place does this remind you of???: good schools, taxes
  127. How Long Does it Take to Drive Across Your Metro Area?: vs., land
  128. Wanting to Move but don't know to where!!: relocate to, area
  129. Forest Cover by Percent, US States: homes, farm, land
  130. best/worst about your state: taxes, living, cost of living
  131. If You HAD to move to another city in America where would you go? (moved from NYC forum): car insurance, living
  132. Upper/ Upper Middle Class Southerners more subtle about their Southern pride?: houses, income
  133. Best cities to live in, but not visit?: job market, living in
  134. New York social circles vs. Chicago social circles: middle-class, real estate
  135. Baltimore, DC, New York and Boston seem to rule the I-95 corridor... Does care about Philadelphia anymore?: home, best
  136. Meijer Across America: appointed, buy, price
  137. Cheap, Vibrant, Safe Big City?: apartment, to rent, houses
  138. Route 66 - Where to go/avoid?: hotels, home, neighborhoods
  139. 438 million people by 2050 where are they all going to go?: vacation home, schools
  140. Funny city names.: live, park, area
  141. If Virginia is considered Mid-Atlantic- why isn't Kentucky?: living, to move
  142. What is the worst state you ever lived in and WHY?: cul-de-sac, big house
  143. What will this economic depression do to struggling cities like Columbus, Chicago, Youngstown,: foreclosures, home
  144. Unhappiest Cities In America: houses, bankruptcy, theater
  145. What city is within driving distance to the most cities: gas, places
  146. Is Wegmans the best supermarket in the country?: school, live
  147. Do we need to have mail delivered every day?: how much, salary
  148. Socially liberal / Financially Conservative cities states?: day care, taxation, live
  149. Most Western State: home, movies, title
  150. So... Where do you go to church?: how much, house
  151. What towns get punded with the most snow?: real estate, rentals
  152. I got fired today: health insurance, find a job, budget
  153. The Essence of Your City: houses, neighborhoods, school
  154. With the recession....which states are holding up best growth-wise?: best city, employment
  155. Why is it that the South has the worst reputation?: crime, construction
  156. What state do you think has the most cultural identity problem?: college, beach
  157. Recession Map: unemployment rate, statistics, areas
  158. Which States Are Happiest and Have the Best Quality of Life Overall: health insurance, place to live
  159. as americans do you think you are superior than people from europe?: home, elementary school
  160. Unemployed: Would you move to your least favorite City/State for a job?: find a job, school
  161. are the leaves coming in on the east coast: live in, moving to
  162. I love the south!: fit in, crime, college
  163. New England and open land: purchasing, live, farms
  164. What's more authentic - Southern hospitality or Minnesota nice?: assault, working
  165. Vote on the next American flag: design, best, corporate
  166. A hypothetical breakup of the US/Canada/Mexico: live in, race
  167. Oriental medicine school in New York or Houston???: loans, find a job
  168. What amusement parks do people frequent in your area?: hotel, live in
  169. Averting a mid-life fit in, for sale, apartments
  170. Daylight savings: house, camper, roach
  171. A 'New York State of Mind'...: apartment, live, electricity
  172. Where in the US is this place?: fit in, sale
  173. In the 60s and 70s, did you lock your car doors where you lived?: condo, crime
  174. Do you think the USA will eventually be no more?: live in, move
  175. I want to try something fun: best city, apartments, buying
  176. Location of Poster Above (game): island, Sears, accent
  177. Where are all the hippies?: home, job market, good schools
  178. Geography test!! ...the website: metro, cities, population
  179. best city for families and best job market: best cities, apartment complexes
  180. My Perfect Place #2: home, safe neighborhoods, schools
  181. u.s. population density map: calculation, farms, parks
  182. Living in a bad neighborhood.: apartment, rental, crime
  183. Looking Forward, Should Your City/Metro-Area/State Be More Agressive In Development/Job Ceation: employment
  184. Interesting Web Site About U.S. Weather Facts and Extremes: relocating, plans
  185. Where in the Gulf?: to live, to move, ammenities
  186. Most Dangerous States 2008: safest, information
  187. delete this: moved
  188. How will they gauge credit in the future?: good credit, pay
  189. Need a job? Good places to find one?: housing, market
  190. News article: Cities scramble as business travel declines: economy, interest
  191. What's the State of Your Air?: pollution, county, grade
  192. News, Daylight-saving time is nothing to lose sleep over.: percent, daily
  193. How accurate is this site?: about, information
  194. Buying Property then renting it out: best city, rent, homes
  195. Where to find online listing of Contractors/Builders: construction, maintenance
  196. Tropenhaus for Northern Cities: agricultural, geothermal, farm
  197. What is the Recued pets Angle in the U.S?: live in
  198. best cities for duplex/multi family dwellers not investors: homes, buyers
  199. Look at fun t-shirts!: shop, location
  200. Which cities were hardest hit during the crime bust in the 1980s??: live