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  1. Video, • Statue of Liberty crown set to reopen on Fourth of July.: island
  2. Camping between Albuquerque and Las Vegas: safe, parks, areas
  3. Need your advice: Relocate to CA or NY?: rent, job market
  4. BRAC? How about PRAC (Postal Realignment): buying, closing, live in
  5. Best Public Restrooms in America: house, station, gas
  6. North Carolina v. South Carolina v. Georgia: unemployment rate, best schools
  7. Looking to move: warmer, diverse, bike-friendly,: co-op, home
  8. Salt Lake City or Birmingham?: real estate, cheap apartment, credit
  9. Best school districts for dual enrollment?: community college, approval, offices
  10. Best city for IT jobs or software testing: living, cost of living
  11. Best cities for clubbing?: nightlife, culture, dancing
  12. Looking to relocate...: renting, crime, school
  13. Heavy Equipment Access Systems- INTERNATIONAL: companies, engineering, offer
  14. Best city to live and work for Male Massage Therapist: home, neighborhood
  15. Urban yuppie video parody: area, work, town
  16. Driving from Dallas to Buffalo?: live, law, safe
  17. I want to know more policy about solar energy in your energy.: area
  18. Cities With Lots of Cloudy Days But Little Precip?: live, deal
  19. Delaware Valley and Regional Identity: live, beaches, area
  20. I won't have much 'puter access over the w/e so Happy 4th of July from Sydney!: best
  21. Working vacations -- amusement parks,: ski resorts, apartment, dorm
  22. How do you pick a city: fit in, hotels, houses
  23. online school: credit, transfer to, schools
  24. Good resources for researching cities.: rental, condos, houses
  25. Traveling Weather: best, place, driving
  26. States with high/low HOI?: real estate, home owners insurance, home
  27. Neighborhood(s) DO NOT represent entire cities, vice versa: safe area, live in
  28. county assesed value data: real estate, assessor, assess
  29. ASIAN areas in SBV? Or Bay Area CA? or HNL? (moved from L.A. forum): neighborhoods
  30. My Ideal Place to Live: low crime, college, living
  31. minnesota vs Texas: best city, hall, crime
  32. Anything similar to Google Maps?: real estate, houses, estate
  33. From chicago to......? advice?): neighborhoods, schools, universities
  34. Nationwide place to open a miniature golf business: golf course, areas
  35. Top 10 Pay Cut Cities: unemployment rate, salary, places
  36. Looking for a Happy Meduim: home, find a job, transfer
  37. Vintage Post Cards of your home town: apartment, hotel
  38. Best places to move?: apartment, to rent, home
  39. U.S. Citizenship for Canadian PR.: legal, resident, apply
  40. Social Security # for international student: find a job, school, college
  41. Need help on picking a city: real estate, low crime, movies
  42. Need help finding place on east coast: rent, good schools
  43. Looking to relocate, good states that fit the criteria, help :): apartment, to rent
  44. Picking a place to move? Want midsize city, good schools, temperate climate and outdoor recreation.: best cities
  45. Per capita for every US city: home, school
  46. Help moving to a new city..: crime, job market, theater
  47. Cities with unemployment rates over 15%: real estate, insurance, estate
  48. News, Speed cameras on U.S. highways?: neighborhood, school
  49. Relocation for better weather (health and work related): apartment complex, rent
  50. Seattle comparison of canadian cities, and USA cities.... Looking for answers: school, live in
  51. Recent Grad Preferences: Just Wishful Thinking?: job market, college, living in
  52. where can I find??: live in, estimate, rating
  53. Asian-Asian & Asian-Black gay couples: Still rare?: race, date
  54. Big sports parades...: college, top, rain
  55. Possibility of a need to move: best cities, low crime, chapel
  56. Urban Roof Top picnics (If you will): apartment, rooftop
  57. delete: work
  58. Best cities for paralegals seeking a job: real estate, apartment
  59. Award for the state with the most disgraceful cop: camera, year
  60. Best State For High School: public schools, tuition, cheap
  61. Reminder: ******* read the STICKY, folks! *******: houses, vs, relocation
  62. City with low cost of living for young engineer: apartment complex, hotels
  63. Southwestern Cities: crime rates, live in, dangerous
  64. Urban cities with low taxes?: sales, real estate, college
  65. Im changing Society: school, living, eat
  66. 24 y/o single white male move: high crime, school
  67. flat rental as a foreigner: apartments, credit report, tax
  68. Better idea: moving immediately after graduating or saving up for a couple years?: student loans
  69. Best way to get around the US: rental car, rental
  70. Rural Northeast Demographics: homes, high school, college
  71. Which major US city would be most likely to pull off a 'Quebec City Miracle?': murders, metro area
  72. New York City with Palm trees: malls, rated, firm
  73. 11 Beautiful Train Stations That Fell to The Wrecking Ball (And the Crappy Stuff Built in Their Place): city hall, condos
  74. Is Texas the south or the west?: living, Hispanics
  75. Relocating to ANYWHERE from Pittsburgh.: unemployment, school, college
  76. Which city would fit us best?: mover, homes, unemployment rate
  77. The USA, 1975 vs. today: sale, crime, credit card
  78. 2009 Top 25 dangerous neighborhoods In America!!!: high crime, how much, live
  79. Help us find a Eclectic - Bohemian place to move ?: houses, neighborhood
  80. looking for ideas: condominium, cheap house, neighborhood
  81. Which state has the best education and the worst education?: neighborhoods, public schools
  82. Largest % of black population by zip code: middle-class, neighborhoods
  83. Describe your city in detail!: section 8, apartments, houses
  84. Which american accent do you have?: cities, island, places
  85. 5 things you like/5 things you dislike about your city: section 8, home
  86. African Americans in Corporate America: The Price of Success and Achieving the American Dream: homes, find a job
  87. Unemployment @9.5%: homes, construction jobs, construction
  88. Which States Have the Best of All Four Seasons: good schools, to live
  89. Londoner wanting to move to U.S., but where? (moved from NYC forum): apartment, home
  90. Map of population growth: how much, transfer, quality of life
  91. Best and worst places to raise a family: crime rate, unemployment
  92. U.S. region with most palm trees: garden, metro area
  93. At what size does a metro-area become a city?: universities, architecture
  94. Places with a hight number of Japanese speakers: restaurants, best
  95. What cities can you have a big city vacation in?: to rent, neighborhoods
  96. What City Would Suit Me Best?: rental, condo, credit
  97. When is the 2010 census coming out???: live, cities, population
  98. I want to live in the US for a year: sales, job market
  99. Beaches, East vs West vs Gulf vs Great Lakes: houses, live
  100. Little Africa or AfricaTown?: neighborhoods, living in, moving
  101. Suggestions? Cities similar to Chicago w/o the insane winters!: university, pharmacies
  102. Best Cities or Communities for Biking: fit in, gated, subdivisions
  103. States that are very similar to their neighbors: schools, income
  104. Best Appalachian towns: university, income, restaurants
  105. Overwhelmed English girl needs help choosing between Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana: rent, job market
  106. Canada and United States: high school, live in, restaurant
  107. National bus trips?: rent, camp, train
  108. Create your own city! POLL: to live, moving to, food
  109. I am looking for the most walkable neighborhoods/districts in your area?: for sale, real estate
  110. Does have a copy of that U.S. 'geneaology'/racial heritage map that was making the rounds a while ago?(FOUND IT!): to rent, condo
  111. Looking for a gold coast without all the baggage: house, taxation
  112. Southerners who have moved to the Northeast: apartment, rent
  113. Unseasonable cool summer in the Northeast: new house, wedding, bill
  114. What state am I?: sale, felons, job transfer
  115. Chicago and Second City: credit, centers, office
  116. Hispanic/Indian/White?: fit in, house, neighborhood
  117. Best cities for Gen Y's: transplants, real estate, low crime
  118. Looking for a new city to live...your opinions?: unemployment rate, schools
  119. Looking for a place to call home! Help!: low crime, job market
  120. Is there a mayberry?: real estate, apartments, condos
  121. What shocks Foreigners the Most about the US?: houses, theatre
  122. 2020 - Which cities will be walkable?: neighborhood, place to live, stores
  123. Top 5 Cities You'd Love To Visit: low crime, places to visit, places
  124. Source for data flat files on cities: statistics, retire
  125. best place for a H.S Dropout: rent, school
  126. Great bicycle trails: neighborhood, vacation, suburbs
  127. Women's life expectancy declining in many Southern, Appalachian counties: transplants, health insurance
  128. Why does the Midwest get such a bum rap?: to live, beach
  129. Charlotte, NC; Philly, PA or Wilmington, DE?: employment, good schools
  130. Southern Speech Map: transplants, live, move
  131. What would be a good place to move to for nightlife, outdoor activities and jobs?: crime, unemployment
  132. Moving to SE Coast: FL, GA, SC, or NC?: home, theater
  133. advantages to moving to a shrinking metro area?: low income, crime
  134. NorthE: Walkable, Good schools, Green for young family: renters, how much
  135. Why doesn't the US have a Trans Continental Passenger Railroad System in all of the lower 48 states?: to rent, subsidized
  136. Looking for the right city...: hotels, home, schools
  137. If you could split your time between one U.S. and one foreign city, which two would you choose?: place to live, beach
  138. The Appalachians --- A: homes, schools, income
  139. Moved? Do you feel more comfortable with the people/culture/way of life in your home state?: fit in, transplants
  140. Who has moved out of the Midwest and is happier for it?: home, pros and cons
  141. What's your favorite month in your region?: live, beach
  142. METRIC vs. IMPERIAL measurment system: to move, manufacturing, yard
  143. How do you commute to work?: home, buy, live in
  144. Population Projections of US Metro Areas thru 2025: 2015, foreclosure
  145. US Development in 2050: income, standard of living, trains
  146. Street Gangs, Making War on American Streets: violent crime, daycare
  147. I don't get it... How can Americans can be dissatisfied with their standard of living?: middle-class, sales
  148. Regions of the US that have houses w/metal roofs.: insurance, co-op
  149. OKC vs Houston vs Austin vs Denver vs Raleigh as a move destination: technology jobs, living
  150. U.S. Leading in Olympic Bid: live in, best, cities
  151. Miss the change of seasons, don't want big city, want welcoming community: fit in, best towns
  152. US Cities Most Similar to Swansea, Wales: crime, school
  153. When you go outside of big cities in the US, how come all you see is religious zealots?: live in, agricultural
  154. How do the MSA and CSA operate?: to buy, statistics
  155. Guess the scenic view (game): people, message
  156. What Is Your Most Important Demographic Criterion When Choosing To Move To A New City?: crime rate, job market
  157. Where does northern California start feeling like Oregon/the Northwest?: cost, beach
  158. Which US regions are most in need of High Speed Rail?: ski resorts, transporting
  159. Which City In The United States Do You Think Has The Best Looking Men?: home, university
  160. Metropolitan areas;Cold summers & mild winters?: apartment, insurance
  161. Predict next State or Region to Boom: unemployment rate, construction
  162. Can you be country in a city?: transplants, home
  163. News, U.S. 'Murder Capital' a Tricky Figure.: crime rate, neighborhoods
  164. What is your city's best neighborhood?: best neighborhood, crime
  165. Thoughts about America/Americans after my visit: crime, home
  166. What City Has The Nicest Apple Store?: stores, designs
  167. Advice on a good, safe place to live.: for rent, crime rate
  168. 5 things you love about your city: transplants, sales, low crime
  169. Asian Americans vs non-American born Asians: hairstyles, home, high schools
  170. British choosing a US city: low crime, houses, tech jobs
  171. Do you think that the South should get rid of their Confederate flag?: houses, live in
  172. What shocked you about another part of the US you traveled to?: appointed, transplants
  173. Can Post a List of the Murder Capitals?: crime rate, murder
  174. Find my city!: upper-class, house prices, unemployment rate
  175. East coast cities similar to Seattle?: for sale, real estate, homes
  176. Cash Cab - wouldn't it only work in New York City?: live, club
  177. Do you feel like you don't fit in your home state?: rent, college
  178. Are Suburb Cities or just add ons?: closing, live in
  179. How easily can you tell that someone isn't from your area?: transfer, buy
  180. Cities With Relatively Good Economic Conditions: real estate, home, suburb
  181. Looking for Larger (relatively affordable) towns in New England: apartment, crime rate
  182. Couple seeking quiet non-smoking healthy vegetarian aware city/state: home, college
  183. Why People in the US don't go on holiday: for sale, motorhome
  184. Beaches at night... places people hang out: college, living in
  185. Amish across the USA, Native Americans across the USA: houses, movies
  186. Fatal alligator attacks up 200% this decade: costs, stats, moving to
  187. Why Aren't More People Relocating?: mortgage, daycare, house
  188. Mentally challenged adult daughter...recommend US places w/facilities where she can be a useful member of society?: house, school
  189. What is a Southerner? (moved from NC): how much, living
  190. Best cities for Asian-American (incl South Asian) Young Profs: college, move to
  191. Your favorite summer spot!: living, restaurants, beach
  192. News. EPA: 600 neighborhoods have toxic air.: living in, automobile, areas
  193. Which areas of the country are doing best in terms of new development?: residential
  194. What US city has the most beautiful, slim and easy women?: lease, move
  195. What do you think will be the city of the decade for next decade?: movies
  196. Working in the City: university, to live in, move to
  197. Dead Iowan fathers child; is daughter entitled to survivor benefits?: time, people
  198. News, RI town boasts USA's longest-running July 4th fest.: lawyer, assault
  199. Rail Rolling And The River: luxury, light rail, oil
  200. Compare Global, National & Local Stats - great data tool: income, health