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  1. News, Gas prices continue to climb, approach $4 in areas.: fit in, oil
  2. Best pet friendly places to live: apartments, living in, restaurants
  3. Moving to Indian Land SC: rent, movers, new house
  4. Websites to evaluate regional housing prices: sales, home sales, tax
  5. Colorado Springs ,CO or Elizabethtown ,KY: neighborhood, military, move to
  6. Panama City ,Navarre FL or Colorado springs CO ????: racism, best
  7. House Market Slump: sales, real estate market, foreclosure
  8. Assistance kindly needed: real estate, apartment, employment
  9. best cities for BESBF(Beautiful and Educated SBF): rent, house
  10. Have to find a place to move !!! HELP: good schools, living
  11. Richmond, Virginia: What are your thoughts?: houses, to live in, restaurants
  12. Progressive city on east coast: fit in, neighborhoods, live
  13. Cities with reliable and extensive public transporation?: neighborhoods, to buy
  14. News, Goodbye U.S. dollar, hello global currency.: abandoned, federal
  15. Nightlife in your city: buying, theatre, universities
  16. Trying to figure out where I want to move to: apartments, rental
  17. Best major city school system: best schools, college, income
  18. east coast beaches: appointed, to live, cost
  19. Looking for a warm weather Northampton (MA): home, to live in
  20. What sized town has the nicest people?: to buy, living
  21. Mature Grads,yng Family,seeking Perfect City: wages, living
  22. Best state to buy land in right now?: houses, prices
  23. Think YOUR Area's News Headlines are Boring?: crime, attorney
  24. Best Place for Family Vacation: rentals, hotels, live
  25. Census site for: home, live, zip code
  26. 10 best restaurant cities according to Forbes Traveler: how much, restaurants
  27. If your moving or moving what cities are you looking at?: tornadoes
  28. Lake Communties or surrounding cities?: vacation home, schools, tornadoes
  29. What cities have had amazing come-backs?: real estate, foreclosure, crime rate
  30. Need advice NC or CO???: house, to buy, school district
  31. Software industry in the South: university, living, cost of living
  32. A Yankee Moves South.: house, to live, cost
  33. Air Pollution: university, allergies, place to live
  34. Do you live next to a cellphone tower?: neighborhood, living
  35. san diego or portland?: kids, good, lifestyle
  36. Best place to raise a family?: best suburbs, apartments, mortgages
  37. The South's Gonna Rise again!: how much, university, store
  38. 2006 Metro Pops...: centers, to move, metro area
  39. 2006 Census Population Data is out!: income, metro, areas
  40. need help: real estate, rent, home
  41. Living in a small town vs. living in the city: appointed, condos
  42. Austin, TX vibe on the east coast: chapel, homes
  43. 2005 crime rates for cities population (2005) 225,000 and higher: statistics, safe
  44. Cell Phone Culture in the U.S.: Has it ruined our nation's regions?: crime rate
  45. employer - unpaid internship visa: living, internships, best
  46. Raleigh area or Houston suburbs: homes, income, income tax
  47. Backward Demographics: stats, best, area
  48. Ever heard of that book, 5 acres and Independence?: new house, schools
  49. Most walkable?: home, school, community college
  50. HELP! Best Place for Kids?: schools, live, military
  51. Looking for towns/cities with sidewalks!: new home, safe neighborhoods, live
  52. Are there friendly neighborhoods left?: month to, houses, to live in
  53. Vegas, Dallas, or Ann Arbor: apartments, condo, hotel
  54. Wow!: homes, title, area
  55. Best place for college graduates: Minneapolis, Chicago, or Kansas City?: housing, metro area
  56. Best environ in South for fresh college grad see list of places in TX, OK, AL, TN, GA): appointed
  57. Construction growth, where is it at?: condo, residential, office
  58. Nice Border Cities?: unemployment, university, living
  59. Whats the best way: apartment, buy, schools
  60. Cities that have bars on the house & business windows: motorhome, budget
  61. Highrise apartments vs. lowrise apartments.: apartment complexes, renting
  62. Do you ever take out of town visitors to visit the bad side of town?: crime, homes
  63. Local Architecture (photos): houses, neighborhood, landlord
  64. Ugly cities you would never want to live in...: for sale, houses
  65. Everywhere's got problems, so...: insurance, house, job market
  66. Top 25 Cities For Road Rage: living in, tickets, work
  67. What is the cultural/lifestyle norm in your town/city?: apartments, high crime
  68. Biggest Houses For Lowest Cost???: new house, unemployment, safe area
  69. What metro areas allow a middle class life style on Service Sector Wages?: real estate, vacation home
  70. Best Malls In The Country: upper-class, city hall, lofts
  71. Got to leave WI: homes, luxury, property taxes
  72. best town for a couple with differences: 2015, to move
  73. Part II: Which of US towns would you want to live in it if were the only choices?: high school, cities
  74. How do I avoid issues renting future places?: apartment, leasing
  75. Help Us Find a Match!: condo, low crime, home
  76. Is your town/city very divided and segregated by economic class?: middle-class, appointed
  77. Where is the economy actually STRONG in the U.S.?: home, tech jobs
  78. If the nation's capital moved...: home, living in, stores
  79. Which cities could move up on the GaWC list within 20 years?: crime, neighborhoods
  80. Carnivore Friendly cities: headhunter, eat, horses
  81. Best METRO AREA for Trees Lovers?: neighborhoods, suburb, residential
  82. Hurricanes/Tornados: mobile home, tornado, living in
  83. Safest States In the Nation: crime, neighborhood, to live in
  84. Beautiful places in the US that I should visit..: best town, houses
  85. Yesteryears....: appliances, homes, unemployment
  86. 10 Most livable cities: crime, job market, good schools
  87. So, what is the shortest amount of time you spent at a house you bought, before you sold it again?: new home, neighborhood
  88. Does go for a Sunday Drive anymore, to check out the next Town or State?: houses, neighborhoods
  89. Most evangelical/conservative/traditional-friendly states?: home, schools, live
  90. Who works in Fast Food in your hometown?: apartment, neighborhood
  91. Common on this board- PEOPLE HAVE GOT UNFRIENDLY: houses, live in
  92. Friendly North Carolina / South Carolina: credit, universities
  93. Why do so many people get so offended when someone is critical of their city/state?: home, neighborhood
  94. SWOT Analysis of Your Hometown: apartment, rental, lofts
  95. The Median Household Income: home, incomes, live
  96. best city in the carolinas: houses, universities, to live
  97. What kind of living do you prefer?: apartments, how much
  98. which city has the best skyline/downtown: to live in, moving to
  99. New best cities rankings...: how much, schools, college
  100. What qualities makes a city world class?: credit, good schools
  101. Top 100 U.S. counties in per capita income: how much, home
  102. Baltimore MD v Wilmington NC: appointed, fit in, crime
  103. FREE Land for moving there.: real estate, house, schools
  104. Which metro areas are most evangelical/conservative/traditional/Republican?: neighborhood, organic
  105. Where would you move? Portland, Or. Seattle, Twin Cities, MN or Pittsburgh?: condo, crime rate
  106. Best Hub City: houses, college, airport
  107. Interested in your opinion: real estate, home, employment
  108. Most livable city in deep south...(sunbelt): chapel, house
  109. Chillest Cities in the US (Type B, Friendly, Live and Let Be): house prices, school
  110. Do you wish there was more people of your race in your town?: transplants, home
  111. Best affordable city?: real estate, apartment complexes, rent
  112. Favorite River Cities?: camping, to live in, trees
  113. Wanting 2 Start My Life in the most perfect type of area for me...: how much, houses
  114. What City has the best selection of High Quality Chain Restaurants: closing, live in
  115. Cities you will never prosper in (well legally): apartment, rent
  116. Which states have the best/worst economies?: home, unemployment rate
  117. How friendly should neighbors be?: home, neighborhoods, landlord
  118. Who's seen an ethanol gas station?: how much, price, food
  119. Which of US towns/cities would you want to live it if were the only choices.: to live in, moving
  120. Aside from California what region in the US ?: moving to, best weather
  121. Need to know about liquor laws where you live!: sales, to buy
  122. Big Cities with Character and Affordability?: home, find a job, college
  123. Are you having trouble deciding where to live too?: renting, house
  124. Recommend a Midwest Locale: how much, safe area, schools
  125. You're a fugitive on the run and you need to pick a hideout...: live, dangerous
  126. Better area of U.S to study perfomance: cheap apartment, how much
  127. what States Are NOT Right To Work?: health insurance, wages
  128. Is there value in putting down roots?: hair salon, how much
  129. Which states have the most strict liquor laws?: sales, home
  130. What you get for $300,000: hardwood floors, for sale, real estate
  131. What you get for $150,000: apartment, rent, condo
  132. HELP! best town for really cheap house and big garden: real estate, co-op
  133. Where should I move in the Pacific North West?: rentals, low crime
  134. Higher education indeed: loans, house, find a job
  135. What's your favorite landmark?: living, floors, castles
  136. Best cities for men to find a mate and get married?: college, salaries
  137. What would you change or not change bout your hometown?: middle-class, transplants
  138. What cities are the most image conscious ?: fit in, transplants
  139. Outdoorsy/affordable area?: ski resorts, home, buy
  140. Help: affordable apartment, rent, school
  141. Google Earth: how much, house, neighborhoods
  142. madison: best town, rent, hotels
  143. What's wrong with being a Yankee?: job transfer, living in, legally
  144. America's cities destined to destitude (2000-2100): best cities, apartments, condos
  145. What states dislike newcomers the most?: transplants, home, living
  146. What US State has the most Rednecks?: live, homeless
  147. Best Place in America to Reinvent yourself?: buy, college
  148. Does remember the summer of 1990?: school, living in, pool
  149. America's NEXT 10 Cities (Year 2000-2100 AD): homes, casinos, living
  150. Which states, in your experience, are the most friendly?: live, areas
  151. Toll Highways: sales, credit card, home
  152. Would you live in a town that was not ethnically diverse?: real estate, neighborhoods
  153. Nice People?? ANYWHERE??: live, to move, nicest
  154. Your Impression of States From TV and Movies and Newspapers: neighborhoods, theatre
  155. Is home ownership really just emotional manipulation?: real estate, apartment
  156. Why do people live their whole life in the same city?: crime, home
  157. Does East Coast equal Northeast ?: college, live
  158. What Makes a City Great?: low crime, neighborhoods, places to live
  159. What (state/city) that you have not been to that you would to visit someday?: appointed, rent
  160. Best State To Move To With Kids ????: low crime, good schools
  161. Which states do you consider The South?: safe, deal
  162. Where Are You From???: to live in, moving, metro area
  163. Help Me With My Quarter-Life Relocation Crisis!: fit in, transplants
  164. How important are family ties when deciding where to live?: how much, college
  165. Top 10 U.S. Cities: wealthy, vacation, ranking
  166. Towns similar to Carmel, CA?: to rent, houses, live
  167. Southeast San Francisco - Photos: for sale, houses, neighborhoods
  168. Tornado States?: house, buy, safe
  169. No Way Out: credit card, house, find a job
  170. Is Northern California Weirdo Territory?: home, living, prices
  171. Are Cities dominated by people from German stock better?: restaurants, friendly
  172. News, Gasoline prices: up, and rising.: homes, buying, to live
  173. Gasoline prices where you are?: cheapest, suburbs, stations
  174. Artist Towns - Nationally and in your Neck of the Woods!: lofts, chapel
  175. Where should I live?: real estate, crime, house
  176. Post an Itinerary of a Great US Roadtrip: hotels, home
  177. If You Are Going To Live ... Or Visit... In The South, You Need To Know Rules:: buy, high school
  178. places in the US similar to: amusement park, shop
  179. Photos Tours: houses, neighborhoods, to buy
  180. Which states...: contractors, roofing, costs
  181. Cheap Desert Land: sales, living, cost
  182. Best City (or Cities) for the Homeless???: taxes, living
  183. It's funny--the grass is greener thing.: new home, find a job
  184. Favorite Carolina?: school, college, pros and cons
  185. Best place to live (overall): apartments, job market, neighborhoods
  186. Best Cities for African Americans 2007: places to live, restaurants, shop
  187. What cities are just not impressive at all?: appointed, neighborhoods
  188. Best Rust Belt Rebounder: condo, hotels
  189. Best cities for women to find a mate and get married?: income, living in
  190. Is there an East-Coast-Portland-OR?: fit in, transplants, high school
  191. U.S. school violence days: renting, crimes, homes
  192. i want to know.....its bugging me: homes, college
  193. easiest state to get car registered: military, title, address
  194. NC/SC relocate near (30 min) beach: school, relocate to, system
  195. Business School in Atlanta or Austin?: schools, living in, move
  196. San Diego, Portland or Colorado??: neighborhood, living, health care
  197. best places for work and bills for imigrants?: rent, house
  198. Top 100 Places to Live 2007: rentals, houses, buying
  199. Cost of utilities: insurance, homes, taxes
  200. The Median Home Value: university, income, beach