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  1. Map of Cascadia (artistic): shop, richest, activity
  2. Does your state have an official dog?: university, pit bull
  3. Texas vs Maryland: college, taxes, living
  4. Help me help my mom relocate! Small southern (or NJ) cities?: foreclosed, rental
  5. looking to relocate - single and 40: low crime, chapel, neighborhoods
  6. Choosing a city based on age: best city, high school
  7. What is the eastern edge of the Pacific Northwest?: centers, agricultural
  8. Best Western City??: best city, cities, top
  9. Best cities for a young family to transplant themselves?: for sale, real estate
  10. Where Can You Make Friends?: best, cities, population
  11. Married, no kids, looking for bleeding edge technology lifestyle...: neighborhoods, college
  12. Volunteering to clean up the BP oil spill mess in the Gulf of Mexico?: school
  13. The reasons I'm looking at moving, but where to is the: transplants
  14. Where would be a good place to move?: unemployed, school
  15. CENSUS 2010, what if u don't know what u are?: house, land
  16. Can find this kind of small town in America??: low crime, living in
  17. Are you a proud city data geek?: cities, history
  18. Dallas' Elm Place Tower will be redeveloped into luxury and affordable housing: business
  19. What makes a thriving city?: buying, safety, health
  20. Buying power evolution by state between 1990 and 2008: island, district
  21. Where is the money migrating in the US?: real estate, tax
  22. State Capitals - reworded: guidelines, ranking, best
  23. best place for entry level it jobs, texas or georgia.: cities, career
  24. Quietest city in terms of autos/trucks: neighborhood, pollution
  25. Migration to and from your county (Interactive Map): how much, moving
  26. Bay and Gable style houses in U.S. cities: housing, architect
  27. Planning a trip from Maryland to Yellowstone: live in, bill
  28. Boise, ID v. San Juan, PR: to rent, crime rates, houses
  29. State Capitals: move to, estate, room
  30. Moving from Wyoming to Alabama.. help: school, college
  31. NY tops country in per pupil spending: top schools, college
  32. Immigration in the USA : Numbers and top 10 for 2001-2009: transfer, legal
  33. Laid back city or state?: crime rate, school, living
  34. Help Figuring Out Where to Move: home, school, university
  35. Best Climate: live in, areas, county
  36. Southerners experiences migrating North: map, famous people, entertainment
  37. Chesapeake Bay vs Massachusetts Bay: area, island, county
  38. From Charleston to Washington DC, what to do?: hotels, house
  39. looking to relocate by early or mid 2011: affordable apartments, to rent
  40. Best city for me?: employment, neighborhoods, college
  41. 2 cent rate hike on postage stamps (YAHOO Article): prices, office
  42. From Bay Area, Live in Portland another move: high crime, homes
  43. Recently moved from east coast to West Coast: transplants, unemployment rate
  44. where to move?: hotels, Home Depot, unemployment rate
  45. The best states for small businesses, according to Small Businesses Index: taxes, single
  46. help with ideas where to relocate: fit in, job market
  47. Battle for green jobs between states !: job openings, disposal, tax
  48. Best areas to grow veggies: place to live, garden, agriculture
  49. Why do people who have never been there hate California?: homes, best schools
  50. moving: job outlook, school districts, salaries
  51. Where are there jobs ???: job openings, college, live
  52. Is Illinois the New California?: insurance, credit, unemployment rate
  53. Best place to grow an organic flower farm and raise young family? HELP...: real estate
  54. Places to Visit between Pennsylvania and Colorado: parks, location
  55. What's the population density where you live?: square, compare
  56. What southern states are you with?: live, area
  57. cities close to snowboarding AND the beach? Recommendations...: ski resorts, living in
  58. Non-southern Population in the South: transplants, live, stats
  59. relocating to Temecula, CA or Sandy, UT: apartments, to rent
  60. East vs West--- round gazillion: rating, accents, humid
  61. Refrigerators in rentals?: apartments, renter, appliances
  62. Cycling Friendly Cities (Video): health, place, road
  63. Non-American drivers licence exchange: safety, drivers license, vehicles
  64. Prettiest green rolling hills & mountains in west?: to buy, organic
  65. What metropolitan area has the most Indians?: home, living
  66. Do the Rockies have more in common with California or the Midwest?: live, centers
  67. Feeling stuck and trapped...: pros and cons, salary, live
  68. Which Are The Whitest Cities In The U.S With A Population Of Over 100,000 ?: live, office
  69. Census Reports It Has Reached Almost All Households: houses, live
  70. AIR POLLUTION - Is it everywhere?: places to live, to move, activity
  71. Most manliest cities: houses, bars, food
  72. Southern Belle looking for a nice professional city in the South..: transplants, home
  73. List notable corporations in your metropolitan area: hair salon, real estate
  74. Which type of landscapes/images do you prefer?: home, landscaping
  75. The most famous building in your city.: city hall, houses
  76. Florida part of the south?: restaurant, beach, implants
  77. What do people from the South think about Northerners? (moved from Knoxville): transplants, home
  78. What is the most non-european skilled ethnicity in the US ? (poll): mortgages, schools
  79. Would natural disasters keep you from moving to a city/state?: house, tornado
  80. What parts of the South are still mostly populated by Southerners?: contractor, moving to
  81. Best Lake To Live On: real estate, living, restaurants
  82. Does every person from up North want to move South?: homes, live in
  83. City Hall buildings across America.: construction, floors, halls
  84. Small towns that feel like big cities: Home Depot, theater
  85. Moving out of PA. GA, FL, NC, or VA: apartment, renting
  86. Fireworks photos!!!: rain, town, harbor
  87. Why the Great Plains are great once again: real estate, unemployment
  88. which state would you choose...: houses, unemployment, buy
  89. Mean Population Centers: move, area, county
  90. Great Mid-Sized Cities w/ Low cost of Living: homes, job market
  91. Need help in figuring out where to relocate...walkability high on list: home, living in
  92. What Parts of the US are Most Dominated by African/African Caribbean Culture (As Opposed to African American)?: neighborhoods, safest
  93. Which city with largest French and Spanish speakers?: beach, metro
  94. Almost 30, single, restless. Where to relocate?: home, theater, school district
  95. Do Movie Drive Ins Exist Anywhere?: home, theater, statistics
  96. Places that still look like the 1980s/1990s?: home, shops
  97. Weird regional pronunciations?: how much, new home, live
  98. Your favorite mountain town: ski resorts, homes, tenant
  99. Longest journey or drives?: ski resort, how much, wedding
  100. General US picture: home, neighborhood, middle school
  101. Best small U.S. cities to live without a car: apartments, lofts
  102. Is everywhere really the same?: university, restaurants, shop
  103. Outside your home state, what is your favorite state ?: live, beaches
  104. Cities with the worst homeless problem.: houses, live in, park
  105. Are there regional variations in accent in the West?: transplants, live
  106. Back East vs. Out East: living, airport, moving to
  107. Do you prefer to live near a coastline?: apartment, home
  108. Greater Southern California-Arizona Sun Corridor: land, metropolitan, area
  109. Are you an Ocean or a Mountain person?: oceanfront, luxury
  110. Where's an Austin gal to go?: lawyer, college, camping
  111. What areas do you consider the Mid-South ?: stations, transit
  112. Best town/small city for raising kids?: low crime, how much
  113. Why are parks in American cities so deserted?: houses, living
  114. WHAT IS SOUTHERN -- A definitive argument: beach, estimated
  115. Interesting Article: A die-hard New Yorker makes the move to the ATL--and likes it: camp, moving
  116. Mid Atlantic: As one state?: moving, rated, area
  117. In Depth Cultural Map: design, suburbs, areas
  118. What are the Murder Rates per states?: crime, military
  119. Is NYC the USA's Primate City?: universities, safest, authority
  120. The most crime-ridden states in America: crime rate, dangerous, assess
  121. Oregon vs Colorado: ski resorts, best cities, crime rate
  122. Best state to homestead in?: house, buy, tax
  123. WSJ article: Cities with Highest Concentration of Smart People: college, education
  124. factors in figuring out where to live in US: crime, home
  125. Social classes...: middle-class, section 8, crime rates
  126. Should be an easy : Where is a cross between NYC and Phoenix?: title, skyscrapers
  127. what u prefer... relocate to sacramento, santa barbara, tempe or eugene?: best cities, for rent
  128. Happy second-tier metro area?: rated, businesses, places
  129. Drug Use Statistics by City - Reliable, Straight Forward: sale, foreclosures
  130. Suggestions on where to move in the Southeast?: apartment, mobile home
  131. What are big cities with nice suburbs?: college, gated community
  132. southern accents: wedding, construction, live
  133. Lessons in street smarts: high crime, neighborhoods, school
  134. What is taught in American schools: Creationism or Evolution?: credit, school district
  135. Where/how to move after college?: low crime, hotels, university
  136. A 5 year plan to relocate to _________?: transfer, neighborhood, theater
  137. help my fiancee and I pick a place to live outside of New Jersey: best cities, for sale
  138. Chicago to LA flight time? Chicago to Jacksonville flight time? Chicago to Dublin flight time?: beach, cheapest
  139. The french language influence in states/cities names ! And number of French Americans.: purchase, earthquake
  140. What Mountains in the U.S. do you consider to be the prettiest?: pine, best
  141. Are there cities that are like Atlanta?: real estate, apartments
  142. The Best Fall Foliage in New England: rent, home
  143. 2 yr adventure: 6 mths in a city then changing location. Need help deciding where to go!: school, live in
  144. Which American accent is closer to the English accent?: move, prestigious
  145. What is the allure of middle america?: credit, houses
  146. Where to go to be a Law Enforcement Officer?: find a job, school
  147. The richest states of the US (GDP by state for 2010)): how much, income
  148. What about the Pacific Northwest: live, move to, best
  149. Starting out in the West!!!!!!: best cities, apartments, crimes
  150. What's your view on Jersey City?: crime rate, living, price
  151. Artists moving out of Upstate NY, Help: rent, insurance
  152. What's the greatest band or musical artist from your hometown?: live in, restaurant
  153. CDC: People in sunny states happiest, New York least: crime rates, how much
  154. Scoping out a new city: Your tips,: high crime, good schools
  155. LEAST expensive up and comming place the USA???: best cities, real estate market
  156. What are the big reasons that people move to another state?: new house, job transfer
  157. What is the best power source for you ? (wind, coal..): homes, to buy
  158. U.S. Cultural areas: title, culture, great
  159. States ranked by unemployment - May 2010: unemployment rate, to live, island
  160. Miami Metro ranked richest in U.S.A. -5th in World: purchasing, live
  161. Buying power by race and by state (top 5) in 2008: how much, university
  162. What is the most mexican state (about culture and influence) ?: Home Depot, university
  163. How long do you think the US will last?: how much, tax
  164. Local music from your city/metro: live in, parking, areas
  165. Cities worth visiting (personal list): chapel, price, vs.
  166. What are you getting out of being on City- Data: living, vs
  167. US State Populations July 1, 2009 - US Census Estimates: unemployment rate, live in
  168. Where to live???: real estate, waterpark, home
  169. Poll: Do you think the United States will ever be home to the world's tallest building again?: mall, title
  170. Cities Less than 250,000 population: universities, quality of life, living in
  171. California vs. Texas: crime, high school, tax
  172. What exactly do people mean when they say big cities have more entertainment?: home, theater
  173. The U.S. South culture area: live, move, beaches
  174. Move to NYC immediately after high school, or wait until graduating college?: rent, chapel
  175. Do you know this Florida reference??: live, pub, cities
  176. Mapping the reverse great migration: transplants, job market, income
  177. Where would you rather live?: neighborhoods, living, beach
  178. Alternative newspapers......: neighborhoods, movies, living
  179. I am SICK of the Ohio Valley!: cliquey, home
  180. What city offers the best year-round weather in the US?: school, live
  181. Slower pace of life: hotels, home, gated
  182. Charging stations for electric cars coming to certain cities: luxury, transit
  183. Teacher from UK: teaching jobs, school districts, incomes
  184. What's the most apolitical place in America?: neighborhoods, live
  185. Want to move from a big city to a small friendly town… suggestions?: ski resort, hotels
  186. street view of the neighborhood where you would want to live if you had to leave your state: university, living
  187. Anywhere worth living in U.S.??: real estate, high crime, hotels
  188. Whcih of cities do you consider well known nationally?: college, live in
  189. not sure where to move to: camping, living, store
  190. Post media of your State/MSA's waterscapes: specials, television
  191. BP to Donate Net Revenue from MC252 Well Leak to Protect and Rehabilitate Wildlife in Gulf States: sales
  192. Citys vs. Towns entertainment: movie theater, college, restaurants
  193. Research ~ New Economy: professionals, rating, business
  194. Moving Back to the USA: cabin, moving to, land
  195. Pics of Your City's News Studios!: live, station, campus
  196. Which of cities would be a good choice to move to?: job market
  197. What is the most non-european skilled ethnicity in the US ?: Korean
  198. Need on how I can move to Florida: America, science
  199. College Town Life: university, living in, safer
  200. 4th July : your most beautiful pictures