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  1. Southern Dialect/Accent Differences Within Region: fit in, map, quality
  2. Where to settle down?: to live in, vs., moving
  3. The top 5 places for me to live: advice?: homes, unemployment rate
  4. Arizona, New Mexico or Texas? - Foreign Student!: apartment, rent
  5. Colorado Springs to Oklahoma City: Best Route?: cities, place
  6. Cities with the richest Hispanic culture: Hispanics, Cuban, Dominicans
  7. What do you love about the country life?: maintenance, live
  8. Where Would Be the Best City for Me?: crime, chapel
  9. Best city for me?: neighbourhood, cinema, school
  10. help this musician!: fit in, living, cost of living
  11. 10 great cities for raising families.....: real estate, estate
  12. Antisocial cities: deal, room, similar
  13. Living In Cities With State Prisons: transporting, crime rate, big house
  14. Moving back to America in summer 2011 ! *Just after college*: low crime, school
  15. How do you pronounce lever in Mississippi?: about, rifle
  16. Relocation - Asheville, Austin, or Charleston?: real estate, condo, homes
  17. Looking to move: Young Adults. Beach. City.: low crime, theater
  18. Moving to the states from the UK: school, to live
  19. Want to purchase a house in the states: beaches, cities
  20. Do you prefer Cities or Towns, Urban or Rural?: home, pros and cons
  21. another Help me decide where to move: crime, house
  22. Does this plan sound flawed?: apartment, loan, college
  23. Historic Aerial Views: neighborhoods, live, dangerous
  24. Where to go?: job market, college, subdivisions
  25. Wants to teach!: unemployment rate, public schools, versus
  26. From India - psychology: 2013, employment, universities
  27. 46 & Single - Where should I move?: for sale, beaches
  28. Need help picking a city - foreign student!: chapel, neighbourhoods
  29. Best waterfront city: taxis, restaurants, shop
  30. What's a place with a Western, Southwestern or Texas feel?: movie theaters, to live
  31. Moving away from NYC: unemployment rate, schools, live
  32. Trying to figure out where in the US I should move, opinions: living in
  33. Interesting US Map/Demographics Site?: home, residential, courses
  34. Looking to move-Beach, mountains, east coast...: chapel, movies, to live in
  35. Safe, cheap and oppurtuniefull city ?: apartment, renting, low crime
  36. Proud Americans: live in, best, location
  37. Relocation From Hawaii To....: to rent, chapel, quality of life
  38. Hurricane Earl: house, live in, vs.
  39. Better infrastructure investment: light-rail, design, best
  40. What US City is best for families.: low crime, chapel
  41. Relocation Advice: neighborhood, place, summers
  42. Is the US less or more racist than Europe?: live in, population
  43. Which cities have the most pests?: to live, roaches, place
  44. Migration patterns within the United States: tax return, stats, moving to
  45. What is the best measure of income levels?: neighborhoods, median income
  46. what cities have the best entertainment? expound with examples...: live, restaurants
  47. Best northern route east with a rented Penske: home, construction
  48. New York - Quebec border crossing: house, live, shop
  49. Income data for US metros......: metro area, areas, business
  50. Which City Has The Best Combination Of Newer Apartments At Cheap Rents?: rental
  51. Moving from Canada to USA HELP!!!!: find a job, university, to live in
  52. Need advice on a nice, cheap city: renting, college
  53. Movin' around -- where should I go?: transplants, rentals
  54. Pacific Northwest Foliage: neighborhood, live in, pine
  55. West and East: live, east coast, compare
  56. Looking for a new state to occupy: how much, movie theater
  57. New York vs. Vermont! Looking for a second home...: for sale, houses
  58. Affordable place to live: crime, hotels, homes
  59. Amish population growing, heading west: Mennonites, restaurant, cost of
  60. Your hometown statistics in 2010: crime, metropolitan, area
  61. The Beginning of the Great Deconstruction: bankruptcy, taxes, building
  62. Favorite Stretch of Interstate in the US?: safe, transit
  63. Most Bohemian City?: crime, neighbourhoods, good schools
  64. Are there midget colonies?: 2015, houses, neighborhood
  65. Blue Ridge Mountain Towns with Good Schools & near city life: university, income
  66. Why do Southern states have highest smoking rates?: school, taxes
  67. in order for US cities to grow their cores: power lines, condos
  68. Are there politer terms for trailer trash ...: bad credit, loan
  69. Do I have a Southern accent?: island, Hispanics, ethnicity
  70. Best place to live under conditions: home, neighborhood
  71. Asian American statistical portrait: high school, income, live in
  72. s on Middle America.: new home, live, moving
  73. What was the 70's like?: movies, school, college
  74. What Is The Best U.S. City For A Chef?: school, wages
  75. Does want to offer their suggestions? I'd appreciate ideas.: high crime, home
  76. Official Post Your Accent (while the rest of us guess what city/state/region you're from): credit, phone
  77. Which state has the least amount of Thugs?: home, live in
  78. Ohio's Cedar Point named USA's top amusement park: waterparks, hotels
  79. Most sustainable communities in the USA: how much, house, unemployed
  80. Metros bisected by a major river-- how balanced is the population?: calculated, living
  81. Are Americans far more insular than Europeans?: home, living
  82. What should MAXIMUM speed limits be on highways?: gated, live
  83. What US City should get a Major League Baseball franchise next??: new home, move
  84. Why do small towns get hated on so much?: transplants, live
  85. Most impressive project currently under construction in your city: car rental, rental
  86. State-by-state map of murder rates, updated for 2009: crime, dangerous
  87. Single guy in Seattle...what city has the friendliest women in the USA??: living in, relocating to
  88. City leaders pushing for San Antonio-Austin CSA by 2013.: homes, college
  89. What is Halloween like in your area???: apartment complex, houses
  90. Your State's #1 Sports Team (All sports and levels included): university, cars
  91. Walkable neighborhoods close to big cities: loans, university, shop
  92. Based on this what cities are good matches for me?: school, college
  93. 22 year olds need relocation advice for automotive career!!! HELP !!!!(wit cherries on top): foreclosures, good schools
  94. Seattle Stinks!..Cool, single guy neeeds relocation advice!: unemployment, organic
  95. Best waterfalls in the US (photos encouraged): business, waterfall
  96. What city has the most mafia activity?: gangs, suburbs
  97. When you heard spanic , what is the first city coming in your mind ?: title, population
  98. I-70 vs. I-80 - moving from Boston to Denver: mover, house
  99. Leaving L.A. - Seeking Sunshine, Affordability, and Beauty: ski resorts, real estate
  100. What cities are best for me?: foreclosures, rent, condos
  101. A Construction Folly For Your State Or City To Attract Tourists?: to live, gardens
  102. If you could relocate NYC...: tornadoes, earthquakes, live in
  103. Where Can I Find This Type Of City Layout?: affordable apartments, rent
  104. discernable accents in Portland/Seattle/Pacific Northwest?: neighborhood, living
  105. Does the Midwest exist?: best city, low crime, living
  106. Do I sound American? Foreign?: high school, college, Hispanic
  107. Quintessential New England college town?: home, schools, universities
  108. Favorite Stretch of US-Highways in the US?: to live, shop
  109. My revised Nine Nations map: area, island, job
  110. TOP 5 : States with the most educated whites/blacks/hispanics/asians: home, high school
  111. Best state to live a country life?: unemployment, university
  112. CDC: U.S. adults eat less fruit, not enough veggies: co-op, buy
  113. What is the cost of living in your city/town?: home, college
  114. States in the US with problems with inclusiveness and diversity: real estate market, crimes
  115. What is Middle America?: sales, how much, live in
  116. Americas best and worst airports: rental car, rental, club
  117. What city/town/area could currently be described as Austin, TX in the 70's ?: university, live
  118. Great Quality of Life - where is it?: real estate, loan
  119. what is the most pro military city or county ?: installation, area
  120. Has y'all become a word in common use outside Southern American English?: living in, suburbs
  121. FISH -- PHOTOS-Salmon River Pulaski NY: live, teaching, areas
  122. Conservative cities and suburbs: houses, subdivisions, taxes
  123. Looking to learn about cities.: low crime, house, movies
  124. Festivals Around America: home, neighborhoods, college
  125. The most learned foreign languages inthe USA ?: high school, college
  126. Brooklyn Out West: home, neighborhoods, living
  127. 25 Cities by population in the USA 2010: places, largest, better
  128. Chicago or Seattle or Portland, OR or: for sale, real estate
  129. 2 U.S. cities make list of 9 most polluted in the world: floor, air pollution
  130. Guess the City Game: how much, metro area, cities
  131. where should i move: to buy, salary, living in
  132. Relocation--Looking for liberal mountain college town...Help!: rent, how much
  133. Where the Nicest people in the USA live: living, shop
  134. Southerners: transplants, sales, low crime
  135. Where do you live and what teams do you support?: university, live in
  136. Nanny State (where): taxes, bars, farmers
  137. Words you only hear in your state!?: school, living in
  138. Liberal or Conservative City: Why?: home, unemployment, schools
  139. Is Florida A southern state?: transplants, apartment
  140. Introducing the Western United States: live in, shop, move
  141. Tolerance For the Little Green Herb: ski resorts, condo, felony
  142. 40 strongest economies........: employment, to move, housing
  143. Origin of your city's name: chapel, home, school
  144. Will COL (Cost of Living) in the Sunbelt cities dramatically rise in the next decade or two?: real estate market, homes
  145. Best places to experience Native American culture?: houses, living
  146. Water supplies for growing US metro areas.: foreclosure, crime
  147. College Cities: unemployment, public schools, taxes
  148. What restaurants/stores are ONLY found in your state/city?: scooters, best
  149. San Diego or Naples, Florida?: vacation home, to buy, taxes
  150. Where are you from? (Originally?): live, military, store
  151. What is a good city for a young recent college graduate to up and relocate to? Is it a bad idea to go with no job there?: apartment, lease
  152. Where to live next?: house, prices, airport
  153. Looking to move: schools, places to live, costs
  154. City Nicknames: metro, cities, town
  155. Era of Huge Homes Is Over: houses, neighborhoods, buying
  156. Table of United States Primary Census Statistical Areas: live, beach
  157. Fortunately Charlotte Didn't Make This List (but my hometown Albany did): real estate, crime
  158. America's Fastest Dying according to Yahoo!: best cities, credit, unemployment rate
  159. is America just too big??: quality of life, to live in, suite
  160. Is Austin the last solvent real estate market in the nation?: for sale, 2013
  161. The Most Underrated Cities according to the Huffington Post: unemployment, moving to
  162. 15 Penn Plaza: hotel, tenant, live
  163. Place with no or little humidity: hotels, unemployment rate, to buy
  164. Nick names for southern residents?: live in, rating, best
  165. The most richest and famous Mexican-Americans ?: cabinet, cabin, to relocate
  166. Southern City With The Best Public Transportation......: credit, buy
  167. Moving back to the states...: low crime, neighborhoods, buy
  168. Your Top 10 cities where it is the easiest to get lost in: live, suburbs
  169. U.S. cities categorized: rating, metro, area
  170. Updated state welcome signs: living in, shop, rating
  171. If you could add a huge number of demographic or people to your city who would they be?: high school, live
  172. Which city is a microcosm of the American city?: how much, living
  173. Despite drop, southwestern Connecticut remains nation's wealthiest: high income, tax return
  174. Looking for a good place to retire to ski . . .: ski resorts, home
  175. Greatest infrastructure need in your metro area?: schools, upkeep
  176. Wanted: Big Urban City with that Big Urban city feel.: apartments, house
  177. Moving away from NYC: low crime, unemployment rate, neighborhoods
  178. The Ricardos and Mertzes drove to California ...: motels, live
  179. You want a job ? Go to North Dakota (or South Dakota): insurance, mortgage
  180. Current umemployment rates for US metros......: unemployment rate, public school, live
  181. Wildest College Towns?: school, university, couches
  182. If you were almost homeless, what southern city would you move to?: unemployment rate, construction
  183. Job creation in July : Michigan / DC winners, North Carolina / New Jersey losers: employment, school
  184. Immigrating to stay in USA; Which cities do you recommend?: low crime, chapel
  185. The geography of US immigration: what regions do immigrants settle the most (by country)?: how much, live in
  186. Top 1000 Family names in the USA: racist, deals, Korean
  187. Regions of North America map: areas, dinner, island
  188. Most gun/hunting friendly state?: school, licenses, farm
  189. The ultimate Sprawl vs. Walkabilty: rent, house, neighborhood
  190. Which city Grand Rapids (MI) or Fairfax Co?: attorney, job market
  191. Atlanta vs North Carolina vs DMV: to live in, safe, license
  192. Connecticut's Metros tops in wealth despite recession: income, business
  193. How hard is it to immigrate?: unemployment rate, college, firms
  194. What is the best US city for professional single men?: live in, relocation
  195. Nationwide Speed Traps: cities, America, worst
  196. Florida native wants to move for change: to live in, moving
  197. Detroit ranks as the most stressful city; Salt Lake City, the least: place to live
  198. How important are Large Business HQs to an area?: vs, metropolitan
  199. New list of Best cities for families 2010: best cities, renting
  200. What state would you recommend?: rent, wages, average