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  1. Trip to Chigago from Oklahoma by car (route - places to stop): cities
  2. small, eco-friendly college town exist?: school, living in, vs
  3. Looking for a specific city...only remember a couple geographic things...: townhouses, safe area
  4. If this were you, what would you do?: hotels, school
  5. Unemployment questions: unemployment rate, live, great
  6. CDC: 1 in 22 blacks will get HIV: condo, vs, centers
  7. Best place to raise mixed-race, mixed-faith family?: good schools, contractor
  8. Competitive States 2010 TEXAS vs. CALIFORNIA Economic Growth Prospects for the 21st Century: home
  9. costs of living in la for fam of 4: credit, how much
  10. Why do so Many Southern States have No Minimum Wage?: wages, law
  11. Who’s Racist Now? Europe’s Increasing Intolerance: safer, moving
  12. Original southern cities, pace, growth,: fit in, transplants, house
  13. Future college grad seeking opinions: condos, job market, school
  14. Cities with Good Non-Car Transportation: apartments, rentals, chapel
  15. High taxes but getting your money's worth ?: real estate, high crime
  16. No way! New Census revisions?: estimates, cities, population
  17. Thank you from 'excited to be moving to the US': home, summer
  18. Will regional differences in America (and the world) survive the Internet/information age?: cars
  19. political correctness - is there a lot of it in the usa?: salon
  20. America's Most Dangerous neighborhoods for 2010.......: vs, popular, results
  21. Poor area, high taxes: home, quality of life, property tax
  22. Americas strongest population magnets: business, top 10, people
  23. Don't know what city to move to, care to assist?: ski resort, best school
  24. What Gives Your City an IMAGE of its Own?: neighborhoods, design
  25. Rent our house and run away to where?: for sale, renters
  26. The best city/region with most manufacturing opportunities in US?: tech jobs, places to live
  27. Researcing places to move to.. help!: renting, low crime
  28. Canadians on vacation in the U.S.: lease, year
  29. Canadians in the U.S. near you: home, college
  30. ¿Wich southern state is the most aristocratic?: wealthiest, guidelines
  31. Relocating...just not sure where: unemployment, living, cost of living
  32. Bed Bug Registry: apartments, hotels, dorm
  33. Cross country driving in winter: best, areas, roads
  34. Where do YOU think the best place for me to move is?: for sale
  35. Expensive Housing Areas: apartment, good credit, student loan
  36. Where should I go???: apartments, find a job, transfer
  37. What is the role of a civil township in a very urbanized area?: neighborhoods
  38. Help Me Find a City: school, live, friendly
  39. prison rules for if one is on their deathbed...: title, children
  40. Smallest vehicle to rent to tow small pickup cross USA?: motels, cost of
  41. Why I find interesting in the age of the Tea Party...: how much, tax
  42. know of a place in the Northeastern US that's the least Economically challenged and has a good college to attend?: schools
  43. Where would you recommend?: low crime, houses, established neighborhood
  44. Why the South is better than the eastcoast: rent, moving to
  45. American catergorized as an ethnicity?: neighborhoods, gated, live
  46. Haunted Places off I-40?: houses, live, club
  47. Kinda broad topic .Where should we live?: to live in, price
  48. Which are the top states for doing business? I mean lowest taxes: sales
  49. Where would you suggest I live?: home, income, property tax
  50. American Apparel in colleges areas and not in others...: high school, universities
  51. The Best Cities to Move to in the US: real estate, low crime
  52. Coming reapportionment of Congress, the loser = Midwest: house, college
  53. Woman, 101, to become U.S. citizen with help of 69-year-old document: living, place
  54. Need guidance help.: for rent, student loan, high school
  55. Police Shooting Dogs: house, office, roaches
  56. Cascadia (Region extending from Zaca Lake, California to the Kenai Peninsula): best cities, lawyers
  57. Lakeland - a map and article: land, park, areas
  58. Amtrak's Vision for East Coast High Speed Rail: 2015, house
  59. Interesting cities in the midwest: neighborhoods, live, restaurants
  60. Need Help!: rent, house, job market
  61. Hispanic-owned businesses : Strong growth in 5 years (+40% in Texas): college, office
  62. What are the worst/best schools in your state/city/county?: fit in, neighborhood
  63. City advice for family with young kids?: low crime, schools
  64. Im thinking of taking a trip, advice needed.: how much, buying
  65. I can see the renaissance of the Midwest: unemployment rate, oil
  66. What City would be best for me?: apartments, for rent
  67. Do the newcomers have right to complain about state/city they moved in?: transplants
  68. General U.S.: color, considered
  69. What is the real constitution of a city being diverse?: apartment, crimes
  70. High-Speed Rail: 2015, taxes, live in
  71. What does your city do for Halloween: houses, community college
  72. Who Agrees that Canadians are Reserved? Is this a Northern Thing?: living, estate
  73. Native Americans: crime, neighborhood, movies
  74. Why is Northern culture allowed to be so dominant?: transplants, neighborhoods
  75. My definition of Midwest: areas, cities, boundaries
  76. See how many billionaires live in your state: living, cost of living
  77. Industrial Disasters: insurance, houses, elementary school
  78. Can offer me advice about moving far from home?: how much, law school
  79. Living in civilization or living in the wilderness?: house, activities
  80. Canadian popular culture in the US: loan, homes, theater
  81. Is the Midwest essentially a closed society?: fit in, credit
  82. States/Cities to move to for 21yr old Guy sick of Cleveland, Ohio: best cities, home
  83. Looks like there's drug-dealing in my neighborhood. Should I be concerned?: apartment, lease
  84. Looking for sunny cities!!!: hotels, school, university
  85. Crunchy granola towns for not-so-crunchy people?: fit in, condo, chapel
  86. Why is American pop culture so popular around the world?: movies, public transportation
  87. Should the US have a national census every 5 years?: tax, cost
  88. The changing face of the United States; 2000-2009 overview: real estate, house
  89. State Employment in September 2010 : DC winner (16,000 jobs added), California loser (63,000 jobs destroyed): living, statistics
  90. Favorite Frostbelt City: to live in, move to, manufacturing
  91. Excited About Fall? Do You Enjoy Experiencing 4 Seasons? What's Your Favorite?: renting, home
  92. Public Schools help me compare CA, TX, FL, DC Metro: appointed, real estate
  93. Irrigation = not Midwestern?: buy, areas, cities
  94. Get me out of NY STATE: best city, sales, low crime
  95. 'Normalest' part of America?: gardens, suburbs, metropolitan
  96. City Limit Population vs Metro Area Population: best cities, chapel
  97. Progressive northern / midwestern small cities within 8 hours of Atlanta?: transplants, chapel
  98. I want to move...where do I go?: transplants, real estate
  99. Current location of the Mason-Dixon line: living, area, boundary
  100. Where is someone from?: homes, middle school, college
  101. Which states have the highest and lowest turnover rates?: live in, moving
  102. What is the Drive Like from NYC to Philadelphia?: college, stores
  103. Looking For Suggestions For A Somewhat Touristy City To Live: ski resort, apartment
  104. 2000s decade nostalgia: locally and nationally what will you remember?: foreclosure, crime rates
  105. Does the states inhabitants have anything to do with the states location?: fit in, neighborhoods
  106. An Apology to Southerners: new home, school, living in
  107. POLL: this criteria, where would you suggest I move?: real estate, condo
  108. The hatred of the South on disgusts me: transplants, homes
  109. New design of U.S. $100 bill: designs, money, dating
  110. Help - Las Cruces vs Tucson vs ??????: apartment, rental
  111. (American Born) Irish Guy, Age:29, Moving to USA, BUT WHERE?: sales, rent
  112. The big cities at Christmas!!: credit, best, trees
  113. Looking for progressive business atmosphere, sun, ocean, mountains: home, casinos
  114. The Midwestern Palette: home, neighborhood, living in
  115. Does Mischief Night Still Happen?: houses, neighborhood, high school
  116. How to talk like a Yankee !: eat, land, best
  117. Probibit Sunday shopping - Blue Law in the U.S.?: sales, movies
  118. Segregation in US cities visualised: neighborhoods, gated, dangerous
  119. Best places to move to in America: best cities, real estate
  120. National parks that really shouldn't be national parks: house, living in
  121. Which would you consider your city's showcase suburb?: hotel, houses
  122. How does a place feel southern ?: homes, neighborhood
  123. Future young professional looking for a cool US city to move to: employment, neighborhoods
  124. Most Studied Foreign Languages in the U.S. (numbers): school, universities
  125. What do you think of transplants?: new home, neighborhood
  126. Rural areas with lots of hippies?: living in, agriculture, farm
  127. How is DC not southern?: architecture, rating, cities
  128. Are there cheap places in America to live anymore?: apartment, to rent
  129. Thinking about moving to America from australia within the next 5-6 years (need advice on best state to live): apartment, to rent
  130. World's Prettiest Cities - According to Huffington: neighborhoods, live
  131. Getting America back on the right track: unemployment, buy
  132. States in which the most significant Interstate highway is not a multiple of '5': metro, area
  133. Liberal southern state with good colleges: university, live in, metro area
  134. US city most like Vancouver Canada?: moving, rating, best
  135. News, Five states where you're most likely to hit a deer this fall: home, high school
  136. If Cuba was a state?: island, Cuban, top
  137. Which historic US cities experienced the least destruction due to urban renewal?: hotel, neighborhoods
  138. Hispanic American statistical portrait: closing, live in, agriculture
  139. Is Homophobia Regional?: crime, live in, stats
  140. Large urban areas with the highest murder rates: crime rate, statistics
  141. How segregated is your city?: homes, neighborhoods, live in
  142. Do You Guys/Gals Judge Cities Based on their Sports Teams?: live, things to do
  143. Where Did You Move To?: home, neighborhoods, college
  144. Increase of Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Fresh N Easy...: co-ops, buying
  145. Should we change the number of states in the US: area, population
  146. Southern accents in the rural west?: transplants, movies, high school
  147. Where will be a cheap,low crime,job opportunity city to live in East Coast in General ?: apartment, for rent
  148. We can't afford the luxury of high-speed rail: contractors, taxes
  149. Where can I afford to live on disability of 19k/year: section 8, apartments
  150. Poorest District in the United States: income, living, cost of living
  151. Scottish Americans: the forgotten immigrant group?: how much, live in, population
  152. Where Can I Find Cheap Land In The U.S.: for sale, house
  153. Where Have You All Lived?: college, to live in, military
  154. Favorite Lighthouses: cost, ferry, vacation
  155. I spend my days on Google Maps because...: rent, high crime
  156. People how beg with signs on the highway off ramps: West Coast thing?: middle-class, income
  157. Great Plains and Midwest: is there a difference?: living in, area
  158. 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in US: crime, school, live
  159. What is the most beautiful state in the US: population, coastal
  160. The Soul and Sound of Southern Music.: map of, Irish
  161. Updated. The Soul and Sound of Southern Music: live, train
  162. Misconceptions about your city/state: transplants, house, job openings
  163. Cities That Have Decent Economies Though The Overall Regions They're In Are Struggling: best cities, unemployment rate
  164. Cities that don't fluoridate their water?: dermatology, crime, camps
  165. Top 10 Safest Cities in the U.S. (according to Forbes): crime rate, dangerous
  166. Why do Americans classify Latinos/Hispanics , Jews and Arabs as races?: income, live
  167. Does Phoenix or Houston have better winter weather? (or lack of winter weather): living in, beach
  168. Americans: Is Canada on your radar at all?: home, architecture
  169. Thick southern accent which states have it?: areas, cities
  170. Do Californians have an accent?: live in, bill, pay
  171. Best place to live if you hate driving?: home, find a job
  172. If you wanted to escape civilization for a year or more, where would you go?: camping, living
  173. Anywhere such as this.....: houses, neighborhood, movie theater
  174. The problem with MSA's based on county lines: living in, design
  175. Highways to nowhere - frivolous highway projects?: real estate, construction
  176. States with the highest murder rates.: low crime, dangerous, plantations
  177. Most uncharted parts of the US?: live, assess, land
  178. What are your favorite sunbelt cities?: quality of life, live, shop
  179. Capital of Hispanic/Latino America. (In the U.S. of course): crime, moving to
  180. Popular destinations you have no desire to visit: live, airport
  181. Best City For A Single Lesbian To Live?: home, college
  182. Are Mobile Homes popular in your city/state?: income, living
  183. Huge disparities in Cremation rates by state: homes, live
  184. Miami Vs. Orlando? Going off to college. Which place is better?: home, dorms
  185. Deaf culture cities: schools, university, move to
  186. The Geography of regions.: university, to live, versus
  187. Dallas-Atlanta: Southwest Airlines Ready to Buy Air Tran: 2014, leases
  188. Why are Black Neighborhoods so often a city's Worst Neighborhoods?: middle-class, crime rates
  189. Asking someone where they went to high school: transplants, private schools
  190. Declining church attendance?: schools, closing, live in
  191. U.S. cities, towns, or areas that are good for Cycling: best cities, rental
  192. New York Transplant to ATL train of: cheap house, pros and cons
  193. I've got $400 and no jobs prospects...where would you go?: apartment, job market
  194. More Californians reverse course and head to Oklahoma: house, living
  195. Cities With The Most DUI Violations: San Diego, San Jose Lead: car, connection
  196. Renters Life: apartments, landlords, best deal
  197. Do You Find People in Seattle Friendly?: residents, social
  198. Decade of the Telecommute: home, prices, transport
  199. Oil Industry Booms -- in North Dakota: 2014, deposit
  200. Top 10 Smartest cities in the World: economy, urban, structure