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  1. Does California and Hawaii have a very large japanese population?: neighborhood, schools
  2. Southeast US Mountain relocation information - places with altitude and horses: schools, live in
  3. Help Me Relocate: homes, landscaping, transfer to
  4. ACS new color coded maps: 2005-2009: neighborhoods, private schools, income
  5. Interactive Census Data Map for the USA: house, neighborhood
  6. Suggestions For My Next Move: apartments, rentals, crime rate
  7. Medical Resident Moving!! Help/Vote!! Unique Situation!!: real estate market, buying a home
  8. [Immigrants] Revitalizing Small-Town America: appointed, crime, college
  9. USA Electoral Map 2012: demographics, amount, avoid
  10. Most underrated cities in America: neighborhoods, club, food
  11. Where should we move?: renting, home, neighborhoods
  12. Latest report from the Brookings Institute details economic recoveries of 150 cities world wide, how did your city fare?: prices
  13. Recommend a place for me in Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, or Nevada: university
  14. Where should I live?!: best cities, hotels, home
  15. Does your city have uncontrolled intersections?: neighborhoods, live, safety
  16. Americans: Who do you find Friendliest: Australians vs. New Zealanders vs. Canadians: restaurant
  17. Retro tv promos for your local television stations: station, outlets
  18. Relocating to USA from Ireland: real estate, renting, chapel
  19. Accent survey (vowels): college, live, coastal
  20. help find the right city for me!: hotels, home
  21. Help Where should I live?: unemployment rate, neighborhoods, public schools
  22. United States economic growth since the 1970s by decade: home, calculated
  23. ______ is/are surprisingly _______: suburbs, friendly, top
  24. thinking of moving again: chapel, house, unemployment rate
  25. Tourism in the USA in numbers: middle-class, 2015, incomes
  26. Open to suggestions: chapel, unemployment, neighborhoods
  27. Colleges: chapel, universities, living
  28. Is the Midwest making a comeback?: unemployment rate, neighborhoods, live
  29. Skylines with the most ... [redux]: how much, airport
  30. Where should I move?: apartment, low crime, schools
  31. At what point in history were regional differences most pronounced?: house, college
  32. 2010 census: 2013, housing, budget
  33. High-speed rail projects land in tug of war between governors: unemployment, live in
  34. help me move from the Milwaukee..Cleveland..Columbus..Austin..Huntsville ..Indianapolis..Albany..SEE POLL*: for rent
  35. H a p p y t h a n k s g i v i n g: safe
  36. Japanese tourist in california and hawaii: statistics, airplanes, business
  37. Does Your Metro Name Ever Change?: live, legal, vs.
  38. What is the westernmost rust belt city?: great, rooms
  39. Which state is the best to live in? Colorado, Idaho or Utah?: ski resorts
  40. Greetings From Recoveryland: Ten Places to Watch Coming Out of the Recession: real estate
  41. seeking Intentional Healing Community - Spiritual, Alternative, Holistic: chapel, house
  42. relocating for film and for a new start after hard divorce..need help asap!!!: for sale
  43. Which Places Have the Most Plain-Looking People: wealthy, area
  44. Your Favorite U.S. National Park: vs., centers, parks
  45. Relocating; What cities/towns that suit me should I check out?: for sale, real estate
  46. Traffic cameras and your city: bankrupt, tax, live in
  47. City you would love to send your kids to school in (mainly high school and junior high)?: racist
  48. Tell me where to live.....: real estate, condominiums, house
  49. Cross Country Trip, need ideas!: house, eat, places to visit
  50. where you should move? Check out this resource!: buying, property taxes
  51. Looking to move, could use: living, low cost
  52. cities without public housing?: apartments, neighborhood, vouchers
  53. Minnesota/Wisconsin: real estate, foreclosures, crime rate
  54. How long will the American accent as it is in 2010 last?: how much, movies
  55. Best Cities to Look for a Job for Accountants/Controllers: home, job market
  56. Why is Vermont considered part of New England when it used to be part of New York?: squatters
  57. Starbucks Per Capita?: stores, statistics, cities
  58. Looking to move, city suggestions!: transplants, job market, neighborhoods
  59. St. Nicholas Day: rated, place, Dutch
  60. Why is Good Friday not a public holiday ?!!: schools, offices
  61. Relocating; need advice: chapel, university, place to live
  62. Confusing abbreviations for locales: motel, college, live
  63. High Speed Rail Just Doesn't Fit ?: credit, house, school
  64. I'm looking for the best area for my situation.: section 8, best cities
  65. Cheapest farmable land: house, buying, utilities
  66. Is Richmond, VA the economic stalwart of the South?: employment, neighborhoods
  67. Inferiority Complex: vs, cities, room
  68. Which US City (with so-so population) has least Unions?: home, contractor
  69. Planning the biggest move of my life!: rent, low crime
  70. Best non-car method of traveling from PA to Bridgewater New jersey: live in, train
  71. Cost of living.......: stats, metro, area
  72. What Southern State has the best looking woman?!: population, average
  73. Rustbelt Cities: squatters, houses, neighborhoods
  74. How would you regionalize the country?: live, gardens, island
  75. What U.S. City Has The Best-Looking Men?: live in, health club
  76. Why so many Jews living in America?: to buy, racist
  77. Mt Rushmore - seen it?: house, shops, moving
  78. Help us decide where to live!: transplants, for sale, real estate
  79. An Appalachian brotherhood?: home, living in, military
  80. How do you feel about transplants?: cul-de-sac, how much, home
  81. Metro Detroit = Pizza Industry of the U.S.?: sex offender, to live
  82. What US cities / towns do you notice people get the most defensive about?: transplants, credit
  83. Which cities have a neighborhood similar to this?: houses, neighborhoods
  84. Does your state have 'micro-cities'?: houses, neighborhoods, university
  85. Gay Friendliest Cities ........: gay friendly, places, reputation
  86. Census Shows Americans Fleeing High-Tax States: movers, crime, how much
  87. Need cities with CHEAP RENTS for single bookkeeper...: best neighborhood, apartments
  88. Most and least Christian parts of the US?: live, area
  89. List all the major cities ever been to (metro pop. 1,000,000+): hotel, live
  90. Census Bureau Information (Update): house, stats, renewal
  91. Top 5 Cities in the U.S.: DMV, rich, ranking
  92. Smart growth ? Not really so smart......: house, income, quality of life
  93. What cities have you LIVED in?: apartment, college, living in
  94. Personal property tax on vehicles..: assessor, buying, costs
  95. How long are you willing to commute to work?: insurance, house
  96. Demography (Democrats) vs. Geography (Republicans): Understanding the Political Future: tax, live
  97. the most typical housing styles in your town/city: apartments, townhomes
  98. Tulsa or Omaha for a gay single male: low crime, unemployment rate
  99. City with the best Chicken: eat, cars, dining
  100. The country`s 100 poorest zip Codes listed by the IRS: low income, homes
  101. What small metro areas have international airports: design, office
  102. North to south transplants what do you miss?: big house, neighborhoods
  103. Rebal flags in northen states?: transplants, lawyer, homes
  104. Where should my husband and I live on the east coast?: neighborhoods, public schools
  105. Favorite Google Earth Cities?: money, areas, town
  106. Why are most US state capitals not the largest city in their state?: military, centers
  107. What was your longest commute time/distance to work and where?: apartment, motel
  108. Younger crowds think differently, they want strong job growth cities, no cultural scenes or intellectual communities: crime, unemployment rate
  109. Top 3 best U.S. states & Top 1 Canadian provinces: food, wealthy
  110. Young people in the South and the southern accent: live in, suburbs
  111. Overseas tourists who bypass LA altogether, what do you think of them?: live, homeless
  112. Looking For The Affordable Great Outdoors Outside Ca: home, transfer to
  113. Have you ever encountered hostility based on where you are from?: how much, school
  114. Hate Groups By State (Where does your state rank)?: crime rates, how much
  115. If each American state had its MBTI type?: fit in, inspector
  116. Interesting places to visit/live in the Midwest: neighborhood, university
  117. victorian neighborhoods in US cities: houses, bus, oil
  118. Texas leads U.S. recovery, report says: living, prices
  119. Non-Yankees: What would you think of this?: live in, vs
  120. States/countries ranked by Human Development: high school, college, calculating
  121. Traveling with kids, TSA questions: airports, safety, privacy
  122. Best places to live as a single mother?: chapel, day care
  123. What's America's Facination with the Bristish Royals: wedding, live
  124. Downtown Vs. The Mall: real estate, crime, restaurants
  125. For regionalization, do state boundaries matter?: how much, camps, live
  126. Thinking of Moving....: chapel, employment, neighborhoods
  127. In America, how tall is a skyscraper?: cities, building
  128. California and Hawaii to have the next largest japanese population: colleges, vs.
  129. The Northeasternization of the South: transplants, real estate, buyers
  130. American Emigration: home, unemployment, college
  131. What type of things make a community desirable for you?: violent crime, home
  132. Anyplace where Ugg boots are NOT popular?: high schools, college
  133. cultural capital of united states: live, required, culture
  134. Food preferences of American cities: organic, restaurants, versus
  135. What city best fits me?: home, neighborhoods, theater
  136. Freeways: Do larger/busier freeways make a city feel larger in general?: versus, rail
  137. If Cities Were People, How would you describe them?: home, refrigerator
  138. Stats on the South: construction, schools, tax
  139. U.S states and cities with japanese populations: college, live
  140. What's your accent?: rating, summer, road
  141. Perfect Place for us in the US?: university, place to live
  142. States broken up into 'twins': live, vs, suburbs
  143. Westerners = lazy, Midwesterners = hard working?: live, vs., activity
  144. Does This Place Exist?: amusement park, crime, hotels
  145. What city in America has the friendliest and most approachable women?: best city, home
  146. Why is DC the only city that doesn't have mainstream gangs?: apartment complexes, home
  147. Best amusement park(s) in America: gardens, top, music
  148. Why did we allow our cities to get car centric?: rent, insurance
  149. Which of states would you like to live?: move, beaches
  150. Great Eastern US locations to start our search....ideas: for sale, hotels
  151. Atlanta to get an EYE that will be the tallest,and a Madame Tussauds Museum: Home Depot, estimated
  152. Can't decide where to move. Help!: fit in, to rent, chapel
  153. If you could live in one town, not city, in the US where would it be?: living in, to move
  154. I hate living in Atlanta, want to move to NC, but where???+++: public school, university
  155. Moving From Florida...would like a change of seasons!: sales, chapel
  156. Is Thanksgiving travel really that bad?: hotel, home, airports
  157. Gay Friendly Southern Cities?: neighborhoods, live in, move to
  158. What cities and towns in hawaii and california have very large japanese populations? other US states like: live in, restaurants
  159. for Asians who do not live in California/ Pacific NW (Seattle/ Vancouver): transplants, condo
  160. Most forested places to live in the US?: houses, living in
  161. Domestic migration 2000-2009 : the best states and the worst states: statistics, moving to
  162. Top Winter Destinations: beaches, ferry, best
  163. Guess What States pictures Are From?: state, different
  164. More likely to secede from the Union: the SW (Atzlan) or SE (Conf)?: live, legally
  165. What do you call the last meal of the day?: movies, live in
  166. English Boy Moving to The States: school, university, to live in
  167. Job growth 2011 forecasts for all US states: unemployment rate, wages
  168. coniferous trees in your city/town/metro: neighborhoods, pine
  169. Will the US ever have another trendy city?: home, universities
  170. What cities have you used public transportation?: DMV, taxis
  171. looking for places like Asheville, NC: hotels, find a job, high school
  172. Do you know where your electricity comes from?: live, designs
  173. Salvadorans Become Sixth Largest Immigrant Group in the U.S., Says New Report: houses, landscaping
  174. Where should we move? Small, charming town?: chapel, hotels
  175. Do I have a southern/country accent?: live in, area
  176. Gated Communities: affordable apartments, foreclosures, HOA fees
  177. Hot summers vs Cold winters: house, live, nightlife
  178. Americans' 150 Favorite Architectural Marvels: city hall, hotel, house
  179. AFTER Chicago, what are the next four most important Midwest cities? Why?: renewal, health
  180. Tucson, AZ or Durango, CO?: low crime, place to live, shopping mall
  181. Thinking of moving - good all-around knowledge needed!!: health insurance, loans
  182. A Sign of the Times!: low crime, new home, unemployment
  183. Metro Areas with more than one Downtown Area: suburban, residential
  184. Northerners: Is the South more of a 'cultural difference' than Canada?: fit in, friendly
  185. Seeking comparisons from NYC for Chicago, Seattle, California or Toronto: appointed, cliquey
  186. New York City ranked as having the worst traffic in North America: credit, taxi cab
  187. Give me 3 reasons to visit your state: beach, parks
  188. 2010s : The Great Plains' Decade ?: unemployment rate, to buy, bankruptcy
  189. The Serial Killer Detector: county, homicides, news
  190. give advice on relocation request to boss: living, move to
  191. s Where The Jobs Are: rankings, business, market
  192. $96,824: how much, cost, gifts
  193. NJ vs. Pike County, Pa (commute to N Jersey): rentals, crime
  194. Moving from Cleveland to Houston: taxes, live in, to relocate
  195. United States Economy and Japanese Immigration: rating, America, better
  196. Another Northeast - South - Midwest - West: how much, vs.
  197. How many japanese people live in hawaii and california?: economy, increase
  198. Top world economies: statistics, business, economy
  199. cities with strong local government participation/awareness?: cabinets, cabin
  200. church needed: areas, greatest