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  1. s previously WHITE neighborhood being overtaken by ethnic minorities?: low income, for sale
  2. Social Climate and Low Cost of Living: real estate, insurance
  3. Best place for me?: sales, real estate, chapel
  4. Are Wellness Programs in the Workplace Violating Civil Rights?: insurance, to move
  5. New Age towns, but inexpensive!: mayoral, year, time
  6. Autism friendly state?: to live in, to move, medical
  7. Denver or Charlotte??: subdivision, living, cost of living
  8. Finding a place to live..: insurance, condo, townhouse
  9. Visiting America?: apartment, to rent, university
  10. What to do??????: house, job market, neighborhood
  11. teach French in the US help me out: elementary school, to live
  12. Looking to Relocate: condos, how much, house
  13. Best Spot for a long weekend in June: hotels, dorms
  14. looking for large city,warm and safe: crime, private schools
  15. What do you call it?: how much, prices, stores
  16. What do you call it?: how much, prices, stores
  17. What I can't stand about cities: apartment, big house, neighborhoods
  18. Affordable Western state for Gen-X'er: real estate, good schools, income
  19. what are the best cities for jobs?: unemployment rate, suburbs
  20. Are there affordable areas of New England?: how much, homes
  21. give me your opinions: apartment, crime, how much
  22. Portland and Houston 5 years from now: insurance, purchasing, living
  23. can't decide: low crime, home, to live in
  24. Cities with very strong sense of community?: transplants, homes
  25. Best place to get reasonably priced / attractive furniture?: sale, mattress
  26. Memphis or Louisville: crime rate, college, incomes
  27. Best Place In the Country For a Young Interracial Couple?: home, gated
  28. The latest trend in real Estate?: low income, lease, condos
  29. I could use a fresh perspective...: renting, house, job market
  30. List of US Seafood/Food Festivals: sale, restaurants, beach
  31. Boy Mauled To Death By A Bear In Utah.: camping, military
  32. Florda vs Texas. Who has lived in both?: homes, live in
  33. Best place to visit for................: home, to live, cost of
  34. City using proximity to water to best advantage: ferry, build
  35. Most overbearing city government: law, legally, airport
  36. Is Portland more welcoming than Houston?: homes, buy, construction
  37. Affording a house on your own: mortgage, bad credit, student loans
  38. Best Place For A Working Holiday: low crime, find a job, taxi
  39. City that did the one single thing that disappointed/broke your heart: home
  40. Opinions on where to move...: job market, safe neighborhoods, university
  41. I am a new residence after college.: neighborhoods, living in
  42. Looking for a job in Georgia: find a job, relocating to, offices
  43. What makes a city?: neighborhoods, moving to, beaches
  44. Hello everyone: best cities, real estate, hotels
  45. ok, NY/NJers to NC, FLers to TN and GA, where are ex-DC residents going?: transplants
  46. Need Relocation advice: how much, hotels, home
  47. Carbon is the new problem?: credit, income, live
  48. FAmily wants to know; Boise or Portland?: transplants, houses
  49. Best place to relocate w/family SC, AZ, CA????: how much, homes
  50. Finding Your (Almost) Paradise Close to Home: houses, neighborhoods
  51. I want to move to US but have a: employment, college
  52. Where Are Our Nation's Priorities?: buying, luxury, military
  53. Searching For A Place To Live: low crime, how much, schools
  54. Someone from Croatia ??: fit in, live, nightclub
  55. city search...: real estate market, houses, top school
  56. Phone calling into the US...: home, purchase, area code
  57. Inland Western US Metropolitan Areas: pros and cons, wages, quality of life
  58. the 'human interest' of a city: ski resorts, best cities, college
  59. which city would you move to if you had a choice---: living in, beach
  60. 200K is there an ideal place?: real estate, house prices, buying
  61. Wanting to travel to across country.... advice ?: high school, to live in
  62. most: area, cities, population
  63. Moving out of Seattle (Austin or Raleigh): houses, college
  64. Off and Running: live, trailer, park
  65. Construction Hotspots?: contractor, kitchen cabinets, cabin
  66. We love Madison, WI, but it's too cold. similar cities---: crime, chapel
  67. do you live in the state where you were raised?: high school, college
  68. Which city has the most recognizable architectural entities: city hall, houses
  69. My city's known 'round the world as the...: live in, restaurant
  70. Cities/Towns that are so stuck-up its entertaining!: how much, house
  71. Which two cities seem to be the most alike?: violent crime, neighborhoods
  72. Houston and Chicago is it: houses, neighborhoods, buying
  73. In order to say lived ..: apartment, hotel
  74. Upcoming states: how much, home, schools
  75. National Perspective Louisville Southern or Midwestern: apartments, houses, neighborhoods
  76. list the major catchphrase of your city: accent, pronounce
  77. Greatest bridge?: engineers, pictures, top
  78. What I WANT in a City - List of Criteria: sales, real estate market
  79. Putting Daughter on a Plane: how much, transfer, school
  80. Most gay culture: places to live, gardens, beach
  81. City where the term ' whatnot ' would most likely be heard: student loan, college
  82. Based on perception what grades would you give 10 cities if you havent been there?: high crime, homes
  83. What cities do you think will be the most popular or rebound in the 2010s?: lofts, crime rate
  84. want to move out of houston,tx.: apartments, new house
  85. Cities with Casinos: suburban, reservation, town
  86. City with most aggressive bums: apartment, living, homeless
  87. Denver, Portland, Las Vegas: lease, job market, luxury
  88. Where is a better place to raise a family and live? your vote?: job market, good schools
  89. The best indicator of a City is DEMOGRAPHICS: crime rate, how much
  90. City that would least be missed if it blows up!: live, area
  91. City with worst traffic signals: live, electricity, commute to
  92. List the single best thing about your city: house, neighborhood
  93. List the thing your city does that's most unique: credit, house
  94. What region has the best local cuisine?: sushi, food
  95. dixie or yankee quiz: stores, dental, drive
  96. Best cities for average joe?: crime, disposal, living in
  97. What State has the greatest WORK ETHIC?: home, living
  98. Does not from MD acutally like it?: real estate market, apartments
  99. Most progressive mid-sized southern cities??: chapel, college, moving
  100. Whch Rustbelt city, has the best chance at turning around ?: middle-class, crime
  101. Are there Big Cities with a slow-paced lifestyle?: living, metro area
  102. Plains vs Midwest: living in, manufacturing, transit
  103. East Coast Gas Stations: credit card, how much, buy
  104. Favorite Lake Destinations: house, live in, restaurants
  105. What are the most relaxed Cities/States?: to live in, rich
  106. College Towns (part 1): The Best and Worst: crime, chapel
  107. If You could select ONE city.: cul-de-sac, ski resorts, real estate
  108. The Age Old uot;- Westside or Eastside: earthquakes, live
  109. midwestern sayings: place, snow, American
  110. Is North Carolina the greatest state in the Union?: real estate, new home
  111. What Job Would You would Never Do?: school, college
  112. What are your favorite Sunbelt metropolitan regions?: ski resorts, place to live
  113. Tell us what state to move to!: best cities, rent
  114. The Official River Cities: hotels, pictures, boats
  115. What is your favorite state?: transplants, living, cost of living
  116. Help! Which weather would you choose?: low crime, home, job market
  117. As of recently which cities have you had an increasing interest in visiting or wanting to know more about?: moving to, work
  118. Relocation to Another State: transplants, taxes, living
  119. Is there anywhere in the U.S where you get a beautiful house for---: public schools, suburbs
  120. How much do you think a small, starter home in your city/town/state goes for?: for sale, real estate
  121. Which state...: to live in, moving, pollution
  122. Best places for homesteading/self-reliance?: low crime, homeschooling, gated
  123. Best Cities for Well-Educated Singles (24-30): attorney, job market, law school
  124. Which city offers the best access to outdoor activities?: living, cost of living
  125. Greatest street.: shop, bars, best
  126. Most bicycle friendly city in US: school, live in, buses
  127. If you live in a $$$ area, how do you justify it?: apartment, foreclosures
  128. Population of US has doubled in a generation- how has this affected our quality of life?: low income, real estate
  129. Slowest Paced Drivers: insurance, store, to move
  130. Post your favorite picture of Your city: homes, restaurant
  131. Most pleasant city/town names: salon, college, to live
  132. Seattle was once a great city.: living, costs, vs
  133. Seeing the real America?: sale, home, school
  134. Searching for place to live. Need suggestions: renting, crime
  135. Which U.S. metropolitan region has the worst traffic and drivers?: taxi driver, safer
  136. yard games: how much, beach, golf
  137. gay friendly??: credit, house, neighborhood
  138. Best Dressed Towns: apartment, house, income
  139. Cities with lots of bland and characterless neighborhoods?: homes, gated communities
  140. Highest Job Growth State In The Usa?: apartment, rent
  141. Do you need a green card to rent an apartment in the U.S?: 2013, apartment complexes
  142. Does know of a college town that compares to East Lansing MI?: chapel, co-op
  143. Houston/Atlanta/Phoenix/Portland: apartment, to rent, new home
  144. Utah,Oregon or Iowa???: low crime, cinema, college
  145. If you could live anywhere...: home, living, cost of living
  146. What is your favorite state?: spring break, house, activities
  147. U.S. Major Cities with best interstate highway connections?: best city, move
  148. What state has the best beaches?: live, beach, swimming
  149. How Can We Afford To Live???: apartment, rent, condo
  150. Most liberal city in the U.S.: high crime, college
  151. on the homeless in Seattle/Portland/San Diego/Denver/Austin: unemployment, closing
  152. Searching for a city...: lofts, casinos, living
  153. What do you think of the town you were born, from an adults perspective?: cul-de-sac, homeowners association
  154. Looking for a substitute to San Francisco: condos, crime
  155. been to Death Valley???: rental car, rental, camping
  156. Big City with lowest crime?: low crime, attorney, law school
  157. Are towns boring...or is it you?: home, living
  158. Where to move in the Midwest?: fit in, best city, crime rate
  159. DefaultAlias's favorite underrated cities: crime rate, home, neighborhoods
  160. Cities with lots of interesting, unique neighborhoods?: violent crime, homes
  161. Favorite Northeastern State: home, neighborhoods, good schools
  162. Number of Coffee Bars per capita= Quality of Life Indicator?: best neighborhood, crime
  163. U.S. Most Expensive Cities: condos, how much, salaries
  164. Immigrting to the States: home, schools, college
  165. Which City has the largest percentage of cookie cutter homes?: landscaping, neighborhoods
  166. Nine Nations of North America and the New South: transplants, home
  167. Connecticut -- what's your opinion?: insurance, unemployed, schools
  168. What State has the best customer service (friendly, happy, efficent people in service jobs): restaurants, stores
  169. Do you like where you live?: appointed, low crime, house
  170. The new Suburbs have lots of low income people- is this good?: fit in, apartment complexes
  171. In your opinion, what's the best place to raise a family?: real estate, low crime
  172. Downtown Photos: school, college, living in
  173. Which of cities would you live in? (Click all that apply): living in, money
  174. Attire in restaurants, bars, clubs,: home, theater, living
  175. Who's been to both Houston and Portland?: extended stay, transplants
  176. Oregon, Idaho or Washington??: how much, living in, cost of
  177. Which Coast has the best quality of life?: living, safety
  178. Favorite Midwestern States: hotel, house, to live in
  179. Poll: What City/state Would You Move To?: school, college
  180. Is it to just never be happy in a place?: mortgages, house
  181. What states are unknown to you?: movies, to live in, cars
  182. Best Coastal Cities on Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific: living in, safe
  183. My prayers go out to the family...: high school, tax
  184. Best Cities/Areas for the Fall Experience: homes, living
  185. Are there people living in NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA, OH, that are HAPPY?: insurance, home
  186. Best Midwestern colleges/universities?: good schools, title, education
  187. What City Would You Move To?: houses, moving, car
  188. Best nightlife: college, to live, mall
  189. Washington DC: Northern City, Southern City, or Somwheres in Between?: humid, capita
  190. What are your favorite college towns and why?: appointed, chapel
  191. Most suburban large city?: condo, new home, neighborhoods
  192. City for young creative- suggestions?: neighborhoods, to live in, price
  193. Housing/Apartment cost comparison-Houston vs Portland: rentals, home, employment
  194. Where gasoline is cheap.: costs, money, pay
  195. Post pictures of your dream home (or location): locations, community
  196. Where would you most want to live?: living, cost of living
  197. Unique areas & lodging/camping along US 101: motels, restaurants
  198. 1-1 Free Language Exchange Club: registered, Chinese, students
  199. Looking for area that is a hub for Rail-to-Trail projects: areas, town
  200. can't find an old favorite at the store?: grocery, town