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  1. Where to move??: 2013, low crime, school districts
  2. What city should I move to?: health insurance, find a job, construction
  3. Cities need rural resources to long would cities last without them?: college
  4. Thinking of leaving New Jersey for another area...: for sale, real estate
  5. The Most Charity-Conscious Cities in America: how much, houses, salaries
  6. Where to move to next? Help me choose!: rent, home
  7. jobs in the US?: live, limit, black
  8. Best route from Northern CA to CO in December?: motel, moving
  9. Cultural differences between Louisiana and Georgia/South carolina: areas, coastal
  10. What characteristics make a true Region?: design, best, rain
  11. Which cities/metros are most supportive of stay-at-home moms?: low crime, chapel
  12. Growth in high-income taxpayers by state (1999-2009): vs, oil
  13. Why Tennessee over Kentucky, North Carolina or Virginia: sales, income
  14. Help me decide where I should move?: neighborhoods, universities
  15. Low Cost of Living in Southern U.S.: apartment, for rent
  16. S/N Neutral city on NE Corridor: Baltimore or Wilmington?: crime, income
  17. Minnesota Rorshach Test: snow, free, liberal
  18. Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota or South Dakota?: best city, sales
  19. Passport or visa for parent of US citizen: live, legal
  20. Overhauling: school, to move, weather
  21. places like Bergen County, NJ with Sunday closings?: restaurant, law
  22. Shrinking cities...the new frontier?: new home, neighborhoods, tax
  23. Which of places do you think would be right for me?: chapel
  24. Sub-Saharan African Statistical Portrait: high school, income, restaurants
  25. Northern NJ and Queens (compared; major differences/taxes: condo, neighborhoods
  26. Best airshow in the Northeast: military, beach, park
  27. Old Maps: American Cities In Decades Past (Warning-Large Images): school, price
  28. What LITERARY AGENCIES are NOT in NYC (for Novels and/or Memoirs)? And WHERE are they?: live
  29. Major cities (>250k) with a small number of apartments/condos?: apartment complex, lofts
  30. Apparel stores usually found in cities....: house, club, shop
  31. Looking for horse country and snow, recommendations?: rentals, how much
  32. Small Country Towns?: crime rate, school, college
  33. Moving this Spring (architectural photographer - where to live w/warmer weather?): home
  34. Help us find to move!: chapel, home, public schools
  35. Most beautiful desert towns in America?: houses, neighborhoods, live
  36. Best cities for raising children: crime, home, job market
  37. New Jersey or Miami?: live, to move, deal
  38. Cheapest state to live in out west (pnw,sw or west: real estate, home
  39. Single Mom of 4 looking to move back up North..: apartments, rentals
  40. Cowboy towns
  41. Cultured city living....: houses, safe neighborhoods, schools
  42. What is more important when a place to, metro area, or state?: tax
  43. Florida or North Carolina? (for family with limited budget): for rent, condo
  44. Nature: school, live, island
  45. What do you like BEST about com?: reputation, hours
  46. Family of 8, natives of Tucson, need relocation ideas: house, school district
  47. Your local schools?: renting, credit, homes
  48. Middle class' share of the nation's income is shrinking: middle-class, manufacturing
  49. Republic of New England (into a Secession?)...: transplants, college
  50. Wyoming or Montana ?: best city, crime, best
  51. 10 Tax friendly States for retirees 2011: income, income tax, military
  52. Help! Which city has easy public transportation and (affordable) apartments with no bugs?: hardwood floors
  53. Want to leave cold Colorado Springs and discover new... s?: low income
  54. bicycle friendly city with mild climate: good schools, to live, restaurants
  55. Looking to Relocate: adivce?: apartment, rent, home
  56. Conversations you accidentally overheard about your U.S. city: how much, live
  57. US Census Data on City Population Figures in 1960: cities, top 10
  58. Looking for a place to live my first big relocation adventure: crime, neighborhoods
  59. Best Cities for Entry Level Jobs: job market, college, living
  60. What is the single most important factor when deciding to move to a new city?: crime, job outlook
  61. The Health Benefits of Warmer Weather confirmed: tornadoes, living in
  62. What big western US City would you want to live in?: moving to, best
  63. After living in Ohio half of my life are my thoughts: sex offenders, crime
  64. Which US city has the city feel of NYC or London?: apartments, neighborhoods
  65. Will The Sunbelt Experience The Same Plight as The Rustbelt Did in The Coming Decades?: real estate, foreclosures
  66. What happened to common courtesy?: house, neighborhood, live in
  67. Leaving Texas - Want a condensed large city that's walkable with good public transportation: transfer, neighborhoods
  68. Secluded Beaches in the US: beach, best, property
  69. The shopping mall and department stores - Now and Then: real estate, condo
  70. What city do I belong in?: living, cost of living, shops
  71. Do you identify more with your city or state?: houses, job market
  72. State mottos that didn't quite make it: best place, island
  73. I-5 corridor vs. I-95 corridor: buy, quality of life, living
  74. on US city to live: fit in, foreclosed, health insurance
  75. How many rivers in your City: pine, skyline, waterfall
  76. Which city do you think is most likely to have a riot in the next few years?: transplants, foreclosure
  77. Best Burgers in the US: food, golf, places
  78. Why do most people who move out of NY move to Florida?: insurance, homes
  79. City neighborhoods with that black and white mix: middle-class, middle school
  80. Favorite Midwest state?: best cities, home, live in
  81. Animals exclusive to certain regions or areas of the U.S: live in, snake
  82. Coastal Living with Respiratory Problems: fit in, rentals, crime rate
  83. America's 10 Best Downtowns: restaurants, shops, rank
  84. It like everything I want is up north, ...: fit in, college
  85. What is the prevailing music scene in each of cities?: clubs, population
  86. What US state would you want to live in the most?: living in, place
  87. Best US TOD Areas: construction, zoning, airport
  88. Southerner wants to move north but hates the snow: standard of living, stores
  89. What do you consider coastal cities?: credit, beaches, metro area
  90. Where should I move to (of places)?: sales, home
  91. The Map of the US as seen by a New Yorker: live, photos
  92. Unemployment rates by state (September 2011): real estate, job market, live in
  93. Where's the best Halloween?: city hall, hotels, houses
  94. Post examples of regional accents: school district, trailer, title
  95. Best states for mobile-home living?: lower-class, apartment, to rent
  96. Now be .. Does this direction make my city look fat?: ski resort, buying a house
  97. Fastest drivers?: home, college, live
  98. TOP 5 climates in the U.S: live, best climate, cities
  99. Westerners going East and Easterners going West: living in, eat
  100. Rat-race cities: rent, home, neighborhoods
  101. Outside of NYC, what are top 10 metros for high culture/arts/music/entertainment/sports (sans density/urban): transplants, theater
  102. Hello stranger!: crime, to live in, dangerous
  103. Where the Super Rich live: sales, homes, minimum wage
  104. getting tired of being warned not to go place?: earthquakes, pros and cons
  105. Which city or region does Washington D.C. get the most influence from?: living in, rated
  106. Has change your opinion??: unemployed, move to, title
  107. Who Do Americans Jock Harder: The British or the French?: sales, wedding
  108. What is the best US city for hiking and camping?: live, dryer
  109. What cities in the US have the most friendly, nicest people?: move to, oil
  110. Help me get a feel for cities: rental, schools
  111. Big Cities with the Greatest Population Growth 2000-2010: real estate, credit
  112. What is you city or town infamous for?: earthquakes, live
  113. Mildest climate in the SouthWest?: houses, to relocate, best
  114. Top 10 Art Museums in the U.S.: hotel, home
  115. 50 largest U.S. cities in 1850 game.: gardens, places, annex
  116. Relocation dreams - music, rock climbing, sunshine, bike-friendly: real estate, homes
  117. Which state do you think has the most awkward shape?: agricultural, land
  118. Raleigh's nearly perfect! for me, I need a change but where?: townhome, transfer
  119. If They Decided to Redraw State Borders, Which Would be the First States to be Redrawn: stadium, land
  120. Which state is quintessentially the Northeast?: transplants, universities, suburbs
  121. GEOLOGY: Mapping toponyms for streams in the United States: moving, area
  122. Cities That Think They are Bigger Than They Are: schools, colleges
  123. Fall in your area: school, live, restaurants
  124. Frequently-recurring names in various states: rated, area, corporate
  125. Which U.S cities are too unique to be compared to other U.S.cities: rated, corporate
  126. ashamed when having to show their DL/ID card out-of-state?: credit, buy
  127. Most polluted city in the US?: air quality, smog, ranked
  128. Relocation: Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and What Other Similar Cities?: house, unemployment rate
  129. News, Arkansas' hillbilly image resonates into 21st century.: casino, organic
  130. Military Move... Lots of Choices... Where to go?: apartments, rental
  131. Which major U.S. city suffers from the most racism and segregation?: gated, stores
  132. Counties in which the largest city is NOT the county seat: college, living
  133. Warm city with intellectual vibe...Do exist?: unemployed, high school
  134. Where do you want to retire ?: health insurance, homes, income
  135. Grand Canyon Winter Vacation... would you go?: dangerous, cabins
  136. Cities with multiple accents: how much, gated, residential
  137. Raleigh ranks #1: high crime, public school, live
  138. Which geographic region is more exciting in the USA?: earthquakes, restaurants
  139. Interviewing for a job that said I could move wherever I wanted. Where would YOU go?: how much, gated
  140. Avoid section 8 areas?: apartment complex, rental, crime
  141. Per capita income growth in all 1,000,000+ MSAs (2000-2009): houses, unemployment rate
  142. Classifying the American South: houses, allergies, malls
  143. Where most of the wealthy suburbs are in the major MSAs: middle-class, homes
  144. Healthiest States/Areas?: chapel, public school, organic
  145. Which Cities That Lost Their Steam WIll Become Renaissance Cities in The Future?: sales, real estate market
  146. Where are the friendliest and most down-to-earth people?: live, friendly
  147. The Deep North?: design, pine, land
  148. Living with Livestock and Liberal Freethinkers: insurance, home, college
  149. The three most influential U.S. big cities since the beginning of U.S. History, Philadelphia, Boston & NYC: purchase, live
  150. If you have $20K in the bank and the next year off ...: camper, cost
  151. What city do I 'belong' in?: safe neighborhoods, living, cost of living
  152. Towns in your state with international names?: school, cities
  153. Best State for Someone Who Suffers From Severe Sinus Problems: condo, home
  154. Which major U.S. cities funnel the most money away from the rest of their state?: credit, how much
  155. What cities out west do you think are boring?: house, live
  156. Friendliest cities out west: moving, friendly, job
  157. How much has your city changed since the 1980s/1990s?: transplants, chapel
  158. Most affordable, happening cities in the Northeast in states with marriage equality/civil unions: sales, real estate
  159. Most Narnian Cities: living in, shops, suburbs
  160. BEST OKTOBERFEST IN AMERICA?? where is it/photos?: home, buildings
  161. Looking for a 4 season city, help!: ski resort, for sale
  162. Little towns suggestions: living in, car, best
  163. Single Female Seeking City with Good Male:Female Ratio: best cities, home
  164. Future Move: Comparing KY, IL, IN, MO, TN: sales, real estate
  165. Best cities with Christmas decorations?: houses, school, subdivision
  166. Are the Great Lakes Freshwater Seas or Lakes: land, rated
  167. Mustache cities: best city, chapel, movies
  168. best cities in east coast with reasonable cost of living, jobs and good schools: for sale, real estate
  169. “People in Chicago are going to want to move after this winter”: house, live
  170. Best cities for entry level help desk or tech support jobs: apartments, lease
  171. I like decentralized cities: oceanfront, apartment, neighborhoods
  172. Help Me Find A New Place To Live: for sale, 2014
  173. What do you consider a large town and how much population is needed for an area to have an urban vibe?: houses, university
  174. Where in the U.S. do you live? (poll): live in, metro area
  175. Why is Yom Kippur not a federal holiday?: public schools, college
  176. The Emerging Northeast Megalopolis: house, construction, maintenance
  177. Best city for us?: how much, college, camping
  178. All of has won the lottery!: low income, real estate
  179. How would life change in your city if gas at the pump went to ten a gallon a year from now?: live, prices
  180. get me out of new york city (Looking for a new city): transplants, apartments
  181. Urban lakes: neighborhoods, university, versus
  182. Hate for the suburbs?: houses, neighborhoods, theatre
  183. Why are U.S. public schools closed on Jewish holidays?: home, law school
  184. What's the best place to live in western NC or eastern TN with with a small town feel?: best towns, for sale
  185. Top five pros and top five cons for your home city: real estate, high crime
  186. Most expensive tolls in the US?: tax, live in, costs
  187. Updated state-by-state national murder rate map for 2010: living in, statistics
  188. What U.S. cities have most nicely dressed up/fashionanle people?: trendy, business
  189. List of Walkable, SUNNY, U.S. communities: transplants, live
  190. Places You Were Surprised That You Liked?: renting, how much
  191. love urban cores AND suburbs: apartments, homes
  192. Idle curiosity - word usage: construction, live, shop
  193. In your opinion, what state or states are most like your home state?: living in, trees
  194. Most dangerous places in America (Including villages): sex offenders, crime rate
  195. How do you pronounce...: live in, moving to, teach
  196. local media repersentation of State gov.: island, location, capita
  197. websites that let you view (on a map) federal election results by ward/precinct/station: neighborhood
  198. America's Richest States: sales, health insurance, home
  199. How does your city's state rank for business climate?: home, taxes
  200. More severe thunderstorms: Atlanta or Dallas?: living, moving to, cities