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  1. Young couple looking to move from L.i: unemployment rate, university
  2. Which US or Canadian city?: home, college, to live in
  3. Scenic drive from VA to TX?: beach, ferry, trees
  4. needs help choosing between university cities: Los Angeles vs. San Diego vs. Chicago: transplants
  5. What fits this criteria?: crime, university, place to live
  6. Most inexpensive way to travel the southwest: to rent, how much
  7. Re-Draw The US Borders: shop, move, island
  8. Relocating but to where?: sales, apartment, to rent
  9. Famous landmarks/mountains/bodies of water/places in cities in the U.S. visited: home
  10. Best state for young guy: credit, unemployment, colleges
  11. A quick and interesting riddle: vandalism, heating, problems
  12. Dumb Laws #3: felony, home, buy
  13. Is the infighting good for states as a whole?: home, vs
  14. Need help finding a state/city to visit/move to: fit in, low crime
  15. Bizarre local shows produced in your city: live, clubs
  16. Do you agree that are the top 10 most over priced cities in America?: best city
  17. Trying to relocate soon: living in, beach, best
  18. How long to find your retirement city?: live, move
  19. Looking for small town with public transit with great programs for autism: apartments
  20. Looking for a place to live in the U.S.: real estate, amusement parks
  21. What is the prettiest place to live in the US?: low crime, homes
  22. Trying to figure out where to move: renting, low crime
  23. Where should I go For spring break?: hotels, high school
  24. UFO Sightings You Witnessed: live, moving, AFB
  25. What is the best state to live in for people with Multiple Sclerosis?: place to live
  26. What state you suggest a family of 5 to move to?: home, safe area
  27. Gold Rush to action??: yard, repairing, equipment
  28. Ugly Americans: hotel, restaurant, bus
  29. Affordable artistic communities?: apartments, renting, neighborhoods
  30. I am a fan of Flash Earth: subdivisions, suburban
  31. cities and weather: summers, good, range
  32. Creating Find-Our-New-City checklist/spreadsheet: job market, school districts, universities
  33. Top US Transit Systems by Walk Score: versus, light rail
  35. Moving to an Ocean View property... ideas ?: mover, condominiums
  36. North eastern city search: apartment, house, neighborhoods
  37. Leaving the rat race and having trouble choosing a new place to live, care to help me? :): real estate
  38. Unemployed? teachers willing to move to NY?: student loans, home
  39. Need Someplace Warm, Cheap with Big City: chapel, co-ops
  40. Have you guys seen this video?: boat, good
  41. America's First National African American Museum of Culture, Art, and History breaking ground: 2015
  42. Best city/state to move to around Southern/East Coast Area: houses, university
  43. Cool cities to work from as a travelling independent contractor (with more focus on the western US): hotels
  44. Cities where the lessee pays a broker fee for finding a rental: apartment
  45. Foreigner need a help for deciding a place to work and live for the summer: college
  46. Where to Go?: low crime, townhouse, unemployment rate
  47. How to pay utility bills ?: apartment, lease, credit card
  48. NY Times Census Report on 1-perspon households; Living Alone Makes You More Social?: apartment
  49. Help me find my new home....: school, college, to live
  50. Reconsidering Phoenix over Dallas: 2015, living in, cost of
  51. Interesting History/Culture of the Area You Live In?: lawyer, home
  52. Does ever feel more happier/confident in Northern cities vs Southern places?: living in
  53. Best place to move overall central to MS, OK, CO, LA, AL: university
  54. Best city to settle down: hotels, living in, public transportation
  55. States with the most homes in foreclosure: real estate, foreclosures
  56. Most popular states outside NY CA FL TX: home, movies
  57. move from a warmer climate to a colder one?: how much, university
  58. 5 Favorite Urban Parks?: live, mall, beaches
  59. what state is easy to get a lerner permit / driver license: renting, credit
  60. Best Cities for My Types of Recreational Opportunities: appointed, house
  61. Cross-Country Relocation): apartments, rentals, high crime
  62. Help find an affordable coastal city: how much, house, public schools
  63. Top 10 US State FLAGS: credit, living, lawsuits
  64. If the US limited itself to 20 states...: island, population
  65. Places that a majority of people pronounce incorrectly?: coupon, live in
  66. Gas prices are going up, are your vacations plans changing?: home, live in
  67. If there was a War and America's enemy...: live, cities
  68. Best warm weather city for career changing writer/film guy?: fit in, best city
  69. Moving to the USA for 3 months: movies, farms, title
  70. Is the emphasis on city skylines completely overblown?: neighborhood, living in
  71. Clashing Wants: Weather vs. Lifestyle: condo, low crime, find a job
  72. Warm and Inexpensive city/town to relocate: fit in, rental
  73. Single Female Seeking Change (creative, arts and culture, outdoors, affordable): transplants, low crime
  74. City Memes: living, photos, commercial
  75. Breaking 1,000,000: Metro Areas on the Map: chapel, versus, airport
  76. Help me find my new city: apartments, condos, employment
  77. help decide my future!!! AZ or TX: house, employment
  78. States with thrifty people: credit card, student loan, to live
  79. Best/Worst Places for Bullying: fit in, renting, attorney
  80. What version is your city currently?: 2015, hotels
  81. Cities that fit in with multiple states: how much, best
  82. Cities with less than 50,000 people that aren't college towns with arts based offerings.: colleges, parks
  83. Arkansas and Iowa: best city, school, to live in
  84. What states / territories have you been to?: transfer, bus
  85. Redrawing the States in America: fit in, purchase, land
  86. On a Search for Marin County on the East Coast: houses, organic
  87. Demographics of the Sarcastic: live, area, job
  88. States and Metro Areas ranked by Food Hardship Rates: to buy, rich
  89. Comparison of US City Panoramic Skylines: for sale, 2015, credit
  90. Reasons to visit an urban area for a day?: homes, neighborhoods
  91. CA small business owner relocating. WA or OR?: sales, home
  92. Natives that don't really know their city or metro well: transplants, hotel
  93. What are the Safest and Best Places for Raising Kids?: apartments, rentals
  94. Looking far an affordable city to raise a family and rebuild: rent, house
  95. Domestic Migration Statistics 1990-2009: how much, income, moving
  96. Which major US cities will end population loss in the 2020 Census?: condos, construction
  97. Where do you shop, dine, and play?: house, buy
  98. Great Lakes/Midwest, the region of the future?: home, living
  99. a change: crime, unemployment rate, school district
  100. You know when you live in a bad neighborhood when...: apartment, crime
  101. when was the best years of america: race, history
  102. What are all of the major tri-states in America?: area, hospital
  103. Safe Cycling: transportation, design, title
  104. What is the biggest culture/lifestyle shock within the U.S.?: living in, to move
  105. Best of the Midwest: amusement park, low crime, home
  106. 2012 State Business Tax Climate: taxes, to live in, to relocate
  107. How to decide to move to Pa or tn.: houses, to live
  108. Which City is more Affluent: Atlanta or Philly: condos, live
  109. What are foodmaker brands based in the southern usa that emphesize southerness ?: buy, restaurant
  110. Cities where people can be impressive: homes, neighborhood, live in
  111. Most Liked/Disliked States: legal, moving, ranking
  112. I paid $4 a gallon for gas today. How much is it where you are?: tax, prices
  113. Why do big cities in America have to be so depressing?: crime, hotel
  114. Which state has the most feminine women?: college, cities
  115. Soda/Pop Map: transplants, live, great
  116. Where are jobs the least stressful in the U.S.?: chapel, wages
  117. Do you want to move?: new home, find a job, taxes
  118. Living in an American downtown: best cities, apartment complexes, crime
  119. Is the grass still green where you live?: live in, suburb
  120. Ages of people who hang at the mall....: home, high school
  121. Which cities have the most to offer?: tax rates, moving to
  122. Which city currently has the best public transportation in the country ???: live in, bus
  123. City with the most workaholics?: home, income, shop
  124. The most liberal counties in the nation!.: middle-class, chapel
  125. Los Angeles passes New York as nation's most expensive city: real estate, city hall
  126. is there a town like this for us?: houses, top school
  127. Freeway Stack Interchanges: live, price, transportation
  128. America's Most Miserable Cities, 2012: real estate, crime, construction
  129. It's 2012, is Hitchhiking really that dangerous?: hotel, buses, safety
  130. Is it really all relative?: top neighborhood, sale, real estate market
  131. Young couple looking for a place with good schools, low COL, and 4 seasons: real estate, house
  132. Why do people expect poor residents to get priced out of their neighborhoods peacefully?: rent, crime
  133. Best places to people watch in your city: best neighborhood, oceanfront
  134. Northeast's best small/mid size cities: low crime, home, unemployment rate
  135. Where can I find homes similar to ones you'd find in England?: for sale, apartments
  136. Interesting Population Density Map: home, rated, areas
  137. Favorite Super Bowl city?: nightlife, beach, pool
  138. Largest cities by street level feel: trains, office, area
  139. What's with all the Jesus crosses in the South???: safer, oil
  140. America's Most Literate Cities(USA Today): stores, stats, estimates
  141. What Cities the Worst and Best Music Scenes: live in, horses
  142. American Rockies vs Canadian Rockies: camping, pollution, registered
  143. Out of this list - which is the best?: best school, universities
  144. Census Places by Average Family Income 2010: university, median income, living in
  145. Reverse it time! Things you MISS about cities you moved away from that you hated in general.: condo, houses
  146. Roanoke...Best city in the south??: low crime, how much, home
  147. People Watching new American Past Time?: home, malls
  148. Pick My Future Location ): real estate, crime rate, chapel
  149. Florida or new mexico (surviving nwo): crime, tornadoes, earthquakes
  150. Conflicted!...Vegas or Austin ???: real estate, foreclosure, rent
  151. Opening a restaurant - best foodie locations vs. where foodies live on east cost?: closing, income
  152. how many regions of the USA can be considered ethnic homelands ?: home, live
  153. The U.S. South and Mexico: Similarities?: vs., mold
  154. Where is the prettiest place to live in the U.S. ?: crime rate, hotels
  155. about cities in the south: train, trees, island
  156. Funny Misconceptions You Had As A Child About The US: how much, schools
  157. Which state has the most masculine men?: live, great
  158. Cool but not to hot: living in, best, cities
  159. What U.S. major cities have you been to?: live, rated
  160. One of the stupidest lists I have ever seen.: real estate, home
  161. Want to relocate but have no idea where!: apartments, find a job
  162. How do you feel about Charleston WV, compared to other cities its size?: restaurants, bars
  163. Poor America: college, incomes, live in
  164. Moving Down South: home, university, manufacturing
  165. Does this place actually exist?: fit in, transplants, credit
  166. We Americans know very little about own country: high crime, neighborhoods
  167. Online Public Records search in your State/County: real estate, crime
  168. Moving without a job lined up: job market, school districts, income
  169. Weird Or Unique Town Names: live in, top, towns
  170. How white is white, and how black is black?: areas, roach
  171. The Hipster States of America: houses, theater
  172. Cities with the most speed traps: violent crime, live, cars
  173. You move into a subdivision in the Suburbs. How do your new neighbors treat you?: neighborhood, buying
  174. Road trip from Canada to Texas, what should we see?: new home, living
  175. Pick a city or town in states: townhouse, schools
  176. Good urban shopping centers?: apartments, mover, condos
  177. Southern chivalry and manners-what is it ?, does it exist today?: hotel, living in
  178. Where Pittsburgh is Better Than The Sunbelt: universities, income
  179. If you're like me and don't think you could live in a place with solid 3 months or more winters...: chapel, universities
  180. Mt. Shasta view vs. Mt Rainier view: Which one is better?: best, top
  181. outdoorsy, progressive, vegetarian, 4 seasons - what cities come to mind?: chapel, living
  182. Moving From Cold to Warm - Where to Go?: low crime, how much
  183. Oddities of geography: city hall, amusement park, live
  184. Middle-aged married couple seeking a more congenial climate: insuring, chapel
  185. Affluence in America (exclusive list!): income, live, shop
  186. What are the advantages/disadvantages living in major cities versus living in small towns?: real estate, neighborhood
  187. Zoning / land use regulation survey: for sale, mattress, home
  188. Out-of-state retirement slows down: beaches, money, economy
  189. Entertainment industry business: taxes, vs, office
  190. Kids, Accounting, Beaches, and Baked goods: good schools, live in, beach
  191. Serious Environmental Issue In Southeast: areas, permits, places
  192. EPA Interactive map of Eco-crimes: area, worth, annual
  193. Cool things i learned: plumber, locations, water
  194. Share your grass is greener on the other side stories!: home, employment
  195. NY vs NJ cultural differences: Americans, street, between
  196. Famous landmarks/mountains/bodies of water/places in cities in the U.S. visited: home
  197. States, Cities and Regions by International Visitors 2010: office, island
  198. Which city is most similar to Honolulu/Hawaii: unique
  199. Moving to Little Rock AFB from Washington state.: movers, snow
  200. City Data U.S. Forum: Which city forums do find appealing: suburbs, violence