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  1. Are Cities Really The Easiest To Find A Job: job market, university
  2. living in the u.s.: pros and cons, vs., airport
  3. Interesting thoughts about relocating: schools, calculator, living
  4. Looking to move out of state. Where to start looking?: low crime, houses
  5. ERS Natural Amenity Index - discuss: rank, area, population
  6. Need Help Best Place For US: low crime, mobile home
  7. Rural vs Urban in terms of Percentage of Total Population (Eastern US): school
  8. ideas on what state to move to?: house, buying
  9. Unemployment rates drop in 29 states in February: month to, restaurants
  10. Congratulations: American morality has improved drastically in the last few decades: crime, prices
  11. what exactly are 1 bedroom duplexes are they like a 1br house?: apartment, for rent
  12. 43 and looking for new place to move, help!: home, living
  13. Cities with people who are full of life?: beach, activities
  14. Can you help me about English,: how much, home
  15. Female Americans hold a substantial numerical advantage over their male counterparts.: live, suite
  16. Young student looking for a home away from home: apartments, for rent
  17. Is a low unemployment rate a good thing for a city?: job market, construction
  18. Where? for Frugal Early Financially Independents: real estate, condos, cheap house
  19. help me find the right city! :): job market, neighborhoods, camping
  20. Where do you want to have lived in the next 10 years?: moving, time
  21. Military Retirement: lawyer, to move, kids
  22. advice on moving after high school: community college, living
  23. Are the trees leafing out early where you live?: living, park
  24. Where do you go for stats and hard data about metro areas in the US: live
  25. Moving to the US, where?: find a job, neighborhoods, college
  26. stats on number of people who live without a car in various US cities?: best cities
  27. which city is best for pharmacist with experience?: real estate market, 2013
  28. Hey gang, so I'm searching for a list of cities by average annual mold count: suburbs
  29. Political Corruption: 8 States Earn Failing Grades: budget, retiring, radio
  30. Visa for Europeans: transfer, live, legal
  31. Very Safe , Plenty of Jobs , Affordable rentals , which city you suggest: best city, crime
  32. U.S. Hygienist & Chilean Resident: living, cost of living, vs.
  33. American Fact Finder 2: Pulling Data: house, zip code, housing
  34. moving from phoenix, looking for friendly people, low property taxes, lots of young singles, good employment rate: apartment
  35. Friendliness Factor of Small vs Large Cities: fit in, how much
  36. 2012 Homicide Stats in Your City: crime, gated, living
  37. planning a roadtrip looking for a place to live and decide were to look: living
  38. Natives versus Newcomers!: apartment, rent
  39. Multi-State Metro Areas: sales, crime, credit
  40. Vote for the New 7 Wonder cities: resident, run
  41. Are Americans less content in where they live, than in other countries?: house
  42. where in the US can I rent a cheap 1 bedroom detached house?: apartment
  43. What type of pace do you prefer?: to live in, pool
  44. who moved to a different state: quality of life, live, move
  45. Best & Worst States for Wellbeing: suburbs, ranking
  46. Have you ever seen anything like this?: company, development
  47. Looking for a safe city , accept Muslims and have plenty of Jobs: for sale
  48. inexpensive cities with good nightlife for a 22 year old: apartment, city hall
  49. What places in the U.S. have people with specific accents?: live in, areas
  50. San Francisco vs. Boston.. best city for a musician?: school, living in
  51. Crossing the US-Canadian border: legal, moving to, vacation
  52. Can Recommend A Special Place!?: ski resort, school, community college
  53. Moving, not sure where to start: insurance, home, find a job
  54. State by state median income, COL analysis and quality of life:: living in, cost of
  55. How can we build an accurate tier system for the top cities?: buy, universities
  56. What is the most eclectic city or town in your state?: houses, neighborhoods
  57. What US location is heaven to you?: low crime, unemployment rate
  58. Comparing Rhode Island and New York: appointed, neighborhoods, schools
  59. States with no malls or one only?: movie theater, to live in
  60. Small towns: Are of them coming back?: renting, insurance
  61. Help choosing a beach that is near a city: rent, neighborhood
  62. Major cities right on the coast?: condos, hotels, house
  63. Nonfarm-job-to-population ratio of all MSAs with 1,000,000+ population: insurance, vs
  64. What U.S cities have beautiful white women that have brown eyes and are brunette or blonde?: best cities, home
  65. Metros In More Than One Time Zone?: moving, estate
  66. Suggest Muslim Friendly Cities (safe and tolerent toward Head Scarfed Muslims ): rentals, how much
  67. Intensely beautiful places: home, activities, land
  68. Would you rather live in a US beach or mountain location?: living, moving to
  69. Italian Americans in the least likely places: college, living in
  70. The EU crisis, European immigration, and US neighborhoods: unemployment, wages
  71. Which cities in the US could the following cities be confused for?: eat, metro
  72. Vibrant major/small cities in winter: neighborhoods, beaches, park
  73. How much does each state spend on welfare and food stamps?: credit, unemployment
  74. Missouri VS Oklahoma - which has more interesting geography?: estate, land
  75. Where is the best small city for a 20-something to live?: apartments, for rent
  76. Capitol of White America?: quality of life, living, cities
  77. What states are good for nurses and computer engineer: home, find a job
  78. What are the most Affluent/Modern Latino Cities??: college, live in
  79. Where do ethnic roots get lost?: neighborhood, contractor, college
  80. Southern cities for a young woman: hotels, home, school
  81. Why do so many wars go on between city people and country people?: taxation, living in
  82. Lifestyle - east coast vs. West coast: quality of life, living in
  83. At What Age Did You Move From Home? And Where Did You Go?: rent, how much
  84. Which city is considered as the NYC of the South?: universities, live in
  85. How Tolerant Is Your City, Town Or Metro?: crime, houses
  86. why would one prefer to live in USA over Canada: public schools, income
  87. One thing that makes America special......: extermination, health, rated
  88. Do regional accents exist in people born after '89?: lower-class, accent
  89. Don't you dare say anything bad about my area!: quality of life, live in
  90. Upstate NY (Lake Ontario-Adirondacks-Finger lake region) or North CA?: living, low cost
  91. Songs that give the feel for the city?: home, neighborhood
  92. Does your state have unoffical boundaries?: live in, vs, land
  93. When you think of Indian in the US, do you usually think of?: live in, health
  94. Code-switching: Where in the US does it occur?: neighborhoods, school
  95. Reckless Driving by speed advice: rental car, rental, lawyer
  96. Affluent city vs. Non-affluent city: low income, crime, hotels
  97. I love USA.: home, community college, quality of life
  98. US: Mega Millions jackpot hits $640 Million; a new world record: buy, pool
  99. What are vibrant walkable small cities and small towns?: apartments, lofts
  100. Current Irish immigration to the US: how much, lawyer, neighborhoods
  101. Best MAJOR U.S. city actually LIVED in: transplants, renting
  102. Can you think of cities that match this criteria?: low crime, houses
  103. When does one become an American?: tax, military, moving to
  104. Ex Portlanders, where IS the grass greener?: crime rate, schools
  105. What's your ancestry?: live, to move, health
  106. best weather and casinos: credit, hotel, find a job
  107. In which parts/cities of the US is lamb (meat) popular or on the market?: house, neighborhoods
  108. FL a More Hospitable Climate than AZ?: neighborhood, allergies
  109. Where to go, how to do it, lots of questions!: real estate, apartment
  110. If you were... when were you over the city life: apartments, HOA
  111. A summer in the US. Where to go?: home, neighborhoods
  112. Ideally, Where Do You Prefer To Live?: house, living
  113. Which of cities is it easy to get around without a car?: insurance, loans
  114. Smaller Northeast Cities with a lot to offer.: real estate, insurance
  115. what place in the US do most people mind their own business?: friendly, bike
  116. Your City's Gender?: home, cities, clothing
  117. California vs Florida vs Hawaii which state has the best looking palm trees?: apartment complex, parks
  118. America's Comeback Cities: construction, light rail, suburbs
  119. Where in the US would you live if you had a telecommute job lined up?: house, salary
  120. Cities under 75k population with decent weather on West half of U.S.: real estate, buy
  121. Most Expensive Cities to Park Your Car: home, neighborhoods
  122. legal advice...: insurance, buy, school
  123. Rural areas with heavy traffic: house, living in, cabin
  124. People who have moved looking down on people who never have?: townhouse, established neighborhood
  125. Most European town/cities in the United States: bus, housing
  126. Which states have the most high-rises?: floors, beaches, suburbs
  127. As the US exports culture to other countries (eg. Hollywood, slang ) -- what cultural imports does it receive?: movies, school
  128. Most Appropriate Western State: ski resorts, sales, real estate
  129. Best Cities in the Midwest with Pop. 200,000+: job market, living
  130. Portuguese/Azorean & Brazilian communities in North America: apartment, neighborhood
  131. Are the coasts more similar to each other, or is the West/East coast more similar to the middle?: hotel, store
  132. The Forgotten Minority: American Indians: school, college, to live
  133. How common is travel abroad in your circle?: middle-class, school
  134. Are people in your city / area with foreign food?: middle-class, live in
  135. What are the 10 biggest downtowns in the nation?: employment, universities
  136. Intermarriage in the United States: established neighborhood, wedding, high school
  137. Major US cities that made population comebacks: houses, buying
  138. Preferring cities near water?: apartment, living in, low cost
  139. Looking for a place to move with Mountains and Lake(or ocean): real estate, hotels
  140. Best Pedesterian zones in America: taxis, live, mall
  141. Your favorite urban amenites in a city....: amusement park, hotels
  142. Is the White population in Georgia/Deep South representative of Whites across America? (race relation wise): lawyers, transferring to
  143. States/Cities with rich fertile soils: houses, buying, live
  144. Why don't Americans travel overseas?: credit card, student loan, homes
  145. best destination small towns: rentals, hotels, vacation home
  146. Where is the Midwest?: living in, moving to, manufacturing
  147. Which U.S. region would be most prosperous if it was its own country?: how much, public school
  148. Southerners Living Up North: homes, living in, cost of
  149. Worst Rush Hour Experience?: home, construction, castle
  150. Where does it become too cold in the United States?: living in, vs
  151. Perception vs reality: middle-class, crimes, how much
  152. Nations most affordable housing markets.: house, place to live, price
  153. Wher to move for hot summers and snowy winters: employment, activities
  154. Senators vote to add more States to the Union.: gated, taxes
  155. Democratic Desert???: fit in, house, safe area
  156. Unusually warm weather continues...: live in, cities, schedule
  157. What's Your City's Best Kept Secret Places?: theater, restaurant
  158. Are there places in the North that are becoming Southern?: transplants, taxes
  159. Want a Lake summers, no drought...NO idea where to start! no drought is not ..: house, moving to
  160. Outdoor CITY: city hall, how much, job market
  161. Need new place to live; mild weather, water&trees: crime rate, job outlook
  162. Why are Las Vegas and New Orleans such dumps outside the touristy areas?: crime, hotel
  163. If you were IN YOUR 20s and could live ANYWHERE IN THE US, where would you live and why?: student loans, job market
  164. Which are the best State Capitals?: schools, university, restaurants
  165. Cities with monthly Art Walks: neighborhoods, live, studio
  166. Culture-wise, how to grow up in an american way?: movies, living
  167. Seeking: friendly, mid-sized city of open-minded citizens: allergy, living in
  168. What city has the most Irish population: home, marketplace
  169. Affordable oceanfront property in the US: fantasy or reality?: insurance, condo
  170. When do your trees turn green?: yard, winter, cherry blossoms
  171. The Asian population: 2010: Vietnamese, cities, island
  172. Spread out families: neighborhood, school, living
  173. Where to find mid century modern houses?: neighborhoods, new construction
  174. Name old attractions in the USA: amusement parks, restaurant
  175. How do you think the rest of America perceives Orlandians?: how much, camp
  176. What's the deal with the south side of town?: crime, roughest
  177. Irish and Italian dynamics in big US cities?: school, vs.
  178. If you had a choice of living.....: how much, house
  179. sick of wisconsin winters: good schools, to live, move to
  180. City/Metro with the most HBCUS?: chapel, school, universities
  181. Which auto-dominated cities are 'improving', which aren't going anywhere?: mover, neighbourhood
  182. How/when did Valley Girl accent or intonation spread so many young folks in the US.: 2013, movies
  183. Is motorized recreation popular in your area?: power lines, house
  184. Corporate name branding on sports stadiums and arenas: sale, university
  185. What does it mean to be a Northerner?: house, buying
  186. 2012 metro employment comparisons over last 10 years: employers, cities, place
  187. Lol another stupid List: neighborhoods, buyers, live
  188. Best City in the Northeast for St. Pattys?: home, live
  189. North America Trip! Need help with planning!: car rental, rental
  190. Trendy Irish bars: Valentine's day, live, restaurants
  191. What city in the US is most hamster-friendly?: apartment, mortgage
  192. Is it true the US has higher alcohol and drug use than Canada and the UK ?: college, taxes
  193. Where are the treehuggers ?: chapel, college, organic
  194. Why are American's so egocentric?: home, high school, college
  195. Identifying aerial of unknown U.S. city: cabinet, cabin
  196. Descripancies in snowfall averages across various parts of Washington: airports, difference
  197. celeberty apprentice: room, Sunday, love
  198. Start Nursing Agency, Homecare, Healthcare Recruiter Business-No Experience Needed: credit, day care
  199. Racial diversity in the USA: Comparing the non-white population growth of the 12 most populous states: percent
  200. 50 greenest cities in the U.S.: science, environment, 2008