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  1. Moving from Cincinnati, destination recommendation: low crime, hotels, find a job
  2. the rust belt: houses, moving to, manufacturing
  3. What ifs: living in, beach, land
  4. Mountains and music outside of specific big cities?: motorhome, theatre
  5. Locales in the West with a Midwestern vibe: transplants, cities
  6. Crime Data at Census Block or Tract Level?: neighborhoods, worth
  7. Respect for your time... Are geographical regions different?: living in, professionals
  8. What city would you say feels more 'northern'?: estate, park
  9. Most friendly people in the Western U.S.?: transplants, versus
  10. Where would you live in the USA if you were a single mom and can live anywhere: crime
  11. i go...but where: crime rates, school, salary
  12. hey u me: crime rate, school, universities
  13. teaching jobs, do states still have a shortage?: sales, houses
  14. What are my options for the pros and cons of me moving to NYC or Miami?: transplants
  15. Population Migration: charges, American, year
  16. Most utilitarian city?: apartment, neighborhoods, income
  17. widening gap in U.S. cities' education levels: college, metro area
  18. What town is for me?: house, to live in, move
  19. The Pioneers: homes, live, move to
  20. The most dangerous cities in America, 2012: crime rate, college, stats
  21. What city in FL or the South has the most shade?: house, living
  22. Interesting Mapping of Census Data: income, population, map
  23. Cities that lost the most population in the last decade quiz...: town, between
  24. 1990 Census Data: cities, social, typical
  25. do you know who grew up during the Great Depression?: for sale, coupons
  26. another musician confusion.: home, living, low cost
  27. is coastal really as relevant as we think?: living, centers
  28. Study: Asians Now Fastest Growing Group In US: income, living in
  29. Boat ownership in your state: middle-class, price, statistics
  30. Neither: live, areas, pronounce
  31. Where is my ideal home? Looking for a diverse and inclusive city: houses
  32. Best Fast Paced City with Spring Link Weather Year Round | 8 Hour on Road Job: apartments
  33. Places in the U.S. that have the most horses, cows, goats, farms?: university
  34. US navy in Dunoon Scotland: military, title, population
  35. Best specialty license plates: luxury, DMV, income
  36. Which state(s)/city(cities) have the best auto industry (Repair jobs, Performance tuning jobs .): lease
  37. Friendly town with less rain?: house, buy, price
  38. Traveling from Louisville to Charlotte; mountain driving hazards?: rental car, rental
  39. Best cities for animal/nature/wildlife lovers?: fit in, real estate
  40. Which city?: sales, lease, homes
  41. Im driving to St Louis from San Antonio....where should I stop halfway for a meal and lodging?: hotel
  42. Fairfield Glade vs. Bella Vista Arkansas: HOA, homes, buying
  43. American citizen currently in africa moving back to civilization..: rent, house
  44. Cities within 3 states: neighborhoods, private schools, living
  45. Looking for context. Care to share?: daycare, hotel
  46. would like to hang out with americans: crimes, live in
  47. Would you want to live in a city like this?: cities, photos
  48. Where is the best place for me: live, train
  49. Humidity levels in Southeastern states: unemployment rate, living, low cost
  50. Walkable, Coastal City - Family: condo, school district, income
  51. I need help!!! moving to ten. ken. ind. or vir.: college, to live
  52. Cities with the most local owned shops, markets, restaurants: food, Walmart
  53. Are small and regional chain businesses more prevalent and better able to survive in the South?: co-op
  54. What do you think of the NCVS/Great Lakes 'accent'?: live, area
  55. Stop with the coast influence thing: transplants, living, stats
  56. s on place to live?: real estate market, rent, schools
  57. Newer and more Accurate Richest Towns list (no headache guarantee): neighborhoods, university
  58. Islands of America: live, castles, places
  59. A New Life: 2013, apartment, for rent
  60. Do you associate cities with a certain tree or plant?: live, smog
  61. Why don't your country use meter system?: house, taxes
  62. At what age do cold/snowy winters become too arduous to enjoy?: HOA fees, home
  63. Which cities are the most ecclectic, without being loaded with transients that move on?: transplants, apartments
  64. Are hunting and fishing popular in your state/city/subdivision?: home, elementary school
  65. Relocating from Europe: sales, high crime, hotel
  66. New York V/S Boston V/S Dallas: rentals, how much
  67. Having all Full-Service Gas stations - Do you prefer that?: home, minimum wage
  68. Why are states more expensive than others?: rent, houses
  69. Tn living versus northern nj and Florida?: transplants, sales
  70. Californian women more like Southern women?: home, cinema, college
  71. So in America you have black people, white people, and Latinos, where does everyone fall?: construction, live in
  72. I Am Leaving CA! Need To Find A City To Live. Help.: for sale, rent
  73. Describe your ideal climate - have someone tell you the city.: home, to live
  74. Favorite running/walking spots in your area.: university, live
  75. Cities where people are most likely to live in apartments?: 2015, apartment complex
  76. Love Denver, miss the ocean ... What to do?: chapel, neighborhood
  77. Would you live in a city/metro area that does NOT have major league sports teams?: school, college
  78. 20 Affordable Gayborhoods: real estate, job market, neighborhoods
  79. Where does it become too hot in the United States: living in, best weather
  80. Comparisons between CO, WY, MT or: contractors, income
  81. Places that seem stuck in time: sales, crime
  82. Will U.S. city ever surpass NYC in terms of population?: land, metro
  83. Is your hometown becoming obsolete?: unemployment, theater, school
  84. Which state should I move to?: 2015, cheap apartment, crime
  85. Best cities for art in the Northeast?: chapel, neighborhoods
  86. Who remembers Howard Johnson's restaurants?: home, to eat, car
  87. Yankees like Waffle House?: college, food
  88. help find the closest city to the one we'd want to live in?: suburb, best
  89. Are you a Canadian-American?: construction, shop, rich
  90. What if New York was still the Capital?: neighborhoods, schools
  91. Looking for Small Town: for sale, real estate, homes
  92. Would you rather live in a large or small city?: home, living in
  93. Does your city/metro area feel like a transplant INVASION?: low income, transplants
  94. Most concreted cities in the US?: island, top 10, weather
  95. Traveling alone.: hotel, home, scorpions
  96. Good News from the 2010-2011 Census Estimates: estimate, metro
  97. Which Midwestern state is most influenced by the South?: live, transit
  98. 'Fairy Tale' communities in the U.S.: custom home, neighborhood
  99. Best Place Me and My Family To Live?: low crime, home
  100. Michigan vs. Kentucky vs. Missouri for natural scenery?: hotels, homes
  101. What are your feelings on race/diversity in a place?: how much, living in
  102. what part of the us has the least power outages?: power lines, tornadoes
  103. Post the least urban streetview you can find of an otherwise urban city: bars, parks
  104. Which city has the most educated population: chapel, home
  105. US Geography jokes: what does, used, wife
  106. Moving back to US, money no object -- where should we move??: sales, real estate
  107. Do most homes in your city / area have air conditioning?: apartments, motels
  108. The Most VISUALLY Boring City Seen....: neighborhoods, bars
  109. Cities within close distance of beautiful scenery: home, buying
  110. Couple in late 20s almost ready to settle down, looking for more space in a still cool area: best neighborhoods, apartments
  111. Who remembers old-fashioned motels?: hotels, house, living in
  112. Do more transplants/transient population make a place more or less friendly?: new home, neighborhoods
  113. Isolated pockets in the US: horseback, land, friendly
  114. circle K or 7 eleven: stores, station, gas
  115. What American accent is closest to Canadian?: move, cities
  116. What was your city/town like in 1912?: city hall, hotel
  117. Which medium-sized city in the Northeast should we move?: for sale, real estate
  118. If you can choose ANYWHERE to live....: apartment, house
  119. In your major metro, is it common for people to ask where you went to high school?: transplants, private school
  120. Components of population change in MSAs with 1,000,000+ population (2010-2011): job market, moving to
  121. When comparing city sizes, it only Americans take into account 'city limits': home, layoffs
  122. If each state was a separate country... Where would you live?: home, high school
  123. The six different types of states: transplants, closing
  124. Help me find the right city?: unemployed, neighborhoods, schools
  125. What is the most affordable city in America to live in?: best city, apartment
  126. Are there cities where MOST/more of the metro population is in another state?: living in, bill
  127. States by Number of Farms (2007): income, live, agriculture
  128. Is $118,994 a decent yearly income for a family of (4) in the U.S: loans, living in
  129. Palm tree capital of the US: title, best, palm trees
  130. Busiest suburban (non freeway) intersection by metro?: live, beach
  131. Places you wish were in your area: house, movie theater
  132. Look-alike Skyscrapers: condo, how much, vs
  133. Why Is Moonshine Liquor So Popular In The South?: purchasing, taxes
  134. Best/Worst states to live in/drive to/through if employed as a trucker.: gated, inspectors
  135. Exactly where are you originally from?: home, living, military
  136. dallas, SJ, or RTP: transplants, chapel, credit card
  137. The Bible Belt = South, not totally accurate: transplants, chapel
  138. best city for a shy sensitive person: to live in, versus
  139. What area of American has the perfect balance of seasons?: live in, activities
  140. Are You Satisfied With Your City?: transplants, how much, house
  141. Is the Midwest becoming more like the coasts?: big house, movies
  142. bet you find a place for me ;): ski resorts, how much
  143. Where does your metro rank in terms of average salary?: median income, living
  144. How much land is your house on?: houses, neighborhoods
  145. The Worst Traffic Congestion Is Not In Los Angeles: cars, rankings
  146. What regions do people eat salmon/ mackerel patties?: home, buy
  147. America, a regionalization: fit in, buy, move
  148. What a city needs to land a Real Housewives franchise: income, beach
  149. Where is a good place for......: how much, hotels, houses
  150. Best and Worst u.s. cities for racial integration?: neighborhoods, school
  151. Best east coast big town/small city to raise a family: hotels, houses
  152. 8-9 day Roadtrip to New Orleans...or other suggestions?: appointed, renting
  153. Name three (non-specific) things a visitor must see in America.: sale, apartment complex
  154. Best & Worst Cities & States to be Single in: best cities, attorney
  155. The Great Lakes: neighborhood, camping, living
  156. Most anti-social North American city?: crime rates, vacation, friendly
  157. SOUTHERN STATES: Things/places worth seeing on our road trip?: buy, eat
  158. Why are people still classified by race in the US?: living in, stats
  159. Is Ozark culture very similar to Appalachian culture?: live, cabin
  160. Similarities between the Northwest and Midwest: live in, Wal-mart, area
  161. List of fastest gentrifying areas of the US since 2000: upper-class, transplants
  162. Finding cities 90% white or more: houses, neighborhoods, college
  163. Crime in America lowest since WW2: crime rate, to live, statistics
  164. Top NON Heat Belt Cites people are movin to this year?: unemployment rate, best
  165. How old are you and what's the longest stayed in ONE metro area?: chapel, college
  166. State(s) with great roads: tax, car, gas
  167. Multi-family relocation: KC, Omaha, Cincinnati, ...?: crime rate, home, job market
  168. City peak population quiz: cities, rain, history
  169. Would you rather live in BC, Oregon, or Washington?: best city, real estate
  170. want to move from south Florida to a liberal, progressive area in the south: chapel, neighborhoods
  171. Why do people often forget about the northern Appalachians?: quality of life, live
  172. Where to move in the Northeast?: apartments, renters, low crime
  173. Worst corridor: gated, suburbs, rank
  174. Best places to escape the Rat Race vibe ???: rent, living in
  175. My Family Is Looking for A Cheaper Place To Live: best cities, houses
  176. What states you would visit and love to live in, could live in, and never live.: living in, metro area
  177. Does prevalence/use of profanity vary regionally?: bus, assess
  178. Moving from Los Angeles to Maryland... or Waco, Texas???: job market, neighborhood
  179. Do you actually use statistics to make decisions?: crime, homes
  180. How close are you to your closest neighbor?: apartment, condo
  181. Which cities have the least and most civic pride?: transplants, school
  182. The Rust Belt vs. the Sun Belt (pros and cons of each, as well as where you'd rather live): real estate, neighborhoods
  183. Best Drivers: to live, dangerous, legally
  184. Pittsburgh or Charlotte?!: transplants, crime rate, neighborhood
  185. Top U.S. cities that people are moving to in 2012: real estate, unemployment rate
  186. Regional differences in graduation parties: apartment, renting, credit
  187. Good, safe city for rock/hard rock musicians?: credit, home
  188. ozarks vs porcupine mountains: vacation, estate, tree
  189. East Coast (DC/NY) vs. West Coast (LA/Bay): a nuanced perspective: how much, income
  190. What matters to you most when choosing a place to live?: renting, crime
  191. Are blacks in the Upland South more 'hillbilly?': home, neighborhood
  192. Preconceived notions about how you live: apartment, house, neighborhood
  193. States with the most MSA's? may surprise you.: living, design
  194. Do Italian Americans tend to have their own culture?: crimes, neighborhoods
  195. Wealthiest school districts in nation - June 2012: house, buy
  196. vacation planning with kids: places to stay, places, trip
  197. get your car stolen? Move to the Western U.S.: insurance, crime
  198. The American Tartan: Scottish, German, national
  199. U.S. cities with teams from four major league sports: population, free
  200. Real Estate Agents and their COMPS: for sale, homes