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  1. Southern hospitality: live, food, car
  2. News: St. George Expected to Near Record High: deal, summer
  3. Does Your City Have An Eradicating Middle -class ?: middle-class, real estate
  4. America's Highways are hurting:: transit, money, roads
  5. Cultural/Arts and vibrancy mecca's on the cheap!: violent crime, hotels
  6. want to trade houses for CA?: places to live, moving to
  7. Simpsons: town, spring
  8. Littering is not loving America!: house, refrigerators, construction
  9. best place for us live on east coat?: low crime, chapel
  10. Largest building boom? 50 or more buildings: construction, housing, activity
  11. Are you looking forward to the future?: military, health care
  12. Analysis: Philladelphia, Portland and Austin: living, low cost, moving
  13. Isnt there really only 46 states in the USA: live, title
  14. What is your drem life like?: house, neighborhood, school
  15. 30+ Independent Municipalities ?: taxes, suburbs, metro area
  16. Most Fried Chicken Places....: house, live in, restaurant
  17. suggestions?: extended stay, apartment complexes, rental
  18. Condominiums: to buy, landlord, live in
  19. Moving to .... ?: houses, college, income
  20. Richest and Poorest Cities........: income, zip code, wealthiest
  21. How Is Your City Governed?: schools, taxes, live in
  22. More risk buying an old home?-East Coast vs. West Coast: houses, earthquakes
  23. cheapest gas?: moving, county, cheaper
  24. Has used a VA home loan guarantee lately?: insurance, houses
  25. Most Resale/Thrift Stores: L.A.? Chicago?: price, shoppers
  26. Best cities for entry level marketing positions: college, internship
  27. Young Family: public schools, college, living
  28. The most popular C-D states: live, stats, moving
  29. Cities with the highest percentage of college grads....: estate, money
  30. Summer Road Trip on East Coast..NEED ideas!: garden, trendy
  31. Thrift Stores: best, location, expensive
  32. Homicides soar in second-tier East Coast cities: violent crime, lawyers
  33. Isnt the disparity in housing values incredible from region to region!!: how much, find a job
  34. CosWhich state has lowestt of living/unemployment?: fit in, employment
  35. Family History: recommend, current, suggestions
  36. People living like old times?!: plumbing, electricity, telephone
  37. Home, land outblgs for 100k-150k anywhere?: house, college
  38. Good Cities Or States For Families: for rent, home, neighborhoods
  39. Most Dog Friendly cities in the West??: ski resort, student loans
  40. Most affordable housing: low income, hotel, houses
  41. Charleston or Savannah?: homes, beach, cities
  42. Moving to a Cheaper Part of the Country: house, transfer
  43. Friendly and Dangerous?: safest, food, car
  44. Help - families love where they live?: low crime, home
  45. single mom: to live, activities, best
  46. Another one of Top Places to Live surveys: house, buy
  47. What's the better strategy?: job market, living, moving to
  48. Relocating To Atlanta Or Tampa, Which Is Best: crime, houses
  49. Would you like residential and commercial growth to slow down in your community?: real estate
  50. What Are The Prettiest And Ugliest Bodies Of Water That Run Through Your City?: safe
  51. Cities like Austin: chapel, schools, college
  52. US Company Sponsor: apply, immigration, Latin
  53. The most: moving, teenager, state
  54. TV and radio....: college, places, kids
  55. Best Dynamic Governors: luxury, schools, property tax
  56. Civic pride and volunteerism: national study: live in, bill, metropolitan area
  57. its important for my kids (citizen): lawyer, office
  58. Locating Cable TV/Phone/Internet Providers??: mover, living, zip code
  59. Middle American cities volunteer the most: apartments, home, college
  60. Cops: crimes, how much, neighborhood
  61. Pollution- how bad does it have to be before you won't live in a town?: how much
  62. Best Chance for a quiet apartment in America: apartments, rent
  63. Best City for Graphic Designers?: best cities, how much, find a job
  64. Relocating to North NJ, Nyc (open to all the boroughs): condos, neighborhoods
  65. Should I stay or should I go? (home or CO?): affordable apartments, lease
  66. Weird Things and Places to see in the USA: hotel, house
  67. Road Trip USA: TheDuneDog Way: apartment, hotels, camping
  68. 20 year many places to live...: crime rate, homes
  69. Ok, now how about BBQ places?: restaurants, eat, yard
  70. good cities for gay young professionals: apartments, loft, high income
  71. Cities With Tall Suburbs: live in, law, floor
  72. What Kind Of A U.S. Town Looks The Most Like The Simpsons' Springfield?: climates, road
  73. Best and worst places for allergies: live in, move to, air quality
  74. Cities That Seem Stuck in Time: how much, unemployment, neighborhoods
  75. cities with-in close proximity that are completely different?: crime, homes
  76. Great Lakes Ranked: vacation home, beaches, vacation
  77. What Cities Have A Lot Of Billboard Signs?: shop, beach
  78. Mispronunciations: neighborhoods, schools, live
  79. Young professional-friendly cities: best cities, crime, chapel
  80. cities that ignore major problems?: sales, real estate, condos
  81. Will Ohio, Indiana and Michigan ever get its act together?: condo, university
  82. Best AFFORDABLE beach cities: home owners insurance, condos, motels
  83. Best photograph: activity, cities, pictures
  84. Alternatives to Texas for us to consider?: good schools, college
  85. Would you like to live in a super ethnically diverse town?: low crime, buying a house
  86. Why Are Most Of The State Capitols Not In The Largest City?: living, moving
  87. Looking for a walk about neighborhood...: loan, neighborhoods
  88. Moving from Canada to the USA: hotels, theatres, luxury
  89. Friendly city, slow pace: to live, moving, yard
  90. Forbes lists best/worst places to live: real estate market, job
  91. Best and Worst Use of waterfronts in the U.S.: power lines, houses
  92. Do you love your city/town?: neighborhood, school, college
  93. Gay travel cities...advice :-): crime, safer, beach
  94. Which U.S. States on the decline? on the rise?: real estate, insurance
  95. Best Places to Live: Top 100: home, theater, good schools
  96. relocation destination: ski resorts, apartment, crime
  97. The best state and city to live in the southeast: neighborhoods, living
  98. How do You Know You are in Your Town?: for sale, apartment
  99. Best Midwestern states to live in and why?: college, camping
  100. What is your ideal living arrangement?: hardwood floors, condo, townhouses
  101. Help - Need Recommendations - Best State & City to Relocate: low income, rent
  102. Cities without so much partying and clubbing?: theater, college
  103. Top Five States For Cost Living: homes, employment, costs
  104. Art, Culture, Cool: low crime, chapel, neighborhoods
  105. North Carolina Mountains vs. Colorado Mountains: crime, how much, moving
  106. minneapolis, philly, or providence?: transfer to, high school, university
  107. Cities with good economy, loads of IT jobs, good weather and affordable!: home, best
  108. Most vulnerable big cities to terrorism: hotel, military, stations
  109. City Recommendations: transplants, 2015, foreclosure
  110. City with the most waffle houses: college, metropolitan area, area
  111. Things You Would Do To Improve Your City: best cities, for sale
  112. Fish fry: apartment, neighborhood, camps
  113. Help me choosing a state.: low crime, home, job market
  114. Philadelphia, PA suburbs or Hartford, CT suburbs for...: crime, job market
  115. What Famous People Were Born In Your City?: theatre, living in
  116. So who actually likes where they live?: low crime, house
  117. When asked Where are you from? how do you answer?: neighborhood, high school
  118. Pittsburgh/Denver/St. Louis/Louisville: crime, house, neighborhoods
  119. Best start out cities/metros: college, to live
  120. Do you think the upper-south/lower-midwest is about to take off population growth wise?: tornadoes, earthquakes
  121. The Commute.: live, suburbs, farm
  122. seasonal affective disorder: to buy, place to live, good to
  123. Which states have seemed more appealing since you started coming on to this website?: home, closing
  124. States with fewest interstates: construction, vs, design
  125. 2007 Updated US Census.........: live in, statistics, estimates
  126. America's Purple Cities and States: transplants, taxes, live
  127. cities/towns seeing big increases in vacant storefronts/buildings/lots?: for sale, apartment
  128. Ok..... the advanced dixie or yankee test: live in, vs.
  129. Best areas for 110-130k Annual Income family?: house, median income
  130. the 10 most polluted cities & 10 cleanest air cities in america: buy, air pollution
  131. Moving from Ireland, Help!!!: insurance, crime, how much
  132. Cleveland: the poorest big city?: income, housing, richest
  133. Interstates reputated deserved?: home, vs., land
  134. Where are the best places for entry level IT positions.: best cities, low crime
  135. Which cities are Bicycle Friendly cities?: neighborhoods, living
  136. Cities with worst police forces: city hall, violent crime, live
  137. U.S. area with most kids!: how much, houses, neighborhood
  138. Colorado, montana,idaho,utah or other: for sale, house prices, unemployment rate
  139. what is your ancestry?: living, shops, rated
  140. where are there rowhouses like in the usa: college, living
  141. Where do you see America in 2057?: buy, income, living
  142. America's worst cities/metros: high crime, homes, job market
  143. Is it to never be happy in a place?: rent, buying
  144. Good town for police jobs: real estate, violent crime, houses
  145. Without the heat in Texas....: home, living, move to
  146. Has crime gone up in your community?: low income, real estate
  147. States with wrost traffic.: house, construction, live
  148. The incredible shrinking cities- Pitt, St. Lu, Detroit, Clev, Buff: statistics, moving to
  149. Best state to live: low crime, homes, teaching jobs
  150. cut the grass or mow the lawn?: yard, lawnmower
  151. Intellectual Communities: crime, home, neighborhoods
  152. Being a Southern Belle: home, luxury, living
  153. Cities / States with the HAPPIEST people?: how much, buy, car
  154. Are hollowing out rural areas causing urban areas to decline?: how much, homes
  155. friendly town ?: live in, stores, trains
  156. Technology: the reason for America's weight problem?: houses, neighborhood
  157. Worst big city in america (500,000 plus city): apartment, crime rates
  158. Why arent real first-rate cities like pittsburgh, columbus and cincinnati more vocal about promoting themselves?: new house, neighborhoods
  159. Ok, s what I'm sure of...: low crime, movies, good schools
  160. Cities with best kept streets, sidewalks: beach, suburban, yard
  161. US or Canada?: credit, lawyer, home
  162. What American City has the least visible poverty?: middle-class, apartments
  163. The ten most Sprawling U.S. cities: to buy, live in
  164. Medford Area or Boise from Phoenix AZ: real estate, new home
  165. What does the Northeast and South have in common that the Midwest doesn't have?: home, places to live
  166. Does attitude play a role?: ski resorts, how much, home
  167. Time to get out of Dayton, Ohio... Where to go?: condo, home
  168. 7 Wonders of America: beaches, smog, station
  169. Best town to live in that walmart hasnt invaded: house, job market
  170. Way to Cure America's Tragic Descent into Materialism?: middle-class, salons
  171. Do your neighbors park on the street or their driveway?: apartments, new home
  172. Best states in the North,South,East,and West: best place, island
  173. To be a Snowbird or not to be Snowbird, that is the ..: health insurance, how much
  174. The Most Over Priced US Cities (Population over say 300,000 in the city): real estate, apartment
  175. Would you ever live in a small metro?: living in, restaurants
  176. Native NYers looking to relocate: Recommendations?: middle-class, real estate, rental
  177. What is average?: credit card, house, neighborhoods
  178. Looking for a nature city: to live, activities
  179. Why Do Airline Employee Who Cannot Speak Good English Make Public Address Announcements?: bankruptcy, legally
  180. A city someone should visit atleast ONCE in their life?: manufactured, rank
  181. City with best Farmer's Market: restaurant, food, yard
  182. Northernmost Southern cities....: transplants, gated, plantations
  183. Whats the allure of California or Los Angeles?: real estate, landscaping
  184. 2030 MSA Population predictions: how much, home, employment
  185. Manhattan or San Francisco?: crime rate, house, neighborhoods
  186. Buying a home via the internet... ?: auction, price, realty
  187. City Webcams: cities, people, love
  188. Southern friends: vs., eat, dinner
  189. Foreclosure Listing in Your Area!!: for sale by owner, foreclosures, homes
  190. If you were a senior would consider West Virginia or Kentucky?: homes, property taxes
  191. Delicious Recipe Ideas!!!: appliances, seafood, pizza
  192. about working visa: career, music, owner
  193. Heating oil for Winter 07/08: prices, payment, monthly
  194. Relocating... Need Help!: crime, to live in, palm trees
  195. May I ask other blacks?: home, quality of life, moving
  196. Good News about Americans.
  197. automotive technicians: condo, houses, job market
  198. Need tip for job hunting when its 7 hrs away: rental car, rental
  199. Does your City/Town have of signs in the highway/road medians?: park
  200. Rebuilding after DIVORCE HURRICANE --BUT WHERE?: lease, house, safe neighborhood