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  1. torn apart - buy or rent and where?: for sale, real estate
  2. Best City Documentaries?: homes, theatre, tornadoes
  3. For of You Who Moved to Follow Your Dreams...: home, find a job
  4. Tell me what you think?: salary, living, cost of living
  5. Moving To The Unknown , What is My Best Place To Start ?: real estate, rental
  6. What city or area has the WORST allergies year-round?: chapel, live
  7. Census Dotmap: design, parks, cities
  8. What is the most isolated ZIP code?: live, zip codes
  9. help me figure out the best city to live in.: real estate, low crime
  10. Best spring-break location 2012 version?: spring break, 2013, club
  11. Graduating in march, moving in November, 21 year old single: skateboarding, home
  12. advice for east coaster moving west: home, neighborhoods, DMV
  13. If states had an MBTI type: personal, color, opinions
  14. Looking for a lead on where to adventure next - needs to have a great design community: home
  15. moving to another stae with no job offer: for sale, rent
  16. Looking for a change within the US: renting, co-op
  17. Which location would suit me most do you think?: 2014, credit
  18. Percent: transplants, universities, living in
  19. Relocation Assistance: AZ / CO / GA / OR ???: chapel, theater, public school
  20. Smartplanet: Best cities to live (USA): places to live, ranked, best to
  21. What is it about things Likud urban canyons that fascinate us?: home, live
  22. Low Cost Of Living Examples: sales, real estate, houses
  23. Which states have least & most police brutality: attorney, income
  24. Suburban Towns where Rich and Poor live side by side: section 8, apartment complexes
  25. Which States would be the 20th biggest economies in the world: ranked
  26. Best cities to pursue model rocketry: cost of, ordinances, rated
  27. Which State is best for landlords:confused:: section 8, renters
  28. Recommendations for school/community for teen, East Coast?: 2013, homes
  29. Want to leave Chicago, but where to go?: home, neighborhoods
  30. Moving NC to WA. Help Avoid Snow: safest, best
  31. Four seasons.: live, summer, year
  32. Oddities in Median Family Income vs. Median Household Income: section 8, apartment complex
  33. Is your community ethnically diverse enough?: public school, living, residential
  34. Southerner moving to start business and grad school: transfer, schools
  35. Moving out of Missouri: sales, low crime, unemployment rate
  36. Why did scandinavians move to the upper midwest/great plains?: homes, employment
  37. Distinctly Regional Youth Fashions of each region: hairstyles, yard
  38. Pondering where to move next?: real estate, apartments, renters
  39. best roads to avoid ssteep climbs - CA to TN: trailer, route
  40. Heavy industry in Boston, NYC and Washington, DC proper?: lofts, houses
  41. Is Regionalism Declining or Strengthening?: cities, places, accent
  42. Most Googled Cities:: ranking, skyline, photos
  43. What City is best for the working poor?: fit in, apartments
  44. Your favorite areas in the United States (including territories) you have gone to: how much
  45. In your city , if to quit your job and start a small business , what would it be: buy
  46. How Many of You Live Because...: home, high school
  47. Best route between Asheville NC and Austin TX: motels, university
  48. Leaving Wisconsin.... where are all the off roaders?: new home, living in
  49. Living / moving to South Dakota, Florida or Nevada, thoughts?: transplants, house
  50. City poulation vs. Metro population: live, statistics, activity
  51. Most important states to Southern culture.: transplants, school, college
  52. What do you think about the midwest?: crime rates, neighborhood
  53. Where do people use the term East Coast? to mean the Northeast?: home, ratings
  54. What are of the most coldest places lived?: houses, neighbourhoods
  55. 2013 MSA definitions: job market, military, statistics
  56. Urban spheres of influence: agricultural, wealthiest, suburban
  57. Need help looking for a new city to live in! :D: apartments, renters
  58. If you live with a great location, how often do you get out of town?: living in, moving to
  59. Best City For Me To Start in USA: crime, houses
  60. Do People Who Move South for the Wrong Reasons Usually End Up Moving Back?: transplants, taxes
  61. First Thing that Comes To Mind when you Think of Cities: homes, college
  62. New town with kids -- which would you do ?: spring break, 2013
  63. In the US and especially your area, how common are couples of this type? (interracial): live in, dating
  64. San Jose area v. Miami area (or, NorCal v. SoFlo): insurance, mover
  65. Why do we want to live near the ocean?: beaches, cities
  66. Cities with a lot of creeks/streams/small waterways?: apartment, school
  67. Companies born in your city: insurance, buy, price
  68. What City is the Best Fit for Me?: condo, big house
  69. I want it all!: neighborhood, college, live
  70. best place for blacks who love the outdoors?: home, camping
  71. African American presence in cities/metro areas: employment, school
  72. Nyc resident thinking of relocating to the west coast: low crime, credit
  73. Midwestern state capitals compared.: unemployment rate, income, living
  74. Best International School in the US?: homes, neighborhoods, private schools
  75. Places in US that looks like Prince Edward Island (Canada)?: live, agriculture
  76. torn between location and family?: how much, home
  77. East Coast Young Couple Moving: apartments, rentals, house
  78. Most Southern non-Confederate state; Oklahoma, Kentucky, or West Virginia?: suburbs, areas
  79. Is Philly trailing behind DC and Boston in prestige? Do you think it will ever catch up?: crime rate, unemployment
  80. Do you boycott certain states?: buying, mall, move
  81. Is $ 7000 enough to start a new life in US City: apartments, lease
  82. What do you think of when you think of cities?: transplants, living
  83. Best Food Market: to buy, versus, shop
  84. Hawaii cities look like south Brazil. Why is Hawaii worse than most U.S.?: houses, living
  85. Why was the South the birthplace of so much popular music?: home, living in
  86. Will there be another migration trend in the US?If so, what will it look like?: home, schools
  87. Hot, Flat, and Crowded - I want to get out of the Baltimore/DC Corridor: apartment, house
  88. Where have you been? Where are you going?: apartment, to live
  89. Appalachian Culture: Subset of Southern Culture or Distinct Culture on it's own: military, move
  90. What defines the West Coast?: fit in, live, shopping centers
  91. The right place for my family...I need your help: amusement park, low crime
  92. State/Country borders you forget about: 2014, land, rated
  93. Are Other People's Perceptions Closer to Fact or Fiction About Your City: apartment, loft
  94. Which city is the most Hipster in the US: fit in, 2013
  95. Not having four seasons.: transplants, live, to move
  96. Best grocery store chains in the U.S.: purchase, organic
  97. Where are the true North woods located?: hotels, restaurants
  98. Non rhotic accents dying out whites in the US?: college, live
  99. Where do I belong?: apartment, rentals, low crime
  100. Pretty, small city or big town … not too cold, too hot, or too grey?: houses, neighborhoods
  101. Roadtrip to scout out city to move to - near the ocean, warm, friendly, cheap: apartment, big house
  102. What major city has the most religious institutions per capita?: bars, health
  103. States with climate/geographic regions you forget about: university, cabin
  104. Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities...and not one in Texas: 2013, apartment complexes
  105. Affordable major cities: house, income, income tax
  106. good cities to live for gay people: 2013, home
  107. Do Movies and TV shows help bost a City's appeal?: fit in, moving to
  108. Are there coastal cities outside of the Northeast w/ a real downtown and walkable neighborhoods?: chapel, living
  109. MSAs with less than 4 million: insurance, college, live
  110. Better Vacation: Minneapolis and MN Lakes or Denver and CO Mountains?: ski resorts, hotels
  111. thinking of moving: rent, job market, salary
  112. Most Miserable Cities of 2012: real estate, condo, home
  113. Character as an excuse for crime: crime rate, dangerous
  114. West Indian communities outside of the New York and Miami?: live in, title
  115. you're and I'm there: movies, living in, suburban
  116. Where should we move? Raise family, esthetic and historical, good food: chapel, homes
  117. How do yuns pronounce Colorado?: people, local, locals
  118. Forbes/NextDoor.Com names Friendliest Towns of US: renters, crime
  119. Decision impaired, opinions :): low crime, job market, high school
  120. Help an European to find a city to study in!: apartments, to rent
  121. What are the most similar pairs of states in the country relative to culture.: areas, cities
  122. Which cities' neighborhoods are experiencing pre-gentrification?: live, moving, ferry
  123. Which red state city is right for me?: good schools, living in
  124. Why are most young people attracted to living in the bigger cities?: amusement parks, house
  125. Cultural Capitals of States: new home, theatre, dangerous
  126. Who ended up with a white Christmas?: house, airport
  127. Help me pick a city for my best friend from college: real estate, mover
  128. Which city/town is great for a musically active early retiree?: chapel, theater
  129. How come the Western United States doesn't have as many Black people as the rest of the country?: middle-class, hotel
  130. The disdain toward New Yorkers: transplants, living in, mold
  131. Statitics say crime rate in most citie's lower than it used to be in 80/90's people say they felt safer back then?: neighborhood, living in
  132. A sort of political in regards to guns in different states...: violent crime, house
  133. What cities have Hansom Cabs?: horse, title, parks
  134. Does your accent match your hometown/state?: famous people, American
  135. First thing you think of for each state: city hall, insurance
  136. Rural wooded counties aging much faster than rural agrarian counties: homes, employment
  137. Which warm climate cities west of I 35 have the most secure H2o supply?: living in, moving to
  138. How can this be considered Flyover Country ?: transplants, insurance
  139. Why aren't there many South Asians (India, Pakistan, Bangladeshi, Sri Lanka) on the West Coast?: living, stats
  140. Can you hear trains where you live?: house, train
  141. If you could of grown up anywhere...: home, college
  142. I need help from you guys! :): to live in, safe
  143. If the top 5 most populated states no longer existed...: rankings, metro
  144. Best Southern Cities For Blind/Visually Impaired: chapel, house
  145. Are their predominantly working-class Jewish neighborhoods left in America?: fit in, school
  146. Do you hate your accent sometimes?: transplants, movies, school
  147. Which city is cleanest; which is dirtiest?: low income, income
  148. Top 10 states with the most diverse geography.: beaches, trees
  149. Best Art Museums (outside New York): storage, garden, architecture
  150. Stalkers USA.: home, transfer, neighborhood
  151. The Great(er) Migration: how much, house, live
  152. New home-based job and I can live anywhere--where to go?: low crime, buy
  153. Most relaxing major US city?: rent, living, restaurants
  154. Is the East Coast getting too Crowded?: apartments, homes
  155. Bars where you can pay for a dance?: home, buy
  156. American dialects: high school, professionals, price
  157. Are you guys buying my friend's story? (guy has more success with women in Minnesota than in California): how much, to live in
  158. Southerner wanting to move to another southern state NOT so over run with Northerners! (No Offense really): transplants, crime
  159. What flagship stores are present in your city?: construction, Whole Foods
  160. Drunkest cities?: 2013, live, ranked
  161. Are You Actually in Love With Your City?: rent, crime
  162. Does of City Data like to surf other States forums to kinda see what the locals are doing in that state: home, living
  163. Free to move anywhere...lucky but overwhelming: apartment, renting
  164. Cities With The Most Identified Landmarks: mall, stadium, termite
  165. This video made me fall in love with New York, someday I'll move there. What other music video's best rep a city?: work, roads
  166. Upper Midwest vs. Lower Midwest: fit in, homes, unemployment
  167. How Mexicanized are border towns in the USA?: fit in, neighborhood
  168. The exclusively Southern phenomenon of pronouncing H's before W's: live, radio
  169. Best weather in US during winter. Most sun, less flu: condo, living
  170. Gas prices in your part of the country, with date: 2013, cheapest
  171. Why do people lose their accent while others don't?: fit in, home
  172. Main migratory routes in the USA and their causes?: apartment, mortgages
  173. Car culture vs public transportation culture: 2013, rent, insurance
  174. Happy New Year!!! :): 2013, summer, Polish
  175. Top 5 biggest North American cities that do NOT have an identifiable landmark?: buildings, population
  176. City to find a good job.: unemployment rate, high school, university
  177. Favorite Southern accents?: movies, living, airplane
  178. Is there a difference between TN,NC or VA?: home, school
  179. Help me narrow it down: hotels, university, taxes
  180. Which timezone is the best?: high crime, quality of life, live
  181. Most Interesting Street: lofts, condominiums, hotel
  182. Whats the South like?: homes, neighborhoods, high school
  183. Top U.S. States people are to moving to: unemployed, taxes
  184. What US city would be best for me?: apartment, renting
  185. International Student, Which State Would Be Best?: 2013, home
  186. Young NJ Computer Specialist looking for a new home: best cities, low crime
  187. Do you prefer the forest or the desert/plains/prairie/scrubland with little to no trees?: live in, farms
  188. Place me on the map.: casino, living in, cost of
  189. Why are men so tall on the west coast?: to live, club
  190. Are most African-Americans Southerners ?: neighborhoods, to live in, baptist
  191. Town with the most violent/hostile drinking scene?: houses, bars
  192. Moment of Silence for Newtown: work, children, resident
  193. St. Petersburg, FL/ Ft. Lauderdale/ VA Beach: living, restaurants
  194. who have visited Madison and think it's awesome: neighborhoods, school
  195. Happy Holidays!: pictures, winter, capita
  196. Petition to Mandate Counselors in Schools Grades K-12: health, best
  197. How can you normally tell if one has southern US accent ? And what parts of the south has the strongest accent: live
  198. Best and Worst States for Animals: legal, rankings, island
  199. Best beachfront hotels for solo traveler: credit card, home, transfer
  200. Population and Area data for Places which straddle county lines: subdivisions, rated