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  1. What cities have great bike path systems?: appointed, casino
  2. Best City for an exchange: nightlife, vacation, cities
  3. Colorado vs. Washington state: Which has the best available land by price and acreage?: find a job
  4. Was Oregon the first state in the West to be extensively settled by Americans?: rated
  5. Florida VS Kentucky: for rent, good schools, college
  6. Relocating: employment, airports, car
  7. Looking for a place to live with certain qualities:: rent, find a job
  8. Drivin' Across America: beach, farms, roach
  9. Cities associated with certain economies (LA: Movies, LV: Gambling: manufacturing, beach
  10. Which cities are the least preppy in the US.: garden, rich
  11. Alabaster Alabama vs Huntington West Virginia: townhouses, good schools, college
  12. Cities with a large population of Black Professionals: live in, metro area
  13. Where to move? Help me.: homes, good schools, taxes
  14. What would be the best city/country/town to start up a new multimedia production company?: design
  15. Pennslyvania Dutch or German: taxes, vs, beach
  16. Could really use advice- Looking for our perfect place: rental, find a job
  17. I Wonder About The Lists: live, move to, cities
  18. Moving from Canada to US,: furniture, crossing
  19. Is this popular for a lot of females in the U.S.?: school
  20. What city best suits me?: fit in, home, college
  21. Louisiana and California license plates look similar?: distance, system
  22. Tampa Vs Richmond: military, versus, friendly
  23. Help to choose a city to relocate: real estate, low crime
  24. Monopoly board state placement: educational, rated, properties
  25. Would love ideas for a family of 5- plus my mother-in-law :): crime rates
  26. What neigborhoods from different cities would you say mirror each other? Aesthetically and/or feel?: university
  27. Green, clean, and affordable: 2013, rent, home
  28. Good cities for working legal assistant?: real estate, good schools, live in
  29. Green, walkable, IR-friendly cities in the US: low crime, living
  30. Gallup: 5 most and least stressed states.: health insurance, low crime, good schools
  31. What are the largest cities by population in America incorporated after 1900?: design, suburbs
  32. a change from Kansas: appointed, transplants, real estate
  33. Best areas/places outside a cities CBD?: shop, metro area
  34. SouthWest Inaugurates Landmark Service to San Juan, Puerto Rico: 2013, airports
  35. Top small business friendly states?: cost, rankings, best
  36. Best city for young singles, 31 year old guy looking to relocate business degree: best cities
  37. Which US cities have a lot of interracial couples of this kind?: live in
  38. Fact or fiction: metro area, area, cities
  39. Best beach cities in my opinion
  40. Whom do you hang with? map of America: 2013, credit card
  41. LA to Miami road trip over 21 or so days: bars, rich
  42. Currently in high school, planning for future: transferring to, university
  43. Minnesota and Massachusetts: crimes, living, cost of living
  44. Insight on Compromising when relocating: 2015, rentals, home
  45. CA vs. Texas, North Carolina and Florida: to live in, relocating
  46. Where to live next?: unemployment rate, safe neighborhoods, living in
  47. Where should my family settle?: sales, car insurance, low crime
  48. Which one this states is good for black people: quality of life, living in
  49. where should I move in the USA (budget, preferences posted): condo, college
  50. Looking for city: technology jobs, restaurants, dangerous
  51. Metro area with the LEAST trees is?: landscaping, neighborhoods
  52. Where should I move?: fit in, home, income
  53. Is the media's bias against the South justified?: best cities, chapel
  54. ISO Seattle-type city with better weather and cheaper houses: chapel, public schools
  55. Your favorite intersection in your City: nightlife, area, place
  56. Where should I live?: low crime, chapel, home
  57. Did the city you grew up in shape your personality?: high school, college
  58. Suggestions for Eastern Cities: transplants, crime, how much
  59. Rural black communities in New England?: living, rated, areas
  60. Very Masculine Type Sick Of Frou-Frou Hipster Cities - What City Best to Relocate For the Manly Man?: transplants, high crime
  61. Why would live in a CITY in America?: rental, insurance
  62. Census is saying city population growth is ticking up this decade. I don't believe them.: apartments, houses
  63. Does this city exists?: insurance, low crime, homes
  64. There's lot of Southern threads so let's talk about Northern!: house, friendly
  65. Soliciting answers, where do I belong?: sales, apartment
  66. The best music scene for Folk/Blue/Rock/Jam Bands: home, theatre
  67. Why is the Southside typically a less desirable part of a city?: to live in, vs.
  68. Most Northeastern looking city outside of the Northeast: apartments, homes
  69. Thinking of relocating to Austin TX or Ft Lauderdale FL. Should I add New Orleans to the discussion?: affordable houses, job market
  70. Do you mind seeing buildings from your house?: to buy, construction
  71. Ugliest/Tackiest Wealthy Enclaves: new home, safe area, construction
  72. Which of cities do you prefer ?: school, universities
  73. What does your city call its light rail?: to live in, trains
  74. Best city for a sexually conservative BUT politically liberal (non-religious)?: living in, club
  75. What makes you stay in the Northeast? (only if you like living there): house, taxes
  76. State with the coolest shape...: capita, capital, cool
  77. Most British looking city in the United States.: architectural, cities
  78. City population vs Metro population: living in, suburbs, rated
  79. Will there ever be ordinary folks living in the inner cities again?: middle-class, real estate
  80. What is the most generic, plastic, planned metro in the nation?: live in, zoning
  81. How many acres would one have to own for NOT to be impolite not to know your neighbors?: apartments, houses
  82. Is there such a thing as Northeastern or Midwestern culture?: houses, college
  83. Where can I get a 3 BR house for 100K?: real estate, high crime
  84. What cities in the US have high baggy look , thug or wannabe thug look.: living, cost of living
  85. States with the most pointless highways: employment, living, military
  86. Are NYC transplants going anywhere west of Texas?: home, living in
  87. Coolest summers in Eastern America?: gated, living in, best
  88. What do you think about how your state stacks up...: statistics, health
  89. Your Metros Trophy Suburbs: chapel, homes, neighborhoods
  90. New $100 bill !: 2013, bills, design
  91. Say something nice about regions: home, college, taxes
  92. Will Northeastern cities ever see another economic boom?: how much, new home
  93. How do Americans travel abroad with such little vacation days from work?: school, disposal
  94. How many vacation days off work do you get?: vacations, schedule
  95. Overall best weather in the US?: school, tornadoes, live
  96. Most beautiful US City in the Spring Time is?: school, plantations
  97. Islands of Wealth: hotel, houses, neighborhoods
  98. PU!! That stinks!: oil, cities, island
  99. After Chicago. What is the next premier city in the Midwest: best, metro
  100. Best Part of the Country Right Now for Investing in Rental Property: low income, section 8
  101. Business Woman: best city, salon, credit
  102. 21 Maps Of Highly Segregated Cities In America: 2013, neighborhoods
  103. If you don't live in Portland, Seattle, Austin, Boston, or San Francisco, do you ever get jealous of who do?: college, places to live
  104. America's Safest-Feeling Cities: crime, live in, statistics
  105. Most West Coast like city that's not on the West Coast: transplants, home
  106. Which city should I move to after graduation?: how much, homes
  107. City with a mild weather, low humidity, good nightlife and lakes: apartment, condo
  108. U.S. cities which seem misplaced ...: homes, neighborhoods
  109. Are there cities that are better then houston texas in your opinion?: living, zoning
  110. Least expensive ocean-front homes in the USA?: oceanfront, insurance
  111. Why is it said that it's harder to live in the North?: transplants, house
  112. State Capital with worst location?: live in, centers, horse
  113. Climate regions of North America: beaches, map, humid
  114. Why doesn't the Pacific Northwest have more amusement parks?: school, living in
  115. Traffic Congestion in the United States Back on the Rise (Overall): 2013, apartments
  116. What has your city invented or made popular?: school, pharmacy
  117. Help me!: health, golf course, metro
  118. Help choosing a city to relocate: crime rates, job market, neighborhoods
  119. Small town living in New England: college, income, cabin
  120. Why do we have so many holidays?: school, live
  121. Which Places Do You Feel Out of Place (Based on your Race): fit in, wedding
  122. Which part of the South has the mildest summers: living in, activities
  123. Restaurant quality in urban and suburban areas: home, neighborhoods
  124. This is why I wouldn't live on the east coast.: schools, universities
  125. Outside of Florida and California is your home State scenery beautiful in Winter?: spring break, beaches
  126. Warm city that is young, smart and fun?: chapel, home
  127. Where in the South do I belong?: home, universities
  128. The South needs it's own seperate forum.: living in, rated
  129. 19 years old, looking to get out: neighborhood, school districts, universities
  130. 1 month to live in US/Canadian city: 2013, apartment
  131. Combine two cities in your state: pros and cons, move, metro area
  132. Why are we Southerners so regionally exclusive?: fit in, transplants
  133. best place in the us for vacation in may-august: rental car, rental
  134. Midwesterners would drive through armageddon. Bad storms don't scare them.: transplants, house
  135. Best Cities for Single Men 2013: income, living, restaurants
  136. Are synthetic drugs a big problem in your area: to rent, to buy
  137. where do i belong?: rent, house, job market
  138. Which neigborhoods/cities in the US feel foriegn?: neighborhoods, architecture
  139. Where to Retire, NC, FL, TX, VA: insurance, house
  140. Are Southerners and Northeasterners the only people who recognize thier accents?: land, cities
  141. get out of Florida..: DMV, to live in, to move
  142. Is North Carolina becoming the next Florida: transplants, 2013
  143. What City or Suburb has gone downhill the most in the last 10-20 years?: middle-class, section 8
  144. Is America becoming a centralized country again?: living in, centers
  145. North vs. South (Carolina)... the good, the bad, and the ugly?: middle-class, transplants
  146. Cities with suburbs with a population of 100,000+: metro, areas
  147. Tri Cities metro areas in the US: beach, worth
  148. Region with best quality of life?: low crime, hotels, theater
  149. How to move with no job?: extended stay, sublease
  150. What would you consider a Yankee?: live, eat, rated
  151. Minimum city or metro size to not be boring?: neighborhoods, living in
  152. Small, lds friendly town in the south: live, restaurants
  153. Best city & state name tandem most aesthetically pleasing to hear?: color
  154. Which city in the US would be the best for a man like me?: suburbs, areas
  155. Best cities for geek's that are NOT in California.: fit in, 2013
  156. Most remote part of your state?: live, ferry, areas
  157. best city in USA to live 1 year and have fun: home, minimum wage
  158. Is the rest of the USA pretty much identical to the south or is it significantly different inside): transplants, house
  159. In 10 years will VA and NC be solidly Mid-Atlantic?: moving to, suburbs
  160. Do transplants REALLY make the South, Mountain West, and Rural America more liberal?: violent crime, new home
  161. 17 cultural reasons why this european never wants to live in the US: living in, best
  162. Do you prefer to live in a Sunbelt or a Old School type of city: fit in, apartments
  163. Best place to live for Marine Biologist in west coast?: university, moving to
  164. Where in the US is your perfect climate?: tornadoes, live
  165. Which city do you think will be the next Portland or Austin: transplants, college
  166. Why do so many people on this forum try to make the case that MD, WV, and DE are Southern?: living, shop
  167. How British is the Mid-Atlantic and Boston by ancestry?: transplants, taxation
  168. Would you rather live in a earthquake prone area of hurricane?: construction, tornado
  169. Streets named for interesting or unusual people: homes, neighborhood
  170. Best states to raise your kids- #1 NJ/#50 NM: apartments, low crime
  171. Best Southern city for a single 30-something childfree woman?: to rent, condo
  172. What parts of the US have similar climates to major European cities?: transfer, versus
  173. Does this exist? Liberal, non-religious, medical/legal marijuana, good schools: real estate, low crime
  174. What medium sized city do you think has the most to be a major city?: real estate, apartments
  175. Where does the West Coast fit into North/South divide?: gated communities, live in
  176. After Miami, Which city in the South feels the most international?: school, metro area
  177. if you had unlimted amounts of money where would you move to?: where to stay, oceanfront
  178. What city in the U.S. can you recommed for relocating: transplants, apartment
  179. Are there more airplanes in the sky on the East Coast?: how much, neighborhoods
  180. What's the most English part of North America?: live, to move
  181. Hippy Friendly Towns?: organic, living, farms
  182. With all bias aside, list several negatives and positives about your current city: low crime, homes
  183. How far west do you have to go in the US...: how much, live
  184. Where in the US has the best summer weather?: living in, to move
  185. signs of spring in your hometown Report in: live in, yard
  186. Whatver happened to 'Places Rated' books that used to come out like clockwork?: live, stats
  187. Southerner vs. Northerner Views of Slavery Today: house, to buy
  188. What makes the Sunbelt so flashy?: transplants, how much, house
  189. Has the Pacific Northwest always been liberal?: transplants, high school
  190. Best cities to raise a biracial child?: school, university
  191. Most relaxing east coast major city?: place to live, beaches, congested
  192. Suggestions On Where To Live: real estate, low crime, home
  193. Portland, OR, Achorage, AK or San Diego, CA???: house, good schools
  194. Place in US with weather like So-Cal that isn't So-Cal?: real estate, living in
  195. If you're still living in the Northeast or Midwest...: home, layoffs
  196. Updated Top 101 lists?: good, plans, census
  197. This would be awesome: cities, people, used
  198. Art Communities/Communes: living in, business, place
  199. Finding a job outside your own state: apartment, rent
  200. What city, county, state, or region in the U.S is the cleanest?: statistics