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  1. Guantanamo Bay (non political): lease, hotels, houses
  2. living on the move.: job market, camper, to move
  3. What do localized advertisements look like in your area?: design, companies
  4. Best city for mountain views?? East TN or West NC--secluded: purchase, income
  5. Does anywhere fit all my criteria?: college, move to, beach
  6. While making arrangements for upgrading the interiors: cost, designs
  7. Cyprian/Cypriot Americans: live, shop, barbershop
  8. Top 5 most common industries and occupations in your city or town?: 2013, restaurant
  9. Help me find my city: low crime, school, living
  10. Places with a very strong sense of community?: house, neighborhoods
  11. Cheapest, Liberal Place on the Coast: houses, income, taxes
  12. Most and least competitive cities: professionals, moving to, rating
  13. seeking list of congressional districts and their population: free, census
  14. Thriving Downtown Shopping Districts: chapel, university, income
  15. Are the Midlands really the Land of Misfit Cities ?: fit in
  16. High Desert within 4 hours of Santa Clara?: casinos, living
  17. What is your preference when it comes to nightlife?: theater, live
  18. Minneapolis Vs Raleigh or Charlotte...Fashionable City?: live, stores
  19. How do I get my license plates back?: insurance, living
  20. City Choices for a Single Scientist: 2013, neighborhood, living
  21. What's the safest winter route from NE to OR?: moving to, trailer
  22. Moving to one of states, Massachusetts, Maine, or New Hampshire, next year and dont know where to start...: rental car
  23. i want to move to USA: immigration
  24. Can you locate a city based on factors?: violent crime, job market
  25. Where can I best find this community for myself?: for rent, HOA fees
  26. How are metro areas ranked if they cross state lines?: college, taxation
  27. Cities With Great Community Theater: live, shop, company
  28. Are people from the Northwestern US reserved/introverted?: friendly, reputation
  29. Health consciousness vs. obesity: Why?: 2013, neighborhoods, high school
  30. Thoughts on this article?: 2013, residential, rating
  31. puget sound vs front range: home, college, living
  32. Confused and Insulted: land, places, history
  33. What cities would you move to if you came to the U.S as an overseas Immigrant.: find a job
  34. How different would America be if it was like this?: area, population
  35. Looking for relocating advice/suggestions: 2013, apartments, for rent
  36. Which city sounds most fitting?: job market, college, live
  37. Palo Alto, San Jose, Bay Area: middle-class, transplants, how much
  38. How do you evaluate which city you are actually from? Gypsies & army brats: home
  39. Has driven to Salt Lake City via I82 E/I84 E: home
  40. Could this be your theme song?: home, live, studio
  41. Where to buy land and house: sales, schools
  42. Best Small City for Young Adults: apartment, rent, chapel
  43. Are there Jewish communities where most are still of German descent?: 2014, home
  44. Denver vs Salt Lake City?: fit in, how much, houses
  45. Mexican immigrants to the U.S. who don't speak Spanish: construction, school
  46. Recommendations for medium sized towns for a family?: best cities, real estate
  47. Best us city ??!!!!!!: income, living, restaurants
  48. Which region has your favorite climate?: movies, interior, humidity
  49. Where to raise a family in U.S.?: homes, safe neighborhoods
  50. The restaurant: restaurants, floor, places to eat
  51. Where should I move to? Money is no object.: apartment, buying a house
  52. Searching the East Coast: apartment, townhome, neighborhoods
  53. Living in No Fault car insurance States: home, deductible
  54. Getting from Chicago, IL to Columbia, SC: renting, cheapest
  55. Eastern TN versus NW-NC living, taxes, family-life compared to the northeast ?: real estate, foreclosure
  56. Best City for Social Life?: cities, dating, outdoor
  57. the US and the Pan American Highway: home, cars
  58. Are Columbus and Indianapolis Midwest/Sunbelt hybrids?: neighborhoods, college
  59. Mid-Twenties Woman looking for a new city with great food!: fit in, houses
  60. Best place to live in the United States if you aren't White and want to live a good life?: living, area
  61. 'Murrican cities you really want to travel to: beaches, food
  62. What is the most dangerous neighborhood in your city??: crime rate, roughest
  63. Must Do's when visiting a city that your future home: extended stay, apartment complexes
  64. What is worst thing in your state?: mobile home, tornadoes
  65. Most exotic and different US state: home, beach, food
  66. Which state has the best quality of life?: cul-de-sac, unemployment
  67. Dallas vs Boulder?: real estate, apartment complex, how much
  68. What cities have characteristics: to buy, to live in, shop
  69. States where the second largest metro outshines the largest metro?: 2015, unemployment rate
  70. Best cities for people who just want a comfortable middle class life?: living, moving
  71. Affordable, Liberal, College Town: 2014, chapel, house
  72. Do you ever wish that the United States had an overall stronger European cultural influence than it does?: how much, cheap home
  73. Friendly Americans: What's the origin?: movies, college, live in
  74. Best city for Job Opportunities and low cost of living?: employment, centers
  75. Will Los Angeles ever become the largest city and/or metro area in the usa?: house, living in
  76. How common is the Sunday Roast Dinner in the US?: house, live
  77. where would you spend the winter to escape the cold if you had your pick of anywhere: live, beach
  78. Is living in NYC and buying a getaway home in VT too far if I plan to use it often throughout the year?: condo, house
  79. City that offers outdoors, accepts Asians, and has a good legal market?: fit in, lawyer
  80. What would the usa be like if nyc, la, Chicago, and dc were all one city?: live, beach
  81. What cities have the best and worst quality roads?: rating, metro area
  82. Dry AND Rainy: 2013, living in, best
  83. Mapping America's mood: 2013, home, transfer
  84. Best major city for someone who doesn't like people?: construction, living in
  85. Cities that you would NOT move to under circumstance: high crime, gated
  86. Your favorite American invention?: how much, live, automobile
  87. Differences between African American accents: school, vs., parking
  88. Young Male Looking for New City: vs., move to, bike
  89. Using this list of metro areas, where do you draw the line for a big city ?: 2013, live in
  90. Does the city life get old?: apartment, condo, living in
  91. Which cities have the most braggarts?: living, cost of living, cars
  92. Are there other secession movements in the US (A la North Colorado): home, vs
  93. What cities are different from how they are portrayed?: transplants, 2013
  94. $20k in savings where would you go?: motorhome, job market
  95. Domed Stadiums may be doomed: 2014, house, high school
  96. Most walkable, culture-rich, naturally beautiful, cooler-climate city in the U.S.: 2013, low crime
  97. Where in Germany did German American immigrate from: stats, vacation
  98. Most Economically Stable City: job market, contractors, wages
  99. Cleanest major metropolitan areas?: suburbs, rank, cities
  100. Do the bulk of white americans look more British/Irish or German?: 2013, university
  101. Favorite/Least Favorite Climate in Continental U.S.: live, vacation
  102. four friends in search of utopia: house, employment
  103. Metro areas where the suburbs are more working class than the central city: college, incomes
  104. Where are all the nice people: home, taxes, live
  105. Are White Americans a real ethnic group?: live, racist
  106. Combine 4 cities and their attributes to make your PERFECT city: apartments, city hall
  107. What is the America I am thinking of?: renting, live
  108. List of the Murder Capitals: crime rates, dangerous, stats
  109. What's Your Dream City?: live, best, money
  110. 3 most important factors in choosing a city to live in: crime, unemployment rate
  111. Do you think Washington state and upstate New York are similar in ways?: new construction, college
  112. Where to immigrate to USA?: for sale, real estate, cheap apartment
  113. Best city that would fit this criteria?: houses, job market
  114. gothic looking cities in the USA: crimes, houses, neighborhood
  115. What are the best diverse cities with four distinct seasons?: low crime, college
  116. Which prestigious area would you rather live in?: neighborhoods, university
  117. Larger cities (let's say 200,000+) where a lot of the population are from the city?: fit in, transplants
  118. Does Ohio have more in common with North and South Dakota than it does with Pennsylvania and New York?: unemployment rate, versus
  119. Cities that are cosmopolitan, but not sophisticated: live in, young professionals
  120. How much different are small towns from big cities?: homes, neighborhoods
  121. Northerners: Is shovling snow or doors jamming really that much of a problem for you?: transplants, apartment
  122. posters and obsession with race?: to live in, vs, racism
  123. What is wrong with a state being flat?: how much, houses
  124. When driving, how do you react to funeral processions?: home, live
  125. Sleeping at Rest Areas?: hotel, safe area, law
  126. Are there cities on the east coast with weather similar to Southern California?: beach, area
  127. What do Southerners think of the Northern United States?: condos, home
  128. Which major US cities would you consider to be the most 'ghettoish': homes, neighborhoods
  129. Decisions Decisions (A Where Should I Live: condo, chapel
  130. Row House Cities!: apartment, houses, safe
  131. Rank regions according to where you would prefer to live: area, location
  132. Safe, fun downtowns: homes, neighborhoods, movie theater
  133. You can never go home again: homes, schools, quality of life
  134. 50 States, 50 Sandwiches: high school, oven, distance
  135. Which state is the All-American state?: home, movies
  136. help! Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Orlando, Phoenix, or Tampa?!: sales, apartment
  137. Best place to open a candy store?: neighborhoods, buyers
  138. Best mountain city?: 2013, house, to live in
  139. Is it really that hard to find a job in the United States right now?: student loans, Home Depot
  140. Equivilent of Oceanside, CA on East Coast? Help!: insurance, homes
  141. Cities with a weird/eerie vibe?: to live, bill, housing
  142. Does your city get a true Fall season?: live in, moving to
  143. What neighborhood in your city to be attracting the most transplants?: neighborhoods, price
  144. Which of 4 New England towns/cities would you most want to live in and why?: homes, college
  145. What cities/places could you drive to in 12 hours?: amusement park, calculating
  146. Which states are cleanest, enviromentally?: to move, air pollution, farm
  147. Best places in the South to live?: fit in, real estate
  148. What do you love about October in your city or town?: bars, vacation
  149. Most popular sports teams in each state: high school, college
  150. Happiness/health of people a decade ago compared to now: credit, live
  151. Most popular celeberties come from which state?: celebrities, population
  152. Best place to live for medical care?: insurance, chapel
  153. Does the average American know the difference between NY & NYC?: versus, vacation
  154. Rural areas with large % of blacks?: organic, live in, law
  155. Cities/places similar to Dallas: transplants, home, good schools
  156. ANYwhere in U.S. - Warm Ocean City, Good Transit?: live, transportation
  157. In which cities are Baseball more popular than Football in the US?: 2013, buy
  158. Revised Criteria: Need Help With My Dream City Again: home, neighborhoods
  159. Name a city that has a good yuppie and blue collar balance....: live, single
  160. minorities or LGBT people who doesn't find living in a diverse are a high priority?: neighborhoods, income
  161. hot summer; snowy winter cities: home, good schools, prices
  162. Places to live for 40 y.o. selectively-outdoorsy female...: crime, home
  163. What cities in the United States have lots of Irish heritage?: calculated, vs.
  164. Most remote town: hotel, houses, buy
  165. Which Cities will emerge from the Recession on Top?: foreclosed, renting
  166. Moving to USA: insurance, crimes, to live in
  167. Guess your Accent Quiz: university, live in, metro
  168. Which city is the cheapest out of: 2013, apartments
  169. What city is best for me to move to?: rent, high crime
  170. Anywhere in NE US not riddled with crime??: low crime, home
  171. Cities with best entertainment/recreation opportunities: 2015, skateboarding, place to live
  172. Name the places where your car has broken down.: sales, 2013
  173. Philly and NY: live in, best, metro
  174. What's trendy in your city or town?: 2013, restaurants
  175. Winter climate in your city or town: live in, airport
  176. Where should I go for my new start? advice greatly :): cliquey, apartment
  177. Most remote and isolated part of your state?: vacation home, moving
  178. Best cities for a young single lesbian to live in: 2013, college
  179. Pho Life!: 2013, live, restaurants
  180. cities big on O&G besides Houston?: how much, living
  181. How many people know that Kansas City is in MO?: school, living
  182. Why is the prejudice or hostility toward people because of where they are from somewhat socially acceptable?: transplants, sales
  183. Strangest, or funniest high school mascots in your area: high schools, live
  184. Why Do So Many People Do This? Relocation): fit in, renting
  185. Which states are really two or more put together?: live, design
  186. Affordable Mild Weather Small Cities without Humidity or Gloom: houses, to live
  187. In Which States Would One Be More Likely To Encounter Bigfoot Or Mothman?: 2013, airport
  188. Which U.S. city to be the most miserable and why?: crime, unemployment rate
  189. Does Suburban Culture Exist Much Out East?: cul-de-sac, movies
  190. Name one obscure city that you like......: crime, home
  191. Good cities that fly under the radar?: area, interior
  192. We HAVE to get out of the South! Help Relocating?: neighborhood, college
  193. Help wanted from people residing in certain city's with athletic children: chapel, home
  194. Help me turn my “Sheep in the BIG City” dream to reality :): living
  195. advice/ opinions on what to do in my situation super: real estate
  196. Regions of the U.S. that are nearing carrying capacity: metro area
  197. Can we find what we are looking for?: to rent, home
  198. Interactive Demographic Map of 2010 and 2000 Census: neighborhood, living, statistics
  199. Perfect climate? Perfect fall?: houses, homeschool, safety
  200. buying a used Car and car insurance: to rent, transfer