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  1. Am I living in a dream or this is: low crime, new home
  2. What Midwestern city (exc. Chicago) is the most All-American city?: movies, live in
  3. What's the best way to establish yourself in another city without a lot of money?: apartments
  4. Where do all the Icelandic people coming to the US live?: population, place
  5. Cities/Regions With a lot family connections: homes, living
  6. Austin, Tuscan, Chapel Hill, Boulder, Charlottesville, or good ole California?: transplants, house
  7. Austin Vs Nashville Vs Knoxville Vs Greenville-Entertainment: neighborhoods, theater
  8. States with overall lowest taxes?: sales, how much, house
  9. Best city/state for a fresh start: extended stay, for rent
  10. Combined Stastitical Areas: live, rated, work
  11. Where to move!!!: houses, unemployment rate, safe area
  12. City Trivia: residential, cities, town
  13. Michigan Statewide Singalong. Which city won?: best, harbor, spring
  14. Best Place for a well-off young liberal family to live: low crime, chapel
  15. New England/New York Lake/Ski Cities: school, community college
  16. What state is this license plate from?: license plates, design
  17. Which US cities Have a Reasonable Retail Store Rentals: crime, neighborhoods
  18. Wet America vs Dry America: sale, 2014, house
  19. Food For Perspective: middle-class, for rent, loans
  20. HRC Municipal Equality Index: 2013, live, cities
  21. Smaller metro bypassing larger, more well known metro in the same state state.: vacation home
  22. My little Astoria, NYC tour video: transfer, live, state
  23. LA vs Chicago vs DC for families: good schools, pros and cons
  24. Good Place for Me to Live?: job market, to move, activities
  25. Which U.S. state is equivalent to my U.K. county?: spring break, hotel
  26. Where should we move? Help us decide...: low crime, house
  27. Leaving the big city. (NYC) Looking for a new city to relocate to.: rent
  28. Northern Irish student. Where to go term abroad???: buy, schools
  29. Does an Underground Music Scene Exist Anywhere in the US?: live, warehouse
  30. NE & Mid Atlantic Coast Small City: crime, houses
  31. Needed: Excellent public transportation and good jobs: apartment, HOA
  32. Do states with the highest population densities tend to be the wealthiest in modern America?: income
  33. Where in the country can you find the oldest/most established Indian or South Asian communities?: estimate
  34. Obtaining residency, attending college: loans, high school, university
  35. Which US state has you of the most painful/traumatic/bad experiences of your life?: best
  36. Would you travel to Europe for dental care?: insurance, deductible
  37. Medford, OR vs Colorado Springs, CO...outdoors & cost / pay rating: camping, living
  38. America's Super Zips -- Conglomerations of Wealth in Major Urban Areas: 2013
  39. Best Place in US for a UI Developer / Web Designer: find a job, quality of life
  40. City for Young Professional: school districts, young professionals, shop
  41. Looking for OUR perfect town....: house, unemployment rate, neighborhood
  42. Unlikely seeming states that you think will 'legalize it' in the next 10 years?: cities
  43. Rural vs Urban, where is ADD more prominent(in percantages, not base population): live
  44. What do states that have legalized SSM have in common?: university, cities
  45. Milder climate, forests, hiking?: condos, how much, home
  46. Bison vs. Bear: home, photos, hot
  47. Are hotels suspicious of in-town guests?: hardwood floors, renting, house
  48. For that may be interested in demographic information: college, income
  49. Dream Job or Dream City read: living in, money
  50. Is the Midwest America's most Christmassy region?: city hall, home
  51. An explanation of the Cascadia movement: transplants, military
  52. Cheap affordable cities with great public transportation, tons of jobs, friendly people, good weather: real estate, homeowners insurance
  53. POLL: Which region should tourists visit?: to rent, taxis, price
  54. Most remote/scenic/difficult-to-drive-to *bar* in the Lower 48?: 2013, motel
  55. The best city in the country to send kids to public school?: middle-class, neighborhoods
  56. What are the WORST College towns?: home, school, universities
  57. Being happy in a 'lower tier' city or state...: live in, best
  58. for black people: to live in, move, prestigious
  59. Are Midwesterners really that friendly after all?: live in, versus
  60. Great Plains and Rocky Mountains: pretty much the same culturally?: transplants, airport
  61. Cities not mentioned at all or much on: beach, spring
  62. Non-English settler/immigrant languages with long continuity in the US (eg. Pennsylvanian Dutch , Louisana French): home, school
  63. What dialect do you speak? A map of American English: 2013, living in
  64. What video best represents your city?: live, stadiums, aquarium
  65. Why isn't Hippie Culture popular East of the Rockies?: how much, lawyers
  66. What Other State Would You Live In?: living in, move to
  67. Austin, Phoenix, Ft. Worth, or Spokane? Which city would be best for me?: apartments, rentals
  68. Amtrak Ridership Fiscal Year 2013: living in, rail, stations
  69. How you pronounce certain words with multiple pronunciations(Dialect? Accent?no?): lawyer, theater
  70. Southerners with Canada?: living in, stores, move
  71. awesome small towns near big cities: 2013, universities, living in
  72. Moving! Again... Looking for my place to settle: low income, chapel
  73. Jaded about everything: fit in, condo, high school
  74. Most Multiculti City (Outside NYC)?: how much, neighborhoods, living
  75. Most Casual Dress City: transplants, how much, motel
  76. Rank the following states in order of being the most Old Western: home, school
  77. What's a city that's like Dallas but with great public transit?: public transportation, pine
  78. What place do you think is the most overrated on citydata?: chapel, living
  79. What college that has accepted me is in the nicest city?: crime, dorms
  80. Which state has the most interesting history?: university, auction
  81. What region meets the following criteria...?: 2013, live, safest
  82. New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles are the worst U.S. cities to live in!: purchasing, living
  83. Why is Philly not considered cool like Chicago/NYC?: job market, neighborhoods
  84. Dallas VS Miami VS Houston ... Which City Has A More Bearable Summer: neighborhood, move
  85. Why do people stay in cold US climates? Poll: low crime, income
  86. International Exchange to the US: Where to study?: transplants, transfer
  87. US cities with original,rare and unique names: neighborhood, cinema
  88. Most Beautiful Cities From the Air: shop, airports, land
  89. What city is like Phoenix but colder?: transplants, live
  90. LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas or Hawaii?: hotel, living
  91. New York City vs Chicago vs Los Angeles vs Miami vs San Francisco vs Phoenix vs Newark (NJ): job market, pros and cons
  92. Poverty rates for the 25 largest metro areas (2012): 2013, how much
  93. Muslim & Hijab Friendly City that is affordable and has a good job market: rental, maintenance
  94. Safest U.S. cities--small, medium or large: violent crime, chapel
  95. Picture perfect stepford community? Does it exist?: salons, real estate
  96. What's worse - Arizona or Deep South summer?: how much, gated
  97. Decent city to start fresh (Need suggestions): school, live in
  98. Border cities/towns along the Mexican and Canadian borders that are closer in culture to the other country: school, university
  99. Does America have too many large cities?: live, transport
  100. What city is most at odds with the state it resides in?: crime, tax
  101. LGBT Acceptance: 2013, neighborhoods, college
  102. Is shrimping easy?: how much, home, buy
  103. Gulf Coast or Southern Atlantic Coast?: transplants, movers, how much
  104. From 20s to 30s, does your preference on city of residence change?: middle-class, how much
  105. Does Virginia have more similarities with Maryland or North Carolina?: chapel, houses
  106. Moving to the STATES..: rent, find a job, university
  107. What region should I go to for my junior year abroad?: renting, how much
  108. Was America ultra-cheap in the 70s?: apartment, how much, house
  109. What is the best neighborhood in your city?: real estate, rental
  110. For blacks or other visible minorities: How do you feel if you live in a town that has less than 1% of your race?: crime, neighborhoods
  111. Me and my girlfriend want to move to another state.: job market, schools
  112. Cities Ranked by 2012 Per Capita Crime: high crime, dangerous, statistics
  113. A list of things foreingers couldn't believe about the US until they moved: sales, 2013
  114. Tired of Florida. Looking for an affordable/fun place for Gay Singles? San Diego? Denver? Austin? Seattle?: 2013, co-op
  115. What city is biggest on World Cup?: live, vs.
  116. help! Down to Earth girl in search of peeps!: fit in, chapel
  117. 16 American cities foreign governments warn their citizens about: 2013, crime
  118. Attempting the impossible...finding perfection...: school districts, property taxes, living in
  119. What foreigners find most novel about America: 2013, hotels
  120. Road trip from PHX to NYC: rental car, rental, hotel
  121. Rank your to 5 most important/influential American cities: home, Walmart
  122. Why is so much of New England and New Jersey hidden from Google streetview?: houses, wealthy
  123. The most liberal and conservative major cities in US?: metro, American
  124. Most futuristic city in North America?: home, to live in, restaurants
  125. Best Places to Live Up North for Southerners: home, neighborhoods
  126. Do You Feel Safer in Southern or Midwestern cities?: live, safe
  127. Will Philadelphia Ever Join The New York Metropolitan Area: military, suburbs
  128. Driving 5000 miles alone: rent, bus, move to
  129. States With the Tallest (and Shortest) Residents: live, versus
  130. Streetcar suburbs: apartment, homes, neighborhoods
  131. Sex-Positive Cities: home, legal, move to
  132. Cities that look old but not historic: chapel, houses
  133. Maryland's view on Virginia?: place to live, malls, transportation
  134. Best city for young, poor, artistic parents??: low income, apartment
  135. The cheapest but most vibrant downtown in the USA?: apartments, rent
  136. Best Smallish Towns in Western US: house, theater, school
  137. What People Think or Say About Your City: neighborhoods, live in
  138. Introvert in IT comparing NC cities to cities in different states with the idea of relocating: fit in, rent
  139. Cities with nice or ugly borders: 2014, nicest, suburbs
  140. Best Ski Areas and winter recreation in the US/Canada: ski resorts, real estate
  141. 20 Awesome U.S. Cities You Need To Visit In Your 20s: 2013, student loans
  142. Young couple is desperate need of help!: rent, crime rate
  143. How does the future of the south look?: 2013, houses
  144. State With The Most Pride?: live, Americans, between
  145. Why Do You Live THERE?!: for sale, real estate, 2014
  146. The best designed Walmart.: 2013, neighborhood, suburb
  147. States with the least rural v. urban differences: transplants, college
  148. Reputation of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill outside of NC: houses, schools
  149. Can someone explain to me why Mississippi has not been booming as much as other Southern states?: school, casinos
  150. Will the US be and economic powerhouse in the 21st century?: oil, richest
  151. Why does the South have a blue collar reputation?: unemployment, movies
  152. What is spurring the urban revival of the 21st century?: transplants, apartments
  153. Where is the prettiest farm country to drive through?: homes, agriculture
  154. Would you ever move outside the U.S.?: apartment, homes
  155. Conservative metro areas in the Northeast?: hotel, licenses, suburbs
  156. Brits asked to label the United States: credit, how much
  157. What city has the most Movie Auditions and Casting Calls (besides New York and LA): credit, theater
  158. Naturally beautiful cities/towns with an urban/walkable core?: college, live in
  159. Sister States: home, live, safe
  160. Phoenix az vs Houston tx: appointed, home, university
  161. A City Like A Tom Waits Song: living, pit bulls
  162. Which Northern City is New Orleans Most Like?: restaurants, architecture
  163. Is this just a southern thing or is it an issue everyone in America?: living in, deal
  164. Tri-Cities in the United States: chapel, to live in
  165. Best time and place in the South for someone from the Northeast to snowbird for a week or long weekend: hotels, restaurants
  166. Name the first 5 U.S cities you can think of.: chapel, title
  167. Cities that people think are similar but are very different?: apartment complex, houses
  168. Minneapolis without the snow?: neighborhood, live, design
  169. Affordable Land, No Fracking: mineral rights, buying, live
  170. What region/section of the country has the best economy?: fit in, 2013
  171. Is it to live in two cities at once.: insurance, condos
  172. Business Capital of the US: shop, friendly, businesses
  173. In what states people have passive-aggressive behavior?: mold, friendly
  174. How many of your neighbors do you personally know?: cul-de-sac, HOA
  175. Best Cities for Women Who Wear Hijab: restaurant, move
  176. Looking for a new city: home, neighborhood, good schools
  177. Your 2nd Favorite City: income, living, rated
  178. If an architect was asked to design rowhouses for L.A. with an L.A. twist, what would they look like?: apartments, townhomes
  179. It's got good bones Cities with untapped: crime, houses
  180. France issues travel warning to certain US cities: safety, suburbs
  181. US MSA's ranked by violent crime rate (Old data from 2008, but still surprising): dangerous, versus
  182. America's most and least Biblically-Minded Cities: 2013, live, association
  183. Which state in the Midwest is your favorite?: pros and cons, place to live
  184. Affordable big cities with 4 seasons: unemployment rate, to relocate, rated
  185. Two-night getaway in the northeast- recommendations?: for sale, hotels, house
  186. Urban professionals, urban middle class families and urban middle class neighborhoods with diversity: middle-class, best neighborhood
  187. Drunkest States: sales, 2013, buying
  188. Choose a U.S. University: appointed, best neighborhoods, loan
  189. What major US cities have no traffic?: construction, assess
  190. Places to Build an Interstate Highway: construction, rooftop, transportation
  191. Exeter NH vs Amesbury MA: restaurants, store, moving
  192. City-walk videos: snow, present
  193. Cities with plenty of Civil Aerospace Jobs: employers, offer
  194. get surprised?: real estate, insurance, lender
  195. Cities/areas where AM radio is on par with or is better than FM radio: places
  196. Responsibilities of a nanny?: appliances, house, school
  197. City friendliness ratings: garden, friendly, kitchen
  198. Bad First Impressions?: dangerous, cities, places
  199. Look at all the wealth in Washington, D.C.: middle-class, 2013
  200. As this arctic front dips southward, let your pets sleep indoors!: eat