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  1. The Happiest States in America: 2014, living in, health
  2. Young east coast couple looking to relocate not humid in the summer: find a job
  3. 60's nostalgia: cars, water, culture
  4. Another WHERE SHOULD I MOVE? post, a little different situation. Coastal cities? help!: real estate
  5. Single Female in mid 20s looking for ideal US city: place to live, nightlife
  6. biggest earthquake in us history?: areas, registered, damage
  7. Looking for a new place to live....: apartment, lease
  8. States with biggest public sectors?: live in, offices, ranked
  9. Looking for a friendly city for a dad with 3 sons: gay, soccer
  10. HELP what state to more to!: sales, house
  11. How do I find which state we should live?: schools, living in
  12. Best city(s) for young people: schools, living, low cost
  13. Im looking for 1920s-50s style skyine pictures in color of New York or Chicago [Help]: metro
  14. East Coast for a Young Professional: job market, college, income
  15. huge US city quizzes if you have a few hours to kill...: cities
  16. Are the Cleveland suburbs more similar to suburban Jersey or suburban Baltimore?: living
  17. Is the Northwest more like the Southwest or Midwest?: desert
  18. Smallest US Metros: metropolitan, areas, cities
  19. More Damaging to the U.S. Economy: Lack of Highways or Lack of Transit?: groceries
  20. Quality of Life rankings: purchasing, income, living
  21. Where to have a shot as an artist: live, to move
  22. Boulder vs Northern California city: condo, homes, university
  23. Looking for Interactive Map showing Regional Educational Attainment?: to live in, ranked
  24. First U.S. bitcoin ATMs to open soon in Seattle, Austin: 2014, money
  25. dot Net software developer jobs on the west coast: job market, salaries
  26. Best and worse cites for the homeless?: homes, neighborhood
  27. The Most Romantic City on Valentines Day: gas, park
  28. Suggestions on Which City to Consider Moving,: apartments, rent
  29. Best Coastal Cities for Mental Health / Hospital Social Work?: job market, living
  30. Looking for a nice, affordable city: apartments, low crime, living
  31. City With Intensely Fragrant Springs: neighborhoods, live in, vacation
  32. What is more important when a place to live - State, County, City, or MSA?: safe neighborhood
  33. Where should we move to?: real estate, buy, to live in
  34. Moving out of Northern Wisconsin: universities, to live in, metro area
  35. How do YOU move to a new city?: how much, living in
  36. Most iconic architectural landmarks in the US?: houses, restaurant
  37. Moving to a New U.S. City: low income, income
  38. North Dakota Leads Population Growth Again: how much, unemployment rate, estimates
  39. What happens when people abandon their cars during a snow storm?
  40. City that has the least days of green trees (leaves): 2013, living in
  41. Picking up and looking for a place to move: good schools, college
  42. Driving from Seattle to Las Vegas: safe, transportation, to eat
  43. Best city to live in NJ for a NY commuter (based on following points): low crime
  44. Cities with the Best Gyms in the USA: house, neighborhood
  45. Why do feel like their part of the USA is more authentically American or represents America more than others?: transplants
  46. Want to move out west, but where do I start? So confused: fit in
  47. About what proportion of Asian-Americans have more than three generations. Is Hawaii the only place where it's common?: statistics
  48. Similarities and differences between North Carolina and Tennessee culturally?: to move, near
  49. Similarities and differences between the Southern States historically and in terms of being rural?: live in
  50. Wealthy in a poor area OR poor in a wealthy area: renting, house
  51. Atlanta is the city of pheasants!: swimming, best, rattlesnakes
  52. Income and Property Taxes by County: 2013, how much, homes
  53. Between the end of slavery and the 1960s, did the United States receive African immigration? How much?: landlord
  54. estimate on how many Hispanic or Latin Americans descend from early settlers rather than later immigrants?: how much
  55. What part of the Western US has the most eastern climate?: to live
  56. Are domestic employees common where you live?: middle-class, houses
  57. Help: Trying to find a place to move!: college, living
  58. U.S. ranks 19th in world for retirement security: quality of life, taxes
  59. Recent College Grad Looking to Move: to live, centers, moving to
  60. Can't understand why after awhile, certain cities become so unbearably oppressive to live in, when things were good...: apartments
  61. New business set up & move from N.Ireland: 2013, hotels
  62. Most active city forum: chapel, suburbs, racist
  63. Countries with the hottest women (and how are American women): best, gay
  64. Best Route from Texas to Seattle in a moving truck?: interstate,
  65. Worried about high radon - what were your levels??: house, living
  66. If you were Mayor: violent crime, new construction, schools
  67. FL to Denver or Orange County help me choose (SW professional M)!: real estate
  68. East Coast vs West Coast?: cliquey, places to live, beach
  69. Similarities and differences between North Carolina and Virginia?: travel, around
  70. Regional/local department stores: home, neighborhood, price
  71. Most and least affordable cities: home, median income, live
  72. Low Income areas vs High income areas for integration: neighborhoods, live
  73. How MISERABLE is your state?: 2014, homes, living
  74. Unique popular local recreations: high school, dangerous, association
  75. The Racial Dot Map: live in, beaches, area
  76. Where should a young student settle: best cities, real estate, 2013
  77. tudor neighborhoods in the USA: for sale, real estate, houses
  78. Which word do you use to describe this thing? (photo included): shop, places
  79. Which city/state is the biggest transplant trap?: transplants, home
  80. What places in America could I live in that have the following requirements: insurance, home
  81. For that have lived in the same city their entire life: neighborhoods, middle school
  82. Best state with mild winters: 2015, lease, tornadoes
  83. Is the liberality of the Pacific Northwest overestimated?: to live, centers
  84. The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America: 2013, apartment, crime rate
  85. Need help deciding where to relocate (currently live in NYC): top neighborhoods, 2013
  86. Looking for a place that is walkable, socially conservative, and ethnically diverse: taxi, restaurants
  87. The phenomenon of university towns...: home, schools, universities
  88. Veterans not getting good paying jobs: sales, health insurance, job openings
  89. Why are counties in the western U.S. generally larger than in the east?: home, centers
  90. What state is for myself and family?: low income, rent
  91. what cities have very few to no ghetto areas?: violent crime, houses
  92. Starting over, crunchy parent looking for eclectic/eccentric small city/town!: rental, elementary schools
  93. What major city feels the most new?: architecture, buildings
  94. Northerners Living in the South: Share Your Experience: transplants, houses
  95. Most hated top 15 US metros.: how much, dangerous, suburbia
  96. Stuck in LA, Portland/Denver options: big house, tech jobs, neighborhood
  97. Southern hospitality; form over function?: live, hospitable, rated
  98. Differences between the southern states: transplants, sales, 2014
  99. Winston-Salem, Burlington, Spokane, Sacramento, or Indianapolis: high crime, chapel, home
  100. What major city surprised you the most after visiting for the first time?: how much, homes
  101. Which Southern state has the least amount of Northern transplants?: universities, casino
  102. Which cities should young people consider for moving?: neighborhoods, universities
  103. Looking for a storic city with natural beauty: houses, neighborhoods
  104. Cities that have Different Flavors: college, suburbs, transit
  105. legendary cities: unemployment rate, to move, to relocate
  106. Friendliest Town?: place to live, moving to, car
  107. What Area do You Think is Highly Underrated on: homes, tornado
  108. Louisana, Alabama, Mississippi, or Tennessee to live in?: transplants, low crime
  109. What does an American accent sound like to other English speakers?: island, Australian
  110. Inequality in America's Biggest Cities: low income, 2014, neighborhood
  111. Could an East Coast state surpass California in Asian percentage?: living, legal
  112. Sugestions to a 20yr brazilian moving to the US?: hotels, unemployment rate
  113. Top ten most educated metros vs bottom ten least educated metros!: low income, contractors
  114. Which of Choices of Cities Would You Suggest?: hotel, buying a house
  115. I am sick of the midwest - where should I move?: apartment, salary
  116. Satire where should I live post: best city, apartment
  117. Fun and Quaint Areas for Recent College Grads?: unemployment rate, university
  118. Brits wanting to road trip the US: rental car, rental
  119. Do people ever move north or east for climate reasons?: low crime, townhouse
  120. Where will climate change refugees go?: transplants, insurance, houses
  121. Why do American's like Mcdonald's so much?: home, live in
  122. The most CLASSIST county in the nation?: how much, homes
  123. Old money: 2013, co-ops, townhouses
  124. Why do Americans think Canadians have accents?: live in, park
  125. Single Engineer, 30, looking for worthwhile metro area advice: best cities, 2014
  126. Most and least religious states: school, live in, statistics
  127. South and seasons.: Valentine's day, trees, areas
  128. Does the eastern US feel damp and waterlogged all year like Cascadia?: how much, living in
  129. Midwest Poised for Major Revival?: 2014, apartments, houses
  130. Cheapest Large Cities: apartment, salary, living in
  131. One LAST Move and Things That MATTER: sales, real estate
  132. What are names of cities/regions in the united states that have a '-': design, title
  133. Describe your city in three words: houses, college, live
  134. Why aren't major cities capitals in the US?: centers, design
  135. Boulder, CO without cold: neighborhoods, university, statistics
  136. Chicago and philly similarities: houses, neighborhoods, income
  137. Do you agree with state stereotypes?: 2014, movies
  138. How long has your family been in the US?: living, rated
  139. Seeing the South: hotels, college, restaurants
  140. Most Visisted Places in the US: amusement parks, to buy, theater
  141. Is there city where most of the African Americans are recent immigrants from Africa?: live, metropolitan area
  142. help me find a new city/town: universities, living in
  143. To Move to Colorado or to Stay? I'm so torn.: rent, movers
  144. Dark skinned whites after 9/11?: live, restaurant, safer
  145. Moving South and West? Metropolitan America in 2042: real estate, home
  146. Why do people think it's cheaper to live in the South? The math says otherwise.: sales, homeowners insurance
  147. Better Downtown: Denver vs. Minneapolis: amusement park, neighborhoods, college
  148. How come there are not more Americans who are descendents of pre-American French and Spanish colonists.: live, wealthy
  149. Most beautiful state in the Midwest: pine, architecture, money
  150. Cities to move to ?: 2013, chapel, neighborhoods
  151. Looking to leave DC...want a city with good public transit, job market: real estate market, 2013
  152. Picking a Place to Live...: chapel, salaries, quality of life
  153. Is it for me to have a life in the US without a drivers license?: 2014, apartment
  154. What is the main Street of you downtown ?: city hall, live
  155. Next?: sales, camper, income
  156. How Is Climate Change Predicted To Change Your City?: 2013, tornadoes
  157. Where in America are you going to find the greatest variety in interracial couples?: college, to live in
  158. What eastern US city is most like Portland?: crime, home
  159. Urban city for young family with a kid: low crime, find a job
  160. City that has built, in the last five years, a huge regional INDOOR shopping mall?: mobile home, live in
  161. Most Misunderstood Major City for Tourist: transfer, neighborhoods, buses
  162. Decent cities that are gay and pet friendly ?: rent, house
  163. Why do people think the Midwest is boring?: mortgages, public school
  164. I need a city to go to for a weeklong vacation: best cities, crime
  165. Liberal cities with snow / less expensive real estate?: lofts, condos
  166. What is your state's biggest landmark?: sales, 2014, homes
  167. Best and Worst Cities to Live in with Climate Change: places to live, rated
  168. Which East Coast city is similar to Los Angeles in feel: how much, homes
  169. What State Do You Actually Belong In? (Quiz): appointed, homes
  170. Best city in the summer: live in, public transportation, things to do
  171. Snow Totals in your Area: home, live, cities
  172. Moving out of Cali, what's affordable state for asian family?: middle-class, for sale
  173. What Are the Cities/States with the Prudest Women?: movies, mold
  174. .. We Go AGAIN: crime, new home, employment
  175. Young asian male looking for an ideal US city to relocate.: real estate, condos
  176. In what CITY(s) do people feel the most comfortable talking to strangers?: live, restaurant
  177. Thinking of a vacation: best, summer, where to
  178. If I like mountains, outdoors, & city life - where?: neighborhood, live
  179. Most Dangerous States for Half a Century: crime rates, calculating
  180. Is moving to a new city after college difficult: 2014, apartment
  181. Is the west coast significantly less American than the east coast?: transplants, home
  182. Underground Power Lines - GET IT DONE UNITED STATES!: house, neighborhoods
  183. DC,Maryland,and Virgina African Americans?: fit in, suburbs, racist
  184. cities with biggest drinking/ alcohol culture: 2013, neighborhood, living
  185. What US state is the most insular?: 2013, living in
  186. What Are the Best Cities for Single Men?: dating, map
  187. Pointless Road Trips?: how much, home, neighborhood
  188. Best active cities with sun & snow: best cities, activities
  189. On a mission to find state with lowest taxes: transplants, sales
  190. What city/state would be the best fit for us?: 2013, low crime
  191. Moving from Washington state: apartment, rent, job market
  192. Houston or west palm beach: transfer, nightlife, fun things to do
  193. Amazing statistical coincidence about years that end in -4 and New York State's relative population vs. CA/TX/FL: 2014
  194. ​Struggling US Postal Service looks to bitcoin for new revenue: 2014
  195. FDA must act to remove antibiotics from animal feed: judge
  196. Census Statistics Released Today Show Origin and Destination of the 17 Million Who Move Between Counties Each Year: 2014
  197. Record Number Of Renounced US Citizenship In 2013, Critics Blame US Tax Law: money
  198. Great article on difference between New England and Midwest: vs., culture
  199. moving companies brooklyn: place, good, black
  200. How does Massachusetts look like from the 50s to 70s: state, reasons