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  1. North Carolina and Virginia, safe to pair together based off similarities?: borders, common
  2. Where to move? Surf, jobs, good weather: transplants, oceanfront
  3. Map showing growth rates......: 2014, neighborhoods, suburbs
  4. Relocation Advice Desired: transplants, real estate market, apartment complex
  5. Road Trip! Kansas to Montreal: rentals, hotels, live
  6. How Much Of Your City Do You Utilize?: home, to buy
  7. America's Coolest Small Towns 2014: home, college, budget
  8. Spring Break 2014: home, schools, university
  9. Components of population change in the 12 most populous U.S. states (2012-2013): 2015
  10. 3 sounds that remind you of home: train, ferry, subway
  11. What is your average annual income?: 2014, household, square
  12. What city have you always wanted to move to, but it just has not happened for whatever reason?: low income
  13. Which US city has the friendliest people / girl's ?: cities, lowest
  14. Would Prefer the East Coast, But Open to Suggestions: apartments, renters
  15. MOVING: Denver or OC?! (within the next month!! SWM professional): real estate, rentals
  16. US cities where easier to rent housing: apartment, rental
  17. Best Town in Country for Young Family with Business: low crime, big house
  18. How often (can) you move from a State to State?: apartment, insurance
  19. The main everybody asks...: cliquey, crime rates, unemployment
  20. Best metro for introverted singles in their 30s?: nightlife, metro area
  21. Is there city out there?: apartment, college, living in
  22. Brookings Institute and the MetroMonitor: 2014, best, metropolitan area
  23. City with the best water system: county, service
  24. How do you describe direction of travel?: home, tornado
  25. Are the vietnamese immigrants and vietnamese americans ethnic vietnamese or overseas chinese from Vietnam: 2013
  26. Your opinion on best city - Healthcare for the elderly: chapel, university
  27. Does the Southwest or Southeast have more public transit usage?: buses, housing
  28. How would you group the Midwest states together?: dinner, party
  29. Single woman on SSDI calling in ideas on relocating (to the south?): real estate
  30. Washington Vs. Pennsylvania for a teacher: fit in, school, military
  31. Better job market or lower cost of living?: real estate, buying a house
  32. What city meets my requirements?: low crime, home, school
  33. Battle of the Top 5 Live Band Cities in America Genre: living, club
  34. Have you ever moved to new place all alone?: employment, place to live
  35. Best East Coast Beach City to Live in Year-Round: rentals, condos
  36. Which region, culturally is influenced more by immigration after the earlier settlers arrived: Northeast or California?: to move
  37. Moving from Austin, Texas for another warming weathered bike friendly city!: skateboarding
  38. Most attractive U.S. city (females): how much, home, rated
  39. 2013 Gallup-Healthways Well-being Index: ferry, parks, metropolitan area
  40. Affordable, Low crime place near the coast? Does it exist?: rental, neighborhoods
  41. What does country boy / girl mean in your area?: house, living in
  42. A great place to move?: cheap apartment, college, to live in
  43. stay where they are strictly for work reasons?: apartment, salary
  44. Name all the US counties by state: work, time
  45. eh? Can someone explain this to me? (starbucks related): home, to buy
  46. How do you pronounce tournament ?: schools, teach
  47. What's the best place for me in the eastern/southern US?: renting, low crime
  48. Is working a rig without experience still a viable option anywhere?: home, live in
  49. Common Census City/Regional Map: stats, metro, top
  50. Suburban area with a Beach or small urban area?: transplants, attorneys
  51. Low humidity, warm climate and reasonable cost of living places to live in California: incomes
  52. Which city is best: spring break, live, military
  53. Good beaches to live on?: apartment, rent, home
  54. Graduating soon. Looking to use Spanish in a Social Work job, but where?: job market
  55. Most Affordable Cities List: real estate, 2014, renting
  56. Colorado - Oregon - Washington: real estate, how much, cheap house
  57. Ready to move out of CA: low crime, affordable houses, new construction
  58. Post Highway Time Lapses: beaches, directions, drive
  59. The personality of your city: price, military, malls
  60. Looking for a new move?? help: real estate, rent
  61. Best route to Los Angeles from Minnesota: where to stay, spring break
  62. Cheapest city for beach activities? jet ski,: areas, coastal
  63. difficult choice: neighborhood, schools, costs
  64. Most disability friendly state in the New England area?: section 8, rental
  65. Young-ish parents looking to leave NJ: crime rate, house, school districts
  66. LA, Vegas, Phoenix: 2034: middle-class, 2014, condos
  67. Pros and Cons to universities in urban, suburban, and rural areas....: crime rate, home
  68. Post pictures of your city from the 1950s: movies, construction
  69. Moving from Brazil to US! Where to live?: 2014, home
  70. Best Beaches on the East/South Coast: home, movies
  71. Is there city in the US that is safe and affordable?? I need to move!: apartment
  72. State Licence Plates: rentals, vehicles, companies
  73. Name a US city (if one exists) that is:: low crime, to live
  74. Washington, Colorado, Tennessee, or North Carolina?: schools, living, cost of living
  75. Quickest Route Burlington VT to Pueblo CO: how much, purchase
  76. Northeast vs. Florida: fit in, transplants, apartment
  77. Songs that remind you of the city: live in, train
  78. Most LIBERAL cities?: tax rates, health, requirement
  79. Earthquakes Across the West - something big coming?: 2014, school
  80. LA v.s..... the East: live, versus, transit
  81. The Random Streetview game: city hall, versus, businesses
  82. Has ever moved back to their home metro area and glad they did so?: apartments, dorms
  83. Which of the following states would offer the best All-American experience for a Brit?: schools, universities
  84. Best places for an 18 year old to move to?: crime, home
  85. Most affordable major U.S. city?: 2014, apartment, rental
  86. Moving to a city after graduation - which ones?: apartment, renting
  87. Texans Knoxville, TN or Greenville, SC: real estate market, 2014
  88. I'm looking to move and would like opinions,: apartment, rental
  89. Which state is the most similar to North Carolina?: university, live
  90. Can You Suggest a Progressive, Racially Mixed, Funky Town in the Northeast?: high crime, neighborhoods
  91. Where in the U.S. is it easier to make friends?: transplants, university
  92. Lesbian-Friendly Places: universities, living, young professionals
  93. Can move anywhere ... Can't decide where ... Help?: fit in, apartments
  94. Traveling from Alabama to California: appointed, hotel, restaurant
  95. What are the softest major cities?: crime rates, dangerous, homeless
  96. A what age did you acquire your hometown?: home, middle school
  97. Kiwi Student coming to the USA... where to go? :): home, high school
  98. Five states that are hated on most maliciously and consistently?: buy, quality of life
  99. Which areas have a significant adult environment?: 2014, condo
  100. Toughest sounding US accents: restaurant, gangs, food
  101. Deep South opinions of Virginia and North Carolina: transplants, construction
  102. Shopping Mall tiers by metro: middle-class, salons, crime
  103. Is Starbucks less popular in the South and Midwest?: live, vacations
  104. New England: Mild winter but nice fall foliage?: college, living
  105. Move from Long Island NY but to where??: appointed, house
  106. Street Cleaning In The USA: neighborhood, live, move
  107. Which towns represent the deepest of the Deep South?: metro, place
  108. Best city in U.S. or Canada to save money as a bartender?: 2014, find a job
  109. Mild winter but still snow?: apartment, to buy, income
  110. Would you rather live in Delaware or New Jersey?: sales, insurance
  111. Where should I live: apartment complex, rent, best hotel
  112. Looking for an upper-middle income, conservative suburb with chain stores, seasonal variation, and Asian people: condos, low crime
  113. Relocation help needed. Looking for liberal towns in southern states that aren't Florida.: apartment, chapel
  114. Downsides of dry climates?: house, gated, allergens
  115. Favorite city in your state: college, cities, island
  116. What are the best (must visit) national parks in the US: rated, top
  117. What state do you think I would fit in best with?: low crime, job openings
  118. Which cities are the most integrated?: neighborhoods, to live in, restaurants
  119. Why are of the cheap affordable cities so crime ridden and dangerous?: low income, crime
  120. Does anywhere fit my laundry list of wants?: real estate, 2014
  121. Where can I live without a drivers license in the US besides the top places?: unemployment rate, college
  122. What are the safest medium-large cities in the South?: low crime, statistics
  123. Do you live in a Food Desert?: 2014, neighborhoods
  124. Can't decide where to move! Reno, NV vs. El Paso, TX: apartments, leasing
  125. Which southern state has the best natural beauty?: ski resorts, beaches
  126. s for a warm, lakeside town perfect for my family?: low crime, houses
  127. Should the four U.S. regions become their own governments?: college, taxes
  128. closest city to fly to on West Coast- which one?: car rental, rental
  129. What is living in the Bible Belt like?: transporting, college
  130. Could the U.S. benefit from an autobahn replica?: moving, drivers license
  131. Moving from Long island, NY to peaceful: fit in, chapel
  132. What are noticeable differences between Western and Midwestern accents?: live, rated
  133. The most extreme in-your-face liberal elitist city in the U.S.: cities, population
  134. What small-medium city offers the best big city and urban feel?: airport, transit
  135. Aussie moving to USA: best cities, home, living
  136. How far south must you go to get away from the dead winter look?: landscaping, live
  137. College student road-tripping to scope out places to live-- cities not to miss?: how much, school
  138. Which Mountain West state has the best scenery?: best towns, home
  139. The most extreme right wing conservative metro in America?: suburbs, racist
  140. State Rankings...According to Flatness: 2014, science, great
  141. The weirdest thing you never knew about your state: home, purchase
  142. Help Me Figure Out my Dream City!: real estate, apartments
  143. Move to Mountains & West: spring break, low crime, hotels
  144. Does your state have lights on interstate highways in urban areas?: construction, live
  145. of city's best sights to see are in……suburbia?!?: hotel, home
  146. IRS; Richest zip codes in America: 2013, median income, tax return
  147. what cities are more often not called by their names?: county, town
  148. What part of the US has the shyest people?: friendly, dating
  149. Gondolas in American cities?: restaurant, cost, buses
  150. tired of Generica ?: job market, college, to live
  151. Getting out of Memphis - Where to?: affordable apartments, employment
  152. Music Festivals 2014: live, horses, tickets
  153. what would you miss most about your city if you left today?: wages, live in
  154. Metropolitan population estimates for July 1st, 2013: 2014, taxes, stats
  155. Cities to consider for young professional: crime rates, home, safe neighborhoods
  156. Love my job but hate the area I live in: fit in, lease
  157. Why are all expensive, nice houses so big in the US?: upper-class, sale
  158. Moving from New York City...Where to?: best cities, real estate
  159. Safest coastal town: 2013, crime, safe area
  160. Does such a place exist?: crime, home, good schools
  161. Of you could move which State would you like to relocate to?: home, living in
  162. Towns with food names: places to live, ranked, best to
  163. Does bigger make better? should it be?: neighborhoods, schools
  164. Rank the Mid-Atlantic states in the order you'd want to live: district, include
  165. Best and Worst U.S. Cities to live in: best cities, living
  166. What city has the best Music Scene: snake, town
  167. Best and Worst States to be a Taxpayer: sales, real estate
  168. Your city's rapid transit system: ideal build out: home, employment
  169. Post pictures of your city!: 2014, neighborhoods, college
  170. Which southern states are the most similar to one another?: college, best
  171. How often do you hear languages other than English being spoken in real life?: university, pharmacies
  172. Are the South and North really that different in climate?: home, to live in
  173. Dane moving to USA, what city would fit me?: appointed, apartments
  174. Do people in Liberal cities seem more reserved? If so why is this?: house, live
  175. Worst Traffic on East Coast: housing, suburbs, cars
  176. Where to move in the NY - New England area?: ski resorts, co-ops
  177. Post Google Street View to images that do NOT fit your state stereotype: county, pictures
  178. Mid-West Tornados: power lines, house, tornado
  179. Best route around america: 2014, movers, live
  180. Are westerners snobby about the east?: transplants, home
  181. Most and least stressful large metro areas?: crime rate, living
  182. Where to move? (public transit, culture, ethnic neighborhoods): employment, college
  183. what city/town in the US combines low COL and good public transport?: apartment, neighborhood
  184. small town or town in general that is isolated?: live, restaurants
  185. Uptown vs Midtown vs Downtown?: transplants, home, neighborhoods
  186. Does it look like Spring in your hometown?: 2014, home
  187. Which places in the US wear open-toed shoes like sandals or flip flops the most? Where is it accepted the most?: area, coastal
  188. Have you shoe styles to vary a lot across the country?: middle-class, beach
  189. What is the deal with northerners and heroin?: 2013, apartment
  190. for Folks int he Northeast/Midwest: power lines, school
  191. Austin, TX vs. Little Rock, AR: to rent, townhouse, theatre
  192. UFO activity, Alien, and Extra Terrestrial areas of the US: real estate, home
  193. Choosing between UB, U of Florida and TAMU: best city, 2014
  194. Good places for a young interracial couple in America to live other than California or New York?: living, restaurant
  195. 29 Surreal Places in America to see before you die: store, photos
  196. Living one place summers - another rest of year: retired, time
  197. What are the most interesting, unique and completely different U.S. towns?: to live
  198. 25 year old relocating from Europe - help: job market, salary
  199. Biology major looking for a job - Texas or DC area?: find a job, moving
  200. Would improvements of the Saint Lawrence Seaway and locks further into the interior greatly improve the fortunes of ...: move