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  1. Asset wealth by county?: income, companies, map
  2. Looking to move this fall.: house, unemployment rate, safe neighborhood
  3. Where I can find MSA commuter stats?: living in, rail
  4. The history of Western United States: transplants, houses, neighborhood
  5. Recent college grad looking for a city with large non-profit presence: job market, salary
  6. Looking for a city to move to.: apartments, for rent
  7. Moving from Texas want cooler/wetter climate and fishing: employment, to buy
  8. Source of heating data: condos, houses, live
  9. Best place in the U.S. to buy cheap forest land and build a homestead?: buying
  10. In general, what states are the most friendly and least friendly to outsiders?: house
  11. How would New York and Delaware go if New Jersey ceases to exist?: 2014
  12. Family Vacation: Boston, MA/Portland, ME/New Hampshire/Vermont HELP!: hotel, college
  13. Best BOOM-TOWN of the U.S.?: 2014, salaries, living
  14. Areas/cities that are harder on themselves than they should be: middle-class
  15. Moving to the States(Portuguese): apartments, house, school
  16. How would describe each of 9 regions? :): area, island
  17. who is/was excited about their move?: how much, house
  18. PNW people vs. New England people: fit in, transplants, home
  19. Would the Pacific Northwest suit me?: low crime, homes, college
  20. Best City for behind the scenes work in Film/TV other than L.A and NY?: salon
  21. Transferring, where should I move to (Portland vs. Denver vs. ?): how much, homes
  22. Safest and Most Dangerous U.S. Cities: 2013, crime
  23. Recommendations for cities that are warm, liberal, with natural beauty and where I could get a 2k sf house for 500k?: crime
  24. which state has the most rich history?: land, ranked
  25. What states/cities do various coastal resort destinations have their top spheres of influence?: ski resort
  26. What state is the best to move to asap? Cost of living, work,: job market
  27. How many languages for election materials in your city?: Korean, Vietnamese
  28. Has done a solo US road trip?: hotels, campsites
  29. Medical Doctor moving with family: 2015, renting, low crime
  30. Help me narrow my search?: low crime, new construction, college
  31. relocating to a warmer place (california?): neighborhoods, living in, prices
  32. Down to earth people: income, live in, bills
  33. Why are states low on illegal alien population?: neighborhoods, income
  34. Character icons from your state: high school, rules, parent
  35. Leaving grad school to relocate: loans, college, income
  36. What states are the most introverted?: moving, apply, people
  37. Best place to live for young female?! Need advice!!: restaurants, move to
  38. Where to settle down- young and self employed: house, employment
  39. finding job in another state and road trip - need advice!: apartment, rent
  40. Moving back to the US - where to go?: transplants, low crime
  41. States: low income, buy, pharmacy
  42. From Ohio To Maine and Back Again: hotels, home
  43. Relocating, but to where?: to rent, hotels, house
  44. Where to live in the southeast: home, university, living in
  45. most unique city: neighborhoods, school, casinos
  46. clearest/best looking beaches in USA?: beach, nicest, island
  47. Need help finding the perfect place: hotel, house
  48. Non-Western City Most Like Seattle: farmers, area, cities
  49. New Orleans v. Charleston v. Tampa Bay v. Orlando v. Jacksonville: crime rates, lawyer
  50. Texas vs Tennessee: house, movies, school district
  51. East Coast Beach Towns?!? Need help...: to rent, hotels
  52. food craftspeople out there?: living, to move, farm
  53. Help! on selecting my next home state,: transplants, homes
  54. What states do you think this fictional place is based on?: vacation, rated
  55. Use Google StreetView to find an area you think is all-American: location, places
  56. Regions with homes with chimneys but no fireplace: houses, crawl space
  57. What are cities where that are prominent for on supply chain Jobs: sales
  58. what town is the best to raise a family?: house, living
  59. I want to move and I am for feedback! Thank you!: 2013
  60. Best Mid/Large-size city for late 20s IT professional looking to have it all: best neighborhood
  61. Best largest U.S. cities to find a teaching job?: 2015, find a job
  62. Match the personality of the poster above you to a U.S. state: organic
  63. When a major recording artist goes on tour, what are the US cities s/he will definitely hit?: stadiums
  64. American cities that remind you of old 60's/70's/pre-Giuliani NYC: apartment, crime
  65. What cities are dangerous but not synonymous with danger like Detroit,: 2013, crime rate
  66. What city has the strongest LGBT community outside of San Francisco?: houses, college
  67. Areas of the south that are devoid of the southern accent: transplants, live in
  68. What would you consider the most Alaska-like state?: farm, best
  69. American man and Mexican (from Mexico) woman - where should we live?: houses, job market
  70. Best cities to start over and make new friends in?: credit, home
  71. Unbelievably safe cities: 2013, low crime, calculated
  72. The 50 States: Word Association- First thing that comes to mind?: transplants, sales
  73. Perceptions of Texas from non-Texans: home, construction, live
  74. The City holds the key to the State: how much, lawsuit
  75. The 50 States if They Were Highschool Kids: high school, island
  76. Looking for place to live in mountains, but only 1-25 minutes from beach...: rent, to buy
  77. What do you think would be the most interesting US state to live in?: rentals, condo
  78. Why small towns and country shown in bad light in movies.: crime rate, credit
  79. When a city or state resonates more with you, does that make the people seem friendlier?: fit in, live in
  80. The 10 most corrupt states in the U.S.: 2014, construction
  81. What U.S. city has little or no INTERESTING history?: agricultural, food
  82. Regional Usage of Sarcasm: live in, moving, expense
  83. Looking to move to an affordable, smaller city with low crime and good weather.: real estate market, condo
  84. What do Raleigh, Austin and Fayetteville, Arkansas have in common?: 2014, chapel
  85. Are basements common where you live?: new house, crawl space, suburbs
  86. Am I looking for the impossible ? need your help to find my ideal city: apartments, rentals
  87. Cities with thriving social scenes for 20-somethings?: appointed, neighborhoods
  88. What are the differences between the USA now, and the USA 15 years ago?: 2013, health insurance
  89. Moving out of NJ: for sale, chapel, homes
  90. Coolest city in the US?: associations, approval
  91. If you could steal one attraction from another city and put it in yours, what would it be?: tech jobs, schools
  92. Which state aligns with my political views the most?: job market, college
  93. Which city is more southern D.C. or Baltimore??: transplants, house
  94. If Midwesterners have no accent, why are they the most difficult to understand?: sale, how much
  95. New England vs the Canadian Maritimes: university, live, drivers license
  96. Most liberal and conservative town in each state: chapel, university
  97. Pair Each State to it's Exact Opposite State: house, vs.
  98. What city matches the following criteria?: crime, chapel, theater
  99. East coast city with low crime + no car?: rent, safe neighborhoods
  100. Should the Midwest be renamed the Inland Northeast ?: how much, schools
  101. Best Lake Cities: beach, friendly, rated
  102. States by: calculator, moving, ranking
  103. Compare and Contrast the Rural Midwest and the Rural Southeast, Culturally, economically: school, college
  104. Should the Great Lakes region be a separate region?: subdivision, agricultural
  105. If you live in a suburb...: how much, neighborhood, beach
  106. Is your town filthy?: house, neighborhood, living in
  107. How Much Could a Tourist Learn About American Culture?: to rent, live
  108. to permanently escape the Southeastern heat. s on where to look?: low crime, home
  109. Are you less likely to move to cities that are growing rapidly?: transplants, for sale
  110. Just returned from first trip to US ever: live, airports
  111. Trying to find home- which state to look in?: chapel, homes
  112. What major US cities are most well-known internationally?: how much, metro area
  113. Do you know middle age adults who never left their home state?: transplants, live
  114. What happens when everyone flees the Northern states: for sale, homes
  115. In your opinion .. What are the Most Robust Job Markets in USA ?: best cities, 2013
  116. Do people in the desert ever wish they could see more green?: houses, living in
  117. Least visited US states: prices, airports, office
  118. Best affordable cities for an artist / software designer?: 2014, rent
  119. Rent 1 br House < $400 anywhere in US?: apartment, to rent
  120. Should every city in the US aspire to be an NYC like city?: public transportation, title
  121. Excluding NOVA, would VA and NC be equally liberal?: transplants, movers
  122. Best states for boating and sailing???: dangerous, rank, areas
  123. Ithaca, NY vs. New Haven, CT: employment, schools, university
  124. WORST city promo videos/city music videos.: apartment, hotel
  125. Rowhouses in NC: neighborhoods, housing, areas
  126. Finding the love of your lufe- Where?: house, to buy
  127. What's a good city for a single, mid 20's guy in and around the South?: transplants, rent
  128. Metros with the best fitness levels and healthy living: 2014, apartment
  129. Which cities have the most propoganda?: home, colleges, taxes
  130. Best Southern City for a mid 20s Northerner: sales, high crime
  131. I want to move! Where can we go?: rent, house
  132. United Kingdom - The 51st State?: island, annex, reputation
  133. How Do People Commonly Classify Regions of Your State?: live in, suburbs
  134. Where to go in the US to make at least $500/week: crime rates, limo
  135. Houston and dallas latino and blacks: neighborhoods, high school, gated community
  136. Trying to find the right place for me: 2014, tech jobs
  137. Cities you'd recommend to live in but not to visit?: quality of life, living
  138. Cities that people tend to Love or Hate?: negative
  139. Would you agree if the USA traded Alaska to Canada...: oil, land
  140. Why didn't Baltimore and Washington receive the same migrants that the other northeastern cities got?: real estate, neighborhoods
  141. What cities have bike share systems and that do have one, how large and how much is the system used?: neighborhoods, beach
  142. US Cities with most underrated architecture?: homes, college, best
  143. Cities with the best Red Light Districts?: motels, home
  144. Are your city's highways gettting out of hand?: cost, cities
  145. Cities with the biggest drug problems? (2014): areas, Asians, towns
  146. US cities/regions with significant Korean population: home, to live in
  147. Match a city in the Northeast to a city in the Southeast: transplants, crime
  148. Why do people like to call cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore and Philadelphia scary?: 2014, crime rates
  149. Will Hispanics be the new Whites: 2014, home, buy
  150. Austin tops another list: 2013, new construction, move to
  151. states with best high schools: real estate, 2014, home
  152. What city has the best live blues music as of today?: best place, metro
  153. Songs that transport you to a place: apartment, hotel
  154. Do you think the U.S. state abbreviations should be different?: codes, engineering
  155. Best Cities in the South for a Conservative Republican Northerner?: transplants, house
  156. Cities with the most beautiful natural scenery?: rated, top
  157. News, Americans Today Moving Less Than Their Parents.: 2014, student loan
  158. Pittsburgh, Cleveland or Columbus: Best strategic location in North America?: best city, live
  159. Most dangerous COUNTY in the US?: crime rate, neighborhoods, suburbs
  160. Favorite bigger city downtown college campus?: universities, nightlife, activities
  161. Can you tell the difference between a Canadian and American?: how much, houses
  162. Which state has the hottest weather in the summer on average?: parking, oven
  163. Affordable, San Diego Alternative: real estate, condo, how much
  164. Moving from Australia to the USA: low crime, employment, good schools
  165. What are your favorite cities to go out for a drink?: hotel, wedding
  166. Why So Many Threads About How Tough Winter in the North Is...: live, moving to
  167. Best Thai food in the U.S.?: live in, restaurants
  168. Which northern states are the most similar to one another?: ski resorts, live in
  169. Giant, flat, congested heat grids: metro area, areas, cities
  170. Real life names for MSA's: chapel, DMV, live in
  171. Asheville-esque areas?: chapel, job market, universities
  172. Young family looking to move: insurance, affordable houses, job market
  173. Are cities really that boring?: 2014, apartments, how much
  174. Inexpensive housing on the East Coast: houses, job market, to buy
  175. What is your favorite U.S. beach?: swimming, ranked
  176. Should i move to Texas or Florida?: job market, good schools
  177. Best downtown riverfronts in the US?: living, restaurants, costs
  178. Which small/mid-sized metros are best prepared to become majors?: 2015, home
  179. What sort of leeway do your state/city/metro's police give for exceeding the speed limit?: insurance, house
  180. relocation, but I don't travel much...: apartment, rental
  181. Best major city for aspiring salon owner/stylist?: car rental, rental
  182. Good retirement city for active 50's couple: best towns, low crime
  183. Why is there more crime in East Coast cities opposed to West Coast cities?: violent crime, homes
  184. If you could live anywhere in the U.S...: homes, beach
  185. Gauge of major city by their pro sports teams?: college, military
  186. What States in The South Still Grow Cotton & Tobacco: 2013, buyers
  187. Similar metro areas to the Triangle region of NC?: transplants, chapel
  188. Are My Ancestry DNA results Correct??: live, move to, money
  189. Where would I most enjoy living?: law school, universities, law
  190. Are names overused in certain regions?: live, restaurant, cities
  191. to move to a warmer climate (TX, GA, LA, AL, AZ, or FL): chapel, university
  192. Don't know where to go anymore...: house, income, income tax
  193. Better to Buy or Rent? Calculator: 2014, home, cost
  194. New Mexico small mountain towns vs Colorado small towns: ski resorts, real estate
  195. Whats the best major city for a aspiring business owner/stylist in early 20's?: hair salon
  196. Songs that make you think about a particular place: title, song
  197. Pittsburgh to New York City? Looking for a new metro: school, university
  198. Cities with ambient (drone) music fest's?: annual, desert
  199. Traffic Light Congestion: cities, worst, intersections
  200. Best city to be a plumber in?: to relocate, plumbers