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  1. Austin vs Dallas vs Nashville: sales, consignment, home
  2. Advice on where to move jobs, climate, coastal: 2014, apartment
  3. Living in the city vs living in the country: homes, pharmacy
  4. !!help.: low crime, job market, schools
  5. States With Best Social Welfare Systems that can approach European countries ones: rent
  6. Which major city has the most people with social anxiety, shyness, ?: home
  7. Where should I head after nursing school?: transfer to, to live
  8. Healthiest states to live in: insurance, find a job, living
  9. San Antonio, TX or Jacksonville, FL - Huge Dilemma: rent, houses
  10. How are people in Silicon Valley so driven?: relocate, cars
  11. Need relocation advice for veteran in Florida. Help!: apartments, theater
  12. Have the opportunity to transfer to one of cities?: neighborhoods, income
  13. What is teh best way to get good deals of information about certain cities?: apartment complexes
  14. July 4, 2014: home, food, weather
  15. What state is good for water sports/activities but is pro 2nd amendment: beaches
  16. Which city has the most girl names In the U.S.?: living in, statistics
  17. Similarities and differences between North Carolina and the states it borders?: different
  18. US picky about suffixes on passports?: home, legal, renewal
  19. Best Cities to Celebrate Each Holiday: home, vs, deal
  20. Leaving Chi : What's the best US city for a single 35-yr-old professional female?: best cities
  21. Searching for new comfortable home: crimes, schools, community college
  22. What do you consider states in each region?: design, parks
  23. How is your FM/TV reception?: houses, neighborhood, rooftop
  24. DC > ??? Advice ..: real estate, 2014, mortgage
  25. Historic significance facts/events on your city: county, Indians
  26. Which cities will be a good fit for me?: 2014, hotel
  27. Lush mid-to-small town w/great schools and outdoor options: for sale, crime rate
  28. 1, 3 and 5 mile radius population from 99 Elm Street, North Berwick, ME: good
  29. Land along the eastern seaboard?: live in, beach, Whole Foods
  30. Romani (Gypsy) people in the US: school, shops, money
  31. Blind/Visually Impaired - What area has the most to offer?: chapel, house
  32. For who lived in towns and cities and suburbs...: schools, college
  33. Aussie's wanting to live & work in the US for 12 months: apartment, rental
  34. Mild Weather, Reasonable Traffic, Lots Of Activities?: taxes, living
  35. article: American mobility in long term decline: real estate market, 2014
  36. Driving from New Jersey (Trenton area) to Las Vegas...: to move, car
  37. Other cities to move in other than Texas ?: job openings, live in
  38. Which city is the best to spend your holiday ?: beaches, visit
  39. Which state/city to move to? (20 year old guy): college, living in
  40. Looking for an Eco-friendly walkable town: move to, farmers market, market
  41. Ideal location?: hotel, employment, living
  42. Reservoirs of the United States: 2013, transfer, construction
  43. Driving from NYC to Dallas: motels, airport, relocation
  44. Wild Western Road Trip: home, buy, university
  45. First children: rich, residency, business
  46. Now where in the US is right for me?: home, live
  47. 28 yo young professional looking to move: fit in, houses, neighborhoods
  48. Chicago VS Denver VS Philly: job market, high school, income
  49. Least stressed out cities in the U.S.: best city, 2014
  50. What city on the mainland should I move to? (Hawaii college graduate): high crime
  51. Best town/city for me in the Mid-Atlantic states: house, safe area
  52. Out of cities which has the best opportunity for one who just graduated from college?: for sale
  53. Relocation ideas and information needed: rent, house, neighborhoods
  54. Ready for Smaller Town/City - Community Oriented...: low crime, home
  55. Are all Millennials Californians at heart ?: 2014, skateboarding
  56. Compared to Blacks & Asians, Are Hispanics More Likely to Be In All Parts of the USA?: college
  57. Best U.s. cities for the blind?visually impaired and gluten free dietary needs: apartment
  58. My favorite areas of the U.S. (visual map): live, accounting
  59. How can I take education in america: money, job
  60. What region do you consider most different from the others?: rated
  61. Climate Battle: Medford, OR vs. Flagstaff, AZ?: crime rate, university
  62. Using 30k to relocate, need help.: rent, crime rate, mobile home
  63. In which places in the country do people still think of race as being black/white vs. many ethnicities and cultures.: food
  64. Independence day: What do Americans think of the US?: how much, minimum wage
  65. (Almost) College Grad Looking For A New City: low crime, home
  66. Midwest cities with walkable neighborhoods?: schools, to live in, restaurants
  67. I can't make it in Chicago and need to go: employment, school
  68. What city should I head to (sick of humid Florida)?: apartment, violent crime
  69. Does being impressed by scenery depend on where you come from?: houses, high school
  70. Places in the Midwest that are welcoming to newcomers?: transplants, home
  71. Which U.S. state has the least foreign influence?: 2013, agriculture
  72. What does the rest of the US think of Portland Oregon?: living, cost of living
  73. Affordable communities with terrific schools?: chapel, affordable houses, neighborhoods
  74. The SMARTEST decision your city's downtown area ever made.: 2014, apartments
  75. What are the main differences between Chicago and New York?: live in, dangerous
  76. Looking for a new city to move from Albuquerque: sales, job market
  77. Best City for Upper-Middle Class People?: 2013, job market, buy
  78. Weather/Climate: How does it impact your lifestyle/well being?: how much, houses
  79. Where The Happiest Americans Are (And Are Not): 2014, tornadoes
  80. Cities with fresh produce: chapel, job market, organic
  81. Floridians wanting to move west. Suggestions?: crime, good schools, college
  82. Where within the CONUS is it generally too cold to swim in the summer?: live, safe
  83. Best places for beautiful nature, fresh local foods, diverse community?: hotels, houses
  84. The DUMBEST decision your city's downtown area ever made.: RV park, hotel
  85. City Data: Can you suggest good locations to a young interracial couple?: neighborhood, public schools
  86. Which state in big metro areas has best modern highway infrastructure?: construction, live
  87. What northeast or northwest cities have the most factory and construction jobs?: for sale, apartments
  88. What region best typifies America: Midwest or South?: move to, exodus
  89. Where is a good place for me?: how much, houses
  90. looking for a town with specific criteria: low crime, mortgage
  91. What places in the US have the most accepting people who are open to outsiders?: fit in, to live
  92. Is there anywhere back east with a climate you'd describe as mild?: live, rated
  93. Tell me what you love about where you live?: real estate, houses
  94. Do you feel comfortable going to a gas station at 1AM in your city?: crime, safe area
  95. East Coast version of Denver: camping, trendy, activities
  96. Your favorite barrier islands on the East Coast: 2014, homes
  97. When do you believe ALL the southern states will remove their bans on gay marriage?: federal, people
  98. Most bike friendly white collar cities in the US?: 2014, job market
  99. For all you southerners: Where is the furthest south you begin to notice northern accents?: DMV, living in
  100. unhappiness about a place: fit in, transplants, how much
  101. How bad are storms in TX and the south?: insurance, mobile home
  102. Where do you wish you grew up in? (Game): middle-class, houses
  103. Best cities in the South for a landscaping business in the winter?: rentals, housing
  104. Why are the western states safer than eastern states?: low income, 2013
  105. Asheville, Fort Collins... Is there a hybrid?: public schools, college
  106. Match a U.S. city with an MBTI type: living, vs
  107. Does find the East more beautiful than the West?: live in, rated
  108. Least of state capitals: building, pronounced, spring
  109. College Students Down South Dress Nicer, Why?: house, schools
  110. Where am i moving too? You pick it i'll do it!!!: fit in, sales
  111. Best city for $500: best cities, apartments, rent
  112. Best cities in the US for French food: home, live
  113. Ethnic & Seafood Shopping: to live, prices, shops
  114. What are the nicest state capital cities to visit: house, unemployment rate
  115. Would a foreign visitor get a good idea of American culture from visiting one state?: home, living
  116. Water Pipeline Across the USA?: transfer, live, dangerous
  117. Is the Midwest more like the West or Northeast?: live, car
  118. Will you ever move away from your city?: home, high school
  119. What cities are liberal but not as liberal as, say, San Francisco?: 2014, crime rate
  120. Would you say this is a good description of the regional personalities?: fit in, vs.
  121. Driving w kids charlotte, NC to Boston, MA, for 5 hour legs: waterpark, hotel
  122. What does your city American City smell like?: homes, neighborhood
  123. What do Chicago, DC, and La need in order to be world class cities?: crime, how much
  124. Where should my outdoorsy boyfriend and I move to?: cheap apartments, rent
  125. What are your favorite and least favorite city names?: homes, train
  126. depressed about where to move to :(: low crime, townhouses, job market
  127. Happy 4th of July! What are of your favorite things about the US?: middle-class, apartments
  128. 2010 Population Density of Select U.S. Cities by Zip Code: university dorms, neighborhoods
  129. Why are there so many homeless and junkies in the Pacific Northwest?: 2013, to live in
  130. All of the places I like have no jobs :-(: house, find a job
  131. 95 of 100 largest central cities are GROWING: 2013, houses, job market
  132. Plastic Grocery Bag vs. Sack: 2013, buy
  133. Would a British exchange student be able to experience American culture in the Pacific Northwest?: universities, to live in
  134. Cities with the fewest fat chicks: 2014, living in, beaches
  135. Where to go? 24yo/m/Southern Indiana: transplants, rental
  136. Cities That Meet Requirements?: fit in, lease, condos
  137. Where is the best place to move to?: oceanfront, employment
  138. Best cities between 20k and 90k population.: university, suburbs
  139. In-N-Out should expand to the East Coast!!!!: home, to buy
  140. The east coast's the limit; help!: real estate, apartment
  141. What do you guys think are my options?: real estate, 2014
  142. Smaller collage towns?: low crime, chapel, home
  143. Neighborhood cities' best neighborhoods.: transplants, apartment, for rent
  144. East or West coast? Which do you prefer and why?: homes, unemployed
  145. What are the least walkable dense US cities? Most walkable not-so-dense cities?: credit, neighborhoods
  146. Spaniards in the USA - Communities?: neighborhood, restaurants, safe
  147. Love small quaint cities like Bloomington, IL - but want warmer weather.: low crime, how much
  148. Best cities for a black female graduate with children: 2014, crime rates
  149. Looking for Portuguese people: house, neighborhood, restaurants
  150. Interracial Marriages in the USA: 2014, college, live in
  151. Where in the US would it be common to see couples that involve ethnically latino men with white non-latino women?: neighborhood, gated
  152. Are there subways (not the restaurant) outside of New York City?: DMV, airport
  153. your favorite smaller towns/cities: new construction, shop, ferry
  154. How well do Americans know Canada's provinces?: appointed, home
  155. Humidity still killing me - AFFORDABLE place out west?: 2013, low crime
  156. Best burritos in America: restaurants, food, ranked
  157. Help and Advice! We simply dont know where to go!: real estate, 2013
  158. parts of the Midwest NOT prone to tornadoes?: 2013, houses
  159. What cities are roughly on the same latitude as yours?: island, Pakistan
  160. What's the perfect area in America for me?: rent, violent crime
  161. Why do Americans apologize so much?: crime, area, Japanese
  162. What cities dominate your field of work?: best cities, unemployment rate
  163. Names of the corporate and civic elite in major U.S. cities: real estate, university
  164. Stereotypes of Americans.: how much, live, shop
  165. Road Trip out West - My impressions: luxury, casinos
  166. are most Italian Americans of Sicilian origin?: houses, income
  167. impossible to find a place better than my home metro area: fit in, transplants
  168. Southern cities: chapel, tornadoes, living
  169. So confused about where to live. What would you do?: renting, house
  170. What U.S. city has the best weather, with little humidity?: 2013, insurance
  171. No Such Thing As Bad States: neighborhoods, university, living in
  172. which city to live in all 50 states)?: apartments, to rent
  173. State merging?: 2014, prices, move
  174. i need insight.: low crime, employment, school
  175. What city in the U.S. has the highest proportion of American-born Asian-Americans?: homes, neighborhoods
  176. Scenic Areas on East Coast/Midwest?: live, beaches, castle
  177. Would you rather be a native or a transplant?: transplants, home
  178. Why do people falsely insist the West Coast is humidity-free?: living in, racism
  179. A good up and coming city.: 2013, living, restaurants
  180. Help With Next Location?: home, neighborhoods, good schools
  181. What exactly is living in the country or being a country person?: subdivisions, buses
  182. Manhattan Institute ranks 100 largest metros by economic performance: 2013, military
  183. Which states are considered northeastern?: fit in, houses, vs.
  184. Cities with walkable neighborhoods where one can get a 1BR for $1,200: apartments, rentals
  185. What states have the most prevalent marijuana culture and which states have the least prevalent culture?: buy, taxi
  186. What are your favorite walkable historical neighborhoods?: homes, live
  187. Do you buy a newspaper? If so, which one?: home, club
  188. Cold beach towns: yard, best, area
  189. If you could move anywhere in the u.s, where would it be?!: living, shop
  190. If you could live anywhere in the US...: apartment, crime
  191. Do you feel that region of the US is mostly godless?: college, live
  192. We love Denver but thinking of moving . . . but don't know where!: chapel, home
  193. Rank cities in order of most boring to least boring (for a college student): chapel, houses
  194. What you known about Connecticut and it cities: middle-class, income
  195. 25 Most Influential Cities?: home, live, military
  196. Rural and Small Cities with crime problems: crime rate, home
  197. If you had to sum up the personality of each state how would you?: home
  198. warm affordable urban tollerant place to live #2 short version): school, to move
  199. Towns like the one in the Tom Selleck Jesse Stone movies?: filmed
  200. Year-over-year job growth by state (June 2014): rank, island, population