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  1. Which coast for small new age business?: crime, income
  2. Looking to pick up and start new. Seattle/Portland/Denver/Chicago/DC/SF/Houston?: rent
  3. Virginia Vs Kentucky: employment, good schools, income
  4. Need help deciding to move to Denver/Boulder/Portland/Seattle/Minneapolis: neighborhoods
  5. Looking to move, not sure where.: house, living, moving to
  6. ***Help me choose place for retirement..Bloomington, IN...Berea, KY, ...or Fayettville AR..: home
  7. Looking for town suggestions: homes, school district, property taxes
  8. Trip from NC to NYC ideas???: appointed, casinos, live
  9. Young professional seeking vibrant city: rent, low crime
  10. What are small cities have high pedestrian traffic?: colleges, restaurants
  11. Does my Dream Home exsist?: apartment, crime rates, homes
  12. Help our little family relocate: mid-size town with mild winters, greenery, decent crime, and affordable housing: for sale
  13. Have you interacted with sterotypes of people across the U.S.?: rent
  14. Best places to start fresh: living in, young professionals, cost of
  15. Which of towns is the best to move to?: unemployment rate, public schools
  16. Which city does have a higher % of Koreans?: living in, move to
  17. Where We Came From, State by State: transplants, 2014
  18. Orange, CA Vs Plano, Texas: apartment, condo, how much
  19. Blacks in the South - hating whites?: friendly, area
  20. Help to figure out where to relocate: low crime, home
  21. Is L.A. or Miami ?: apartment, to rent, neighborhood
  22. What city???? 24yo/M: living in, cost of, buses
  23. Misdemeanor warrent on Different State: lawyer, inspection, live in
  24. Most free, libertarian, tax free states: income, property taxes, living
  25. If you HAD to live in this geographic location...: house, neighborhoods
  26. Best state to look for when immigrating as a 23 year old?: universities, centers
  27. Young couple looking to move out west: home, college
  28. Collective Nouns For People In Cities: school, to eat, residents
  29. Where to live for a 50 something, single, horse lover: to rent, job market
  30. What is the largest city (population) in America without a four year college/university?: suburb
  31. What city would I find types of people?: fit in, cliquey
  32. Where? Are you undecided?: house, neighborhoods, schools
  33. Senior in college looking for a city to move to upon graduation...: crime
  34. ethnolects: lawyer, university, cities
  35. Which American city has the best downtown skyline and the friendliest people?: limits
  36. Best city for 28 year old single male.........: low crime, transfer to
  37. Advice, career change and a fresh start: crime, credit card
  38. Land Banks or similar programs: home, place to live, authority
  39. How can population growth strengthen a citys economy?: homes, schools
  40. Which city is cheaper: Seattle or Chicago?: rent, condo
  41. Finding that Perfect Place: co-op, houses, neighborhoods
  42. Metros that most resemble the US rankings: 2014, statistics
  43. 2013: MSA/CSA International Immigration Stats: live, statistics, horses
  44. Portland, Seattle and Vancouver (BC) in a nutshell: apartments, rent
  45. A About People Moving For Affordabilty Purposes: rent, mortgage
  46. How can I get the stats and determine a 'true' Cost of Living comparison?: home
  47. a small beach side town: condos, school district, living
  48. Orlando (vs) Boston (vs) Another city in Florida: home, job market
  49. Where's the Portland of the West Coast?: houses, restaurants
  50. Young single male looking to relocate: apartment, renting, to buy
  51. Help :-O! ABQ... LAS VEGAS... CENTRAL CALIFORNIA which one?: rent, house prices
  52. Help this mom and her son find their perfect place?: apartment, renting
  53. Where in the US can we live?!: real estate, apartments
  54. Looking for Best Places to Homeschool: fit in, co-ops, school district
  55. Who's made a drastic change?: extended stay, apartment, rent
  56. Do you not like people from other regions moving into your area?: transplants
  57. Where to live with a telecommuting job?: schools, living
  58. Good job market and strong salary/COL ratio?: 2013, apartment
  59. Canada mosaic vs. US melting pot - is it really other way around?: cliquey, violent crime
  60. Has Florida taken the 3rd most populous state position: 2013, apartment
  61. What U.S. Region preserves the most English way of speaking?: insurance, loan
  62. Cities in your State that get overlooked nationally?: school, living
  63. Married folks advice. Im confused: hotel, houses, school
  64. Cities that have cheap apartments near the bar areas?: rentals, condo
  65. Is the Pacific Northwest a good place for people who hate the cold?: live, transit
  66. State Domestic Migration Trends 2005-2012: 2015, renting, how much
  67. Places that are Cozy: houses, shop, cabin
  68. Which Downtown is the Cleanest and impressed you most, on a visit?: moving, homeless
  69. How to pick state if you are foreigner?: find a job, neighborhoods
  70. Why are are americans making fun of Canadians?: live, vs.
  71. How the South Will Rise Again: 2013, new house, to buy
  72. Best fall: 2014, houses, club
  73. Northern Cities with Low Taxes: sales, how much, home
  74. Chain restaurants in the South vs. Chain restaurants in the North: house, live
  75. Are regions losing their uniqueness?: live, corporate, cities
  76. What is the southernmost northeastern state geographically?: 2013, school
  77. Minneapolis vs Madison, WI vs Tacoma, WA vs Boston: 2014, apartment
  78. Looking to Relocate to a cheap city: sublet, apartments
  79. Danish friend said Americans have a reputation there for being Rude: home, friendly
  80. If you were starting over- Texas or Florida???: renting, low crime
  81. If the Mason-Dixon line continued West...: transplants, live, move
  82. HELP US DECIDE!!!! Which city next???: 2014, how much, shop
  83. Most stunning natural wonder of each state: 2014, gardens
  84. Cities that are Romantic: square, history, free
  85. Cities with Great Panoramic Views from Bridges!: houses, live
  86. Best Funky Beach Community Near a Big City (southeast): to rent, condos
  87. City w. easy access to Airport for late 20's single gay male: income, to live in
  88. OFFICIAL: States with the best and worst roads, highways and bridges: 2014, income
  89. Short winters and cool summers: cities, towns, year
  90. Cities with the most single young professional men: professionals, areas
  91. Are there towns that look like this in the Southern US?: homes, vacation
  92. best southern city for....: neighborhood, place to live, move
  93. if I show up homeless to state X...: apartment, rental
  94. Socially Liberal Republican and Socially Conservative Democrats: living in, club
  95. ***Help me choose between Fayettville AR and St Cloud MN...for retirement: houses, theater
  96. Things you would get rid of in your city....*keep it civil*: apartments, crime
  97. a place to raise family + tech hub: real estate, renting
  98. Are you settled or looking to relocate or what?: apartment, rental
  99. Want to move from suburban MA to warm, but similar to Boston: chapel, home
  100. Most Diverse Cities -- Looking Beyond Race and Ethnicity: low income, neighborhoods
  101. Crazy Traffic Jams: 2013, rental, live in
  102. Do people in Oregon/Washington remind you of Canadians?: live, Hispanics
  103. Is the province of Ontario more northeastern or midwestern ?: accents, job
  104. Least social cities in the US: house, living in, shop
  105. Mythological Characters: hotel, live, beach
  106. Will American Cities ever got close to Japan cities Infrastructure: taxes, military
  107. Battle Of The States: NY vs CT vs NJ: best city, low crime
  108. Do of you avoid WA and CO now because pot is legal?: luxury, to live
  109. If in the next 10 years there was another recession or depression: real estate, condo
  110. Is Atheism looked down upon in the south ?: place to live, move to
  111. The best CHEAP U.S. cities to live in: best cities, 2014
  112. Abandoned or Declining Malls in your city: leasing, homes
  113. Need Help Finding Our Next Adventure In Southeast: apartment, rent
  114. Cities with 50/50 cloudy weather/rain and sun?: live, stats
  115. What is the quintessential Mid-Atlantic city?: authority, design, best
  116. Were you ever picked on for choice of place to live?: living in, moving to
  117. Do you really need to shovel snow in the north?: apartments, house
  118. Affordable Housing Draws Middle Class Inland - CNBC: crime, new home
  119. Which beach is the best beach?!: rentals, low crime, hotels
  120. Is $350k enough to start a new decent life: real estate, apartment
  121. City to move to that doesn't snow, and isn't in the South?: transplants, live
  122. Places where you feel like you fit in or not?: lease, college
  123. Work-at-home and MBA looking to relocate anywhere in the US: apartments, rental homes
  124. Why the Dakotas/NE/KS are part of the Eastern US: land, transit
  125. Minnesota vs Massachusetts: incomes, things to do, education
  126. Your city's old/historic neighborhoods?: 2014, apartments, loft
  127. HELP!! Best Cities for Downtown Living??: to rent, amusement park, condos
  128. Place in the United States with little to no bugs: apartment, condos
  129. What does it mean to be Californian?: rent, how much
  130. North Carolina, better grouped in with South Carolina/Georgia or Virginia/Maryland?: metro, rural
  131. Which region has the most appealing climate to you?: graphic design, humidity
  132. How common are beards and tattoos in your town?: neighborhoods, hippest
  133. Regional differences in people's names?: movies, school, live in
  134. Where's the Portland of the East Coast?: best cities, 2013
  135. Arrogance make you move?: home, neighborhoods, high school
  136. Arkansas or Tennessee?: sales, 2014, insurance
  137. Are there areas of Virginia and North Carolina that could be classified as Deep South?: budget, teach
  138. Polished vs Plain women: appointed, buying, live in
  139. long term growth, new construction and sales: home sales, best
  140. Cities in Hip Hop: college, gangs, vehicles
  141. Gay-friendly small towns: employment, college, live in
  142. Need Help Finding A New Town To Call Home: hair salon, condo
  143. Is Wisconsin Dells well known throughout America?: waterpark, camping
  144. High Crime, Good Infrastructure, Good Economic Outlook: 2014, apartments
  145. Nice cities that are not full of transplants?: to live in, moving
  146. Looking to relocate-where should it be??: chapel, homes, public schools
  147. Which city matches this description?: neighborhoods, live, legal
  148. Suburban trails (migration patterns) in metro areas: transplants, city hall
  149. Where in the US do you find interesting municipality structures?: neighborhoods, live in
  150. Help me out of Indiana! (And into Boulder?): apartment, rent
  151. Housing stock age for the top 108 metro areas: 2014, suburbs
  152. Would You be a Snowbird If You Could?: renting, condo
  153. The only state I visited in US was MN.: to live, vacation
  154. Good food, yard space, job market, affordable housing?: transplants, home
  155. Largest City In Your Country That You Have Never Been?: live, airports
  156. Southwestern Cities that are walkable and good public transport?: appointed, college
  157. Cities with most college feel / least college feel: transplants, neighborhoods
  158. What's next for America?: car rental, rentals, loans
  159. UK couple - where to visit: Chicago or NY?: transplants, to rent
  160. New South !!??: moving to, rated, transit
  161. How Tight Are Virginia and North Carolina?: universities, live
  162. remaining Italian enclaves: home, neighborhood, school
  163. The Liberal Upper Mississippi Valley - anywhere similar?: how much, house
  164. Looking for a job? Go to TEXAS: 2014, job market
  165. Where can I get this in America?: area, places
  166. Common myths and misconceptions people often have about your state: organic, living in
  167. Why does the Midwest get so much hate?: home, job market
  168. Looking to relocate to east coast (Gay, Black and Professional): neighborhoods, university
  169. Who are the most liked Americans?: restaurant, friendly, office
  170. Which states are Mid-Atlantic?: transit, map, free
  171. Where am I from?: homes, living in, move to
  172. Southern cities/states with strong European ancestry?: credit, neighborhood
  173. Cities out west that are safe and close to the mountains with friendly people and great craft beer?: transplants, crime rate
  174. What Will Be the Next State to Secede from the South?: transplants, live
  175. 7 Underrated Cities you need to visit in the U.S. (Yahoo Travel article): best city, houses
  176. Which city is most deserving of a Big 4 sport?: fit in, home
  177. Your Favorite New England State and Why: sales, home
  178. Why are Americans so quick to point out other nation's faults?: house, live
  179. Hispanics are classified as white: 2013, live in, population
  180. What American city fits this description best?: low crime, hotels
  181. What are your favorite US national parks: deal, location
  182. Nice places with few hipsters?: chapel, homes, move to
  183. Cities that are currently in renaissance?: 2014, apartments, high crime
  184. Why is everything bigger and easier down south than snowbelt?: real estate, rent
  185. How Do You Keep Yourself Busy in A Small Town/ City?: theater, living in
  186. Witch North American city is close to perfect?: good schools, live
  187. Booming and livable major cities: contractors, salary, living
  188. What are the friendliest US cities with strangers ? (Most tolerant , Most welcoming): real estate, crime rate
  189. Which are the states the US can live without?: how much, living
  190. artsy cities where locals WANT new people to move there?: houses, neighborhoods
  191. What state has the best location?: 2013, place to live, airports
  192. Are most Hispanics in U.S. considered white?: living, centers
  193. Are there Norman Rockwell type towns left?: 2013, home
  194. Most (Least) Prestigious Regions of the U.S.: live in, yard
  195. Brusnwick, GA beaches/lifestyle?: living, cost of living, coastal
  196. need help managing my expectations for a budding relationship with an unorthodox start and circumstances: home
  197. What can I do? Start a case/sue something?: credit score, school
  198. Relative Value of a $100: how much, vs, money
  199. road trip: places, route, tourist
  200. debating where to move: job market, moving, areas