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  1. RELOCATION ADVICE, fair suggestions welcome :): chapel, neighborhoods, good schools
  2. Best cities to live in for half-year at a time (dating, tourism, quality of life): apartment
  3. Moving from Nevada to South/Midwest: fit in, apartments, new home
  4. Moving to new state and soon again?: law, license
  5. Immigrants from tropical/desert climates moving to the snow belt: college, living in
  6. moving from Sacramento to Fort Worth Texas. what to do on the way there?: 2015
  7. Integrated middle class neighborhoods in big cities: living, suburbs
  8. Best part of the country to be poor at East or West?: condition
  9. Young Person Looking to Leave Michigan and Move to a Place with Tech Jobs and Outdoor Activities: transplants
  10. 220v appliances in USA: homes, to buy, live
  11. looking for a new location!: renting, buying, university
  12. Best driving route from Memphis, TN to Southern CA this time of year?: safe
  13. Will mid-sized cities in north east become large as region grows?: university, prices
  14. Towns with interesting histories: sales, homes, casinos
  15. The Atypical Southern Accents: accent, coastal, people
  16. Our Relocation Dilemma: renting, home, live in
  17. Have you taken a vacation (or lived) in Alaska or Hawaii?: transplants, how much
  18. Where to live....: transplants, apartment, unemployment rate
  19. Which U.S. cities are the most and least clubby ?: houses
  20. Looking for ideas on where to relocate after I finish Nursing school.: chapel
  21. Out of CA, WA, and OR which has the most for someone to find a social service/mental health job with a BA?: find a job
  22. Young Veteran seeking Advice on Deciding on Where to Move: fit in, 2014
  23. Did Portland and Seattle narrowly escape Rust Belt status?: transplants, crime
  24. Midwest (US) vs. Midlands (UK): salary, quality of life, living
  25. Dreaming of relocating to USA, what will area fits best?: 2014, insurance
  26. Map of North American trade: 2013, oil, automobile
  27. Wanting to relocate....: rent, chapel, university
  28. Defining a City and Town: move, cities, population
  29. How Accurate Are Zip Code Descriptions?: zip codes, demographics
  30. Want to Move To The US, But Not Too Far From Home.: low income
  31. Need a warm dog friendly vacation spot during Thanksgiving: hotel, restaurants
  32. Northeastern thing: 2013, living in, move
  33. Greatest Small State in the Northeast?: live in, beaches, best place
  34. Need advice on where to move: 2014, apartment, rentals
  35. The best city for freelancer?: rent, neighborhoods, wage
  36. No car, no bike, most walkable city?: apartments, renting
  37. What are your favorite/least favorite things about where you live?: fit in, best cities
  38. Relocating (Washington, Oregon, Nor California): best cities, 2014, apartment
  39. Income tax in States? Partial year?: live in, move to, money
  40. Where a single 30 yo guy should move for cheap instate MBA: credit, schools
  41. Just Wanted To Know: house, movie theater, schools
  42. Best areas for shopping in America....: sales, purchases, luxury
  43. Most Ethnic Neighborhood in a US metro?: home, neighborhoods
  44. videos like this make you glad for Americans being hardcore and not putting up with BS: buses
  45. Similarities and differences between the Atlanta metro, Charlotte, and Raleigh/Durham: transplants, taxes
  46. Interracial couple looking for best west coast city: rental, schools
  47. looking for a great year round lake community: 2014, homes
  48. cross country move: help me pick my beach city: rent, home
  49. Where should I live?: home, neighborhoods, income
  50. How much voltage America: home, live, best
  51. If I move to a new state, what do I need to do?: car registration
  52. Cities with The Largest Increase in College Grads 2007-2012: DMV, population
  53. Domestic Migration for All 50 States 2005-2013: best, island, lowest
  54. Mass transit US trip - help!: rental car, rental
  55. Hasidic Communities - How much will they grow?: apartment, neighborhoods
  56. Looking for Tech Cities in the South West: homes, job market
  57. Family of 4ish looking to relocate!: real estate, rent, homes
  58. Similarities between the Pacific northwest and New England?: homes, high schools
  59. Toll Roads: tax, live, public transportation
  60. BEST City to live in during a ZOMBIE Apocalypse: house, military
  61. west coast culture: buying, live in, restaurant
  62. Best places in the USA for a small family garden?: house, employment
  63. Why do people think Southern = country ?: eat, farmers
  64. Have you ever just packed up and left?: fit in, 2015
  65. So who is considered a Yankee: rated, island
  66. Where are the big manufacturing hubs in the US?: 2014, live
  67. How provincial is my family relative to the U.S.? Yours?: vacation home, transfer
  68. Is Montana more like the Midwest or West Coast?: home, live in
  69. Next U.S. City With Over 1 Million People?: 2013, home
  70. East Coast cities fitting description?: 2015, chapel, universities
  71. Major American cities that influence large areas around them: 2014, college
  72. What states could easily mingle with another ones because they're sort of similar?: island, places
  73. Not happy in desert but where?: good schools, living, cost of living
  74. Can the South eventually disappear?: transplants, moving to, metro
  75. Relocation dilemma Atlanta vs Log Angeles: best cities, sales, real estate
  76. Where Do I Belong?: fit in, apartment, chapel
  77. Company towns: 2014, apartment, rent
  78. Which areas of southern USA are the nicest to visit?: renting, chapel
  79. Is it bad that I care nothing about diversity in a place to live?: crime rates, home
  80. What city, state or region should my wife and I visit?: home, school
  81. If all states were their own countries.which state would have been blamed for the hatred of america?: live in, retire
  82. Will Mexicans/Latin people become the majority of Americans in the future?: schools, college
  83. What large cities have the best downtown? (Restaurants, entertainment,: hotels, activities
  84. Do you enjoy where you live?: real estate, apartment, leasing agent
  85. Most beautiful place in the U.S.?: money, island
  86. Which City Will be the First to Shut Down Trains: 2015, income
  87. 5 most social cities, 5 least social cities in your opinion?: best cities, 2015
  88. name this city!: living in, restaurants, shops
  89. Stereotype Map of Every U.S. State - According to British People.: office, Irish
  90. Most similar states that do NOT share a border: college, beaches
  91. If you could group all 50 states into groups of five based off similarities.: fit in, live
  92. What are the best cities in the US for the following things?: 2014, apartments
  93. forums are so confusing and misleading: pros and cons, living in
  94. U.S. West Coast Ski Resorts - WA, OR, CA Only: car, rankings
  95. Cities/towns with best housing/transpo/economy combo?: real estate, apartment
  96. Which Northern State Has The Most Southern Culture?: transplants, restaurants
  97. me on where to move!: crime rate, living
  98. Warm, Relatively Cheap Cities with Startup Scene: 2015, house
  99. Green street signs or blue street signs?: design, cities
  100. Color of your traffic lights?: move, vacation, areas
  101. Will the US *ever* use the Metric system?: Home Depot, buy
  102. Where would your dream house be located, in the US?: 2015, houses
  103. Southern accents, most British sounding in North America?: ferry, island
  104. New York--city or state comes to mind first?: how much, taxi cab
  105. Springfield --- What state comes to mind first?: metro, population
  106. What city is the ENTERTAINMENT Capital of the U.S.: metro area, area
  107. Crime Stats for 2013 just released - BIG CITY crime is declining in the U.S.: 2014, crime rate
  108. Major metro areas with no toll roads?: 2014, cities
  109. Looking For A Town Pop: 2,500 Or Less In The Middle Of No Where: move to, metro area
  110. Cold weather and lots of snow: to move, swimming, richest
  111. Delaware or Vermont--more forgotten East Coast state?: health insurance, tax
  112. Next world class/global US cities: airport, transportation, oil
  113. What would you consider to be the largest suburb in America?: employment, college
  114. Help!! Looking to move to medium-large WARM city:: 2015, rental
  115. mountains, large body of water, somewhat-major city: fit in, 2013
  116. Introduction: What state meets our needs??: salon, daycare
  117. Looking for perfect family neighborhood suggestions!: real estate, homes
  118. Is Liberalism/Leftism more prevalent in the West or the Midwest?: live in, cities
  119. Dude, bro, man, and other casual terms to refer to people: suburbs, kids
  120. What city would you suggest I move to based on my needs?: high crime, transfer to
  121. Sexiest regional accents?: area, accent, water
  122. Where in the USA are the jobs??: best city, sale
  123. Things you HATE about the US: health insurance, homes, schools
  124. does Madison have a national image?: university, quality of life, living in
  125. Does everyone hate Californians?: to live, restaurants, move to
  126. Help me decide on a northern state!: neighborhoods, quality of life
  127. Redneck but not Southern / Southern but not Redneck: chapel, movies
  128. 3rd Most Liberal State in the Midwest (After Minnesota and Wisconsin)?: estate, residential
  129. Do you think the rest of the country is becoming more like California?: movies, dental
  130. 24 yr old male from ny, single, conservative.. looking for a place to move: 2014, construction
  131. Will the Mid West population migrate to the coasts?: house, property taxes
  132. Step on up, test your skills: beach, best, trees
  133. Cold-weather Cities like Savannah: rental market, school, university
  134. Serbian, Croat, communities in the USA?: house, schools
  135. Municipalities Merging - Future of Cities?: neighborhoods, schools, tax rates
  136. Like the West Village, but Not Stuck-up: apartments, houses
  137. Is the USA for me?: fit in, apartment, house
  138. Is there a uniform Northeastern culture or feel ?: house, buy
  139. Obama planning to LEGALIZE 34 MILLION Illegals: house, neighborhoods, taxes
  140. 63 YR old retired male looking for the right mild place: renting, low crime
  141. Brazilian Population in the US?: apartments, school, beach
  142. Is it common in US to not answer the door?: low income, fit in
  143. The 'gun obsession'...?: buy, movies, camping
  144. Best State for African Americans to live in: upper-class, quality of life
  145. Most affordable, safe, family towns? (Relocating): low income, section 8, apartments
  146. Suggest a NON-Yuppie/Trendy City to Move to Outside of Texas: lease, living in
  147. Best musical cities: live, suburbs, places
  148. Why do Americans think spanic is a race?: schools, gated
  149. Large population of Blacks in a large metro area or large percentage of Blacks in a smaller metro area: neighborhoods, gated
  150. Your Favorite U.S. Coastline (Minus Florida, California, Hawaii)?: beach, best
  151. You just won the lottery...where in the USA would you live?: condo, new house
  152. Best Outdoors City East of Mississippi: employment, transfer, community college
  153. Which states would you take out of their census-designated regions and place in other regions?: credit, to move
  154. Best U.S. city to be homeless at: best city, home
  155. how many people make a city a city ?: live, codes
  156. Which blue states could you see being red or purple if you took away their biggest city?: moving, suburbs
  157. Least earthquake-prone US cities?: 2014, tornado, living in
  158. Why are there so few Colombians in the US outside NY and South florida?: neighborhood, construction
  159. Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the US: violent crime, homes
  160. winter driving from atlanta, georgia to kansas city, mo - no mountains!!??: construction, deal
  161. The desert is calling me: fit in, house, schools
  162. In the war on workers: $10.10 minimum wage to save $7.6 billion: real estate, salary
  163. Is Texas part of the South?: tornadoes, transit, population
  164. What is the Mid-Atlantic?: best city, best, metro
  165. BEST and WORST CITIES to land a job in the USA: 2014, find a job
  166. Blue states becoming red states: how much, to live, suburban
  167. Will Latin Americans assimilate into US Culture?: deal, areas
  168. How do you pronounce caramel ?: 2013, car
  169. Oregon and Washington D.C. Vote to Legalize Recreational Marijuana. Who is Next?: 2014, tax
  170. Where to move young professional?: apartment, rental, theater
  171. Cities with Cosmopolitan Urban Suburbs: houses, neighborhood
  172. Will areas of the U.S. completely depopulate?: 2013, apartments
  173. Eventually, will everyone live in the Southwest?: how much, subdivision
  174. Looking for warm family friendly city: chapel, how much, house
  175. Non-obvious places with high Asian concentrations: chapel, school district, university
  176. Washington - state or city come to mind first?: live in, suburbs
  177. Best Sunny and Warm Cities in the US?: 2015, apartment
  178. What state should we move to?: 2013, crime rate, tornado
  179. Do you prefer Connecticut or Massachusetts?: crime rates, neighborhoods, catholic schools
  180. What North American Big City....has the best Shoreline, Coastline and Why?: beach, activity
  181. Baltimore's/Maryland's association to D.C.?: vs, move to, suburbs
  182. s where 25/M/CA should move to???: apartment, house
  183. Washington DC to...?: fit in, employment, neighborhoods
  184. Perception of Michigan in other states?: neighborhood, schools, taxes
  185. Do people in the rest of the south (especially the Deep South) look down on NC and VA for lacking SEC teams?: schools, college
  186. 'OPERATION: LIFE 180' - Where To Move? (Good weather, electrician, easy pace): to buy, schools
  187. Louisiana is not a true Southern state: credit, eat
  188. What does it take to survive, anywhere?: 2014, living
  189. What personality type is most prevalent in major U.S. cities?: home, safe neighborhoods
  190. What do you think is the best city for singles?: high income, living
  191. Las Cruces, NM or Bella Vista, AR: fit in, transplants
  192. Why are the Great Plains states doing so well economically?: employment, taxi
  193. Where should I move?: best city, apartments, home
  194. Single 29 female to relocate Denver, San Diego or Austin: apartment, to rent
  195. Chicago Or New Jersey.: how much, neighborhoods, salary
  196. New U.S. Area Codes: Split or Overlay?: home, living in
  197. do people see Chicago linked to northeast corridor & pacific coast?: areas, interior
  198. Relocating: Portland, Denver, Chicago: rent, neighborhood, living
  199. Best cities for political Centrists: 2014, living in, military
  200. An interactive US largest cities map quiz: laptop