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  1. help me find this magical place to live: house, employment
  2. Travel Plan Help: hotels, restaurants, costs
  3. best coastal NC towns/cities: public schools, campgrounds, live
  4. Beach town with decent job market?: low crime, public schools, living
  5. Road Trip - Los Angeles to Mobile Alabama: live in, yard
  6. Which city has the best handshakes?: deals, business, running
  7. How Well Do You Know Your State? An Interactive Quiz: schools, universities
  8. best city or town in america: between
  9. Cities with the worst homeless problem?: minimum wage, living, cost of living
  10. Where in the USA should I move to?: apartment, to rent
  11. Economies in 3 states: unemployment rate, income, income tax
  12. Best MPO in the country?: metropolitan area, area, cities
  13. Unbuilt Wish List: 2014, apartments, mover
  14. Where to live as an older, single male?: house, neighborhoods
  15. The 10 Best Places to Retire on Social Security alone: health insurance, home
  16. Which Cities Have the Most Companies That Manufacture Real Products: 2013, agricultural
  17. Best cities for cherry and almond blossoms?: 2013, trees
  18. New Mexico vs Ohio: living in, money, locations
  19. All 7,000 D.C. taxi cabs to install Uber hailing app next year. Which city is next?: cost
  20. Safe route to East coast (Kennewick, WA to CT): safest, vehicle
  21. Large city living to small city living: Differences?: job market, schools
  22. Good city for me? Help with my criteria..: house, place to live
  23. NH vs the South: universities, taxes, live
  24. Suggestions on my next move: school, college, living
  25. walkable and bikeable liberal towns: metro, population, places
  26. Components of State Population Change 1990-2020: 2014, how much, closing
  27. Post your favorite songs about your state! YEEHAW!: school, living in
  28. Data shows people moving to Oregon, Carolinas: truck rental, 2015
  29. Absolut Vodka City Series: organic, live, hot
  30. New Mexico vs. Nevada: mortgages, how much, utilities
  31. Fittest Cities according to ACSM 2014 Fitness Index: ski resorts, house
  32. For people who say love it or leave it: renters, home
  33. Looking for to live: activities, suburb, farmers market
  34. Smallest city/area that has 24 hour public transportation service: bus, cities
  35. Tallest People: transplants, living, shop
  36. moving advice: fit in, daycare, home
  37. which state is best tax wise for retirees?: sales, car insurance
  38. Which Northeastern US Cities Would Improve and Decline in the Future?: population, jobs
  39. ideas where a centre-right, history grad ISTJ should move to?????: crime rate, safe neighborhood
  40. I want to know the low-downs on ranching: employment, buying
  41. City with the best hookah culture?: real estate, college, live in
  42. 8 facts prove the situation in America is not normal right now: trading
  43. Which U.S. region sees the least amount of visitors from foreign countries?: neighborhoods
  44. How does information you read compare to actual experience?: where to live, to move
  45. Best small walkable and bikeable small liberal towns: chapel, university
  46. The city bashing drives me insane!: home, pros and cons, living in
  47. best place for unskilled/manufacturing jobs for me: apartment, rent
  48. Best U.S. City for the Gay, Young Professional: how much, employment
  49. Would CA have northeastern culture if settlement started there?: houses, living in
  50. Third City in the Pacific Northwest?: centers, suburb, residential
  51. Northern Cities with Prosperous Economies (Excluding Northeast Megacity): metro area, area
  52. Is the West Coast more into nightclubs/clubbing scene than the East Coast?: fit in, nightlife
  53. IF you were in your early 20's where would you move?: home, neighborhood
  54. How to determine if a town is in the Bible Belt?: neighborhood, college
  55. Mid-Sized Cities/Metros: credit card, home, theatre
  56. What region in the United States best mirrors my personality?: cliquey, college
  57. Skiing/Snowboarding. Where is it popular?: price, vs, rich
  58. Places you are passionate about: houses, neighborhood, university
  59. How Is winter where you are?: how much, house, trees
  60. Help Brit student rank shortlist of college exchange locations: 2013, schools
  61. Country music states: place, pilgrim, become
  62. What state has the largest Native American Influence?: live in, license plate
  63. Opinions from other southern states on North Carolina: transplants, live
  64. Small towns in the U.S. that have mass transit. Do they exist?: university, buses
  65. Little Rock is more like ATLANTA or more like DALLAS?: neighborhood, light-rail
  66. Affordable places that are becoming expensive: home, school districts, living
  67. All winter tires?: college, taxis, live in
  68. Cities with low racial segregation: 2015, movies, living
  69. Affordable places to live near Airports.: transfer to, school districts, airport
  70. Most isolated areas of the USA?: how much, to live, population
  71. islands that are tight community, not ridiculously expensive?: home, neighborhood
  72. Population growth in Virginia compared to North Carolina or Georgia: 2014, closing
  73. Which feels colder, Madison or Chicago?: living in, statistics, airport
  74. The Midwest/South Border: live in, suburbs, transit
  75. Does the Northeast prefer to refer to itself as the East Coast or the North?: area, place
  76. Which state is more southern...West Virginia or Missouri?: 2014, military
  77. What U.S. cities do you perceive as Fun Cities?: places, small towns
  78. if your city was broken up in to 5 boroughs.....: apartments, crime rates
  79. Of the large Southern Metro areas, which retains the most Southern State characteristics?: living in, dangerous
  80. Looking for relocation ideas!: chapel, employment, college
  81. Where would you live in the U.S, if money was not a problem: condo, neighborhood
  82. SC vs NC vs the Panhandle - Coastal Living for a family: new home, public schools
  83. I'm not happy where I am, but have no idea where to go. Help?: house, living in
  84. Large metro, not so bad traffic: rankings, commuting, metro area
  85. What are disclaimers you would post while surfing: how much, neighborhoods
  86. City most like LA, that isn't LA or in California?: 2015, home
  87. How much job opportunity is in Portland and Seattle?: best cities, sales
  88. Portillos to austin!: transplants, live, restaurant
  89. ever been to Branson Missouri???: to rent, hotels, motorhome
  90. Largest Urban Areas of 2014: statistics, ranking, metro
  91. US Cities With Most Middle-Eastern/Jewish Influence?: neighborhoods, living
  92. Most geographically diverse state?: beaches, pine, coastal
  93. Is there a city that like a cross between LA & NYC?: home, neighborhoods
  94. Which metro area/Region in the US has the most basements: houses, crawl space
  95. City with most cultural neighboorhoods?: neighborhoods, land, phone
  96. It's official: Florida passes New York in population.: transplants, 2014
  97. City with the best public parks: association, money, large parks
  98. Which states are the most different to the UK?: live, architecture
  99. The Southeast replaces California as the American Dream destination: transplants, 2014
  100. 30 y/o, single, outdoorsy guy looking to call home: house, to buy
  101. Poorest places in the USA?: houses, college, income
  102. What city is the red headed step child or Punching bag of your state?: title, areas
  103. Which states have the least amount of rednecks ?: income, living in
  104. Vibrant cities with no college presence?: schools, universities, beach
  105. Best place for me to live? similar to San Diego?): employment, living
  106. to White Americans: Do you see each other as united?: middle-class, rich
  107. State Population Trends 1990-2020: 2014, unemployment, tax
  108. Pros of YOUR favorite area- Tired of reading CONS: transplants, high crime
  109. Similar cities/metros to Greensboro/Winston-Salem: transplants, insurance, tech jobs
  110. Living in the western US sucks for travelers: hotels, home
  111. Outside of the big cities, which state or city has a surprisingly thriving Asian community: 2013, neighborhood
  112. City/metro or country/nature for a homebase vs. to explore and experience: transplants, 2013
  113. Neighboring states that dislike each other: living in, versus, moving to
  114. Will the US ever get another wave of European immigrants?: unemployed, luxury
  115. What city is AFFORDABLE, WARM (year round), with great MASS TRANSIT/car sharing?: 2013, apartments
  116. French influence in the United States: shop, metro, areas
  117. Seattle to San Francisco drive: rent, hotels, dangerous
  118. Which areas of America feel the most British?: neighborhoods, residential
  119. The pace of a place: how much, college, incomes
  120. Western-Eastern City Equivalents?: low crime, home, neighborhoods
  121. If you're from the South, do people in other regions treat you like a fool?: transplants, Home Depot
  122. Where is the coolest place in the USA to be from?: home, living in
  123. Want to move out of L.A.: unemployed, school district
  124. Why are most Midwestern large cities so rundown looking?: crime, homes
  125. Which US City Needs A Professional Sports Franchise?: home, college
  126. Is southern a completely distinct culture unto itself?: transplants, home
  127. Most forested cities in USA: appointed, best cities, neighborhoods
  128. For $100k in your city...: 2014, condo, low crime
  129. Looking for city centers to walk and live in - which ones should I look at?: 2015, to rent
  130. Which state's residents love their state the most?: places to live, area
  131. 7 Best Ski Cities in the US: ski resorts, places to live, rank
  132. NC/TN/TX - Where down south?: transplants, real estate
  133. Southern - What does it really mean today: hotel, taxes
  134. Vibe / Feel Of Major US Cities: neighborhoods, schools
  135. What region or subregion is the safest in the U.S.?: low crime, to buy
  136. Which city would give an 'alien' the best taste of Americana?: live in, area
  137. Rank the Places You Have Lived by Quality of Life.: amusement park, crime
  138. When will the south shed its poor stereotypical image?: 2014, living
  139. Heading West, Looking for Suggestions: ski resorts, transplants, real estate
  140. Where in the South would be good for me?: transplants, how much
  141. Aussies moving to US. Help with cities/towns: apartment, to rent
  142. Is there foods that are specific to the Pacific Northwest?: live, restaurants
  143. Bordering states most different from each other?: housing, dryer
  144. Do you associate your ethnic identity with a REGIONAL identity?: home, high school
  145. Largest, Whitest Cities besides Portland and Seattle: fit in, 2014
  146. Are Portland and Pittsburgh similar?: neighborhood, college, live
  147. Best small/midsize cities for me?: home, job openings, good schools
  148. I'm a guy in my 30s what state should I move to to find a blue collar job?: sales, construction jobs
  149. Which of regions IYO offers the best quality of life?: house, good schools
  150. Where should I move for different weather?: 2013, living
  151. Young atheist family of almost-5 looking to find our place in this country: 2015, co-op
  152. Young couple looking for to move by Spring 2015: apartments, rent
  153. Sunbelt Cities To Make The Biggest Transformation/Leap: 2013, neighborhoods
  154. Opinions from Midwestern states on Iowa?: low crime, credit, lawyer
  155. Low humidity, low air pollution: job market, theater, good schools
  156. Safe, middle/upper class neighborhoods that are mostly Latino or Black?: middle-class, apartment
  157. Best mild weather place to live for male in 20s?: apartment, rental
  158. Is the Northwest for me?: fit in, home, find a job
  159. Middle of nowhere areas with access to jobs: to rent, house
  160. Where will people live 50 years from now?: how much, buying
  161. Dumb things you consider when thinking of other places: living in, restaurant
  162. Why haven't they built this bridge !: zip code, airport
  163. Large, shrinking metros?: 2014, homes, buy
  164. Salary Needed to Buy a Home in US 15 Major Cities: 2014, insurance
  165. Most relaxed, nonconventional city: lease, live, shop
  166. Relocating, but where to!?: chapel, employment, law school
  167. Is Michigan More Like Minnesota or Upstate New York: college, living in
  168. The 10 Most 'Artsy' States in America: 2014, theater, school
  169. Cities with walk up fast food drive thrus?: apartment, condo
  170. It is universal that cities are overwhelmingly liberal?: 2014, house
  171. Which state feels more southern, North Carolina or Arkansas?: live, move to
  172. Suggest a city for a 28 year old single white male to live!: cliquey, crime
  173. Which Northeastern US Cities Would Improve and Decline in the Future?: high crime, neighborhoods
  174. Best cities for a white, blue collar guy??: fit in, 2014
  175. Why Seattle is a Balmy Mediterranean Subtropical Desert Paradise: area, floods
  176. Which states are most likely to merge into one: state, amount
  177. What is each American city's main public gathering place?: home, neighborhood
  178. How do you pronounce the word on ?: live, average
  179. Chiggers, how prevelant are they and how much of a problem are they?: home, high school
  180. New England feels claustrophobic?: employment, neighborhoods, living in
  181. What Every State in the U.S. Is Worst at (Including North Dakota at Tourism): 2013, violent crime
  182. What If New York City Never Existed?: construction, living
  183. What major cities has the largest summer to winter temperature differences?: average, windows
  184. what state has the best spring?: live in, rating, trees
  185. Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities (or States) of US in 2014: crimes, broker
  186. Do you consider Colorado Cali East ?: house, school
  187. West vs east - where to move?: public schools, salary
  188. make suggestions for someone wanting to come back to the USA?: middle-class, fit in
  189. What cities does Wal-mart not control: sales, to buy
  190. States with the Best and Worst Drivers: living in, license plate
  191. Which State in New England Would You Want Live In?: real estate, quality of life
  192. Career Survival and Saving in Rocky Mountain Resort Towns: house, job market
  193. What's more drying, cold NE winter air or SE Desert air?: live, versus
  194. As The Crow Flies: calculator, suburbs, distance
  195. seasonal influenza: cities
  196. The Ultimate State By State Buying Power Index: sales, 2014
  197. 1 Jan 2015 Travel with trailer from Moscow, ID to W of Austin, Tx best route?: vehicle
  198. Can cities solve sea level rise long term?: place, water
  199. Color coating areas of the United States based off similarities/connections: move, metro
  200. Most religious metro areas: cities, top, residents