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  1. What city should a guy like me move to?: apartments, for rent
  2. New Gallup Well Being Index Scores Per State: low crime, quality of life
  3. Which areas have the most CA transplants?: 2013, home
  4. Want to settle new but where? Looking for suggestions: good schools, living
  5. will affordable cities near the expensive, major cities grow big time?: transplants, moving to
  6. Laundromat Prices: how much, live in, dryers
  7. Looking for a New City to move to in the East: 2014, renting
  8. Best Cities For Single 30-somethings: condo, college, living
  9. If the 4 Census regions were independent, which one would be the most prosperous?: taxes
  10. Which region best fits my book ?: to live in, gangs, suburbs
  11. America's 50 coldest cities: average, top, summer
  12. Where would be an ideal place for me to look at moving too?: home
  13. Want to leave Chicago - TN? or TX?: middle-class, neighborhood
  14. help me out with trying to find the perfect spot to live.: job market
  15. 2060 U.S. Census: 2015, population, Hispanics
  16. Great work from home job, but now what? (or where): to rent, condo
  17. Mind set on Chattanooga or Nashville, help me choose: for rent, high schools
  18. My Adventure: Moving to new city, no job or place to stay. Good cities?: to rent
  19. city people move to the country/remote areas?: living, best
  20. Best area for single 20-something??: best cities, 2014, high school
  21. Comparing Cities by Demographic Characters: education, distance, American
  22. Looking for a diverse, live-and-let-live type of city to call home: how much, homes
  23. my theory on state capitals...: neighborhoods, construction, to live in
  24. descended from Volga Germans?: rated, ethnic, famous
  25. Midwest, Mountain, or PNW? (new grad looking for new home): 2014, rent
  26. What state do YOU think has the biggest drug culture?: legal, cities
  27. When do the next Census estimates come out?: 2014, metro
  28. Fastest Job Growth in US City Centers: 2015, employment
  29. Does the West only have one accent?: cities, working
  30. Is the Southwest more like the South or Cascadia?: area, population
  31. difference between Washington and Oregon?: organic, taxes, living in
  32. What city matches my criteria the best?: best cities, allergies
  33. Are city governments friend or foe where you live?: sale, house
  34. Top twenty most populated states in 2020: transplants, to live, moving to
  35. Why are accents censored on TV?: 2015, how much, movies
  36. Women Cooks By State: health, best, location
  37. Your favorite non-major, second-tier city?: crime, living in, cost of
  38. VIDEO: Homeless child - is this your city...?: 2015, money
  39. What states fit my criteria?: find a job, neighborhood, colleges
  40. Mid-Century Modern Brady Bunch style homes?: 2013, rental
  41. (NYC TO ???) From the Concrete Jungle to the Sunny Shores: rent, hotels
  42. Which US City has the most attractive men?: military, rated
  43. Is there a strong Alaska-Hawaii connection?: airplane, finance, park
  44. M/23 Which city in the US should someone like myself move to? must be liberal and warm climate: cheap apartments
  45. Best place for a someone who is into punk rock and wants a great punk scene: apartment
  46. Stay in mid size city with decent salary or move to big city with better salary?: apartment
  47. point of diminishing returns: crime, moving to, tickets
  48. Berkeley/Oakland VS Ithaca VS Portland VS Boulder: college, pros and cons
  49. Job transfer to U.S. major city -- where to go?: apartment
  50. The perfect place: mobile home, buying, living in
  51. Inland Cities in the North East: areas, population, coastal
  52. America's Most Innovative Tech Hubs: 2014, home, universities
  53. Which beach to move to?: to rent, safe neighborhood, income
  54. Nevada, Maine, Pennsylvania, or Delaware?: rent, low crime, home
  55. How much does job/career opportunities factor into your relocation options?: home, school
  56. Knoxville or Providence?: university, places to eat, residential
  57. If I like Pittsburgh & Portland will I like Sacramento?: live in, nightlife
  58. Name states/areas you're with, and list up to 3 good and bad things about them: sales
  59. Looking for New England or Upstate NY place to live: buying, college
  60. Cold, Remote, Near water: UP MI or Maine: house, transfer
  61. Looking for a new place to call home. Single, 30-something with 2 children. Seeking advice.: low crime
  62. Which of states has the best women?: movies, move to
  63. Mom and a Teacher ready to relocation: good schools, teacher salaries
  64. Mapquest ranks each US Interstate Highway: construction, tax, moving
  65. But we have great summers.: 2015, home
  66. Why the hell are people saying accents are dying out ?: fit in, transplants
  67. Help! Nashville, Austin, Tampa, or Mobile?: houses, living, restaurants
  68. Japanese Restaurants in your area frequented by Japanese/Japanese Americans: live, professionals
  69. The salary you need to buy a home in 27 U.S. cities: sales, real estate
  70. You can live in the South without AC or Heat: appointed, home builders
  71. Do you notice a distinct difference in regional water taste?: transport, suburbs
  72. Best cities for a introvert in the south? (Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama): suburbs, friendly
  73. Which states are ran the best and have nice weather?: transplants, sales
  74. ISO: Warm, mid-sized, gay-friendly, southern city within 3 hours drive of ocean.: transplants, 2015
  75. Where in the nation would you live if the weather was perfect everywhere?: low crime, living
  76. Which US City Looks Bigger Than It Actually Is?: houses, neighborhoods
  77. What part of America has the smoothest roads?: apartment, maintenance
  78. The Georgia coast vs the North Carolina coast: camping, versus
  79. Does the general population realize the rural deep south is full of black people?: live in, racist
  80. What's the difference between LA and NYC people?: home, neighborhoods
  81. grew up in a predominantly African-American SMALL town in the south?: crime rate, colleges
  82. Which mountains do you prefer: NC, VA, TN: home, vs
  83. Most and least transplant saturated metros of the South: transplants, retiree
  84. Non-hot/sunbelt areas with an abundance of gated communities: real estate, apartments
  85. What parts of the US have surprising climates?: train, retirement
  86. What color is the dress?: 2015, house, science
  87. What region diverges more from the American mainstream: the West or the South?: transplants, public schools
  88. Why is American police so violent?: 2014, house, live
  89. Asheville, Greensville, or New Augusta?: renting, home, public schools
  90. Bigger cities with least transplants: houses, neighborhoods, high school
  91. Certified mail - What could it be and do I need to sign?: apartment, rental
  92. Wanting to move states and want to know which is good for interracial families.: chapel, unemployment rate
  93. How big of a factor is weather?: crime, income
  94. Best U.S. city where it's cheap, safe, has good weather: low crime, living
  95. What region should I do my semester abroad?: appointed, chapel
  96. Where in the U.S. do people appear to be happiest?: unemployment, live
  97. Whitest Cities and Metropolitan Areas: 2015, living in, estimates
  98. Does glorify Western climates too much?: living, move to
  99. moving to the southeast; on choosing a city?: house, neighborhoods
  100. irish communities outside of boston and new york: 2014, neighborhoods
  101. Mountains in the East Rivaling in the West: to live, activity
  102. What is a city where you can 'lose yourself' and 'start over': transplants, how much
  103. What WAS the main industry of your city back in the day? What is it now?: employment, contractor
  104. State with most family farms? And other farming/agricultural queries: buying, school
  105. New Jersey vs. Connecticut vs. Massachusetts: BEST OVERALL: best cities, 2015
  106. Kiplinger list of Cheapest Cites You'd Want to Live In: rent, home
  107. Which state has the most in common with Tennessee?: live, metro
  108. How do you feel about where you currently live? (Poll): school, living in
  109. Most popular states for tourism relative to their populations: 2015, hotel
  110. Which of states is best for a young couple?: rental, job market
  111. We live in America, speaking a foreign language is not necessary...: school, stores
  112. States that will never be Minority Majority: 2015, agriculture
  113. Do you consider the Midwest part of the Eastern United States ?: home, living in
  114. Relocating- country area with beach within driving distance?: fit in, homes
  115. Year-Round inside temp: house, closing, living in
  116. What states are upper midwest?: live, suburbs, cities
  117. What American cities meet standards: to rent, live in, cost
  118. Coming from Europe: for sale, real estate, oceanfront
  119. looking for a nice blue collar town to relocate too from LI, NY (I'm a gc/independent construction worker): fit in, transplants
  120. Streets set up with skyscraper or landmark straight ahead: city hall, ferry
  121. Which areas have the most New York transplants?: living in, beach
  122. Where is best place to move right now?: best towns, sales
  123. States with The Slowest Drivers/Pace?: transplants, new home, move to
  124. Would you ever move that's losing population, if you liked it?: home, live
  125. Severe megadroughts to hit the southwest for decades: 2015, living
  126. Cities that feel like cults: school, taxes, living
  127. South Caroliina: More similar to North Carolina or Alabama: transplants, construction
  128. I'm going to make an unpopular statement: living in, vs
  129. If you were to guess the 10 most visited states...: statistics, gardens
  130. if you move to another state will get you get that state's accent ?: fit in, transplants
  131. Traffic Tickets. The Greediest City In The Nation?: university, live
  132. What cities do you think mark the start of a new region on the east coast?: live in, area
  133. Where are the good urban schools?: middle-class, appointed, apartments
  134. Location within 4 hours of Casper, WY: job market, university, living in
  135. Driving Laws - Passing on 2 lane road: DMV, law
  136. Late 20s looking to move to smaller city/burb, 4 seasons, outdoor activities/hiking/skiing, lower COL/housing: how much, find a job
  137. Which state has better quality of life: Missouri or Indiana: living in, moving to
  138. What state would you regard as the most mountainous ?: 2014, estimates
  139. What Area of Your State is its Most Authentic Self?: home, suburbia
  140. North Carolina or Virginia, which state holds more of a transplant saturated reputation?: transplants, 2015
  141. Should the Midwest be called the Mideast?: area, dating
  142. What U.S. City Have You Seen The Most Mopeds/Scooters?: mattresses, appliances
  143. America's New Startup Culture: 2014, loans, home
  144. Friendliest northeastern state?: ski resorts, crime, vs.
  145. Best places in the USA for college grads and people in their 20s.: living in, young professionals
  146. Is New Jersey More Like Maryland or Connecticut: college, DMV
  147. North Carolina: More in common with Maryland or Alabama: beach, food
  148. Where in USA is the Bodega a common sight: low income, loan
  149. help me figure out where to move!: apartment complexes, chapel
  150. What is the most popular food district in your city and which cities have the best?: sale, 2013
  151. Moving Out of Texas, Low COL, Active Lifestyle, Need More Ideas, Help!: apartment, for rent
  152. best cities for starting over: transplants, to live, moving to
  153. How do gays cope with living in conservative metro areas?: fence, legal
  154. Active Midwest Cities: 2014, rental, house
  155. Do Americans really have the biggest disposable income?: middle-class, health insurance
  156. You're 18 and your parents give you a bus ticket to anywhere and enough expense for 2 months. Where do you?: best city, apartment
  157. Where will America's next 100 million people live?: house, living
  158. Relocating to Houston, TX or Columbus, OH… have job offers at both places and can't decide!: best cities, real estate
  159. What if Philadelphia Pa. was still the Capital of the U.S.: 2014, income
  160. Suggestions for Affordable, Walkable, and Small or Mid-Size City/Town: 2013, for rent
  161. Best states for low skilled workers: low income, how much, neighborhood
  162. Moving Out Of New York, but we dont know where???HELP Need advice...: townhouses, job market
  163. Low elevation, cold in the winter, and have low-humidity the rest of the year: credit card, how much
  164. What is the best small town in the USA that is stuck in time?: homes, movies
  165. My 10-region model of America: credit, rating, best
  166. why do blacks in other cities have a new york accent?: population, Australian
  167. Towns on the West Coast Similar to Key West?: 2013, how much
  168. grow up in rural Catholic America?: homes, school closings
  169. Looking for the cheapest beach city/town: real estate, house
  170. Would you ever live in an LGBT section of a city?: transplants, spring break
  171. which city should i move to ?: apartments, new home, job market
  172. Best states for young adult outdoors enthusiasts: home, university
  173. Which city/metro area is less racist, Minneapolis/St Paul or Seattle/Tacoma?: house, gated
  174. Most Accepting Places in the US of Latins: fit in, job market
  175. Best U.S. cities for Jazz venues?: 2015, live
  176. Predominantly Caucasian poor urban neighborhoods: 2015, rent, how much
  177. Most Expensive places to live in the U.S.?: middle-class, apartments
  178. An Analysis of How Fast Your City is Gentrifying: to live in, dangerous
  179. What city fits this criteria?: university, living, cost of living
  180. What cities have a great bus system?: construction, gated communities
  181. If the South has more characterized by transplants and fast growth, why is Maryland/DC deemed to be now Northeastern ?: 2014, transfer
  182. Your not stuck where you are: loan, house, income
  183. what state has the best trails/scenery for hiking and mountain biking?: home, club
  184. list of states ranked from least visited to most visited?: 2014, rentals
  185. Should the Unites States be broken up into different countries?: military, rated
  186. If the US and Canada merged, which city would be the Capital?: buy, safer
  187. Couple looking to move out of Northern WI, but where to?: insurance, chapel
  188. Desribe the major cities (or metros) of the South in a sentence or two.....: cliquey, university
  189. Which is worse, a Pacific Northwest winter or Northeast winter?: home, live
  190. The word Slow: DMV, live in, shop
  191. How come southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico arent considered southern?: title, atheist
  192. Relocating from NYC to a different city need advice: apartments, rent
  193. Cities with low cost of living, good economy/job market, and four seasons.: rent, schools
  194. Can't decide where to move to: apartments, rent, houses
  195. Going Crazy Trying To Decide Where To Move! HELP!: transplants, lease
  196. is it true that Black women in California are very down to earth ??: living in, relocate to
  197. Spicy Aficionados: food, kitchens, best
  198. New York vs Los Angeles vs San Francisco vs Miami: best city, best
  199. Adjustments moving from NE to SE?: deal, accents, winters
  200. Berkeley, California vs Boulder, Colorado: areas, place, Asian