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  1. The Today Show's top 10 cities to live in America from 1988: 2014, living
  2. Which cities would work best for me?: apartments, to rent
  3. Travel: living, population, children
  4. Places with no snow and low humidity?: live in, move to
  5. Thinking of moving from Chicago to Phoenix area: insurance, condo
  6. How much do Amereicans know abour Puerto Rico?: schools, living in
  7. Biggest State to State Movements (1993-2010): exemptions, moving, retiree
  8. Areas with most sandstorms in the US?: insurance, buy
  9. If this doesn't work out, where to next?: 2014, neighborhood
  10. Do you think Interstate 78 should expand westward to Chicago?: college, traffic
  11. Best Cities for Urban Planning/Community Development?: find a job, school
  12. 26 yr.old Teacher bored with NJ. Where should I relocate?: 2015, employment
  13. Heart and Soul of your city: skateboarding, home, neighborhoods
  14. Husband and I looking to move to the South (Georgia, Alabama?): casinos, living in
  15. from a foreigner: find a job, buying, university
  16. What U.S. City Offers This Type of Experience?: cities, Japanese
  17. Best Cities for Mid 50's Christian Single Woman: job market, neighborhoods
  18. best place you ever lived: how much, cabin, move
  19. What would be the perfect city/state for me to live in based on my interests?: chapel
  20. How exactly is the Internet making America more similar?: buy, radio
  21. Moving from east coast to west coast: transportation, budget
  22. Venture Funding by MSA: 2014, area, cities
  23. Moving Tips---- ? ? ?: transplants, sales, house
  24. Nashville TN vs Charleston SC: dermatologist, pros and cons, to live in
  25. Best places for summer fun in your state: amusement park, camping
  26. Which U.S. cities have a woodsy lifestyle?: moving to, yard
  27. Areas of the South with General American accents: transplants, school
  28. Nice Weather Mountain Town or city with a Massage School: find a job, to live
  29. Moving out of parents house!: apartment, renters, car insurance
  30. I need on common CD lingo: store, moving to
  31. Where to move to after school?: unemployment, living in, young professionals
  32. Best states for workers?: wages, employers, paid
  33. Best cities: nurse, warm, to work
  34. Help me find a state to move to!: to rent, hotels
  35. Is my accent Western or mid-Western? (I'm a New Yorker): vs, area
  36. Need to get out of Cali - thinking of Austin or Knoxville areas: neighborhoods
  37. Relocating from Ohio. Where to move?: lawyer, employment, neighborhoods
  38. A Relocation Challenge: real estate, apartments, to rent
  39. Boston and San Francisco: living, vs., cities
  40. Areas with Highest Concentration of Higher Learning (and Internationals/Immigrants): universities, place to live
  41. The what's the population needed to support X (Metro Size Comparison): how much
  42. best relocation suggestions: public schools, income, income tax
  43. Where do cherry blossoms generally grow best in the US?: where to buy, university
  44. City for young professional (coming from overseas): apartment, crime
  45. Going to beat a dead horse .. a move to the Four Corners region.: real estate
  46. Interesting ways to travel and move across the country: sales, stores
  47. Seattle v Chicago for me: crime, income, income tax
  48. Most distinctive cause of death for each state!: 2015, dangerous
  49. Best place for southerners to look for work: best city, 2014
  50. Best city for mild retardation and developmentally slow people?: landlords, employers
  51. Austin TX vs. Virginia Beach VA??: renters, low crime, home
  52. Relocating to anywhere but MI or FL: transplants, hotel
  53. Gay relocation: rentals, college, living in
  54. Where do you think I should move to?: home, employment
  55. Historical Peak Densities of U.S. Cities: apartments, neighborhoods
  56. good videos/websites on living in Pacific Northwest?: mortgage, loan
  57. Allergies: did the beach make or break them?: living in, moving
  58. Best state/city to live in for beaches and overall living: employment, cost of living
  59. The final What city IS for this person at the moment?: neighborhoods
  60. 100% online business - best state to live for internet & taxes: homeowners insurance, school
  61. Canadians that have moved to the U.S?: how much, moving to
  62. prettiest/ quaintest city/ town ever been to: food, horse
  63. How hot is is too hot in your American region?: beach, activity
  64. Best Swimming Beaches in United States (with pics): 2013, beach
  65. Need: Big city, transit, access to beach, mountains, snow, temperate climate, diversity...: schools, moving
  66. Want the 'NJ feel' but low cost of living, but where?: HOA, new house
  67. Where can I find green mountains like the Alps in the US?: home, areas
  68. Relocating: Looking for a med. sized city that is: bikeable, affordable, liberal, tree-dense & has young professionals: for sale, 2015
  69. Morgan Quitno Press 50 Most Dangerous and Safest Cities in the United States: 2014, crime
  70. Best place to open an occult/new age shop?: for sale, home
  71. Do people from Cities (200,000)or more care more about their apperance then people from Country?(-100,000): transplants, home
  72. Traditional ethnic enclaves that are rapidly changing demographics?: neighborhoods, college
  73. Is the Upper South (outside of Appalachia) part of the Sun Belt?: vs., moving to
  74. What do HOMELESS people do when the weather turns HOT in your area?: 2013, home
  75. The US is still the #1 country in the world for everything.: schools, live
  76. Which high speed rail will happen first?: buying, tax
  77. The US in top 5 countries with the widest gap between rich and poor!: income, statistics
  78. Florida is the most unique place in the continental USA: house, live
  79. Cities that aren't surrounded by tons of suburban sprawl: 2013, neighborhoods
  80. Places to live in the US that have an exceptionally unique, off-beat way of life?: house, school
  81. Usage of the term back east: home, living in
  82. If I want dry weather, mild winters, low crime, under 200k population...: home, refrigerator
  83. Which major U.S. City has single family houses 200k or under in a mostly safe area?: affordable houses, subdivision
  84. Would you move to give your children a better life?: middle-class, how much
  85. Best cheap and livable mountain towns?: transplants, condo, how much
  86. New England scenery: 2013, areas, skylines
  87. Small Town Feel + Big City Options + Nature: Help us decide where to move next: home, tech jobs
  88. My Life is in the Toilet, its time to move. But where?: apartments, rent
  89. Your Advice Wanted - Single Guy, Late Twenties....: fit in, insurance
  90. Which state/city should I move to? (Single 25yo straight male looking to transfer branches at large multinational): cliquey, apartment
  91. Is California the only place in the USA that is accepting towards interracial couples like us?: transplants, hotels
  92. DC Atlanta and Houston top 3 cities for african americans as of now?: statistics, park
  93. How often is a city confused with its metro?: live, zoning
  94. Which city do you prefer? San Francisco or San Diego: living, moving
  95. Where do various Mexican immigrants settle in the US?: 2013, neighborhoods
  96. What part of the country would you consider the most Left wing?: college, live
  97. US cities with the urban scale of Madrid or Berlin?: neighborhoods, living
  98. Why Lake Michigan is the most dangerous Great Lake: 2015, to live
  99. Name a unique festival that only occurs in your city.: 2015, university
  100. Does your town or city have nice public pools?: home, costs
  101. What areas outside of the Midwest remind you of the Midwest?: 2014, homes
  102. Relocating: Set on Raleigh NC but am I missing anywhere????: insurance, house
  103. Mid-size liberal, diverse, green, racially accepting cities with a 40+ interracial dating scene?: fit in, mover
  104. Hills: More + or - for cities: neighborhoods, car, bike
  105. the culture of the United States is closer to English or German;: live in, rated
  106. What city location is most intriguing to you? why?: moving, transportation
  107. Cities enclaved in other other cities: home, school district, university
  108. Can a liberal be happy in the South?: to live in, atheist
  109. What's the best cheap city with long cold winters?: to live in, cheapest
  110. There are still 14 states that have not fully recovered from recessions during the 2000s: real estate, 2015
  111. Is there a climate like this in the US? Hot summers, cold, snowy winters: appointed, live
  112. Ok, I need help with deciding...: best neighborhoods, real estate
  113. America's Least Recognized Region on: live, centers, population
  114. Are There States Where Its Future Dismal?: middle-class, real estate
  115. Western US, forest map: land, trees, areas
  116. What Is the Most Influential City in the Great Plains Region?: centers, metro area
  117. Are Americans and Canadians really that similar?: low crime, tax
  118. What's the Longest Word you can spell using State Abbreviations?: best, island
  119. Are Weather and Topography/Geography the Only Major Differences Left?: neighborhoods, subdivisions
  120. San Diego vs. Miami living in luxary!: home, neighborhood
  121. Which East Coast City Has The Most West Coast Vibe?: transplants, beach
  122. Black Culture and Relevance by Region: rent, violent crime, home
  123. Places with a deep sense of community and neighborliness??: home, neighborhoods
  124. Genuinely strange and quirky cities: eat, retirement, island
  125. Which cities have the best job market/COL combination in America? (NO TEXAS CITIES !): best cities, salary
  126. Seeking Walkable, Safe, Affordable, and Quirky Community: rent, crime
  127. nice small to mid size metro areas out there?: school, live in
  128. Adults who have never ventured outside their state/locality???: house, living in
  129. Liberal, but not Hippie cities: chapel, versus, trendy
  130. It Would Be Perfect if...: school, place to live, light rail
  131. Cultural Capital of the USA: buying, theater, living in
  132. Where would you draw the line between the upper and lower Midwest?: cities, humid
  133. other Westerners want to leave the region?: buying a home, buying
  134. Best US city to raise a family?: low crime, chapel
  135. Which city has the WORST weather overall weather?: tornado, live
  136. Best Cities in Lower Midwest?: renting, amusement parks, house
  137. Educational Attainment: Millennial Version: 2013, college, to live in
  138. Best U.S. cities on the edge of spectacular wilderness: camping, parks
  139. Why aren't we just satisfied being American ?: 2015, home
  140. What Midwestern state feels most Western?: live in, metro, areas
  141. What American city has the most well known mayor?: living, bill
  142. Help me move anywhere!: fit in, apartment, for rent
  143. Texas or GA for High School football: college, cost
  144. folks who downplay the CITY of Los Angeles as a bigsuburb seem to only ever experience the Valley or the West side: cul-de-sac, 2015
  145. Is California the most diverse state in the USA?: 2013, Korean
  146. Letter which starts the most U.S. cities: health, town
  147. What is the LEAST southern state?: dogs, fish, culture
  148. How much is your city bus fare?: transfer, shop
  149. How southern/northern would you describe the cities in the midatlantic region?: how much, assessment
  150. Is the rest of America becoming more Californian ?: house, movies
  151. Don't make my blue eyes brown !: 2015, university, population
  152. States with the best and worst police forces: how much, taxes
  153. Is the West really more laid back than the rest of the country?: live, beaches
  154. Driving from Raleigh to Philly, best route to avoid DC traffic: vs., money
  155. What state has the best weather BESIDES California?: 2015, move to
  156. US Cities that could make great alternatives to Offshoring: 2015, minimum wage
  157. 2015 Homicide/Murder Counts up to date?: crime, neighborhood, statistics
  158. Which region most represents the USA: eat, best
  159. Where in the World is Right for Me?: fit in, find a job
  160. Most British influenced areas of America (or Canada, too): transplants, neighborhoods
  161. Which is a better state to live in: Mass, PA, or NY: to rent, job market
  162. What state do people in your state MOST want to viait: homes, school
  163. Which medium to large sized cities do you think has the most to offer for the cost to live there?: wages, standard of living
  164. for of you who idolize california beaches: 2013, hotel
  165. Which state license plates need an update?: 2014, live
  166. Cities that are hidden treasures or next best cities: friendly, metro
  167. Hey guys can you help me find this place?: science, reasons
  168. Are there seagulls in the Great Lakes?: live in, beach
  169. Which Gulf Coast cities have the best Wifi?: homes, pricing
  170. I'm actually moving...: renting, house, taxis
  171. Best states for animal lover's: 2015, credit, live
  172. People who never leave the borders of their home state: college, restaurants
  173. Best Vibrant East Coast Small Town/City from D.C. to New England with strong local food scene, arts/culture, friendly.: 2015, chapel
  174. The friendliest place you ever lived/visited?: nicest, vacations
  175. Advice on what city/town I should be looking for....: best cities, transplants
  176. Young, professional female looking for new city to move to! Suggestions?: 2014, rental
  177. What state is best governed?: unemployment rate, best schools, budget
  178. What are each of 13 cities most known for?: best city, credit card
  179. Most Sexually Liberated City?: preschool, nightclubs, location
  180. Great Great Lakes beaches: hotels, beach, swimming
  181. What is the most Southern city in the United States?: transplants, garden
  182. City where Mexican Americans thrive?: homes, middle school, living
  183. Best mid size cities for Asian Americans?: fit in, best cities
  184. Are the differences between US regions exaggerated?: school, college
  185. What major city has the best weather of the U.S.?: 2015, cities
  186. Least pro sports-oriented metros: cabinet, cabin, things to do
  187. Hot jobs w/out Degree/Skill?: apartments, motel, school
  188. Are the cities that actually embrace transplants?: neighborhoods, income
  189. Which region is most like the Northeast?: transplants, homes
  190. Best places for late summer/early fall: sales, home
  191. What state is the embodiment of each region?: architecture, population
  192. Perceptions of Phoenix on: rent, credit, landscaping
  193. Which city for me? (I hate to do it but...): crime rate, chapel
  194. Moving from Atlanta to the South: transplants, 2015, lease
  195. Is the West Coast poorer or richer than America on average?: real estate, houses
  196. How I'd define West, North, South and East: movies, vacation
  197. Denver? Seattle? Northeast? Pittsburgh?: low crime, job market, good schools
  198. Do all City Threads Post the High School College Choices: 2015, colleges
  199. help me obtain my medical record: law, office, psychiatrists
  200. Article/Maps that show where Americans came from: 2015, obtain