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  1. How would rate the local government in your city from 1 to 10: crime rate, houses
  2. Help to find eastern U.S. location for retirement: new home, college
  3. How to rent a nice rural home in the Western U.S.: apartment
  4. Healthy cities: low income, co-ops, college
  5. Questions About Moving Out of State: apartment, rent, house
  6. All main US cities on I-77 start with C: parks, interstate
  7. The Easiest State to Obtain Section 8: apartment, rent, to buy
  8. Driving from Orange County (CA) to Steamboat, CO in June: home, summer
  9. Could we see a Yuma-El Centro CSA in the future?: to live in, suburbs
  10. North American Edition: Cities that you used to have dreams about or still have dreams about?: title
  11. Do big cities tend to have socially based/connection economies?: middle-class, transporting
  12. Transitional / Temporary to Perm City: home, buying, college
  13. Need A Fresh Start.... Home is Where U make it...: high school, live
  14. is it to live and work in a no state income tax state my work situation?: sales
  15. Metros with Largest and Smallest Carbon Footprints: suburbs, electricity
  16. Looking for a pedestrian town in the US: movie theaters, university
  17. Moving from the swamp to the high plains... What kind of clothing should I invest in?: to buy
  18. Another silly list......: unemployment rate, college, ranking
  19. Advice on good southern cities need to move ASAP: rent, low crime
  20. Which one should I choose !: for rent, living, move to
  21. 3D U.S. City Tour (1/10): cities, free, largest
  22. I need to move but I don't know where to go. help: low crime
  23. Where should we move? Leaving California for the South or Texas: real estate, crime
  24. Lakefront Living with Major City Commute?: homes, shop, activity
  25. Another where should we move? post: apartments, home
  26. Raleigh and Charlotte: 2 Fastest Expanding Metro Areas in the U.S. Since 1970: move
  27. How to Find People by Last Name: live, area codes
  28. Looking for an area with suburbs / paseos / biking trails near a major hub: amusement park
  29. Countries that visit The United State most: 2014, to buy
  30. Midwest move with mixed family: for sale, 2013, home
  31. Are east coast dialects fading the young?: transplants, movies
  32. no money, and a felon and need a new start: apartments, rent
  33. Colorado, Texas, Utah, or Florida for a newly graduated chiropractor? What cities?: transplants
  34. p cities and raising children: chapel, how much
  35. Relocation Options (All US... Sort of): home, construction, to live in
  36. Interstate: Utah to Arizona?: cost of, best, money
  37. Where's a good place for me to live in the U.S.?: apartments
  38. Where should we live in the US: for sale, real estate
  39. What is the best state to tour/see covered bridges?: live, suburban
  40. Northeasterns who have moved to the PNW, how do you like it?: crime
  41. choose one of states: good schools, universities, taxes
  42. Educational Attainment rankings within 5 miles of the core for top 100 metros: best city, 2015
  43. In your opinion, what is the fairest priced housing market in the United States? (Buyers and Renters): sales
  44. Which cities have very few wasps?: best, parent
  45. 26-single-male, drag racer looking to move to warmer state... Help?!: home, established neighborhood
  46. where is this statue/sculpture: hotel, restaurant, park
  47. WAPO: people aren't urbanizing, just a select group of wealthy people are...: apartments
  48. Affordable downtowns ?: neighborhoods, living, buses
  49. What do you think is the most haunted State in the U S ?: houses, live
  50. College Towns / Cities that are NOT dominated by college life: university, place to live
  51. bluest skies in the united states: pollution, car, rated
  52. Ideal East Coast Location: real estate, apartments, rentals
  53. Looking for a change....: real estate, 2014, house
  54. Do all city stereotypes have an element of truth to them?: crime rate, homes
  55. Utopia, where art thou?: apartments, for rent, condos
  56. Where are Californians moving to days?: transfer, taxation
  57. Which cities have done the best job of maintaining their local flavor through booms and gentrification?: transplants, rent
  58. I want to live in the country man!: lower-class, lease
  59. What states allow you to convert an out of states drivers license?: 2014, transfer
  60. Strongly a move, can you suggest a city?: school, to live
  61. sunbelt public transport: transplants, employment, neighborhood
  62. best 4 season climate in the US: metro, places, good quality
  63. What will you pick ? Your feedback is: best city, chapel
  64. the iconic ethnic groups tied to your city?: home, neighborhoods
  65. Beach Town to Raise a Family: sales, crime rate, affordable houses
  66. Massachusetts vs Virginia...: houses, school, universities
  67. Where to move with good public transportation but low COL?: home, living
  68. What do people mean when they say a city has a culture that appeals to young people?: rental market, movers
  69. Discouraged not finding the right (weather) city for us: real estate market, condo
  70. Good place in the USA for a liberal Eastern European?: crime, mortgage
  71. What do you think is the best state for allergy sufferers?: transplants, house
  72. Most promising city in the Deep South?: area, places
  73. Migration and social factors: cheap house, moving to, bills
  74. Coldest, Snowiest, Biggest Cities with best transportation: light rail, Amtrak
  75. Small and mid-sized cities with a lot of culture?: college, park
  76. Favorite cities that are unlivable ?: apartment, to rent, condos
  77. Stay and make the best of it or flee?: fit in, house
  78. Would you rather live in a prime neighborhood of a good city or an hour outside of a great city?: low crime, employment
  79. Where to POSSIBLY move, from Seattle.: high school, college, to live in
  80. A city to call home: schools, universities, income
  81. I made a map of the regions of the U.S.: association, top
  82. Genuinely Happiest Cities: transplants, home, college
  83. Local TV accents in your area: home, living, ferry
  84. Relocating: Columbia, SC vs. Draper, UT vs. Tallahassee, FL: 2014, daycare
  85. What do u think your city's demographics will be by the 2020 census?: transplants, 2014
  86. What cities have irritational exuberance: sales, 2013
  87. Urban Survivalist - scouting locations: buying, tornado, earthquake
  88. Most Beautiful State in the Lower 48: home, live, farm
  89. Best State Fairs?: hotels, ranked, county
  90. Can mid sized cities light rail compete with Denver's?: transporting, neighborhoods
  91. Which cities have the best lakes?: estate, floods, listings
  92. Words in your area that are used for certain things: house, stations
  93. Is there a place with moderate humidity?: to live in, deal
  94. Underrated capitols: real estate, houses, tech jobs
  95. Poll move to California or other state: high school, living in
  96. Mid-sized to large cities with good public schools: neighborhoods, magnet schools
  97. What Major city has the Cleanest downtown you were impressed by on a visit?: neighborhoods, live
  98. Striking out on cities to live: fit in, lease, chapel
  99. Palm trees: neighborhoods, to live, beach
  100. Looking for a new state to live: best cities, 2015
  101. cool cities with great beaches in the United States: beach, food
  102. Hard Liquor in Supermarkets: sales, to buy, luxury
  103. Kansas City, MO or Omaha, NE?: crime rate, unemployment, neighborhoods
  104. Conservative cities with good job markets on the east coast: live in, beach
  105. Wallethub fattest and fittest cities in U.S. 2016: transplants, military
  106. Looking for an ideal city/town: 2015, rent, established neighborhood
  107. Midwestern cities that are not Rustbelt: universities, title
  108. Capital Cities: for sale, real estate, 2014
  109. Name things small cities offer that big cities do not: neighborhood, college
  110. America's Fastest-Growing Cities and Affordable Housing: house, unemployment rate, to buy
  111. How to find out the actual best place in my view...: middle-class, 2015
  112. A long comparisson with the difficult desision: rent, home
  113. most collegiate college town in metro area: chapel, neighborhoods
  114. What cities do you think C-D posters have formed strong opinions about, without visiting: universities, living
  115. Family-friendly vacation ideas in the southwest: to rent, waterparks, hotels
  116. Cities with isolated crime vs widespread crime: best town, violent crime
  117. What is the most walkable/urban commercial strip outside of your cities downtown?: neighborhoods, construction
  118. Looking for trifecta: college, to live in, restaurants
  119. Progressive, walkable, artsy town...anywhere USA: for sale, real estate, rentals
  120. Fun Day Trips Near Where You Live: home, living in
  121. Shared borders that go forgotten or seem strange: felony, live in
  122. Which U.S. Suburbs Are Coming Back To Life And Which Are Declining?: middle-class, apartment
  123. Looking for a new state to call home: best cities, low crime
  124. Most booming metropolitan area overall in the Midwestern United States?: condo, unemployment
  125. East Coast Cities With a PNW feel?: appointed, rent
  126. Quietest and most polite city in America?: new home, living
  127. Tucson or El Paso?: crime, motels, university
  128. Which America Are You Apart Of? | PBS Quiz to Examines How Close You are to Middle America: live in, suburban
  129. If You Could Choose Where to Relocate, What 1 or 2 Places Would You Choose?: chapel, home
  130. What are slower paced big cities?: activity, metro
  131. Most overpriced and underpriced cities?: houses, neighborhood, university
  132. has moving to your dream place change happiness ? Stories: how much, house
  133. Where should we move??: apartments, rentals, high crime
  134. Most expensive land to own ?: sale, real estate, rent
  135. Least humid state / city east of rockies: hotel, areas
  136. Sunny, liberal, laid-back, LGBT-friendly.. What place am I describing?: rental, middle school
  137. Best City-With 3: living, low cost, affordable housing
  138. Need to Move West on Little $, Short Notice: real estate, rental market
  139. Progressive Smaller Cities: chapel, college, live
  140. Why is Texas' Southern-ness debated but not South Louisiana's?: move, eat
  141. Which State Has the Slowest Pace of Life?: centers, beaches
  142. Which state is the most stereotypical Wild West ?: high crime, movies
  143. Natural Decrease (deaths>births) in 1 of 3 counties last year: 2015, calculation
  144. Overrated and Underrated National Parks: tax, live, beaches
  145. Is walkability score overrated?: apartments, condo, crime rate
  146. Cities that show/lose their charms the better you know them: home, neighborhoods
  147. 200k home cities: school districts, live in, price
  148. Which city has the homegrown event that is most divisive to locals and visitors alike?: rent, houses
  149. steer me to possibilities: real estate, good schools, universities
  150. West vs Midwest: how much, living, cost of living
  151. Why do most big cities tend to ignore social problems?: crime rate, neighborhoods
  152. Very Interesting Talk....: 2014, condo, homes
  153. Are dive bars disappearing from most big cities?: neighborhood, income
  154. Polite and civilized people: how much, to live, restaurant
  155. Second cities with interesting projects: 2015, city hall, hotels
  156. How much does housing stock impact your impression of a city/metro?: middle-class, houses
  157. Cheapest cost of living in a place that doesn't suck: 2015, how much
  158. West Coast Dream: apartments, crime, houses
  159. Are south King county (Seattle) suburbs more like L.A./ Bay area suburbs: real estate, crime
  160. Which of the following states would you live in if you had to?: to live in, metro
  161. 4 sports teams in city: layoffs, living, MLS
  162. Moderate States vs. Other States: 2014, house, pros and cons
  163. Pacific Northwest population and boundaries: school, living in, pine
  164. Where the heck should I go?: rental, house, neighborhood
  165. American city the the most beautiful people?: movies, military
  166. looking for a wonderful town Northwest U.S.: 2015, crime
  167. What Is the Economy Like Where You Live?: rent, job market
  168. The ideal city for a nature lover?: homes, job openings
  169. Still Looking for the one: apartments, rent, lofts
  170. What is living in a college town like?: crime, chapel
  171. Best Minor League Sports City?: 2015, club, stats
  172. Is there a place in US like this ???: crime, restaurants
  173. I'll play too - does a place like this exist?: low income, crime
  174. Are people leaving Chicago and Illinois in droves?: low income, transplants
  175. Technology jobs and political diversity?: houses, college, living in
  176. General idea of where to move.: crime, neighborhoods, college
  177. 20 year kindergarten teacher in Arizona looking to move for better weather. s?: wages, place to live
  178. Your choice? Florida or California: 2015, rent, insurance
  179. How to decide where to move??: high crime, townhouses, neighborhoods
  180. Why are we so obsessed with booms?: middle-class, real estate
  181. Should I move to south or North Carolina: home, job market
  182. Where is your dream place to live in the United States of America?: house, costs
  183. Pros/Cons of living in a big city or just adjacent to it: real estate, rent
  184. Did you get to move where you wanted to or end up settling: renting, violent crime
  185. Houston, Texas vs Phoenix, Arizona?: crime, homes, unemployment
  186. Why do you think a state like New Mexico dosent boom like surrounding states?: fit in, transplants
  187. Dry cold vs. Humid cold: safe, best, areas
  188. Looking for warmer pastures with less snow: buy, allergies
  189. Ronald Reagan's accent: live, radio, rain
  190. Which is more humid in the summer? And which is hotter in the summer? And which has more thunderstorms in the summer?
  191. Why dont many big cities admit they overwhelmed with few resources?: camps, homeless
  192. upstate ny weather: winter, hours, spring
  193. NASEC A new collaborative for northern Appalachia: business, place
  194. Best cities to move to for work within digital media and fitness.: living in
  195. Regions of the U.S.: map of, windows, difference
  196. Housing value and recovery nationally: neighborhood, area, business
  197. What State allows SSI and TANF?: to rent, requirements, place
  198. Moving to the US from Australia: buying, construction, camping
  199. Southern city/town with affordable rent: to rent, to buy, construction
  200. Traffic in cities: movies, construction, county