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  1. Thinking about moving. s?: transplants, neighborhoods, school
  2. Best town/towns in New England area for raising families: renting, low crime
  3. Are we proud of USA for producing people like Bill Gates or pushing Millions of people into poverty and homeless?: rent
  4. Recommend a city: low crime, suburban, cities
  5. Cost of living: backwards/reverse preference: let me explain: vacation home, buy
  6. Seven city streets worth a trip on their own (Plug alert: includes Main Street in Greenville SC): house
  7. Is Chihuahua the Mexican sister state of New Mexico?: how much, home
  8. Northeast equivalent cities/neighborhoods to places in California?: centers, beach
  9. Is the Northwest turning into California?: real estate, crime rates, costs
  10. Cushman & Wakefield 2016 Cool Streets List: neighborhoods, cities, market
  11. U.S. cities with the most visits by major political figures: Presidential, Foreign Leaders, Royalty,: 2015
  12. United States AA Dialect Map: cities, population, accent
  13. Taking A Serious Risk: for sale, 2013, credit
  14. Wages across the country: 2014, insurance, crime
  15. Teachers move to Bellingham area: how much, house, neighborhood
  16. Is wheat still grown in the Central and Eastern Midwest?: 2015, tenant
  17. Which States do you think offer quality mental health service's?: live in, versus
  18. help me relocate down south: high crime, neighborhoods, university
  19. How different would it be if the Florida Keys reached Cuba?: Cuban, water
  20. NC or FL...need to make the right move: for rent, how much
  21. Americans of Sardinian ancestry?: high school, rated, metro area
  22. small and big towns with many transplants: schools, universities
  23. Why is African American Community and anything related considered Urban?: live in
  24. Memorial Day 2016: beach, food, office
  25. What city is this?: home, safe, suite
  26. Price of settling in USA: apartment, for rent, condo
  27. Is it to rent a pick up truck for cross country trip?: rental
  28. Most Hispanic cities?: best, metro area, area
  29. Which city/state best fits me pt 2: home, buy
  30. confusing in choosing state to live in: apartment, rent
  31. Sinus problems in the Midwest: home, allergies, organic
  32. Brookings Metro Monitor: living in, time, reports
  33. Population by area code: calculated, live in, cities
  34. A to American people: credit, how much, hotel
  35. What city would you recommend for a single woman in her late 20's?: neighborhoods
  36. Sorta safe: apartment, rent, chapel
  37. Looking for a small remote town.: store, move to, Walmart
  38. Looking for a Free-Standing Long Beach or Oakland with Four Seasons: crime, home
  39. What are the best ways to find out you would like living in a place while on a vacation?: rental car
  40. Wealthiest U.S. Cities by State: 2014, home, income
  41. Where is the best place for an English teacher who is interested in the arts to move?: theater
  42. Life on the other border: to live, car, photos
  43. searching for new place to settle down: sales, home
  44. Relocating from California: safe area, movies, school
  45. What counts has having visited a state?: hotel, live in
  46. WI vs MN which one is better?: home, unemployment
  47. Have Americans ever been to Toronto?: home, safe
  48. Why is dirtbikes so popular Northeast blacks/hispanics?: neighborhood, to buy
  49. Moved you didn't want to: house, find a job, to buy
  50. Slowest paced large metropolitan areas: home, neighborhoods, restaurants
  51. Best highways in the U.S.A.: restaurant, bars
  52. I don't understand people wanting to move out of US.: insurance, houses
  53. Cities and its happening districts: neighborhoods, living in, beach
  54. Middle-class metropolitan areas where the residents emulate celebrity lifestyles?: mortgages, student loans
  55. Does the South still have Southern Belles?: 2015, house
  56. Borders of the Rustbelt?: homes, manufacturing, automobile
  57. Cities similar to Kansas City: nightlife, car, stations
  58. Large Cities with the Smallest Built Environment: homes, living
  59. What do you think of my version of the US regional map?: place, culture
  60. East Coast City With Strongest Midwestern Vibe?: houses, neighborhoods
  61. Does simply being born in the South make one a true Southerner?: live in, vs.
  62. What city has this: employment, transfer, living
  63. Dream vacation permanently: real estate, condo, low crime
  64. For of you who've fled Illinois, where did you go?: crime, new home
  65. How does this not factor into peoples' perception of the Pacific Northwest?: unemployment, public schools
  66. Where would you suggest we live?: wages, to live in, price
  67. Of states, which is the most progressive/accepting.: university, to live
  68. Cities most similar to St. Louis: houses, neighborhood, gated
  69. To people who have never lived in California, should CA be split in 2 states?: university, tax
  70. States where Amish are present: Mennonites, live, population
  71. Arkansas and Louisiana - Are they Southeast or South Central AKA Western South ?: live, areas
  72. Which city is better: Denver or Twin Cities?: fit in, transplants
  73. Southeast Vibe vs. Southwest Vibe: transplants, homes, live in
  74. Does New England resemble more the Mid-Atlantic, or the Canadian Maritime?: apartments, houses
  75. Most visited US cities this summer: how much, business, demographics
  76. Is relocating within the U.S. a lost cause?: 2014, find a job
  77. Which states are most liked on average?: how much, cost
  78. Up and coming/hottest neighborhoods in America largest urban areas 2016: construction, salvaged
  79. Economic bubble in the West making people increasingly pretentious: sales, houses
  80. Best city for me (young, black, lgbt): apartment, school
  81. Have a barbecue: appointed, house, living
  82. American and Canadians attitude toward snow: to live in, moving to, license plates
  83. What are of America's positive attributes?: living, legal
  84. Is The Climate Of The South Really Deterrent To Fitness?: 2015, to buy
  85. Climate / outdoor activities: high crime, to live in, office
  86. Where's the best place for me to move?: apartment, to rent
  87. Which Rust Belt city in the Midwest has made the strongest recovery?: 2014, loans
  88. If the US became a 60 state country...: live, vs
  89. Is NYC the only US city with such a high concentration of mid rise and high rise residential buildings?: houses, live
  90. Where should we live? mid-20s hermit couple looking to relocate: rental, crime rates
  91. Which city/state best fits me: affordable apartments, rental, chapel
  92. Is it to find and live in Nirvana?: low crime, how much
  93. Hot vs Cold: luxury, live, store
  94. Adventure: New start in a new place: renting, home
  95. Richmond vs Hartford vs Boston suburbs vs Rochester vs Philadelphia suburbs: house, universities
  96. Healthiest city in America?: ski resorts, apartments, rentals
  97. Are control freaks attracted to certain types of cities?: taxes, live in
  98. Millennials/Gen Y and iGen/Gen Z: friendlier/nicer in South than rest of U.S.: home, high schools
  99. Airport placement: apartment complexes, high crime, homes
  100. Do you guys think a town in the northern Mountain West could be a boom town?: transplants, real estate market
  101. Best beach regions: credit, living, cost of living
  102. Leaving home state vs staying, what did you do?: how much, house
  103. Where are the small, creative college towns located in the U.S.?: chapel, universities
  104. Best cities/towns for short men: neighborhoods, live in, move
  105. Top 20 cities left to see on your bucketlist for North America?: live, centers
  106. Least American places in America: live in, centers
  107. WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP: Which state borders with the most states?: road, color
  108. Most Quintessentially Northern City?: culture, great, around
  109. the right place for me - need opinions: apartments, for rent
  110. Is middle America vastly underrated?: ski resorts, credit, homes
  111. Why do high-growth states lag on per-capita incomes?: sales, real estate
  112. Why does it seem like the South and Midwest seem to have the most big job announcements?: tech jobs, wages
  113. Artificial features that don't really wow you: credit, neighborhoods
  114. Cities with lowest murder/crime rates: 2015, low crime, unemployment rate
  115. fit cities: how much, median income, living in
  116. Which North American metros have the most malls with 1 million+ square feet of retail space?: sales, lease
  117. Want to move... can't figure out where... I know what I want though..: houses, subdivisions
  118. Perfect Southeast City For My Family (Part 2): low crime, hotels
  119. Most impressive cities that weren't anything special 100 years ago: neighborhoods, centers
  120. State with the most difficult to pronounce town/place names: places, Dutch
  121. South Carolina vs North Carolina: fit in, job market, living
  122. Where do suburbs end and exurbs begin?: employment, live
  123. Best state for overall Christian Freedoms: sales, homes, schools
  124. Saltwater fishing + good hunting?: leases, low crime, private school
  125. Cities more famous than the state they are in?: versus, rich
  126. Moving from Paso Robles CA to NC: chapel, homes
  127. Relocate: fit in, apartment, rent
  128. Poorest states in the U.S.: median income, taxes, living in
  129. A chart of the most popular type of home in every major American city: 2015, apartment complex
  130. Metrics for a liveable city?: low income, crime, house
  131. Anti-Sunbelt Sunbelt cities?: living, design, housing
  132. Work Hubs for Defense/Aero/Med Software Engineer: low crime, chapel
  133. FORGOTTEN STATES: Least known states in America..your opinion?: home, move
  134. Atlanta, Nashville or Dallas: real estate, rental, tornadoes
  135. Local urban legends from where you live: home, neighborhood
  136. Best cities for families with this criteria; Must be affordable, low crime, good job prospects and decent schools: 2015, condo
  137. Cities with horse drawn carriage rides: brick, summer, town
  138. What cities are most dramatically different from their metros?: fit in, transplants
  139. Southeast metros are losing low-cost rents: 2014, apartment, rentals
  140. Major North American cities that are geographically quite different from the majority of their state/province?: live, beaches
  141. Which mid-major or major metropolitan area should I flee to someday?: taxes, living in
  142. Cookie Cutter Suburbs/Metros For Singles: fit in, rentals, insurance
  143. Moving To US from Brisbane, Australia??: 2015, crime, home
  144. Flattest states?: 2014, moving to, beaches
  145. Hilliest states?: 2014, live, ranking
  146. Which city is the most representative of the US as a whole?: crime, live
  147. Pros and cons of the southern states?: transplants, real estate
  148. Most popular banks in your city: insurance, home, movies
  149. OR vs. WA vs. ID vs. MT vs. WY vs. CO vs. UT: ski resorts, transplants
  150. Are Arizona and New Mexico part of the South?: high school, living
  151. Which states are the Deep South?: quality of life, living in, plantations
  152. Virginia vs South Carolina: felons, contractors, live in
  153. Is the West diverse enough culturally to be divided?: stats, linear
  154. Best cities west of Denver to meet men (specific criteria)?: luxury, community college
  155. Flattest cities and hilliest cities: neighborhoods, suburbs, residential
  156. My observation on a large number of forum rants: house, transfer
  157. Does such a place exist???: chapel, homes, good schools
  158. Does your city have enough trees?: houses, taxes, live in
  159. Similarities between Philadelphia and St. Louis: houses, universities, dangerous
  160. Where should I live if...?: rent, schools, universities
  161. Renaming state nicknames: garden, license plates, train
  162. Most beautiful AND friendly women in the US are from...: metro, island
  163. Why does it seem everyone want to move to Florida (like there is nowhere ?: schools, taxes
  164. Recommendation for a place to visit anywhere in the country.: fit in, rent
  165. Why is there such a disparity in home prices when most jobs can be done remotely?: real estate, homes
  166. Moving for teaching jobs? Need affordable midsized city good for family.: transplants, house
  167. moderate or center-right areas in the USA?: how much, university
  168. Modern company/industry towns: real estate, insurance, loans
  169. Ever left a world class city for a podunk place?: apartment, house
  170. hottest, muggiest, biggest cities with best transportation: mover, live in
  171. Cities that stay between 55-85 year round: low crime, mattress
  172. How far do you live away from an international airport?: to live, move to
  173. Why doesn't the North get less Northern ?: neighborhoods, live
  174. Light bill, power bill or electric bill in your neck of the woods?: utilities, cars
  175. Cities with the CBD is the primary or secondary nightlife district: neighborhoods, college
  176. What is the only sure way we can stop the obesity epidemic across the US?: 2014, insurance
  177. Cities where bad weather doesn't matter: living in, relocation, location
  178. what city/ town is this? relocating: real estate, 2015, chapel
  179. Does a big city have to have high-rise buildings?: homes, to live
  180. What percent of America is built up in roads, concrete and buildings?: fit in, how much
  181. Looking for an ideal city?: tornado, nightlife, air pollution
  182. Looking for rural area outside of Organic/Liberal/Mountain town: chapel, buying
  183. Locate the law in your state that made the list.: living, shops
  184. Friendliest California Metro/City: transplants, university, to live in
  185. States Ranked by Fiscal Condition (Best Ran States): home, university
  186. Best small towns in the US under 15,000 people for young people?: best cities, 2014
  187. Your favorite desert state?: home, landscaping, neighborhoods
  188. Interesting link of education rank by state.: 2015, schools
  189. What Cities will likely reclaim their peak populations: 2015, rent
  190. Best Place to Live: transplants, daycare, homes
  191. Affordable east coast states with lots of jobs for recent college graduates?: home, job market
  192. best city to move to for me: credit, home
  193. Moving to the East Coast: DC metro, Boston metro, or NY-tri state area?: house, tech jobs
  194. What states do you think have a mild winter?: tornadoes, places
  195. What positively awesome beach is lowest on the positively awesomeness scale?
  196. Name the Culture of this city.: best, cities, capita
  197. Gender Gaps: metro area, areas, cities
  198. How recently should one have visited a city to have a meaningful opinion?: cities
  199. Europeans, what is your favorite city/town/area in the US you could imagine yourself living in?: transportation
  200. computerized maps of commuting patterns: interest