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  1. How Toxic Is Your State?: demographics, emissions, landfill
  2. Looking for more culture in PNW - liberal, artsy, affordable: for sale, to rent
  3. Close Enough 2 Commute, But...: new home, safe neighborhoods, purchase
  4. Why does New York have higher employment then the Dakotas despite an equity boom.: apartment
  5. Why do New England states have so many haunted houses?: housing, getaway
  6. Getting out of Oklahoma but to where?: low crime, home
  7. Lowish COL Small City w/ access to golf, ski? Place me!: moving, manufacturing
  8. Best Undergrounds.: shop, trains, suburban
  9. What cities or areas of States would work best...: hotels, houses
  10. City/State Tax Rates: car rental, rental, hotel
  11. Educator's Utopia: job market, public schools, living in
  12. Which States or area of the US would be the best fit for me...: camping
  13. Big piece of land: to buy, universities, price
  14. What feels better to you ?: house, live in, restaurants
  15. Solidly middle class to affluent neighborhoods within Rust Belt cities....: middle-class
  16. move from Charleston, SC to Virginia Beach, VA: oceanfront, house
  17. On the whole are US cities/metros getting better? Are you optimistic about the future?: price
  18. Where to travel for Labor Day weekend: hotels, home
  19. Various Route 66 alignments throughout your city: motels, live, mall
  20. If You Still Live in the Town/City Where You Were Raised, Name 3 Things That You Love About Your Town: houses
  21. Late 30's couple seeking to relocate: apartment, condo, job market
  22. Policy : reclamation in USA ?: authority, land, money
  23. Four Seasons, Least Poison Ivy?: rent, house, buy
  24. Looking for suggestions (relocating): low crime, to live in, safety
  25. First impressions, are they important: loan, living, centers
  26. Cities that balance economic dynamism with local character?: to live in, move
  27. School districts that offer a district wide college scholarship program: universities, live
  28. Cities with plentiful job opportunities and low competition: job market, buying
  29. Haunted Attractions East Coast...: house, place, hours
  30. Driest Cities in the US: foods, suburbs, residential
  31. Traffic on the eastern seaboard: moving, area, cities
  32. Easiest city for a software developer ??: rent, employment, utilities
  33. Best New England city/town on the shore? (Outside of Boston)...: home, schools
  34. Best City for Me: middle school, allergy, taxes
  35. to buy, or not to buy, a lot of empty land ?: buying, stores
  36. How far do you travel from home on average: live in, gym
  37. Shippin options with no address: rent, store, passport
  38. States where the old will soon outnumber the young: Maine, Florida, and West Virginia: rich
  39. Close vacation destinations ignored by cities/metros?: home, live
  40. Where would you go ?: nightlife, relocating, cities
  41. Where should a young couple move?: condo, townhouse, employment
  42. Planning Ahead: Best Weather and 5 acres w/house: chapel, loan
  43. Vacation recomendations: live in, pub, beach
  44. Is There Something Wrong With The Trees In New England?: move, eat
  45. Where should I live based on my wants?: universities, living
  46. Solo Travel Out of Pittsburgh w/a Budget (Advice Needed): safe, nightlife
  47. Where in the US can I go?: apartment, attorney
  48. Does Youngstown identify more with Cleveland or Pittsburgh?: suburbs, rated
  49. relocating alone, need advice on where: home, property taxes
  50. 5 Favorite Cities/Metros to Live/5 Favorite to Visit: living in, metro area
  51. Is Houston, New Orleans and Miami the hottest city in the summer?: live in, to move
  52. five favorite neighborhoods in each of cities: university, to live in
  53. Is Portsmouth, New Hampshire the best city for Halloween?: houses, high school
  54. What is your city of choice, and why don't you live there?: affordable house, job market
  55. Moving out of Massachusetts-need milder climate and friendly people: apartment, condo
  56. States on the east coast with jobs: salary, taxes
  57. your favorite scenic spots, middle of the country, no coasts: neighborhood, camping
  58. Greenest city in the US: best, tree, park
  59. Good place for single lesbian?: 2015, apartment, rent
  60. Cities with the most suprising population density statistics?: apartments, houses
  61. Did you stay in the same city/metro that you went to college in? Or did you move on to a different area?: house, employment
  62. Most free state, out of Colorado, Arizona, Texas, or Nevada?: 2015, felony
  63. I moved out of South Florida to (fill in the blank) and I'm glad I did!: camper, wages
  64. future city annexations?: 2015, bankrupt, schools
  65. Metros with too many school districts: neighborhoods, best school, subdivisions
  66. What do Outsiders Think of Pennsylvania?: transplants, home, neighborhoods
  67. Why does the rest of the country think New England is the only place with fall foliage?: 2015, live
  68. How many secondary cities does your metro have?: chapel, suburbs
  69. Highest altitude within a 100 mile radius: cities, distance, rain
  70. Are there big cities with the country / the woodlands close by?: neighborhoods, live
  71. Rust Belt Hipster neighborhood list: 2015, crime, neighborhoods
  72. 38 million more people projected in 2030 where will they live?: insurance, homes
  73. Irish Family moving to US for a year: organic, living in
  74. Most similar cities that are in different regions?: homes, neighborhoods
  75. Looking to move. What all four seasons: public schools, to live in
  76. The United States of Bros: schools, closing, restaurant
  77. Cliquish and non-cliquish cities: transplants, neighborhoods, high school
  78. Wow, have rents changed since 2000 in cities: real estate, apartment
  79. What are the best cheapest and cloudiest places to live in the USA?: neighborhood, living
  80. The worst states for minimum wage workers: middle-class, apartments
  81. Are progressive cities bad for poor people? - Zoning problems: real estate, 2015
  82. Mediterranean vs Oceanic vs Humid Subtropical: Which Region Is The Lushest?: gardens, pine
  83. What cities would benefit the MOST from increasing density?: apartments, rent
  84. Urban Golf Courses: loan, houses, neighborhoods
  85. Best Northern City With Mass Transit That Has a Lower Cost of Living: real estate, house prices
  86. Claims that every place to make: theater, school
  87. Of cities, which is the most beautiful: school, live in
  88. Does the USA have the most variation/diversity in it's cities?: 2015, houses
  89. Where should we relocate to? Access to outdoors, jobs, schools: real estate, condo
  90. What metro area has the most autonomous burbs: employment, neighborhoods
  91. What were your impressions of of the PAST cities lived in?: best suburbs, apartment
  92. Savannah or Cleveland or the Southwest: fit in, 2014, crime
  93. Roughly Half of the United States population resides in the top 27 CSA's: 2015, home
  94. Most handsome AND friendly men in the US are from...: college, live
  95. Southern California family thinking of moving to New England.: sales, apartments
  96. Nightclub music: Small cities vs large cities?: house, college
  97. 2 most comparable cities in the U.S.: live, airport
  98. What is the most valuable city in the US? (excluding NYC and DC): live, manufacturing
  99. America's cultural exporter and heavyweight in the 21st Century? (Excluding New York and Los Angeles): theater, living in
  100. Do you live closer to your state's highest point or your state's lowest point?: calculation, snake
  101. The South Is Too Warm For Deciduous Trees: Am I Right?: 2015, how much
  102. Most Unique City Boundaries: suburbs, metro, areas
  103. Affordable waterfront cities: apartments, rent, insurance
  104. City biggest on baseball?: tornadoes, price, stadium
  105. City that is biggest on football in the U.S.?: home, high school
  106. Having trouble making up my mind with relocation?: apartment, rentals
  107. Major cities that uses neighborhood/district names as the postal address?: neighborhoods, to live in
  108. City Dwellers, how often do you use the rest of your metro?: neighborhood, schools
  109. Is Upstate NY more like Pennsylvania or New England?: house, neighborhoods
  110. Cities with the best healthcare: schools, university, prices
  111. Looking for a financially conservative/ socially liberal town.: sales, low crime
  112. For the Big 11 PCSAs in America, which metric do you feel is more correctly applicable? (MSA or CSA): move to, night scene
  113. Favorite Route 66 city in terms of amenities, culture, historical significance?: title, cities
  114. Affordable artist house where in US?: real estate, to rent, loft
  115. You think CSA represents a metro region?: live, land
  116. Suburban areas with moderate to high crime rates: 2013, crime rate
  117. Affordable Cities for Late 20's LGBT Individual: apartment, to rent
  118. City/State Tax Rates: car rental, sales, rental
  119. How often do you get the urge to move?: apartments, chapel
  120. What's a good mid sized city?: fit in, college, camping
  121. NYC gentrification and its effect on Philly: middle-class, apartment
  122. Looking for a conservative, blue and green area, that isn't -20 degrees or infested with bugs: house, buy
  123. Things that you're jealous of in other regions/states: living in, bus
  124. What town would be right for us? NC or Tennessee?: rentals, low crime
  125. Condominium crisis in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York ,Chicago Toronto, Los Angeles and Vancouver: apartments, mortgages
  126. Does East Coast culture exist at all?: condo, earthquake
  127. What States or States resemble this...: sales, crime, how much
  128. What are non trendy/unpopular areas that you would consider living in?: apartments, home
  129. How much space $1,500 rents you across the U.S.: from 271 sq.ft. in Manhattan to 1,948 sq.ft. in Memphis: affordable apartment, to rent
  130. I think timezone boundaries should be redrawn....: 2015, how much
  131. Do you think midsized cities have closed the gap on the biggest cities?: house, living in
  132. What ingredients made the United States the greatest country on earth?: 2015, buying
  133. What order would you rank the States of New England?: home, job market
  134. Rust Belt cities of The South: fit in, mortgage
  135. Which of amenities is most significant to you?: job market, college
  136. Looking for a medium/big city, warm weather, affordable, lots of things to do: 2014, condo
  137. California, vs Florida, vs Hawaii?: real estate, apartments, to rent
  138. Why is hot weather so desirable?: school, living
  139. Small towns/cities near lakes and liberal?: low crime, school district
  140. A Place that Has Woods but Is Warmish Year Around: home, buy
  141. Is the Pacific Northwest the most creative region of the U.S.?: theater, universities
  142. Moving, where to? Asking the hive..: for sale, real estate, 2015
  143. What affordable areas of the USA would be decent for an interracial couple like my fiance and I?: transplants, apartment
  144. Which of mehhh states is prettiest?: home, places to live
  145. Areas of the USA where there is a lot of friendliness, happiness, kindness, and love to go around?: fit in, apartment complex
  146. Why is subsidized housing policy tilted towards families?: apartments, credit
  147. What area in the US would fit the criteria I have listed?: for sale, insurance
  148. Cities that are more expensive then one would think?: apartment, home
  149. Best City To Play Pokemon Go?: 2013, neighborhoods, purchases
  150. Best age range in order to enjoy city life in an American city.: renting, school districts
  151. What is your favorite major United States international airport?: movers, hotel
  152. Friendliest New England States and LGBT friendly states in New England...: find a job, land
  153. Bigger version of Ithaca, NY: moving, light rail, health
  154. What does a 3 bed 2 bath suburban apartment cost in your area?: apartments, rent
  155. Most beautiful thunderstorms state in US and another criteria: university, activities
  156. North Americans: Classify your city's closest infill model - Vancouverization, Manhattanization, or Brusselization?: fit in, hotel
  157. How important is diversity to you when it comes to where you live/relocate in the U.S.: best city, to rent
  158. Florida vs Texas: 2014, employment, wages
  159. How far away from nuclear power plants should you live?: 2015, tornado
  160. Midwestern cities with hot and humid summers: place, average
  161. Utah vs Wyoming Racism?- College Student a transfer: credit, buying
  162. What do outsiders think of Albuquerque and New Mexico as a whole?: crime, houses
  163. Lower COL places to live with kids, but NOT in the south ?: houses, to buy
  164. Where to Live? The US is our oyster.: renting, condo
  165. Best Cities With Nightlife For Older People (35+): neighborhood, college
  166. 36y/of single male Winston Salem or Greenville, SC: low crime, chapel
  167. Core Counties as a percentage of a metro: 2015, live
  168. Best Italian community in a US City...: houses, neighborhoods
  169. Best cities for young single guys (20-35)?: transplants, 2015
  170. Best city to live in for with Seasonal Affective Disorder?: shop, area
  171. Higher Pay/Cost of Living vs Lower Pay/Cost of Living: rent, student loans
  172. My trip: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Saint Louis, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City: where to stay, best neighborhoods
  173. Small communities with multiple business districts: 2013, hotels, house
  174. Do you think ancestral heritage could influence what climates you prefer?: living, cost
  175. Where in U.S. does it start to become too hot and humid in the summer?: houses, living
  176. Looking for best city for me: universities, allergies, income
  177. Austin, Chicago, or Minneapolis?: live, relocate to, inclusive
  178. Help me locate the ideal small town to raise a family...: 2014, rent
  179. Best cities to look into for someone in my position (22 y/o, recent college grad looking for new start): job market, living
  180. Northern VS Southern Appalachians. Poll: live in, areas, climate
  181. Great Lake with the Best Cities: centers, nightlife, beach
  182. Best bang-for-your-buck midsize family city: amusement parks, low crime, home
  183. Best place to buy for $125k: best city, renting, condo
  184. America's 2 most evenly matched cities by region in terms of population, GDP, by region: unemployment, camp
  185. Best States for the Outdoors...: houses, camping, income
  186. Mid-sized City with best park system: gardens, rankings, parks
  187. Cities that win polls the most often on com: movies, to live
  188. Most urban midsize/smaller cities in the country?: apartment, houses
  189. Areas of the USA where there currently isn't too much animosity towards people that look brown or foreign.: buy, live in
  190. help me decide, opinions needed for move!: rent, to live
  191. Graphic design opportunities?: community college, living in, activities
  192. Persistent Rhinitis/Sinus..where to move?: allergy, live, humidity
  193. Road trip: places, driving, creek
  194. Area to live in: job market, college, cities
  195. State vs State (New Hampshire vs Mass): taxes, to live
  196. Best Road trip route from Oregon to the Mississippi: about, native
  197. Prior appropriation water rights in western US - explain?: live, farm
  198. Az to Ms letter arrival times: zip code, how long
  199. In Search of Walkable Low Income Friendly City To Move To: section 8, apartments
  200. Interstate 87 to go through where Interstate 99 should've been?: design, area