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  1. Plains states and Prairie states: dental, settlement, system
  2. Hiking in the mountains: live in, nurse, top
  3. Is what I'm looking for out there?: employment, theater
  4. Best places to live for people with mental illness, especially schizophrenia?: insurance, income
  5. Canadian provinces and similarities to the states they border: versus, shop
  6. Is Winnipeg more similar to Minneapolis or Omaha?: live in, architectural
  7. Does Salt Lake City have the best mass transit options for a metro area of its size: ski resorts
  8. Best relationship between central city and surrounding metro area?: tax, rail
  9. Is There A City in State That Has More Pagans?: neighborhoods, schools
  10. Best city for racing lover( Rally, track, hillclimb): houses, cost
  11. Top 5 metros with the best landscaping: parks, metro area, areas
  12. States/Counties for tiny homes or RV living?: legal, cities
  13. Most rust belt-ish states: manufacturing, ranking, cities
  14. If the Government decided to decentralize, where would you move each major department?: home
  15. Highest and Lowest COL States on the Atlantic Coast...: wages, property taxes
  16. Looking for an area to start over at the age of 30: transplants, for rent
  17. The most antisocial/lonesome ranger cities: houses, movies, live
  18. Is there city comparable to Roanoke VA?: job market, college
  19. Best Neighborhood in your city to trick or treat?: houses, neighborhoods
  20. Where to move..SO many choices: how much, neighborhoods, school
  21. Sunday: to live, best, humidity
  22. Is Wisconsin more similar to Minnesota or Illinois/Michigan?: live in, suburbs
  23. Post pics of your favorite cities that scream big city: 2014
  24. What cities would be great for someone like me?( From San Diego, CA. Looking for a future City to settle in.): fit in
  25. Which city offers a better quality of life: apartments, to rent
  26. Cities with the Weirdest Antique Stores: shop, island, places
  27. Ever left a small city for a large metro?: home, to buy
  28. Where was my tchhiking and why I'm: dangerous, place
  29. Child poverty rates by city: section 8, 2015, apartments
  30. What (and where) is the platonic ideal of a suburb: cul-de-sac, homes
  31. Despite all the new jobs and all-time stock-market highs the government only took in 19 billion dollars more last year.: 2015
  32. State that has most mobile homes: manufactured, housing, title
  33. West Coast or East Coast: employment, living, cost of living
  34. How did your city develop and grow?: 2015, apartments
  35. What type of university is needed to make a great college town?: chapel
  36. Fall color pictures: good, pass, colors
  37. The religion statistics are based on the amount of population that attend church, not an individual survey. Correct?: baptist
  38. Cities with the Hottest Housing/Rental Markets: apartment, foreclosures
  39. Re entry to USA: property, permit, accepted
  40. Which has a more significant east/west split: the Dakotas or Montana?: versus
  41. What's the most favorite style of home in your area: brick or frame?: houses
  42. Media Cities: job market, market, walkable
  43. Driving from Seattle to Phoenix, 2week roadtrip: buy, shop
  44. States with the Most Sub-Forum Views on: state, about
  45. Why Do the Allegheny Mountains of WV/MD Get SOO Much Snow/Precip?: how much
  46. Hey USA there's something you really need to hear: approval, rating
  47. Cities Challenging Historical Growth Rates w/out Annexation: fastest, growing
  48. Deciding where to move***: low crime, job market, living
  49. New Hampshire vs Maine...: job market, living, housing
  50. City Relocation for Young Family: school, university, to live in
  51. Downtowns with the most amount of eyesore parking lots?: garages, cities
  52. Use investment property for school registration?: mortgage, tenant, schools
  53. American Novels that drew and tourism to a particular city or town: houses, price
  54. Which region of the country has defined our culture more?: foods, rank
  55. Do you consider Chicago a Rust Belt city?: manufacturing, suburb
  56. Mediterranean locales in the U.S.?: renting, health insurance, house
  57. Map of murder rates in the US by state for 2015: crime, vs.
  58. Does the South have Little Italy communities?: neighborhood, restaurants
  59. What is the most culturally diverse city in the country?: neighborhoods, live in
  60. Best University in the South: chapel, houses, public schools
  61. Baltimore vs Cincinnati vs St. Louis: 2015, homes, theatre
  62. Need To Find A New City: employment, neighborhoods, school
  63. Rural to Semi-Rural Blacks: metro, cities, population
  64. European-born Americans: motel, neighborhood, university
  65. 10 States With The Most Drug Overdoses: area, island, hotspots
  66. Upper-class Hippie Havens?: homes, job market, living in
  67. Agree or Disagree: The South has defined the culture of the US: how much, house
  68. Best planned cities in America?: city hall, neighborhoods, manufacturing
  69. Most Beautiful state in the South: pictures, offer, banks
  70. move to america from canada???: extended stay, real estate, rental
  71. Best city for 28 year old single female?: apartment, crime rates
  72. Defining downtown in our major cities: house, neighborhood, theater
  73. Wow, such an incredible disparity of homicide rates in the nation.: 2015, crime rate
  74. Deciding Where To Live Before We Settle Down: transplants, for sale
  75. smaller version bellingham wa + snow: school district, community college, living in
  76. Top eastern seaboard state/region for colonial history?: manor house, college
  77. Top 5 Most Beautiful Bridges in the United States: design, vehicles
  78. Which state does Halloween best?: houses, neighborhood, living
  79. What's the best city for me?: sales, buying a house, buying
  80. Why do people think lack of socioeconomic diversity is a good thing?: 2015, homes
  81. States That Could Become Separate Nations.: home, tax, military
  82. Better option for a 20 something in a big city: apartment, low crime
  83. What State Or Province Has The Coolest License Plates?: DMV, live in
  84. States by tallest trees and with largest girth.: neighborhood, live
  85. Getting sick of this PNW rain...: to rent, living, cost of living
  86. mountain towns on the water: ski resort, schools, live in
  87. Most Americans Living Outside the USA Live in Vancouver, BC: 2013, home
  88. Oregon Coast vs. Puget Sound: living, versus, moving to
  89. Show us your favorite neighborhoods where you live on Google street view: apartment, rentals
  90. Is this the list of the USA's most important cities?: 2015, military
  91. The Living Wage Map: 2015, apartment complexes, lease
  92. Which metro area is most environmentally/climatically screwed?: 2013, bill
  93. What is different between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh?: homes, neighborhoods
  94. Most underrated beauty (states)?: living in, pine, land
  95. Columbus, OH or Philadelphia, PA?: rent, credit, townhouse
  96. How difficult to get used to the northern COLD coming from the south?: how much, college
  97. most urban big ten university: law school, law, suburbs
  98. State or area with the least amount of cockroaches!!: apartments, hotels
  99. Hipster Central Is In the City Of...: chapel, home
  100. Top towns/cities for Pagans to live...: schools, university
  101. Year round cabin in the woods <$125K in retiree tax-friendly state: for sale, real estate
  102. Which state has the most defined defining line?: vs., centers
  103. Toronto's Place in the US: ranking, metropolitan area, area
  104. Who on the southeast coast isn't evacuating: house, live
  105. Comparing Chicago, Cincinnati, Lexington, Charlotte, and Atlanta: for sale, real estate
  106. Rural looking areas with-in city limits of larger cities?: neighborhood, universities
  107. Hello all, looking for city recommendations!: rental, low crime
  108. Cities where you shouldn't own a car: neighborhoods, live
  109. DC metro area vs NYC metro area. Thoughts?: lawyers, houses
  110. Upper Middle class predominantly black suburbs: middle-class, 2014, neighborhoods
  111. 2015 U.S. Murder Capitals By Metropolitan Area: crime, roughest
  112. Destination Difficulty: transfer, schools, tornadoes
  113. Forested States in the US?: suburban, land, rated
  114. Is the Midwest more like the Great Plains or the Northeast?: home, college
  115. Things you should know about the north/northeast?: transplants, sales
  116. U.S. city that is biggest on hockey?: 2015, buying
  117. What will be the 15th 5 million+ CSA in the USA?: live, beach
  118. Street grids skewed in different directions same town: neighborhoods, linear
  119. Do you prefer shopping at Open-Air Malls/Lifestyle Centers or Indoor Malls: 2014, versus
  120. Best city to be a police officer: salary, living
  121. What area's of the US do you feel this best represents...: ski resorts, chapel
  122. part of the US that looks like Scotland?: areas, island
  123. Help us find our perfect match!: chapel, house, job market
  124. Which cities have the best museums?: school, university, ranked
  125. How do you decide where to move?: low crime, house
  126. What are the most impressive metro areas from an airplane?: cities, roach
  127. Largest Urban Lakes?: 2014, neighborhoods, to live
  128. When do you see the first Palm trees when driving south: camp, gardens
  129. Besides Texas, what is another state that is good for business: taxes, live
  130. Best U.S. beach region: 2014, landscaping, restaurants
  131. Six different population metrics, choose which metric's Top 10 represents reality the best (to you): 2015, design
  132. Best big cities for academic institutions: best cities, universities, education
  133. When talking about cities, how do you define what makes a city Liberal?: live, vs.
  134. What are Albuquerque,New Mexico winters like compared to Denver,CO or Lubbock and Amarillo,Texas? T: college, living in
  135. help me pick a city: apartment, to rent, condos
  136. Should I move to Phoenix or Las Vegas?: income, income tax
  137. What is the culture like in cities?: transplants, cliquey
  138. What cities give you that Norman Rockwell setting?: 2014, houses
  139. The Midwest - The Great Lakes, The Great Plains, and The Midlands: fit in, 2015
  140. Various cities' heyday/prime.: middle-class, crime, houses
  141. Your favourite state border crossing.: best, palm trees, metro
  142. NOVA vs Texas observations: DMV, calculated, live
  143. Is the Mid West Northern exclusively?: cities, places, east coast
  144. least toxic area to live United States and have land: house, subdivision
  145. Stereotypes of Your City/State that Are True: how much, home
  146. Warm Weather Vs. Cold Weather: crime rate, house, scorpions
  147. Albuquerque food vs Shreveport food: live in, restaurant, best
  148. What is a city similar to Miami/South Beach?: landscaping, nightlife
  149. Will there be ever be NEW majority black major cities?: moving to, suburbs
  150. Best places to live in the USA with all 4 seasons!: sales, crime rates
  151. What is everyones favorite small town?: homes, live, shop
  152. the next capital of the u.s.a.: movies, celebrity
  153. What is the Southeast?: schools, college, versus
  154. How difficult would it be in the USA for a 30 something to have a social life that rivals that of a college kid?: cliquey, how much
  155. Is this kind of lifestyle: chapel, house, organic
  156. Low Baseball Attendance in Small Markets like Baltimore: 2015, home
  157. How often do you meet Australians in the US: school, living in
  158. Strongly moving out of Florida, but where to ???: house, job market
  159. Best place - green with walking trails: how much, house
  160. What is the city for you?: neighborhoods, to live
  161. Favorite Midwest Town: how much, getaway, island
  162. A small town stuck in the 70s or 80s?: rent, neighborhoods
  163. What city is closest to being a city with lcol, low crime, good job market, scenic, and mild weather?: condo, student loans
  164. The Quintessentially most NORTHERN state?: trees, metro, ethnic
  165. Cities in the upper SE/lower Midwest that can handle snow and ice: transplants, homes
  166. Favorite predominantly Black neighborhood: apartment, homes, neighborhoods
  167. Positive things about large Rust Belt cities?: fit in, high crime
  168. Least Culturally Relevent Flagship Public U.: private schools, universities, campus
  169. What city has the worst weather climate?: average, humidity
  170. Urban Native American communities: neighborhoods, school districts, casino
  171. Does your city have an observation deck?: city hall, rail
  172. Hispanic majority cities: 2015, low crime, college
  173. The boundaries of Germania in the U.S.: rated, cities
  174. Does know what city skyline this is?: properties, area
  175. Help me decide where to move in the southern US: 2014, apartments
  176. What do you consider America's answer to the Alps?: farms, area
  177. Your favorite United States region based on scenery alone?: movies, area
  178. How much would you need to make in order to buy a house in select major cities...: 2015, renting
  179. Cities and towns that get a small average snowfall that shut down?: schools, college
  180. Why doesn't C-D have regional subforms?: safest neighborhood, middle schools, restaurants
  181. Craft Beer?: best, distance, county
  182. if you could redraw your city's map....: 2015, high crime
  183. Which cities to visit in the midwest states?: how much, employment
  184. Is Toronto more similar to Queens NY or Chicago?: apartments, dental
  185. Without relying on ridership statistics, what cities have the best mass transit?: middle-class, 2015
  186. Best Cheap Cities?: high crime, chapel, job market
  187. Hottest state: live in, vs., air pollution
  188. A sinful waste at the market: schools, allergy, live in
  189. Rank Your State's Regions: ski resorts, 2013, condos
  190. Most Generic American Town/City?: theatre, restaurants, food
  191. What are the best located cities in terms of access to other cities?: chapel, living in
  192. Southwest vs. Northeast: 2015, unemployment, scorpion
  193. Switching it up, on the move. Suggestions: living, prices
  194. Relocation advice for a California girl: apartments, rent, big house
  195. Did you get your job with the help of a reliable nursing staffing agency? Share your views and experience.: best
  196. Land size/density of the 200 biggest cities in the U.S.: area, population
  197. Need advices about road trip tx to nyc: renting, car
  198. living in two state, need pay two tax too?: income, income tax
  199. 911 MEMORIALS IN YOUR CITY (Pictures): home, cities, street
  200. What makes regions of the country generally more laid back than others?: friendly