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  1. Cities with a warm/cool, green climate?: rent, place to live
  2. Top places for Generation X in North America?: best cities, crime rates
  3. Single African American Female seeking relocation advice...: employment, salaries
  4. Cities with lots of mid-century modern architecture: best cities, real estate
  5. Early 30s. Forever single. Affordable-ish cool cities for dating?: 2015, apartment
  6. Can I get a replacement social security card w\ a different first name on of my documents?: homes
  7. I lost my passport and Social Security Card but still have my DL and BC...: renewal
  8. Is Washington state a good place to raise a family?: affordable house, find a job
  9. Want to move south while in debt in my current state?: income, living
  10. What are of the easiest, highest quality, and cleanest metropolitan areas to live in the USA?: crime rate
  11. Great Plains Cities: how much, live, centers
  12. Best beach town in Florida?: crime, to live, move to
  13. Mountains vs Ocean: living, cost of living, beaches
  14. What neighborhoods/cities where you see guys then ladies?: tech jobs, live
  15. Looking to relcoate to a bigger city, with reasonable cost of living, and public transit.: chapel
  16. Find the place for me: homes, university, to live in
  17. Best place to find a Puerto Rican man: 2015, live
  18. Tower Carillons (Bells) in North America: universities, live, activities
  19. State (AL) VS State (GA) VS State (LA): transplants, low crime
  20. East Coast, Best place to live on Section 8?: low crime, suburbs
  21. Interactive immigration map: metro, Brazilian, Irish
  22. Relo Insights and Suggestions: real estate, apartment, lofts
  23. Best state/city for single male, good public transport?: apartment, rent
  24. Best Place to Relocate for a Young Single Woman?: 2015, crime rate
  25. Best sports hometown heroes: home, rating, area
  26. What warm/mild weather city is the best for a Muslim who wants to live car free?: best city
  27. Awesome Beach Towns for a Single Guy in Their Mid 20s: tech jobs, cinema
  28. Moving to east coast (south Florida) before going west coast (Cali)?: how much, transfer to
  29. Nightlife - how can I not fear it?: school, college
  30. Looking to move, top wants: close to medical care & safe place to live: insurance
  31. What are good cities for Massage Therapists to work?: income, licensed
  32. Best New Cities/Areas for the solar revolution? Alt energy revolution?: how much, income
  33. Favorite/Least Favorite US Highways: mall, areas, build
  34. Best cities for music fans: chapel, versus, bars
  35. What are other cites in the US that resemble Irvine, CA in terms of industry, newer housing, cleanliness, QOL,: cul-de-sac
  36. What are the best and worst metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Canada for 'Cruising?': vehicle
  37. Best city for single, HSP woman: apartments, rentals, mortgage
  38. Where to buy an affordable house?: renting, affordable houses, tornado
  39. henderson nv vs charlotte: how much, home, salary
  40. Where To Move 2 START OVER & Make New Friends? Single, 29: house, salaries
  41. AA or welcoming/diverse nightlife areas in US: offices, best
  42. Change of pace, warmth: best city, college, income
  43. Best place for 5+acre farm?: house, taxes, to live
  44. comparison of safest cities in the country ? (including crime): 2014, insurance
  45. What place in the lower 48 has the latest Summer Sunsets?: move to, near
  46. Retractable Roof Baseball Stadiums and Underperforming Markets: home, neighborhood
  47. Are people from outside the South aware that most affluent younger people do not have Southern Accent?: transplants, movies
  48. Greatest Food City: appointed, restaurants, shop
  49. California city most like Park Slope, Brooklyn?: low crime, neighborhoods
  50. Need relocation suggestions: fit in, real estate, apartments
  51. Is the South really cheaper?: real estate, apartments, for rent
  52. Which is a more significant symbol of U.S. liberty?: movies, island
  53. Help finding a place? Want to move but not sure what is out there: homeowners insurance, crime rates
  54. Best gluten free cities in us: transplants, college, restaurants
  55. What is the Greatest American City?: best city, big home, to buy
  56. Words/sayings that are a dead giveaway to where someone is from.: DMV, live in
  57. Have you found that perfect place: homes, living, estate
  58. A Person Moving from Region X to Region Y would experience the most culture shock. What would X and Y be?: moving to, suburban
  59. Affordable cities for relocation: apartments, neighborhoods, salaries
  60. Most polarized metro areas?: crime, homes, neighborhoods
  61. Do you think south beach is similar to NYC?: transplants, live in
  62. What outside plates do you see most in your State?: sales, homes
  63. What do you know and what comes to your mind when you think of Connecticut?: houses, casinos
  64. Name your favorite destination small town-daydreamers edition: live in, moving
  65. Cities For Us? Looking For a Fit!: rent, houses
  66. Best place to live within 3 hours of Columbus, Ohio...: rental, low crime
  67. Which city suffered the most from the recession: real estate, 2013
  68. Poll: Reasons for moving away from NYC/CHI/SF/LA: crime, house
  69. What comes to mind when you think of Rhode Island (besides Family Guy): neighborhood, school
  70. Best gateway to nature and history?: low crime, good schools
  71. Which U.S. region deals with snow the best?: schools, cars
  72. San Diego, Portland...Philadelphia?: 2015, rent, home
  73. Natural setting How important is it in determining where you want to move to?: transplants, house
  74. Ohio Valley accent?: college, live, areas
  75. Best cites to party for 18+ near Florida?: spring break, buying
  76. Which state do you think has the most natives and/or retirees?: transplants, 2015
  77. What do you hear outside in your area?: cul-de-sac, apartment complex
  78. Most British city in America?: live, areas, cities
  79. If you could change one thing about your city, what would it be?: rent, houses
  80. What regional accent is never portrayed accurately in movies or TV?: upper-class, rated
  81. Interactive obesity map of the United States: neighborhood, vs
  82. Does a Place Like This Exist? (Challege!): sales, 2014
  83. Which is the best city in the USA to live and work for mid-level professionals? It should have a mix of a good lifestyle: fit in, rentals
  84. parts of the country that have a big accent change over a small area?: living in, suburb
  85. East Coast City with lower rents and cosmopolitan at the same time: rent, house
  86. Next Sunbelt Hotspots: 2015, university, living
  87. The Great Lakes is the most populous region of the Midwest?: live, cost of
  88. Which of cities allow you to live a car free lifestyle?: 2015, neighborhoods
  89. Is Tacoma following the footsteps of Oakland?: neighborhoods, schools
  90. Cultural changes and shifts.: middle-class, bankruptcy, theater
  91. In your opinion, is California the best state in the USA?: how much, home
  92. Relocating from CA... (is there a better state to relocate to?): apartment, crime
  93. When you think of Las Vegas you think.....: 2014, crime
  94. Like Phoenix, but with less hellish weather?: crime, how much
  95. Melting pot /pluralistic neighborhoods/sections: apartments, lofts
  96. What regional accent does this person have?: island, courses
  97. Denver, CO vs. Fort Worth, TX - need: waterparks, home
  98. Best Southern city/town for me?: transplants, for sale, real estate
  99. Blue state city: appointed, apartment, health insurance
  100. Your City's Bike Share: mover, neighborhoods, live
  101. Harvard urban planning professor shares of his favorite downtown districts: neighborhoods, school
  102. cities where the word /county/ is used a lot ?: school, live in
  103. Looking For That Small Town: crime, home
  104. Why is it so hard to find a place to relocate: crime, chapel
  105. Small Towns/Cities That Are Dominated By A Grand Hotel: hotels, homes
  106. Cities with a second downtown: employment, neighborhood
  107. Where to retire on West Coast - for my parents?: 2013, crime
  108. Moving to Portland, Denver, or Salt Lake City: rent, home
  109. New York weekend getaways vs. Boston's: living in, beach, yard
  110. Cities with a laid back vibe for conservative families?: fit in, employment
  111. Tech Companies or defense contractors in affordable locations?: home, neighborhoods
  112. For someone looking to leave Los Angeles, what cities/metros may be a good option and provide a realistic transition?: transplants, how much
  113. Will state capitals ever be moved?: house, cost of
  114. Rugged Coastal Areas in Eastern US, Outside of Maine: 2015, beach
  115. Bus Shelters are they a form of Urban Art, a sense of rescue or just a place to wait for the Bus?: price, stores
  116. Best American city if you work remotely and fly frequently: income, income tax
  117. Did a Move Improve Your Life?: homes, quality of life, living in
  118. Austin, Denver, Irvine or Seattle?: crime, big house, job market
  119. Where to relocate, more liberal, with mountains and seasons: crime rate, job market
  120. Would you move back to your college town?: for rent, house
  121. Favorite Satellite City?: credit card, home, schools
  122. What city would be perfect for me?: living, beaches
  123. Is moving because of weather stupid?: fit in, high school, tornado
  124. City, affordable and safe enough with opportunity to do part time jobs for a 19 years old lonely refugee: apartments, for rent
  125. Which cities/metros has the most lively suburbs/suburbs with the most nightlife?: transfer, college
  126. How much old housing was torn down in your region? with a map: 2015, apartments
  127. You can't get what you want?: real estate, low crime, home
  128. Areas with all four seasons: home, school, college
  129. How many major cities in the US are right next to bigger cities and as a consequence they become secondary cities.: gated, live
  130. Which Sunbelt state will challenge Florida and Texas for growth in the coming years?: universities, living
  131. What is the best true melting pot city in America?: transplants, neighborhoods
  132. Will the tech heavy areas (Silicon Valley/PNW/parts of the Sun Belt) go the way of the Factory Belt/Rust Belt?: technology jobs, school
  133. Densest big city in the South?: 2015, how much, homes
  134. Will larger states be more successful in the future?: 2015, condos
  135. What cities have a high and which was have a low police presence.: crime, neighborhood
  136. Affordable mid-size cities with good schools, Costco and a view: low crime, house
  137. In you city, what neighborhood does the Old/New Money live in?: real estate, condos
  138. What comes to mind when you think of Vermont??: income, to live in
  139. What Interstates do you love and hate?: 2015, houses
  140. Hardest states to classify: stations, radio, best
  141. Biggest Geographical Determinant of Culture:: live, vs., moving
  142. Consolidated Cities, Do they tell the True Story...: statistics, suburbs
  143. Help me pick where to relocate my life!: low crime, attorneys
  144. The drivers are really good uot;: automobile, park
  145. Which cities give the impression of more people than they have?: hotel, live in
  146. East Coast vs West Coast for raising kids!: buying a house, buying
  147. Decline of Dive Bars in US Cities: apartments, condos
  148. Love Maine but need better weather for arthritis! HELP!: low crime, living
  149. Help me relocate (part 200): renting, income, quality of life
  150. What's a localized restaurant that you associate with each major area?: skyline, cheap
  151. What Smaller City 50,000 to 700,000 reminds you of a Larger Top Dog Million City like (NYC/Chicago/LA): fit in, living in
  152. Towns where you can find a home on 1-5 acres, but still walking/biking distance from downtown. Does this exist?: for sale, HOA
  153. What mid-sized cities offer an easy/cheap trip back to Detroit for family visits?: home, job market
  154. What US cities are most intellectual, but on a more young, less uptight, more lower-middle class level?: chapel, public schools
  155. Driving NY to Las Vegas Questions Tolls..Coins or EZ Pass? Gas/Gps?: buy, oil
  156. Need an affordable new city for music.: apartment, rent
  157. Wife and I can't seem to find a city we want to settle down in. Need advice.: crime rate, job market
  158. Which sprawling cities have their urban neighborhoods connected?: high crime, home
  159. Cold desert climates in the US: transit, park, areas
  160. Would you rather: Northern GA vs Western NC: for sale, mortgage
  161. Safe Place for Poor People?: for rent, homes, construction
  162. How would you describe a Big City Guy ?: living in, discount
  163. Cracker Barrel vs. Whole Foods: 2014, live, restaurant
  164. Where should I move to?: lease, job market, living in
  165. St. Petersburg area or Nashville TN.(or Denver): apartments, rental
  166. I'm looking for a place without winters and decently sized land.: house, tornadoes
  167. Which part of America builds houses with concrete? (and not wood): 2014, apartment complex
  168. Muslim millennial looking for a nice place to start setting down roots, where should I look?: fit in, apartments
  169. What new CSAs could we see after the 2020 Census?: how much, DMV
  170. Why are Kentucky and West Virginia considered southern when Maryland Missouri and Delaware aren't?: houses, neighborhood
  171. NC vs SC relocating and can't decide: job openings, high schools
  172. Why doesnt East Coast have an equivalent to Pacific Coast Hwy: garden, ferry
  173. Is the west coast still If not, where for a single mid-30s female?: RV park, best neighborhoods
  174. Houston to be end largest city in America eventually?: homes, unemployment
  175. What are the Most Unoriginal (Most put Together Major Cities in America): fit in, hotel
  176. Growth rates: Perception vs Reality: 2015, stats, commuting
  177. Best family city for working southeast territory?: best cities, how much
  178. Cities with the most attractive lesbians: employment, place to live, moving
  179. Best Compact Cities: suburbs, land, area
  180. What is the most unassimilated immigrant community in the United States?: 2015, condo
  181. Moving to an urban setting as an empty nester: condo, neighborhoods
  182. Fairytale lives on instagram: rent, houses, school
  183. Description of all 50 states as if they were drinking in a bar... lol!: design, place
  184. U.S. states with strongest and least strong high school football cultures?: college, vs.
  185. Suburban gentrification: real estate, rental, homes
  186. What city is the least prone to natural disaster?: crimes, homes
  187. Stay in current NM town vs. Move to Denver?: apartments, rent
  188. Best cities to get a studio apartment in a good area for $500 a month: apartments, to rent
  189. Most Unique Places To Live In America: real estate, hotel
  190. Are there good republican/red states?: transplants, crime rates
  191. What will be the next state to pass New York in population?: transplants, 2015
  192. Affordable Coastal Living: real estate, 2015, rentals
  193. Cities that don't fit into their larger regions: live in, versus
  194. what bordering cities are not suburbs; what cities should be suburbs: fit in, 2015
  195. Trees in Eastern U.S. Head West as Climate Changes: interest
  196. Pledgestar crowdfunding reputation: donation, valid, online
  197. got family stories of the Dust Bowl?: live, conditions
  198. Where can I find crime stats for unincorporated areas, C-D or neighborhoods of big cities?: crime rate
  199. Redlining maps: live, cities, reputations
  200. Maine Vs. North Carolina Vs. Colorado vs. Washington: sales, crime