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  1. Mid Twenties female looking to relocate to a new city.: rentals, living
  2. Will the US top the 400 million population mark or no?: year, between
  3. Homelessness crisis in west coast cities grows - Fueled [in part] by tech boom: 2014
  4. Affordable and safe coastal towns?: nightlife, park, places
  5. Which state has the best job opportunities for Animal scientists: metro area, company
  6. Where should I live: sales, crime, new home
  7. Moving from Canada: low crime, public schools, living in
  8. What other US cities are similar to Scottsdale, AZ?: beach, demographics
  9. The psychological makeup of the human race: houses, move to
  10. What defines a legacy city?: home, title, architecture
  11. Best place to live for someone on SSID?: apartments, rent
  12. Relocating from NorCal: apartments, employment, safe neighborhoods
  13. Towns and small cities (around 100k or less) where a family can live without a car?: private school
  14. Measuring desirability: Growth rate v housing prices: amusement parks, how much
  15. What city- Single Female 60: renting, condo, townhome
  16. Interactive Map: Shows where population growth has been taking place this decade from census tracts to states: apartment complexes
  17. help me find the right place to live!: to rent, public schools
  18. Cheapest/most affordable coastal areas/towns in the West Coast?: home, safe
  19. From New England, Trying To Decide Where To Move In The West: apartments
  20. Extensive records of first 3 U.S. states to reach a particular population threshold!
  21. What US city?: houses, college, live in
  22. Moving to Gifted-kids Friendly City/Town: low crime, chapel, homes
  23. May 2018, Cincinnati to St. Louis driving trip, sightseeing suggestions: renting, home
  24. Confused as to where I should go?: apartments, school
  25. Were You Aware Of All The Official State Demonyms?: territories, alternatives
  26. Relocation Possibilities? Don't Know Where to Start: crime rate, chapel
  27. single woman seeks big city: condo, high crime, job market
  28. Which cities or states were the biggest winners and losers to company mergers and acquisitions: move
  29. Best place to live in New England?: real estate, apartment
  30. Most Urban Suburb, Most Rural Urban City, Most Suburban Rural: homes, neighborhoods
  31. Albany vs Pittsburgh: rental, home, neighborhoods
  32. Does Minneapolis or Portland have a better fashion/costume design scene?: buy, movie theaters
  33. Why do San Francisco and Boston MSA have such higher per-capita personal income compared to Phoenix or Riverside MSA: buying
  34. for population stat and skyline enthusiasts?: real estate, transfer
  35. IT summer internships with free intern housing in the west coast: sales
  36. Suburbs that drove growth of their anchor city.: schools, universities
  37. Help a foreign student pick a city to live?: upper-class, neighborhoods
  38. Not sure where to go to, advice?: low crime, school
  39. Job Automation Risk by metro area: home, live in, centers
  40. Most patriotic U.S. cities?: tax, rating, deal
  41. Hottest Real Estate Investment Cities: 2015, credit, fence
  42. Best locations for a Lake house?: low crime, luxury, live in
  43. HOV and HOT lanes?: gated, vs., rated
  44. underappreciated though quite nice (UTQN): hotels, houses, unemployment rate
  45. Where should a disabled vet live?: apartment, renting, townhouse
  46. The Surface Lot Depreciation: 2015, houses, college
  47. Liberal, moderate, and conservative neighborhoods in your city: 2014, renters
  48. Why are of the roughest cities actually have decent per-capita incomes?: middle-class
  49. *Local Radio and TV Stations no longer required to be located in that Local City*(What affect will it have on the City?): home
  50. City With The Most Dymamic HBCU Marching Band: schools, university
  51. BosWash or NYC-Wash: rail, health, metro
  52. Affordable Housing rates by state: renter, incomes, cities
  53. Which cities/states in the US have for economic growth, but are often overlooked?: sales
  54. Does the grass turn brown in late fall/winter where you live?: yard, areas
  55. Cheap progressive place with mild weather?: transplants, apartments, chapel
  56. The term “Ope”: home, live, areas
  57. Most Urban US Cities without a Subway or Light rail system and should have one.: school, live
  58. Weirdest shaped US state: shop, land, rated
  59. Cities that got stuck with Light Rail Transit but has the Urban makeup for Subway/HRT: transfer to, university
  60. It's the public land, not the mountains that make CO an outdoor destination: house, job market
  61. Relocating and I am torn between Tennessee and North Carolina...: transplants, sales
  62. Most All Work, No Play city in the US?: for rent, living
  63. 100 year metro population trends: bars, rankings, metro area
  64. Countryside in usa: live in, horse, county
  65. Small cities/towns with Downtown department stores: shopping mall, parking
  66. Aside from California, which warm climate cities are to be intellectual and sophisticate hotspots?: felony, bill
  67. Nice, artistically oriented southern cities aside from Atlanta and New Orleans?: employment, university
  68. The Midwest as the Next Silicon Valley?: rent, salary
  69. Is it common for railroad tracks to be replaced with bike paths?: university, live in
  70. Which medium to large USA metros/cities have the most suburban feeling?: homes, zip code
  71. Need help deciding where to go - feedback: apartments, rentals
  72. TX vs GA for tech move: sales, how much, townhome
  73. Where is best for what I want?: apartment, renting
  74. Coming back to the US, but where?: neighborhoods, living
  75. Need help choosing a new state to live in.: rent, home
  76. Current Delineation MSA/CSA Population Trends, 1900-2016: transplants, 2015
  77. What will be the last state to legalize pot?: live, to move
  78. Why is it that the most walkable cities are in cold climates?: to live in, automobile
  79. Furthest pt. on Interstate Hwy Sys your city's name appears: metro, cities
  80. Which mega-region is the best?: live in, best place, cities
  81. US Cities with discontiguous city limits.: sales, hotels, neighborhoods
  82. Hidden Gems: affordable and walkable towns: 2015, apartments, lofts
  83. Are there places with a good sense of community despite having a low % of religious people?: lenders, school
  84. Cities near volcanos: island, distances, rain
  85. States/areas with the least underage drinking and drug use?: high school, college
  86. Best cities for a 25 year old guy making 65k to live well: renting, student loans
  87. Will the US population ever begin to decrease?: income, tax
  88. Nice large suburbs near major cities: apartment, for rent, condo
  89. American travel!: rental car, rental, credit card
  90. Southerners, share your experiences of living in the North!: townhomes, neighbourhood
  91. Which other cities/areas in the USA are similar to Bellevue, WA?: apartments, homes
  92. What do most Americans in their 20s out of college do with their lives?: real estate, house
  93. Best liberal small cities on northern coast (advice on where to move): apartments, school
  94. What states lack a true major metropolitan area?: living, centers
  95. Could really use advice on places to move: living, prices
  96. Are there regions or states in particular where its residents tend to stick around?: live, move
  97. Cities/ Metros with most masculine gay men: theater, area
  98. How are 10 Cities?: how much, homes, schools
  99. Have you ever been generally done with your location?: income, living in
  100. Why does the US census and other forms group whites and Hispanics together?: income, tax
  101. Least superficial states or regions in the US: homes, versus
  102. Need out of: rent, chapel, home
  103. What do you think of young Americans who have thick accents in regions that generally don't anymore?: appointed, school
  104. Cities where Main Street isn't the Main Street: shop, ferry
  105. Which state is the freest state?: tenant, inspection, income
  106. Where do you suggest I look? Going south out of the cold.: foreclosures, high crime
  107. States and cities with the most attractive gay men: live, licenses
  108. Most affordable cities for middle class?: apartment, renting, house
  109. Are State Capitals More Resistant to Economic Downturns?: insurance, tech jobs
  110. Cities/states with a lot of pickup trucks: real estate, 2014
  111. Goodbye Ohio: credit card, job market, college
  112. 4 seasons or HOT heat: living in, vs., moving
  113. America: 1950s-90s vs. 21st Century: fit in, movies, quality of life
  114. Cities with most cranes up: neighborhoods, construction, live
  115. Bluemerica and Redmerica: fit in, house, income
  116. State with a pleasant weather and affordable real estate: places to live, restaurants
  117. Cities where you can live car-free with a child: credit, home
  118. Wyoming or Montana??: best cities, salary, living
  119. North America's Forgotten Cities: 2013, insurance, new construction
  120. Suggestions on where a single, childfree, introverted black woman should move?: low crime, school
  121. Could Phoenix pass Houston(city population)?: statistics, estimates, horse
  122. If you had no ties, what city would you go to?: college, allergies
  123. Relocating from FL w/ teens, in-laws- Best places for safety, schools, recreation, weather & job opportunities?: real estate, to rent
  124. Which is the most nerdiest city?: hotel, colleges, live
  125. Best states for natural diversity?: 2015, live, beaches
  126. What are American cities/areas you want to visit but haven't: island, places
  127. Are change of seasons overrated?: to buy, living in
  128. Where to go for four seasons?: live, moving to, rankings
  129. Does your city have ghways that can be removed?: home, moving
  130. What city is least like you expected it would be?: crime rate, neighborhoods
  131. Best Ski Towns in America: home, school, restaurants
  132. Looking for a carbon copy of my home city: 2015, living
  133. Southerner but Northern at heart.: fit in, home, live in
  134. Which state is better for a hipster to live in: Arkansas or California.: neighborhoods, thrift stores
  135. As a travel agent abroad: 5 US cities to visit: houses, movies
  136. Biggest cities without amusement parks and/or zoos: real estate, estate
  137. Why Public Transportation Sucks in the United States: houses, neighborhoods
  138. Boston vs NYC vs San Francisco vs Philadelphia: best cities, rentals
  139. Does this city exist ?: taxes, living in, cost of
  140. Small town, mild winters with trees?: job market, movies, living in
  141. Best new sunbelt suburb?: real estate, rentals, new house
  142. Medium to Major Cities in the US with a large Numbers of Blacks, Hispanics, and or Foregn born that no one expects: 2015, garden
  143. Cities in different regions that have similar accents: versus, gas
  144. Leaving GA, where should I move?: rental car, fit in, rental
  145.'s best place to live list?: best cities, condos
  146. metros without their downtowns: university, living, light rail
  147. Best City for Me...: home, income, property tax
  148. Satellite City, edge city, secondary node or suburb: shop, residential
  149. Looking for w/ Comfortable Weather and Nature: real estate, low crime
  150. Areas where the majority of friendships are not based around alcohol and partying?: fit in, house
  151. Am I the only one who thinks this board overemphasizes metro area over city proper?: college, living in
  152. Want to move family: to a seasons, parks, trails, nature: HOA, new house
  153. Relocation possibilities for active, gay 20-something: transplants, condo, crime
  154. Move from Birmingham to...?: rentals, house, safe neighborhoods
  155. Smaller Cities That Should've Been Bigger Cities: hair salon, construction
  156. How much of Suburbanization was truely racist white flight: mortgage, loans
  157. What city has beautiful ghettos in your opinion?: middle-class, high crime
  158. Looking for city and region advice (East of Mississippi River; Tennessee and North): rent, crime
  159. Best places to live for hikers and trail runners?: university, income
  160. (Tobacco) Smoker-friendliest place in the US?: sales, casinos, taxis
  161. True Tri-State Cities: casino, DMV, store
  162. Would you consider a city with a typical temperature range of 30 to 90 to have 4 seasons?: airport, expense
  163. Thinking of moving away from Maine looking for a city that is good for a single girl in her mid twenties.: apartments, renting
  164. The people in [insert city/county/state are NOT unfriendly!!!: transplants, buying
  165. Phoenix vs Chicago: mortgage, home, schools
  166. Which cities were the biggest winners and losers to company mergers and acquisitions: insurance, employment
  167. Explain the appeal of grittiness ?: apartment, rent
  168. Does this climate/topography exist: living in, move to, wealthy
  169. True Tri-Cities: chapel, subdivisions, live in
  170. What state has the biggest diversity in accents?: transplants, live
  171. Which do you most self-identify with: city?, state?, US?: home, living in
  172. Three states to pick from, kind of a specific list of needs?: dermatologists, home
  173. Help me decide where to move (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, ???): ski resort, 2015
  174. What significant USA metro areas/cities have a generally polished feeling similar to Seattle, Portland, and Denver?: new construction, bus
  175. Where to Move From Dallas?: fit in, apartment, home
  176. Rent a car one way?: rental car, rental, insurance
  177. Do you consider to be their own cities ?: live, airport
  178. East TN isn't doing it. Need larger area. Where?: 2014, apartments
  179. UBS Real Estate Bubble Index: real estate market, 2015, condos
  180. What comes to mind when you think of Montana?: town, mountains
  181. Best city/nature combo city: beaches, cities, population
  182. FL, PA, CO, IN, and UT..Where to move?: 2014, rent
  183. What are cities that you need a car to live in which could actually be lived in theroretically without a car: apartments, transfer
  184. Does a city like this exist in the US?: low crime, buy
  185. Why do Euro-Americans in the deep south look so mixed/exotic?: 2014, live
  186. Is the US a better place for an Eastern European than Western/Northern Europe?: appointed, buy
  187. What does your neighborhood look like? (Census Tracts): apartments, condos
  188. What has changed about your area since you moved there?: 2015, apartment complex
  189. MI,WI and MN Comparison: transplants, sales, low crime
  190. Can Media or Social Media Shape People's Perception of Certain Cities?: appointed, crime
  191. Cincinnati, OH vs Cleveland, OH vs Milwaukee, WI or other for an Eastern European?: home, transfer
  192. Why malls are succeeding and are failing?: to buy, live in
  193. Do Southerners still hate Yankees, and vice versa?: transplants, high school
  194. Why is the south the most populated region?: living, cost of living
  195. Aside from Mormons what comes to mind when you think of Utah?: home, college
  196. Close to Outdoors Activities and Tech Jobs: fit in, rentals
  197. Colorado Springs to Logan/Tremonton UT pulling small trailer - route advice ...: congested
  198. North American cities that would be better off if they were Cantons?: subdivision
  199. Is urban area population always less than MSA?: single, state
  200. Survey Results: Which Cities Have The Happiest Renters & What People Are Looking For When Moving: interest