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  1. CT vs. VA...: sales, rentals, house
  2. relocation San Diego - CO/AZ/NE: to rent, houses
  3. Neck of the woods: radio, pickup, music
  4. 2018's States with the Most Racial Integration and Progress: how much, unemployment rate
  5. Most urban non-CBD neighborhoods?: apartments, houses, floor
  6. CT vs. NC...: sales, apartment, house prices
  7. Water pollution Crisis: new house, buying, to live in
  8. Capital cities that are not amongst the top six metro areas in a state: 2014
  9. Best area for work: rent, to buy, income
  10. This might be a first: All six mayors of the six largest cities were born in the city they are mayor.: real estate
  11. Looking for a Temperate Climate in Which to Retire: apartments, renting
  12. WalletHub's top 25 cities for New Year's Party: live, cost
  13. Top selling MPC's of 2017: beaches, design, housing
  14. Major League Rugby begins in 2018: hotels, home, transportation
  15. Which city has the highest concentration of people with a personality type similar to Sheldon Cooper?: 2015
  16. Moving away from home just dont know where: apartments, rentals
  17. Best State to look into for relocation on the Atlantic Coast...: lease, universities
  18. Areas with Varied Amenities Within A Geographically Small Area: house, best schools
  19. Looking to move closer to the beach: apartments, rent
  20. Does know of other farms similar to this one?: live, food
  21. Where do millennials live the breakdown: college, income
  22. Scottsdale vs Boca Raton, which would you choose and why?: income, income tax
  23. Help! Which city am I thinking of?: chapel, safe area
  24. Looking to move and start over: rent, house, universities
  25. What parts of the country has the most/least % of Internet addicts?: best
  26. Dallas vs Albany ny weather: home, tornadoes, live in
  27. Beautiful Scenery: low crime, job market, metro area
  28. Who can i contact for reservation to have my conscious uploaded into a nano chip for my cyborg body?: hotels
  29. Assuming that Arizona, Nevada, Idaho were the Coastal States of the West Coast rather than CA, OR,WA: how much
  30. Hundreds Of Data Intensive Geography Quizzes Using Google Maps: school, suite
  31. help me i really need advice: buying, college
  32. Texas (Dallas) vs North Carolina (Charlotte) vs Maine (Portland): rental, best school
  33. What’s the strongest earthquake you’ve slept through?: county, work
  34. Philadelphia Metro Suburban Showdown: sales, home, good schools
  35. Best city for IT professionals in the southwest, excluding CA: suburbs, friendly
  36. Travellers, where do I want to go?: chapel, horse
  37. Cities with a good selection of both software and mechanical engineering jobs?: construction
  38. Sacramento, Las Vegas or Austin/San Antonio?: places to live, moving
  39. San Antonio/Austin vs Sacramento?: job market, live in, prices
  40. What are other areas in warm climates that resemble South OC, California?: homes
  41. reliable free cost of living calculator/comparison: sales, apartment
  42. Where to settle for career??: transfer, neighborhoods, law school
  43. Which area of the US has the biggest generation gap between the young and the old?: live
  44. I hate trying to find a place to move---helpppp: low crime, houses
  45. Need Advice on Where to Move or Staying Put: apartments, for rent
  46. Descriptive city nicknames: credit, home, live
  47. need advice new hampshire vs texas vs colordo vs massachusettes: rent, low crime
  48. Where would you live based on Age Range?: home, job market
  49. Most misleadingly named street: homes, shopping center, kitchen
  50. Charlotte or Atlanta or Jacksonville: home, employment, neighborhoods
  51. NYC CSA Changes: beach, trains, wealthy
  52. Mild weather, casinos, young people and nature!: appointed, cost
  53. The place name stands for what is done there: neighborhood, theatre
  54. Difference between a city's character and culture ?: neighborhoods, live in
  55. The real live free or die states for the libertarian who has a choice of where to move to: sales, 2015
  56. Why is Hartford-Springfield so under the radar?: middle-class, insurance
  57. US BOEA: Wealthiest US Metropolitan areas (Nov. 2017): low income, 2015
  58. Easiest US city to get by without car (excluding NYC)?: best cities, university
  59. Which neighborhoods should we consider in major cities?: fit in, apartments
  60. Where do you draw the line between suburban and exurban?: live, shopping mall
  61. move out of state unseen (la or miami): apartments, lease
  62. East coast mini relocation: living, cost of living, airport
  63. Which is the best state for finding authentic Mexican food?: restaurants, area
  64. Tell me about a small town, under 1000 ppl, I've never heard of: ski resort, mobile home
  65. I'm leaving Seattle, but where should I go?: how much, house
  66. Which states best fit categories:: income, income tax, to live
  67. Why are counties named after the main city and others are not: cities, island
  68. Family Looking to move to a new state: rental, low crime
  69. US State Population Estimates are out!: 2015, island, top 10
  70. Help On Finding Best Area For Me (Active Life, Computer Science): skateboarding, crime
  71. US cities/towns that can't handle (much) if snow.: schools, store
  72. What cities are killing the goose that laid the golden egg?: neighborhood, construction
  73. Undercounting and the Census: apartments, crime, neighborhoods
  74. Dreaming of a new place to call home: homes, buying
  75. Seasonal depression - are you happier after moving warmer?: house, high school
  76. Defend your city's climate: living, relocation, deal
  77. Can a city with a large to majority African American population become the next it city?: real estate, neighborhoods
  78. What other US City could easily play New York City as a movie set?: neighborhoods, movies
  79. Best Suburbs in the Nation: home, public schools, living
  80. US cities where lack of inventory with housing is at crisis levels: home builders, live in
  81. States with most out of place name: towns, MBA
  82. Los Angeles and Houston: The Rise of the Unreadable City: homes, neighborhoods
  83. After CA,which state has best 1-2 punch in public univ's?: schools, universities
  84. Seeking clean air: apartment, condo, big house
  85. Relocation Help from the West Coast: income, versus, agricultural
  86. American and Canadian cities that don't lose the big city vibe with time: neighborhoods, schools
  87. I need a palces to start over?: teaching jobs, theater
  88. Which state would be the least relevant without its principal MSA?: bars, best
  89. Looking for a place to call home!: low crime, movies
  90. Gay couple moving to New England: high crime, lawyers, townhouse
  91. Would city - county consolidations help improve urbanity or hurt it?: sales, credit
  92. Which state is culturally the most different from the rest of the country?: title, average
  93. What state is cheapest to live in? TN, GA, NC or SC?: transplants, sales
  94. Cities Like Richmond VA?: homes, neighborhoods, gated
  95. Most Tax Burdened States 2017: sales, good schools, income
  96. Legitmately walkable neighborhoods that are affordable, relatively safe and aren’t trendy: loan, how much
  97. Cities with low unemployment rates 2018: job market, wages, to live
  98. Least Mexicanized US border towns?: live, area, businesses
  99. Have you ever personally known who won the lottery?: mortgages, house
  100. Where to look for a city ?: neighborhoods, high school, universities
  101. Better wages to cost of living ratio in mid sized to latge us cities?: rental, job market
  102. Why is it so that only more left-ist political views dominate the dense or largely-populated areas?: colleges, salary
  103. Politico - 2018 State Rankings: low crime, employment, high income
  104. What Cities are most in Need of Transit overhaul due to Massive Population growth?: sales, 2015
  105. Best city to ride through: hotel, neighborhood, centers
  106. The salary you must earn to buy a home in the 50 largest metros: real estate, apartments
  107. Why Do People Put Down Certain Cities to Hype Up Their City?: home, school
  108. I Hate the Term The Rust Belt: unemployment, live in
  109. Cities that opened your eyes from: 2015, live in
  110. Other cities than Miami with cool water culture?: statistics, activities
  111. Sporting chance: ___ is a___ city: bills, metro, cities
  112. Help me plan the road trip that decides my future!: rental car, middle-class
  113. Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold...Opinions on where to go next.: living, moving
  114. Where are the US winter olympians from?: 2014, mortgage
  115. The Smartest Americans Are Heading West: law school, law, doctorate
  116. where do i go?! (relocation advice): rentals, how much, home
  117. How far would you be willing to commute?: how much, house
  118. Four cities: guess what's in common (game): best cities, title
  119. Cities with the most unique topography: homes, live, beach
  120. 10 Top States Posted on City Data: homes, colleges, move to
  121. Most Important US Interstates: ranked, metro, cities
  122. best mountain views in the northeast: ski resorts, best towns, live
  123. Spring break vacation ideas: college, floor, beach
  124. East Coast Storm?: apartment, condo, school
  125. Why are Asians in middle America (esp the Midwest and South) less assimilated than on the West Coast?: living in, versus
  126. US Cities: The Most Average US City/City That Best Represents the US City Structure as a Whole: living, metro area
  127. Which major city is it the easiest to meet new people in and get a social life if you're in your 20s?: transplants, college
  128. Which U.S. States Are People Moving TO/From?: low income, transplants
  129. want to move out of NEW YORK.: chapel, how much
  130. Which Cities Have Attractive New Urban Infill?: 2014, apartments
  131. Looking for Warm, Inexpensive, Diverse, Liberal City.: taxes, living in
  132. Mountain City/Town for a single black female: neighborhoods, income
  133. Small- to medium-sized desert communities!: college, casino, allergies
  134. States most and least dominated by one city/metro: calculated, suburbs
  135. An initial observation about LA: college, live
  136. Looking for a Beach City: living, costs, transportation
  137. What is the most quintessential sunbelt city?: neighborhoods, zoned
  138. Residential vegetation types: Which do you like better?: houses, landscaping
  139. Favorite urban neighborhoods.: apartment, loft, condo
  140. U.S most valuable housing market 2017 report: real estate, homes
  141. Warm, liberal, small city in USA that's not too crowded?: chapel, co-op
  142. Is there place where development is done responsibly???: chapel, homes
  143. Your city: In the eyes of the world: homes, university
  144. Are there cities or metro areas in US where you can live in a log cabin AND be near a good job market?: house, living
  145. Thinking about moving North East and help~: crime rate, house
  146. When was the last time you saw a working gas pump with the rolling price instead of digital?: coop, house
  147. Best city for African-Americans up North: fit in, to rent, high school
  148. Which state has the best state highway shield?: settlement, Mormon
  149. Albany vs buffalo: ski resort, neighborhoods, living in
  150. How Pittsburgh PA compare to coastal Northeast cities?: for sale, condos
  151. Why do we refer to City, State when City is enough?: live, cities
  152. metropolitan areas with a weak core city but very strong suburbs: best suburbs, sales
  153. What cities and towns have you spent your new years at?: live, vacations
  154. How much is SFH in your area?: townhomes, neighborhood
  155. Where to check out for a retirement move: apartment, for rent
  156. Name 3 Things You Like About Where You Live: rent, home
  157. Ideas where to move?: rental, house, find a job
  158. Is the Western drawl dying off?: 2015, live, trendy
  159. Best States to Live for Sufferers of Allergies, Asthma, and Sinusitis: maintenance, living in
  160. Integrated neighborhoods are starting to stay that way: gated, live
  161. Single story apartments.: apartment complexes, rental, condos
  162. Currently what's the best city for Rock music?: chapel, college
  163. Things to do near the local Amtrak station: hotels, theater
  164. Dense, pedestrian oriented conservative/moderate cities: 2015, price, bars
  165. Tired of D.C. house/land prices and traffic...more affordable/less congested areas in the southeast?: transplants, chapel
  166. Northeast Corridor Developent: subdivisions, living, cost of living
  167. States undergoing a paradigm shift in power (in the pecking order of the metropolitan areas): statistics, to move
  168. How much does what city you live in affect your happiness?: living in, price
  169. unexpected surprises about your new locale?: apartment, neighborhoods
  170. cities where downtown is one of the better residential neighborhoods: apartments, hotel
  171. My Northern New England Excursion: best city, living in, restaurant
  172. The Eleven Nations of the United States Map: exemption, live
  173. Best US small towns that are extremely liberal?: college, cities
  174. Popular Vacation Destinations From Certain Cities: live, beach, getaway
  175. Discussion & Poll: Amazon HQ2 - Where?: taxes, beach
  176. Do you have an inferiority complex when it comes to your state or city?: home, neighborhoods
  177. Are people shorter in the Northeast?: neighborhood, middle school, high income
  178. Apple's Second Campus: Where?: lease, per square foot, living
  179. Do Expats Speak Louder than Longtime Residents?: transplants, how much
  180. Most Canadian part of the U.S?: low crime, stats
  181. Looking for that small town feel: homes, school district, college
  182. Do you get culture shock when visiting other parts of the U.S?: fit in, how much
  183. Where do you draw the line between urban and suburban?: apartments, houses
  184. A $250K house: how much, houses, neighborhood
  185. Looking for good healthcare and access to medical MJ: rent, house
  186. What is the most quintessential rustbelt city?: apartment complexes, lofts
  187. Do you have family members that openly admit they’re jealous of where you live?: home, to live in
  188. City for Single Woman turning 60 in 2018: fit in, transplants, apartments
  189. Weather stereotype: schools, live, beach
  190. the US: who's not: home, live in, restaurant
  191. Want to live near Amish communities: fit in, for sale, rent
  192. From San Diego but moving to Omaha, Nebraska or Phoenix, Arizona. Which city would you recommend to raise a famil: rent, crime
  193. Future of major cities near megacities: condos, live in, train
  194. Birmingham vs. Knoxville areas: theater, high school, university
  195. Why do people always get turned off when I tell them that I want to move to the west coast in the future?: transfer, buying
  196. Sociosexual Geography?: live, legally, bars
  197. Do you know who has deliberately changed their accent to something OTHER than the standard one?: college, living
  198. How many months or years would it take to explore literally everything within your metro area?: neighborhoods
  199. Living in a “great” city/longer life link?: cities, great
  200. The State of the Nation's Housing: rental, university, climate