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  1. Jacksonville economy: insurance, mortgage, house - Florida (FL)
  2. Good flooring stores in JAX?: Jacksonville, University: appliances, buying a house, buying - Florida (FL)
  3. Hospitality jobs in jacksonville: Plantation, Sawgrass: foreclosure, mortgage, hotels - Florida (FL)
  4. Affordable Homes In Good Neighborhoods: Jacksonville, Springfield: real estate, foreclosure, renters - Florida (FL)
  5. Treaty park (paws dog park): pit bull, shop, safe - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  6. Chinese Drywall in Jax?: Plantation, Conway: buying a house, buying, inspector - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  7. Moving in two weeks- help!: lease, movers, condo - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  8. Jacksonville Zombie Walk at the Landing this Sunday, 10-10-10: food, donations - Florida (FL)
  9. New, cool Jaguars Website...: rating, contract, great - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  10. Moving to Jacksonville, help on where to live?: apartment complexes, beaches - Florida (FL)
  11. Help w/water quality: Fruit Cove: dermatologists, house, live in - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  12. Moving to Jax: chance to find walking neighborhoods/urban living in St Johns or Clay counties?: Springfield: rental - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  13. Odom's Mill, Sawmill Lakes, Seawalk, Azalea Point or St. John's Golf and CC?: Sawgrass: for sale - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  14. know??: Jacksonville: classes, paint, parent - Florida (FL)
  15. San Marco, Riverside, 5 Points... best area to live?: Five Points: apartment complexes, for rent - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  16. Jacksonville Neighborhoods: buying a home, buying, good schools - Florida (FL)
  17. What's the scoop on Ponte Vedra Beach?: condo, low crime - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  18. Go jags!!: Jacksonville: home, live, costs - Florida (FL)
  19. Moving to jax need help!!!!!!!: Jacksonville, Tampa: neighborhoods, to live, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  20. Clearwire: home security, office, business - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  21. Scobee is a major benefit!: hot, job, great - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  22. Stucco spraying/painting contractor: Fruit Cove: how much, homes, neighborhood - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  23. Jazz Clubs in Jax: Jacksonville: live in, restaurant, club - Florida (FL)
  24. Maternity Experience - good or bad: obgyn, live, delivery - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  25. looking for a good barber: salon, hairstyles, beach - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  26. Similarities and differences when comparing Jacksonville and Hampton Rhodes.: hotels, transfer - Florida (FL)
  27. Dominican hair salons in the JAX area: hair salon, live - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  28. is Duval County Property tax rat is higher than Duval County tax rate?: property tax rates - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  29. Need good contractor for patio pavers: Jacksonville, Orlando: sales, price, installation - Florida (FL)
  30. Jacksonville, Florida's own Justin Bieber !: school, college, cabinets - (FL)
  31. Autistic Dentist: Middleburg, Jennings: suite, office, reviews - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  32. Atlantic Coast High....: school, kids, facilities - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  33. Do you have a great hair stylist/colorist you recommend?: Jacksonville: hair salon, how much - Florida (FL)
  34. i made so many friends in 4 days: Jacksonville: homes, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  35. Apartment Codes: zoning, legal, suite - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  36. Scobee needs a raise!: Jacksonville, Jay: living, moving, electric - Florida (FL)
  37. Photographer stuff: Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, St. Augustine: neighborhoods, schools, income - Florida (FL)
  38. Current opinion on the Metro Diner?: neighborhood, elementary school, prices - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  39. Competitive Girls Soccer: Jacksonville: college, live, club - Florida (FL)
  40. Salary for Accountants?: Jacksonville: median income, tax, to live - Florida (FL)
  41. Best place to buy appliances?: buying a house, buying, living in - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  42. New Friday Market - Downtown: college, office, money - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  43. My Palms look like crap!: Jacksonville: house, neighborhood, live - Florida (FL)
  44. know anything about Century Bartram Springs Apts or Stratford Mills Apts: train - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  45. few jacksonville questions: Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Sawgrass: for sale, apartment complex, hotel - Florida (FL)
  46. Palm Coast food: St. Augustine: restaurant, business, place - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  47. Gate Parkway Condo Complexes: to rent, low crime, to buy - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  48. high schools in jax/ponte vedre: Jacksonville, Paxton: houses, best schools, college - Florida (FL)
  49. Atlantic Coast High School: metro, population, schedule - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  50. Indochine - new downtown restaurant: Jacksonville: for sale, prices, sushi - Florida (FL)
  51. Kendall Pointe & Drayton Park Townhomes and Local Schools: Jacksonville: elementary school, place to live - Florida (FL)
  52. Best Things About The Metro Area In The Fall: Jacksonville: house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  53. Claiming Residency for Tax Purposes: condo, houses, car tax - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  54. Help! Advice on gate parkway!: to rent, condos, safe area - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  55. I need to know the hot spots in jacksonville fl: Neptune Beach: city hall, loft - Florida (FL)
  56. Artist Event Oct 4th - 10th: Jacksonville, Springfield: neighborhoods, buy, to live - Florida (FL)
  57. Bolles Upper School: University, Orange Park, Lee: transplants, credit, home - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  58. MOCA Fall events....: Jacksonville: coupon, live, shop - Florida (FL)
  59. Civilian job at NAS JAX: relocate to, best, jobs - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  60. Ricotta Cheesecake near St. Aug. or Jacksonville?: St. Augustine: beach, town - Florida (FL)
  61. One week in...: Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Neptune Beach: real estate, to rent, loans - Florida (FL)
  62. Local stores that sell knives: St. Augustine, Orange Park: closing, kitchen, best place - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  63. Home Security: sales, new house, transfer - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  64. Southside? & Military: Atlantic Beach: real estate, houses, neighborhoods - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  65. Oktoberfest!!: Springfield: pizza, historic, spring - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  66. Donations Needed for Community Event: home security, landscaping, schools - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  67. Relocating from Baltimore, MD to Jacksonville, FL: University: to rent, low crime - Florida
  68. Convertible Top Installation in Jacksonville: St. Augustine, Hawthorne: motel, buying, live in - Florida (FL)
  69. Best Bar for Non-Tourists in St. Augustine?: St. Augustine Beach: hotel, house - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  70. Warning to New Home Buyers: sales, HOA, condos - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  71. Does the Esplanade at the town center still have mold issues?: for sale, real estate - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  72. Oregon to Jacksonville!: Orlando, St. Augustine: for sale, apartments, rent - Florida (FL)
  73. Holidays in St. Augustine?: Christmas, Golf: hotels, home, construction - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  74. Pottsburg Crossing Community: Holiday, Christmas: apartments, renters, HOA fees - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  75. Dog Days in the Park 2010: Jacksonville, Springfield: live, auction - Florida (FL)
  76. A Hero's Welcome: Today, Friday August 20th @ 4:30 p.m.: Jacksonville: home, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  77. live near 5 points?: Springfield: apartment complexes, for rent, how much - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  78. Tile installers in JAX?: house, buying, contractors - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  79. Beazer Homes And JEA Stick It To Bartram Park residents: Jacksonville: sale, HOA - Florida (FL)
  80. TPC Valley Membership Offer: Country Club, Atlantic Beach: sales, credit, house - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  81. Asthmatic children and Jacksonville weather: school, allergies, living - Florida (FL)
  82. Monroe's Smokehouse Bar-B: University: university, prices, beach - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  83. Urban Chickens: Jacksonville, Springfield: coop, house, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  84. Jacksonville Boat Parade Thanksgiving Weekend: rated, congested, best - Florida (FL)
  85. People Are SOO Stupid!!: title, community, local - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  86. Best beach for small, casual Jacksonville Beach wedding: Atlantic Beach, St. Augustine: oceanfront, hotel - Florida (FL)
  87. Jags ticket sales: default, about - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  88. Where is a discount movie theatre in the area?: fit in, renting - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  89. I'm new to the city and I am looking for a Hibachi Moms and Pops type restauraunt: Jacksonville: prices - Florida (FL)
  90. Senic route to Florida via NY: Greenville: live, congested, golf - Jacksonville, (FL)
  91. Things to do downtown Jax Oct. 12-25: Jacksonville: boating, bank - Florida (FL)
  92. References for bulldog divorce lawyer? Tell me your reviews and stories: Jacksonville: home, high school - Florida (FL)
  93. Moving to Jax very soon: Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach: apartment complex, rentals, house - Florida (FL)
  94. St. Johns County Garden Show: buying, outlet mall, agriculture - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  95. Go easy on my trash can!: Christmas: new house, buy, cost - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  96. Jax Zoo Tix $6 for limited time...Enjoy!: Jacksonville: gardens, deals - Florida (FL)
  97. Family holiday suggestions - End Sep to Mid Oct: Jacksonville: appointed, beach - Florida (FL)
  98. Buying a house in Oakleaf Plantation area?: Middleburg, Orange Park: cul-de-sac, for sale - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  99. Augustine Grille (New Menu): Sawgrass: restaurant, sawgrass, how long - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  100. Plumber recommendation needed southside..: plumbing, charges, work - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  101. authentic neighborhoods: Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Lake City: home, private school, colleges - Florida (FL)
  102. jacksonville.. what up with dat?: live, area code, eat - Florida (FL)
  103. Must....have....Yogurt: Jacksonville: neighborhood, movie theater, live - Florida (FL)
  104. Golf Clubs?: Sawgrass: sales, where to buy, closing - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  105. weather data: Jacksonville: place, history, good - Florida (FL)
  106. JAX Onsite Rental Car Companies: Jacksonville: garage, budget, cars - Florida (FL)
  107. 15,000 + forecolsures in Jacksonville: foreclosures, mortgage, loans - Florida (FL)
  108. Another Moving to Jacksonville: for sale, real estate, rentals - Florida (FL)
  109. Mayport seafood restaurants: Orlando, New Smyrna Beach: school, living, safe - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  110. Is the Orange Park Mall doing well?: Jacksonville: Home Depot, buyers - Florida (FL)
  111. Riverside: Springfield, Madison: to rent, low crime, living - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  112. Preservation SOS: Jacksonville, Orange Park, Springfield: short sales, foreclosures, rental - Florida (FL)
  113. Best place to live not far from Wolfson Childrens Hospital: Jacksonville: for sale, apartment - Florida (FL)
  114. Downtown Jax: Jacksonville, Springfield, Golf: crime, neighborhoods, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  115. Atlantic Coast H S: Englewood: high schools, live in, design - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  116. JetBlue to Add Daily Nonstop Service to San Juan, PR: Jacksonville: living in, getaway - Florida (FL)
  117. How do you benefit from the St John River?: Jacksonville: rental, home - Florida (FL)
  118. Safety in Jacksonville: violent crime, safe area, subdivision - Florida (FL)
  119. Family friendly areas in Jacksonville?: Miami, Tampa: HOA, condo, crime - Florida (FL)
  120. Swisher Cigars: Jacksonville: warehouse, metro, businesses - Florida (FL)
  121. St. Augustine - would radiant heat flooring be in winter?: how much, house - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  122. Duval County Schools: Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Sawgrass: real estate, apartments, rentals - Florida (FL)
  123. hourly-rate motels: Jacksonville: apartments, rent, motel - Florida (FL)
  124. Moving to Jax: chance to find walking neighborhoods/urban living in St Johns: Jacksonville: real estate, rental - Florida (FL)
  125. Billboard near Beach & University Blvds: Jacksonville: most dangerous, statistics, approval - Florida (FL)
  126. I am going crazy!!!: University: house, university, tax - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  127. Jacksonville Neighborhood called a Top 10: Boca Raton, Springfield: best neighborhoods, real estate - Florida (FL)
  128. Moving from SF, lots of questions: Jacksonville, Miami: transplants, real estate, apartment complexes - Florida (FL)
  129. When do you seed St. Augustine grass: month-to-month, maintenance - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  130. Now why might this be?: Jacksonville, Tampa: where to stay, moving to, ticket - Florida (FL)
  131. Jacksonville Suns: middle school, prices, stats - Florida (FL)
  132. Residents of Julington Creek Plantation: Jacksonville, Gainesville: houses, neighborhoods, purchase - Florida (FL)
  133. St Johns Forest and Litestream: appointed, lease, new home - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  134. St Augustine vs St Petersburg: Jacksonville, Tampa: insurance, condos, high crime - Florida (FL)
  135. the many bridges of jacksonville: Tampa: living in, airport, moving to - Florida (FL)
  136. Bar codes on car windows?: gated communities, inspection - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  137. Wanted: Art [inexpensive?]: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: purchase, prices, suite - Florida (FL)
  138. Need help with choosing a place to live in Jax: Jacksonville: apartment complex, rental - Florida (FL)
  139. Signage rules in Jacksonville: Tice: for sale, real estate, city hall - Florida (FL)
  140. For Who Live in Coastal Oaks, Nocatee: for sale, foreclosure - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  141. Jaguars Top All NFL Teams With 14,000 New Season-Ticket Sales: Jacksonville: house, layoffs - Florida
  142. Crime St. Augustine: Jacksonville, Villas, St. Augustine South: rentals, homeowners association, condos - Florida (FL)
  143. AT&T Internet service?: Memphis, Bell: promotional, movies, live - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  144. My neighbors dog attacked me for the 3rd time!!! NEED ADVICE: Jacksonville: HOA, attorney - Florida (FL)
  145. Let's Be for real storic Springfield: Jacksonville, Mayo: bank owned, middle-class - Florida (FL)
  146. Native Sun Natural Food Market: Jacksonville: sales, buying, organic - Florida (FL)
  147. Things Worth/Not Worth Spending Money On in Greater JAX in Tight Times: Jacksonville: fit in, sales - Florida (FL)
  148. differences between FL & GA: Jacksonville, Yulee: sales, real estate, renters - Florida
  149. Schools in northern St. John's County: Plantation, St. Augustine: home, buy, best schools - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  150. Feedback on St Johns country schools and gated communities: Jacksonville: new home, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  151. transplanters opinions of Jacksonville: Orlando, St. Augustine: transplants, amusement parks, high crime - Florida (FL)
  152. Renters Responsibilities: St. Augustine: sale, renter, HOA fees - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  153. Where to buy in Jax so I don't get stuck?: Jacksonville: for sale, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  154. Can you grow lime trees: Miami: house, to buy, live - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  155. Relocating to Jacksonville: Kendall, Orange Park, Springfield: fit in, apartment complex, rentals - Florida (FL)
  156. Fun with JEA phone system: house, subsidized, living - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  157. Elections on tuesday: Miami, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine: lawyers, school, law - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  158. Bicycling to work?: Jacksonville, Springfield: neighborhoods, live, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  159. Academy Sports: Memphis, San Antonio: home, camping, prices - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  160. Pumkin Farms: Jacksonville, Hilliard: live, safe, beaches - Florida (FL)
  161. Why isn't 9A wider?: Jacksonville, Orlando: sales, HOA, how much - Florida (FL)
  162. Best Couponing Grocery Stores in JAX: Sawgrass: sales, coupons, credit - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  163. Mandarin Did you hear a loud boom?: house, live in - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  164. share ideas for reducing energy consumption/JEA bill.: homeowners insurance, appliances - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  165. Being taken advantage of by this vet, need a new one in southside. help!!: Jacksonville: credit, softener - Florida (FL)
  166. Banks: credit, transfer, college - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  167. I bought a house in sherwood forest area jacksonville, fl: Brent: violent crime, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  168. Possibly moving down...: Jacksonville: real estate, apartment complex, rentals - Florida (FL)
  169. Tell me somehtin good about jax!: Jacksonville, Miami: home, purchasing, live in - Florida (FL)
  170. I say Jax Rox: Jacksonville: real estate, insurance, how much - Florida (FL)
  171. Recommendations for oral surgeon needed.: Jacksonville: insurance, how much, Home Depot - Florida (FL)
  172. University of Phoenix online?: Jacksonville, Iona: sales, mortgage, credit - Florida (FL)
  173. Whats up with no skyline night lights at Downtown Jax???: Jacksonville: city hall, to live in - Florida (FL)
  174. raising chickens in your back yard?: HOA, neighborhood - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  175. City of JAX Budget: Jacksonville: wage, quality of life, property tax - Florida (FL)
  176. Should I buy in Julington Creek or by the Intercoastal Waterway?: Jacksonville: buying a house, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  177. Nassau Co TV reception?: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: living, station, transit - Florida (FL)
  178. Fernandina Bch Mills (pollution?): Fernandina Beach, Yulee: home, buy, bankruptcy - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  179. Favorite type of Flooring in a Florida home? (and with large dog and kids?): wood floors, renters - Jacksonville, (FL)
  180. Is Jacksonville a religious city?: new home, construction, living in - Florida (FL)
  181. Pollo Tropical: Miami, Orlando: camp, living in, restaurants - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  182. Moving to Jacksonville, Need HELP!!: Plantation, Country Club: apartments, for rent, condos - Florida (FL)
  183. Who's Moving to Northeast Florida?: Jacksonville, Tampa: live, restaurant, military - (FL)
  184. Metro Diner opening in Mandarin: live, shopping center, homeowner - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  185. Dance class recommendations for a 3 year old?: live in, places - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  186. Play Golf Day Tomorrow At TPC Sawgrass: Callaway: title, clinics - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  187. Looking for a reasonably-priced dentist: Jacksonville: insurance, live in, office - Florida (FL)
  188. Archery: safest, activity, place - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  189. P90X community event this Saturday (10/02): Country Club, Atlantic Beach: home, club, bars - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  190. Jacksonville/Orange Park Apartments: Tampa: lease, law, store - Florida (FL)
  191. birthday party hall rental: Jacksonville: area, Mandarin, around - Florida (FL)
  192. need car serivce: area - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  193. Dog Days in the Park 2010: Jacksonville, Springfield: live, club, food - Florida (FL)
  194. Dogtoberfest - Metro Park - Downtown: Pace: storage, homeless, donation - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  195. Cost of Education; Admissions Cycle in Jax: day care, schools - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  196. Leonard Skinner Died.: high school - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  197. St. Augustine - would radiant heat flooring be in winter?: tile, move to - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  198. Oaks at Normandy Apartments _Westside Apts: to live in, moving to, pet friendly - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  199. Can recommend at good washer repairman? (Orange Park area): top, hear - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  200. Take over lease: area, between, direct - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)