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  29. Riverside/Avondale or Winter Park: Jacksonville, Orlando: best neighborhoods, transplants, condos - Florida (FL)
  30. Just ..: Palmetto, Laurel, Live Oak: live, yard, palm trees - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  31. Give us our NUKE Carrier ! 2019?: Jacksonville, Hampton: 2014, buying, office - Florida (FL)
  32. Live Christmas tress/Christmas tree farms: Jacksonville, Middleburg: how much, purchasing, living - Florida (FL)
  33. with Wolf Creek (Beach Blvd): short sales, foreclosures - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  34. tennis courts in historic springfield?: homes, buying, school - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  36. Natural tick deterrents?: live, fence, gardening - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  37. gas station selling Kerosene?: to buy, local, about - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  38. City councilman comes out of the closet!!!: Christmas: shop, money - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  40. warm indoor pools - a therapy pools: Jacksonville: YMCA, pool - Florida (FL)
  41. Beaches Episcopal and Bolles PVB Campus: St. Augustine: neighborhood, private schools, living in - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  43. Tick Disease Alert - STARI: move, cheap, work - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  44. Really? Theoretically thinking..: Rio: extermination, to live, food - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  49. Dart League: bars, steel, boyfriend - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  52. Advice on the following Jax zipcodes: 32246, 32277, 32211, 32224, 32225, 32246: University: apartments, HOA, house - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  57. Clever Burglar!?: road, square, applications - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  66. casinos: condos, taxes, land - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  68. Norwood Plaza Flea Market jacked: Jacksonville: neighborhood, live, prices - Florida (FL)
  69. 2 questions for jacksonville: area code, clubs, beach - Florida (FL)
  70. Couples classes in or aound Ponte Vedra Beach: Christmas: live in, law - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  71. Where Can I Post Local Job Listings?: Jacksonville: for sale, apartments - Florida (FL)
  72. Random Acts of Culture: Jacksonville, Wellington: Home Depot, school, live - Florida (FL)
  73. jax-orlando-tampa bay, they're all florida but how are they different?: Jacksonville: insurance, neighborhoods - (FL)
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  77. 1 Day Tour: Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando: real estate, broker, new home - Florida (FL)
  78. New Home in Hilliard: Jacksonville: renting, subdivision, moving - Florida (FL)
  79. Imitation is the best form of Flattery...I guess: Jacksonville: fit in, sales - Florida (FL)
  80. Dreadlock extensions in Jacksonville: market, permanent, looking for - Florida (FL)
  81. Pulte Homes Built Townhomes and Condo's ?????: Jacksonville: buy, construction, contractors - Florida (FL)
  82. concerning JEA: appliances, house, water heater - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  83. looking for a happy hour in jaxs beach area: University: hotel, university - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  84. need a cool barber: St. Augustine: shop, beaches, area - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  85. Crazy Fish Resturant: houses, live in, prices - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  86. JSO officer search?: college, common, friend - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  87. Makeup Artist: Christmas: how much, wedding, charges - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  88. Jacksonville vs Richmond: St. Augustine, Mayo, Golf: sales, insurance, condos - Florida (FL)
  89. Become a Member of Preservation SOS!: Springfield: houses, landscaping, neighborhood - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  90. Two people looking for a reasonable place to rent, or someone who needs two roommates?: Palm Coast: apartments - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  91. Wedding - Local Park in Jacksonville: Holiday, Springfield: renting, construction, suburban - Florida (FL)
  92. Christmas Morning.........MERRY CHRISTMAS!!: living, safe, health - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  93. Macclenny, Glen St. Mary & surrounding areas.: Jacksonville, Gainesville: to rent, home - Florida (FL)
  94. Help! Dental school teeth cleaning?: Jacksonville, Gainesville: insurance, schools, university - Florida (FL)
  95. Southbank VS Springfield: Jacksonville: best neighborhoods, real estate market, apartments - Florida (FL)
  96. Looking for a GOOD criminal/defense attorney....: Jacksonville: apartment complex, to rent - Florida (FL)
  97. Window Replacement Company: credit, home, heat pump - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  98. between St Augustine and Daytona Beach: Jacksonville, Ormond Beach: apartments, to rent - Florida (FL)
  99. Alcohol Free Social Groups/Activities: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: baptists, Episcopal, adults - Florida (FL)
  100. Broad about HOA Fees: Miami: real estate, homeowners insurance, condos - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  101. Home Buying Help! Silver Creek / Green Cove Springs - Lennar Homes?: Plantation: for sale, foreclosures - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  103. What things do you enjoy in Jacksonville?: Tampa, Orlando: amusement park, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  104. Raise Your Hand If You're From New Jersey: Alachua, Trenton: high school, live - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  105. searching for Doc and dentist recommendations on amelia island: Jacksonville: dermatologist, lease - Florida (FL)
  106. Jacksonville Vs. Raleigh/Durham which one?: universities, live, moving - Florida (FL)
  107. Local Film Premiere: Jacksonville: theatre, things to do, area - Florida (FL)
  108. Triplets- High pregnancy obstretician: Jacksonville: gynecologist, medical, baptist - Florida (FL)
  109. Tiffany's coming to JAX: Jacksonville: business, famous, town center - Florida (FL)
  110. Jacksonville Ranks 24th as a Retirement City: Cape Coral, Palm Bay: living, ranked - Florida (FL)
  111. Can an L.A. Girl adjust to living in Jacksonville?: Springfield: real estate, condos - Florida (FL)
  112. Best area in Jax to look at christmas lights....: Holiday: appointed, 2015 - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  113. New Dog- Vet: Jacksonville, Orange Park: buy, live, professionals - Florida (FL)
  114. Hard Freeze Warning Tonight: Jacksonville, Miami: power lines, houses, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  115. JAX Landing Christmas Boat Parade & Fireworks: Jacksonville: hotel, maintenance - Florida (FL)
  116. The color of Jacksonville Beaches water...: Fruit Cove, Everglades: how much, organic, living in - Florida (FL)
  117. Planning to move to Jax from Northern VA in late spring: Jacksonville: real estate, rental - Florida (FL)
  118. Dentist Recommendation: Jacksonville: insurance, how much, school - Florida (FL)
  119. parents with children in Special Education?: Jacksonville, Miami: real estate, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  120. I think home: Jacksonville, Sarasota: best neighborhood, transplants, for sale - Florida (FL)
  121. Jacksonville called a Top 25 Big City for the Arts: Miami: how much, house - Florida (FL)
  122. Starting to get frustrated!: school, move, education - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  123. Southern Food Cooking Over the Holidays: Christmas: refrigerator, buy, high school - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  124. Jacksonville one of America's Top 10 Cities for Shopping: Miami: best cities, sales - Florida (FL)
  125. Tear Down the Jacksonville Landing: Holiday, Springfield: condos, house, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  126. Marsh Landing - Are there kids????: Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach: apartment, condos, limousine - Florida (FL)
  127. Imax Theaters in Jacksonville Metro?: Orange Park, Golf: marketplace, tickets, best - Florida (FL)
  128. Better place to see Santa?: Jacksonville, Holiday: 2013, to buy, shop - Florida (FL)
  129. Theft in Nocatee: real estate, crime, how much - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  131. Insurance Co. Wants Us To Replace Heating System: Ormond Beach: house insurance, house - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  132. why so many asians: Miami: live, beach, metro - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  133. Water Softeners and reputable companies?: Clearwater: Home Depot, live in, softener - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  135. Need to sell diamond ring and rolex: Jacksonville, Miami: for sale, house - Florida (FL)
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  137. Best neighborhood to live in st. john's county: Jacksonville, Golf: foreclosures, house - Florida (FL)
  138. Poll: Do You Support A Regional Sales Tax?: Jacksonville, Lake City: real estate, 2014 - Florida (FL)
  139. No-gi jiu jitsu: Jacksonville, Hollywood, Atlantic Beach: sales, schools, universities - Florida (FL)
  140. Good restaurants/bars downtown: Jacksonville, University: appointed, neighborhoods, university - Florida (FL)
  141. Does need a friend?: Jacksonville, Lee: lawyer, home, live in - Florida (FL)
  142. History of Urban Design/City Planning and What Jacksonville Can Take Away: University: city hall, credit - Florida (FL)
  143. undecided jacksonville or atlanta: Miami, Hollywood: transplants, apartment complexes, home - Florida (FL)
  144. Buying furniture in Jax?: Jacksonville, Orlando: home, live, prices - Florida (FL)
  145. Questions from San Diego...: Jacksonville, Plantation: lease, low crime, credit - Florida (FL)
  146. Close down camp tracey in jacksonville, florida for good...: lawyer, homes - (FL)
  147. Apartments around Mayport Naval Station?: Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach: apartment complex, rental, condos - Florida (FL)
  148. Authentic French Crepes restaurant: Jacksonville: hotels, cinema, marketplace - Florida (FL)
  149. Can give me information about Orange Park Florida?: Jacksonville: crime, house - (FL)
  150. Need sugestions about opening up a small theatre: Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach: apartment, rent - Florida (FL)
  151. New Construction - Binder: Jacksonville: sales, loan, house - Florida (FL)
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  153. Moving from Chicago to Ponte Vedra, FL: Fort Lauderdale, Naples: renting, house - Jacksonville, Florida
  154. Should I ditch Comcast?: how much, movies, living - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  155. Best State Park?: Jacksonville, Gainesville, Daytona Beach: sale, coupons, hotel - Florida (FL)
  156. To buidling a new home: Plantation: sales, real estate, custom home - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  157. Popcorn Ceiling Removal?: how much, house, buy - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  158. Redesigning Jacksonville: Miami, Jacksonville Beach, Springfield: sales, insurance, house - Florida (FL)
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  160. researching cities: Jacksonville, Orlando, Daytona Beach: best neighborhoods, for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  161. Major Jacksonville Photo ..RAM, JIA, Panoramas, Food, and More!: St. Augustine: neighborhoods, live in - Florida (FL)
  162. Freaking out!! USO! USO! something is in the river! What was it?!?: relocate, company - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  163. Is Jacksonville really this affluent now?: Miami: mortgages, credit, loans - Florida (FL)
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  165. BOA to add 1000 jobs in Jacksonville: University, Mayo: sales, mortgage, credit - Florida (FL)
  166. Too Cold!!!: Jacksonville, Miami, Christmas: house, job transfer, buy - Florida (FL)
  167. From Orlando to Jacksonville..: Tampa, Clearwater: apartment, rent, credit card - Florida (FL)
  168. Have you ever had an encounter with a USO in the mrteo Jacksonville area?: home, swimming - Florida (FL)
  169. Orange County, CA to Jacksonville, FL: Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach: apartments, rental, condos - Florida
  170. Irish family thinking of moving to Jacksonville: Springfield, Trinity: city hall, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  171. Relocating to Jacksonvill: Jacksonville, Lakeside, Orange Park: houses, neighborhoods, middle schools - Florida (FL)
  172. 2010 NAS Jacksonville Air Show....This Coming Weekend!: beach, metro - Florida (FL)
  173. Relocating from Fort Myers to Jacksonville: Miami, Tampa: best neighborhoods, renting, how much - Florida (FL)
  174. New Nonstop Service to Denver: Jacksonville, Miami: hotels, bankrupt, shop - Florida (FL)
  175. Another company leaves downtown due to parking: Jacksonville, Miami: neighborhoods, school - Florida (FL)
  176. I have wonderful neighbors!!: Springfield: neighborhood, costs, money - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  177. Jacksonville from abroad: real estate, apartment, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  178. Ok one from JAXX HELP !!!????: Jacksonville: hotels, new house - Florida (FL)
  179. What Do You Think of Constitutional Amendments 5 & 6?: Jacksonville, Miami: foreclosures, lawyer - Florida (FL)
  180. Jacksonvilles Best Stripclub?: Neptune Beach: club, beaches, transportation - Florida (FL)
  181. Homeowners Insurance in JAX Neighborhoods: Springfield: home, purchase, deductible - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  182. notice this?: figure - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  183. Thursday night entertainment: top, party, road - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  184. Need for a handyman & cheap flooring materials: wood floors, house - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  185. 2010 Jacksonville Veterans Day Parade Video - Florida (FL)
  186. Buying Real Estate - Title Insurance Issues: foreclosures, mortgage - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  187. Nutritionist recommendation?: weight loss, diet, good - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
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  189. need a pet sitter: good - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  190. Ok Construction Workers Wanted !!!!!!!!!: Jacksonville: salary, live, job - Florida (FL)
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  192. Doctor and Dentist recommendations St. Johns- San Jose/Racetrack Rd. area: road - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  193. OPI gel manicures? recommendations: places, affordable, near - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  194. JEA rebates: credit, heat pump, tax credit - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  195. Relocation: Jacksonville: apartment, to rent, low crime - Florida (FL)
  196. Live JTA/Art Walk Blog.. Interested in Public Transit/Activity Downtown Read!: Jacksonville: metro - Florida (FL)
  197. German food: store, beach, location - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  198. KooL 96 FM: station, abandoned, hear - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  199. Nocatee and Private Schools - Help!: living in, beaches, campus - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  200. Wedding hair AND make-up: price, company, time - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)