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  1. Trampoline Park Opening in Jax: Jacksonville, Longwood: insurance, home, high school - Florida (FL)
  2. New- St. Johns Farmers Market at Alpine Groves: farms, road - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  3. How's Jacksonville for black men in terms of jobs?: Miami: lawyer, construction jobs - Florida (FL)
  4. Amelia Island vs northern St Johns County... How are the son will need special Ed: Jacksonville: truck rental - Florida (FL)
  5. Are dogs allowed in the Fiddlers Marsh community of Ponte Vedra Beach?: rentals - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  6. Looking for furniture refinisher: Jacksonville: home, live, price - Florida (FL)
  7. Seeking feedback on what I have gathered from this board: Jacksonville: apartment, rentals - Florida (FL)
  8. How are the son will need special Ed: Jacksonville: truck rental, rentals - Florida (FL)
  9. Hatch Green Chile Fans: neighborhood, deal, locations - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  10. safe areas in jacksonville, fl: for sale, houses, beach - Florida (FL)
  11. Just Moved to Jax - Where to Watch College Football: Jacksonville: theater, beach - Florida (FL)
  12. Jacksonville area hunting leases: transferring to, living, property - Florida (FL)
  13. Need help finding south/southside JAX Property Managers: Jacksonville: sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  14. Place to go have a drink with friends: Jacksonville, Springfield: construction, college - Florida (FL)
  15. what is the arlington area like now and mandarin area ?: Jacksonville: apartments, transfer - Florida (FL)
  16. Need a Family Spot for New Home: Jacksonville, Springfield: best town, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  17. Thinking of moving to st johns area!!!! Help: Jacksonville, Fort Myers: real estate, apartment - Florida (FL)
  18. Foods native to Jax: Jacksonville, Homestead: homes, beach, sushi - Florida (FL)
  19. Growing Plants and Flowers in NE FL??: Jacksonville, Daytona Beach: sale, renting - Florida
  20. Wind Mitigation Inspection in Julington Creek: insurance, house, new construction - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  21. Jacksonville Beach vs. Ponte Vedra: real estate, condos, crime - Florida (FL)
  22. contemplating relocating into the area...: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: best, builder, career - Florida (FL)
  23. Oncologist: Jacksonville, Mayo: apartments, rentals, insurance - Florida (FL)
  24. Living in Ormond Beach vs Flagler Beach?: Daytona Beach, Palm Coast: condos, crime - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  25. Moving Company - From NJ to Jacksonville, FL: insurance, movers - Florida
  26. Indigo Apartments - Jacksonville: rent, HOA, homes - Florida (FL)
  27. Music lessons in home - need help: Jacksonville: school, live in - Florida (FL)
  28. College football/basketball via internet: Jacksonville: home, restaurant, pay - Florida (FL)
  29. Arthur Jones - Nautilus?: Jacksonville, Lake Helen: live, gym, floor - Florida (FL)
  30. A Ferry Big Party Aug 25th: jobs, economy, between - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  31. NO DISRESPECT!! but ????: Lakeside, Middleburg, Orange Park: home, live in, post office - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  32. Relocating to Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island - Need !: Plantation: 2013, houses - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  33. Better investment house vs townhouse?: Jacksonville: bank owned, sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  34. Dan Hicken under Fire!...: Jacksonville: deal, couples, married - Florida (FL)
  35. Palm Coast - Bella Harbor: for sale, rentals, HOA fees - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  36. Looking for a more tolerant Catholic or Non-denominational church: Jacksonville: home, theater - Florida (FL)
  37. A dinosaur named Sue: credit, top, kids - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  38. Best Place to Live near UNF: Orlando: apartment complex, rental, condos - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  39. Mexican grocery store/hot bar: Jacksonville: transplants, to buy, living - Florida (FL)
  40. Moving to Ponte Vedra Beach: Jacksonville, Palm Valley: 2013, condos, credit - Florida (FL)
  41. Bakery Moderne in Riverside has gone out of business.: Jacksonville: live, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  42. RN looking to relocate to Jax... Lots of s???: Jacksonville: health insurance, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  43. DIRECTV Signal: how much, live in, moving to - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  44. Deerwood community: Jacksonville: apartment complexes, houses, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  45. Register importer: Miami: exemption, safety, car - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  46. Conch: Miami: food, work, selling - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  47. USCIS and Immigration services: Jacksonville: legally, firms, place - Florida (FL)
  48. Latitude 30 in Downtown Jacksonville: restaurants, club, floor - Florida (FL)
  49. Where to take LOTS of yard waste (clearing lot): Jacksonville: disposal, companies - Florida (FL)
  50. laser declawing for cats: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: live, suite, area - Florida (FL)
  51. know about,the Grand Isle at Baymeadows? (safety): Jacksonville: apartment, safe - Florida (FL)
  52. Average cost per month for electricity (1br apartment): Jacksonville: condo, how much - Florida (FL)
  53. Local Financial Help: Jacksonville: rental, authority, housing - Florida (FL)
  54. Krispy Kreme files plans for new Westside restaurant: Springfield, Edgewood: buying, to live - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  55. Budget Wedding Photography: Jacksonville: 2013, prices, farmer - Florida (FL)
  56. Thanksgiving in St Augustine?: St. Augustine: real estate, 2013, hotel - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  57. St. Johns County Area Video Tour: neighborhood, schools, shops - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  58. s on the King & Bear neighborhoods?: Golf: real estate market, landscaping - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  59. Costco kirkland joint compounds help?: time - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  60. moving to st. aug--need homeowner's insurance: Sarasota, St. Augustine: townhouse, buying, construction - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  61. Providence School? St Johns County Schools?: Jacksonville, Fruit Cove: 2015, how much, home - Florida (FL)
  62. Another Small Business on CR-210 Closing: hair salon, employment, restaurant - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  63. Advice on apartments in or near St Augustine?: St. Augustine: apartment complexes, rentals - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  64. Looking for schools in Jax that makes life long learners-not teaching to tests: Jacksonville: magnet schools - Florida (FL)
  65. open new boutique in Jax or: lease, buy, cost - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  66. montessoris/place to live: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: best neighborhoods, houses, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  67. Activities in durbin crossings?: swimming, building, lessons - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  68. commute to orange park: town, downtown, traffic - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  69. ? - Magnet School - former attendance area of Jax Beach Elementary?: Jacksonville: living in, design - Florida (FL)
  70. Nocatee subdivisions: condominiums, houses, neighborhoods - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  71. What are much see: live, shop, beach - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  72. What are the best home builders in Jax?: Jacksonville: construction, designs - Florida (FL)
  73. Solar Screens: reduction, heat - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  74. - A Normal Florida Summer (Complete With Rain): golf, island - Jacksonville, (FL)
  75. Possibly moving to Jacksonville: apartments, lease, condos - Florida (FL)
  76. Dinner and dancing in Saint Augustine: St. Augustine: hotel, house, restaurants - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  77. New Orleans Cafe Shutting Down: restaurant, shelter, place - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  78. Free Dirt/Top Soil & Garden Boxes: Jacksonville: house, fence - Florida (FL)
  79. Military Orders to Jacksonville...few quick questions: Atlantic Beach: rentals, to live in - Florida (FL)
  80. Adult blind and mentally disabled adult needs: Jacksonville: sale, insurance - Florida (FL)
  81. Where's The Best Place To Renew Contacts/Get An Eye Exam In Jax?: buy - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  82. St. Augustine area help!: Villas: apartment complex, rental, condo - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  83. Tampa Bay recommends ____ in Jacksonville.: Springfield: neighborhoods, living in, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  84. Jax Beach Pier?: restaurants, places to eat, parking - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  85. Beachbody Folks?: Noma: buy, working, programs - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  86. Venetia to Gate Pkwy Traffic Times??: Tallahassee: house, living, moving to - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  87. Mayor Signs Legislation to Assist Brooklyn Development: Jacksonville, Orlando: real estate, apartments - Florida (FL)
  88. Single and Visiting St Augustine-- late night fun on a Sat night?: nightlife - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  89. Need temporary place to live, with cats?: Jacksonville: extended stay, apartments - Florida (FL)
  90. Moving to Fernadina Beach: apartments, condo, house - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  91. Relocation advice needede: St Johns Schools:Julington Creek, Friuit Cove, ..: Jacksonville: for sale, to rent - Florida (FL)
  92. Lexus commercial features Jax skyline: famous, street, great - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  93. Dames Point Bridge: Parker: best, photos, farmer - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  94. St. Johns County Schools vs. Jax Catholic Schools: subdivision, move to - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  95. Moving to St. Augustine soon - Need Help: Gainesville, St. Augustine Shores: apartment complexes, rentals - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  96. Relocating to jax impact on kids !: Holiday: rental, condo, credit - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  97. Drees Homes: prices, floor, business - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  98. Just moved to Saint Augustine.. need AC help/auto repair recommendations: St. Augustine: rentals, how much - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  99. Accounting/Finance Job Market: Jacksonville, Marathon: professionals, move to, recruiter - Florida (FL)
  100. Recommendations for tile person??: price, floor, kitchen - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  101. Real world commute between Mandarin and Baymeadows: St. Augustine: sale, apartment complex - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  102. Magnolia Point -- Green Cove Springs: buying a home, neighborhood, buying - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  103. Is My Air Conditioning Working Properly?: houses, live in, cost - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  104. Help picking an apartment...: Jacksonville, Country Club: apartment complexes, to rent, homes - Florida (FL)
  105. Teen Loses Arm to Florida Gator!: news, interview, crazy - Jacksonville, (FL)
  106. Looks like they found a way to keep the ferry going...: city hall, minimum wage - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  107. Early E Church St. Development in Downtown Jacksonville: Miami: construction, contractors - Florida (FL)
  108. Another relocating - with a twist! Ireland to Florida: Jacksonville: apartment, lease - (FL)
  109. Home Inspector ....: Jacksonville: mortgage broker, lender, broker - Florida (FL)
  110. Is mosquito control: house, live in, cost - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  111. Looking for a store....: Five Points: home, shop, trendy - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  112. move to Jacksonville during the winer months?: rentals, military - Florida (FL)
  113. Treaty oak wedding- HELP!: insurance, theater, park - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  114. From Tennessee to FLorida! Where to go?: Jacksonville, Tampa: crime, school
  115. New to Jax, looking for advice: Jacksonville, Orange Park: apartment, rental, safe neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  116. Crime in Jacksonville? Traffic?: Tallahassee, Pensacola: crime rate, income, to live in - Florida (FL)
  117. Retiring to Fernandina Beach ?: Jacksonville: transplants, rentals, HOA - Florida (FL)
  118. Appliances and Water quality: Jacksonville, St. Augustine: house, to buy, utilities - Florida (FL)
  119. Interesting SJC School Articles: 2015, school district, budget - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  120. s what you missed (or enjoyed)...: Jacksonville, Springfield: homes, neighborhood, maintenance - Florida (FL)
  121. Got a about my degree and jobs in Jacksonville.: Tampa: fit in, real estate - Florida (FL)
  122. Can't I just buy a house????: Jacksonville, Sarasota: for sale, HOA, new home - Florida (FL)
  123. Nocate s re Greenway Trails, Preserve, Pools, Kids: waterpark, condominium - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  124. Update on my quest for a better ISP: Jacksonville: real estate, how much - Florida (FL)
  125. 1661 Riverside Ave: for sale, rent, buying - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  126. PVPV - Rawlings elementary: home, school district, restaurants - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  127. Cheap Temp Housing Needed in St. John's: lease, hotel - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  128. Flash mob in Jacksonville: store, racist, Walmart - Florida (FL)
  129. Chicago to Jacksonville Bachelor Party: Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach: to rent, limo, casino - Florida (FL)
  130. Pizza Franchise: Jacksonville, Parker: restaurant, zip code, area - Florida (FL)
  131. NCAA National Championship Jacksonville bid.: Miami, Tampa: how much, hotel, college - Florida (FL)
  132. Florida VS Georgetown on Aircraft Carrier....NCAA Basketball on the water.: Jacksonville: how much, college - (FL)
  133. Heckscher Drive vs Queens Harbor: HOA fees, houses, to buy - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  134. Holy cow, houses are affordable in Jax!: Jacksonville: foreclosures, affordable houses - Florida (FL)
  135. Tijuana Flats opens up a new restaurant: St. Augustine, Bell: college, living in - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  136. Teenage kids in St. Johns County communities: Plantation: for sale, new home - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  137. Insurance costs cheaper in SJC?: Golf: real estate, health insurance, how much - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  138. Towncenter type shopping center in NW St. Johns County: Naples: sales, movies - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  139. JAX - hell for single professionals?: Jacksonville, Orlando: rental car, transplants, rental - Florida (FL)
  140. What Do You Think About This?: Jacksonville, Springfield: crime, bankruptcy, taxes - Florida (FL)
  141. Old Gator Bowl Stadium: Jacksonville, Englewood: home, tenant, construction - Florida (FL)
  142. St. Augustine Photograher: price, beach, farmer - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  143. Cell Phone Coverage in Nocatee: home, move, bars - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  144. ISPs???: Jacksonville, Century: home, transfer, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  145. moving to st. augustine: Davie, St. Augustine Beach: for sale, real estate, 2013 - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  146. Thanks For Helping Me to Win: money, party, pizza - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  147. Jax Beach or Daytona/New Smyrna area for guy mid 20's: Jacksonville: spring break, rent - Florida (FL)
  148. I double dog dare ya to take this little trip with me!: Jacksonville: motels, house - Florida (FL)
  149. Utility Bill in Jacksonville: renter, credit, houses - Florida (FL)
  150. Looking to move to St. Augustine: Sarasota, Palatka: to rent, loans, house - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  151. Racism in Florida?: Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando: fit in, crime, to live in - (FL)
  152. Labor Day Weekend - Jacksonville: oceanfront, renting, best hotel - Florida (FL)
  153. Nocatee- Advice on Mortgage Financing: refinance, credit, loan - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  154. Ortega, Ponte Vedra or Julington Creek area with kids?: Jacksonville: HOA, crime - Florida (FL)
  155. Servers?: Orange Park: credit card, restaurants, mall - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  156. Moving to Fernandina Beach Area - Tell me the negatives: Jacksonville: employment, schools - Florida (FL)
  157. Romantic place to Propose: Jacksonville, Sunrise: loan, gardens, beach - Florida (FL)
  158. Moving from St. Pete to Jacksonville - Differences?: Tampa, St. Petersburg: crime, school - Florida (FL)
  159. Plantation Point Condos in St Augustine - - need: for sale, foreclosures - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  160. Advice for building a home: for sale, houses, utilities - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  161. Offered job in Arlington: Jacksonville, University: apartments, rentals, condos - Florida (FL)
  162. Jacksonville Heights, Jacksonville Fl Safe??: Lakeside, Middleburg: rentals, crime, townhouse - Florida (FL)
  163. Jacksonville Florida ??????: Plantation, Atlantic Beach: to rent, crime, to buy - (FL)
  164. Churches in World Golf Village?: Pace, Celebration: campus, non-denominational, deal - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  165. Where can I buy a large quantity of Shrimp?: live, costs - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  166. Closing Attorney: insurance, attorneys, new home - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  167. Top 10 must-dos in Jacksonville, 2012: Tampa: apartments, rentals, condos - Florida (FL)
  168. 5000 Town Apartments: Jacksonville: 2013, apartment complex, condos - Florida (FL)
  169. Nice quick family beach stop between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach: Orlando: cost, store - Florida (FL)
  170. Which beach?: Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach: rent, how much, house - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  171. Jacksonville FL or Summerville SC?: Parker: real estate, townhome, neighborhood - Florida
  172. 18 year old moving to jacksonville!!: Tallahassee, Springfield: wood floors, apartments, rentals - Florida (FL)
  173. Nordstrom Coming to Jacksonville in 2014: Boca Raton, Wellington: income, shop, gardens - Florida (FL)
  174. its official Arlington is the Worst area in Jacksonville!: Springfield: home, established neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  175. Snobby Palencia?: Pace: real estate, insurance, how much - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  176. Jacksonville is tolerant? Not if you are LGBT: Miami, Tampa: employment, living in - Florida (FL)
  177. Lakes/Ponds in communities such as Durbin Crossing: Plantation: lawyer, house - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  178. St. Johns County school supplies: Fernandina Beach: low income, 2013, how much - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  179. New SJC School is green and all that stuff: garden, moving to - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  180. What does Palm Coast need??: Jacksonville, Beverly Hills: low income, foreclosure, day care - Florida (FL)
  181. moving to St. Augustine but open to other areas of NE FL: Jacksonville: to rent, transferring to - Florida
  182. The International Jaguars: Jacksonville, Miami: 2013, lease, home - Florida (FL)
  183. Storage Facilities Near Ponte Vedra: Palm Valley: renting, high school, prices - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  184. Extended stay lodging in Jax: hotels, suites, park - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  185. Free zumba class: Hispanic, academy, sports - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  186. FREE FOOD and it's all over the place!: college, live in - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  187. Belleza at Ponte Vvedra: rental, short term, community - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  188. Mystery lot - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  189. Neighborhoods near Southpoint Pkwy on the Southside: University: to rent, low crime - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  190. Pink & Drink Pub Crawl to Benefit Bands Against Breast Cancer: home, purchase - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  191. Hospital jobs ?????: Jacksonville: job outlook, pharmacist, live in - Florida (FL)
  192. fine china dealers in JAX?: buy, stores - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  193. Lot pricing in St. John's Forest: HOA, home, buying - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  194. WGV Isles of the World townhouses: Golf: price, golf, builder - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  195. Metal scrap/metal recycling center in Saint Augustine?: buyer, driving - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  196. Breast Center at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville: relocating to, area, surgeon - Florida (FL)
  197. Moving to Jax, looking for a temporary apartment: lease, good - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  198. Need to Move ASAP; Need an Awesome Roommate?: condo, maintenance - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)
  199. I'd love to hear how the first few weeks of school are going ?i: Jacksonville: new home - Florida (FL)
  200. Coaches, trainers, athletes - source for Spirits of Ammonia?: pharmacy, reviews - Jacksonville, Florida (FL)