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  1. going to miami on vacation: South Beach: hotel, bars, beach - Florida (FL)
  2. Which Of Is The Best?: Miami, Hollywood: apartment, to live in, moving to - Florida (FL)
  3. Is the FCAT required in private schools?: educational, rated - Miami, Florida (FL)
  4. Good place for Investment Property (Condo): Miami, Orlando: real estate, foreclosure, rentals - Florida (FL)
  5. Would a Personal Trainer Do Well In Miami-Dade?: area, economy - Florida (FL)
  6. Buying a Home in Miami: short sales, foreclosures, insurance - Florida (FL)
  7. know if you can get a month-to-month lease in south Florida?: Miami: apartments - (FL)
  8. Popular suburbs with high proportion families and youth: Miami, Hialeah: to rent, condos - Florida (FL)
  9. Hollywood FL: Miami: apartment, to rent, live - Florida
  10. want to stand up for Florida Schools?: Jacksonville, Gainesville: credit, private school - Miami, (FL)
  11. Registered nurse looking to relocate to South Florida.: Miami, Kendall: best neighborhoods, homes - (FL)
  12. Minigolf?: Miami, Dania Beach, Palmetto: castles, best, golf course - Florida (FL)
  13. realtor for rental units: Miami, Miami Beach: renters, to move, beach - Florida (FL)
  14. Help Finding a New Home after Law School: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: lawyers, job market - Florida (FL)
  15. moving from los angeles: Miami, Miami Shores: apartment, rentals, how much - Florida (FL)
  16. Miami or other cities near there?: Kendall, Boca Raton: places to live, gardens, beach - Florida (FL)
  17. Need for elementary school gifted programs in Miami: Miami Beach: magnet schools, beach - Florida (FL)
  18. Moving to Miami - Going to Barry: Hollywood, Pembroke Pines: low income, apartment - Florida (FL)
  19. Business focused move to Miami: Tampa, Miami Beach: apartment, rent, houses - Florida (FL)
  20. Best Complexes In Miami?: Plantation, Kendall: real estate, apartment complexes, how much - Florida (FL)
  21. Lack of respect in miami: Davie: rated, free, riding - Florida (FL)
  22. 4th of July in Miami: South Beach: hotel, rooftop, prices - Florida (FL)
  23. Brickell: Miami, Aventura, Key Biscayne: condos, theater, rooftop - Florida (FL)
  24. Somerset Academy Charter Schools: Miami, South Miami: catholic schools, closing, education - Florida (FL)
  25. Best preschools in Miami/Ft Lauderdale area?: Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach: house, live in - Florida (FL)
  26. Miami city/county? Who are they talking about?: Hialeah, Miami Beach: sales, apartments - Florida (FL)
  27. Counties you recommend?: Miami, Pembroke Pines, Coral Springs: condo, quality of life, place to live - Florida (FL)
  28. I am making the move!!: live, club, beach - Miami, Florida (FL)
  29. a move from New Orleans: Miami, Tampa: fit in, transplants, for sale - Florida (FL)
  30. Relocation to Miami FL: Coral Gables, Pinecrest: public schools, gardens, safe - Florida
  31. Maps & Informational Resources for South Florida Canals & Waterways: Miami: neighborhoods, university - (FL)
  32. Miami sports fans that have moved away: Tampa, Weston: neighborhood, school - Florida (FL)
  33. Cutler bay permit/code: short sale, house, buying - Miami, Florida (FL)
  34. Commute from CG to Key Biscayne: Miami, Coral Gables: costs, campus, area - Florida (FL)
  35. bartending: Miami: school, restaurants, price - Florida (FL)
  36. Scooters / Mopeds: Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables: shops, best, place - Florida (FL)
  37. I will answer uestions you may have about your children and getting into a decent college: University: high school - Miami, Florida (FL)
  38. North Bay Village: Miami, Coral Gables, Aventura: apartments, live in, move to - Florida (FL)
  39. Aventura: Miami: condos, employment, live - Florida (FL)
  40. Wedding Location: Miami, Davie, Homestead: to rent, homes, outdoor wedding - Florida (FL)
  41. miami no longer in top5 of cities with the worst road rage drivers: Cleveland: rank - Florida (FL)
  42. What is the best cell phone service?: metro, areas - Miami, Florida (FL)
  43. Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian/Yugoslavian Market/Restaurant??: Miami: store, foods, best - Florida (FL)
  44. Miami - Work in Coral Gables, Need home in good area close by: Homestead: apartments - Florida (FL)
  45. Home Insurance Cost East of I-95: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: condo, beach, design - Florida (FL)
  46. So what's this about increasing property taxes?: Miami, Palm Beach: short sale, foreclosure - Florida (FL)
  47. Romantic dinner advice URGENT: Miami, Cutler: restaurants, beach, food - Florida (FL)
  48. How to Move to Miami at 18 with a Teaching Assistant NVQ: home, unemployment - Florida (FL)
  49. South Florida Corporate Culture: Miami: high school, college, live in - (FL)
  50. Science Jobs: Miami: school, universities, salary - Florida (FL)
  51. Best place to buy an engagement ring: Miami, Kendall: buying, prices - Florida (FL)
  52. Vacationing in Miami: Hollywood, Miami Beach, Palm Beach: rent, hotel, auction - Florida (FL)
  53. Private karaoke rooms in Miami: Pembroke Pines, Sunrise: renting, restaurant, versus - Florida (FL)
  54. Relocating to Miami area close by City's: Hollywood, Pembroke Pines: job market, good schools - Florida (FL)
  55. Hollwood to W. Miami: Hollywood, Pembroke Pines: rent, find a job, to live in - Florida (FL)
  56. Looking for Recommendation for Audi Repairs in Miami: Miami Beach, Palmetto: purchase, live - Florida (FL)
  57. construction area on 88th and 157th: Miami, Kendall: bankruptcy, movie theater, schools - Florida (FL)
  58. wynwood: live in, area, near - Miami, Florida (FL)
  59. Rude people: store, town, Publix - Miami, Florida (FL)
  60. House without certificate of occupancy: Miami: short sale, insurance, appliances - Florida (FL)
  61. Help! Moving to Miami from Charlotte: South Beach, North Beach: apartments, safe area, living in - Florida (FL)
  62. St. Petersburg to Coral Gables: Miami: move to, property, to work - Florida (FL)
  63. Happy Fourth of July Miami: South Beach: beach, metropolitan, locations - Florida (FL)
  64. Need help to find good produce store with inexpensive prices: Miami: 2014, homes - Florida (FL)
  65. Is Brickell primarily a democratic neighborhood or is it more Republican ?: Miami: maintenance, live in - Florida (FL)
  66. El Portal: Miami, Miami Shores, Biscayne Park: house, to buy, properties - Florida (FL)
  67. Two Apartments: help me make an informed decision!: Miami: apartment complexes, college - Florida (FL)
  68. female moving to Miami... which areas are safe???: Coral Gables, Sunset: rental, condo - Florida (FL)
  69. Fireworks video/July 4th at Bayside Park. Enjoy!: food, place - Miami, Florida (FL)
  70. Miami photo: photos, start - Florida (FL)
  71. Miami Neighborhood Specifics: Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, South Beach: renters, condos, home - Florida (FL)
  72. Comfort factor for non-Hispanic couple in Coral Gables: Miami, University: university, quality of life - Florida (FL)
  73. Looking for a trustworthy property management company: Miami, Miami Beach: condo, tenants - Florida (FL)
  74. 900 Biscayne: Miami: condo, house, money - Florida (FL)
  75. Capital One Court Summoms: Miami: mortgage, credit card, attorneys - Florida (FL)
  76. One night on Miami Beach, what to do?: Winter Haven: hotel, place to live - Florida (FL)
  77. Need travel/hotel help to Miami!: Miami Beach, South Beach: safe, beach, reviews - Florida (FL)
  78. 44 y/o SWF & 21 y/o daughter moving to S. FL-recommended areas?: Miami: rental - Florida
  79. Chicago late 20's newlyweds relocating to Miami. Need pointers!: Coral Gables: to rent, townhomes - Florida (FL)
  80. Does have the FAX Number of Mt Sinai Medical Center ???: Miami: office, building - Florida (FL)
  81. city of homestead evaluation: job market, live in, moving to - Miami, Florida (FL)
  82. Moving to North Bay Village with 6 yr old?: Treasure Island: apartments, transfer - Miami, Florida (FL)
  83. public transport from miami to orlando: bus, airport, train - Florida (FL)
  84. South beach apartment?: Havana: condo, utilities, live - Miami, Florida (FL)
  85. utility bill: Miami: building, average - Florida (FL)
  86. Perception of Rice University brand in Miami area: Tampa: real estate, job market - Florida (FL)
  87. Vacation Rental in Miami Shores - Safe?: house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  88. public transport: Miami, Orlando, Miami Beach: mover, taxi, buses - Florida (FL)
  89. Visiting Miami June 6-10: living, photos, Colombia - Florida (FL)
  90. Public swimmingpool: Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables: hotels, high school, beach - Florida (FL)
  91. Youth Co Op charter school/Hialeah Gardens area inquiry: Miami: apartment, rentals - Florida (FL)
  92. HELP! Need housing for August (Umiami) and don't know area.: Kendall: hair salon, rental - Florida (FL)
  93. 5 Miami men convicted of Sears Tower attack plot: wage, building - Florida (FL)
  94. How does Miami compare to Palm Beach?: Coral Gables, Palm Beach Gardens: neighborhoods, college - Florida (FL)
  95. Safe neighborhoods in Miami: Miami Beach, Kendall: apartment, low crime, safest area - Florida (FL)
  96. Best area to buy for vacation rentals Miami: Miami Beach, South Beach: sublet, apartment - Florida (FL)
  97. ESE/special education teacher jobs?: Miami: school, budget, relocating - Florida (FL)
  98. Environmental Law at FIU and UM: Miami, University: attorneys, job market, law school - Florida (FL)
  99. East Kendall: Miami: home, buy, schools - Florida (FL)
  100. Kendall - Miami?: Homestead: homes, live in, zip code - Florida (FL)
  101. Mandarin Lakes Homestead 33032: Miami, Naranja: crime, new house, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  102. Buying a House in Andover (Now Miami Gardens): buying a home, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  103. Best way to get from the Airport to the Beach: South Beach: construction, taxi - Miami, Florida (FL)
  104. Do residents of Miami consider Miami a Southern city?: Fort Lauderdale: living in, vs - Florida (FL)
  105. Are there newer single family home communities near Brickell area or in Brickell?: Miami: condos, new home - Florida (FL)
  106. How much day to day spending money will I need?: Miami: car rental, apartment - Florida (FL)
  107. Miami Losing Rank with Road Rage: Orlando, Palm Beach: moving, beach, title - Florida (FL)
  108. What is happening to West Miramar?: Miami, Carol City: middle-class, renters, crime - Florida (FL)
  109. New MDCPS high named after Alonzo Mourning!: Miami, Kendall: attorney, school district - Florida (FL)
  110. time capsule.: Miami: live, vs, activity - Florida (FL)
  111. Large ($2 Billion) Medicare Fraud Ring Busted en Miami - many who were under investigation fled back to Latin America...: Gonzalez: cost, law - Florida (FL)
  112. Fire Fee may be added to Property Taxes: Miami: how much, homes - Florida (FL)
  113. have experience living in the keys?: Miami, Largo: renting, homes - Florida (FL)
  114. do you like the miami suburbs: Hialeah, Miami Beach: middle-class, foreclosure, houses - Florida (FL)
  115. An indictment of Florida's public school system?: Miami: home, public schools - (FL)
  116. I love Miami :): crime, home, find a job - Florida (FL)
  117. miami murder rate is up!!!!: crime rate, neighborhoods, income - Florida (FL)
  118. South Beach Weather in Early September: Miami, Everglades: cell phone, place, humidity - Florida (FL)
  119. Could a person do well in Miami, IN A WHITE COLLAR JOB, without ever speaking English?: Hialeah: luxury, construction - Florida (FL)
  120. Trying to move to Florida. What jobs are actually hiring?: Jacksonville: sales, teaching jobs - Miami, (FL)
  121. Radio talk show host Neil Rogers retires suddenly: Miami: best, Jewish - Florida (FL)
  122. Miami Shorest to Boca Raton commute: Miami Beach, University: house, university, to live in - Florida (FL)
  123. Miami area or tampa area?? help...: Panama City: apartments, to rent - Florida (FL)
  124. shooting on macauther causeway: Miami: insurance, crime, unemployment - Florida (FL)
  125. From an F to a D ... Let's celebrate!: Miami: crimes, credit - Florida (FL)
  126. Best disco/dance club in Miami/Hollywood: South Beach: restaurant, night clubs - Florida (FL)
  127. How do you cut costs and save $$ living in South Florida??: Miami: apartment, lease - (FL)
  128. Moving to Miami - Looking for Safe Neighborhood: Kendall, Hallandale: apartment, rent - Florida (FL)
  129. Miami supposedly has the third most dangerous street corner in the country.: Tampa: insurance, condo - Florida (FL)
  130. Downtown equals 28 days later?: Miami, Everglades: 2014, foreclosures, HOA fees - Florida (FL)
  131. FIU experience for a white American: Miami, Coral Gables: dorms, high school - Florida (FL)
  132. New to Miami, need help with location/subdivision: Kendall, Coral Gables: apartment, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  133. All kinds of questions re. moving to miami from spain (temp.): Coral Gables: best city, apartment - Florida (FL)
  134. got shot (SoBe + Memorial Day = urgh): Miami, Miami Beach: gated communities, living in - Florida (FL)
  135. Hispanic vs Latino: Miami: living, moving to, dental - Florida (FL)
  136. Moving to Brickell area: Miami, Coral Gables: foreclosure, renters, mover - Florida (FL)
  137. NAACP, Homestead council in dispute over Confederate flag: Miami, Hollywood: buy, move - Florida (FL)
  138. What are magnet schools?: Miami, Doral: high crime, home, transfer - Florida (FL)
  139. Back in Miami...: Kendall: rent, homes, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  140. tallrick hurricane prediction?: weather, cat, town - Miami, Florida (FL)
  141. Ukrainians in Miami: Miami Beach, North Miami, Port Charlotte: home, beach, vacation - Florida (FL)
  142. Graduate (With Money) looking for a place to live.: Miami: to rent, condo - Florida (FL)
  143. Is this typical summer weather for the area?: Miami: living, activities - Florida (FL)
  144. Want to Move to Miami from Scotland Aberdeen: Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach: rent, attorney - Florida (FL)
  145. Average Miami family pays $20,000 in health costs: Miami Beach: insurance, how much - Florida (FL)
  146. Spanish people and Miami: Kendall, Coral Gables: city hall, income, living - Florida (FL)
  147. Difference in feel and life between Miami and Hollywood?: Hialeah: neighborhoods, luxury - Florida (FL)
  148. Is the lack of English spoken by Miami's new immigrants a of literacy?: buy, elementary school - Florida (FL)
  149. Miami Beach, Hollywood, or Fort Lauderdale?: Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach: sales, apartment, for rent - Florida (FL)
  150. Coral Gables for 50-somethings from Richmond, VA???: Miami, University: bank owned, appointed - Florida (FL)
  151. Good Gyms in Miami area?: Miami Beach, North Miami: home, place to live, gym - Florida (FL)
  152. Lack of respect in Miami: Miami Beach, West Palm Beach: condo, movie theater, live in - Florida (FL)
  153. Just got back from Miami and I've tell ya....: South Beach: live in, restaurant - Florida (FL)
  154. Best portrayal of Miami life in the movies or TV?: South Beach: neighborhoods, theater - Florida (FL)
  155. If South Florida and in particular Miami is so bad, then why so many Europeans love it so much?: Orlando: house, neighborhoods - (FL)
  156. Hispanic: Miami: living in, relocation, location - Florida (FL)
  157. Moving to Miami with 2 Daughters: Kendall, Coral Gables: apartment, lease, condos - Florida (FL)
  158. Miami to develop improve park downtown: bankruptcy, theater, living - Florida (FL)
  159. Are cubans in Miami patriotic americans?: camper, tuition, racist - Florida (FL)
  160. What type of jobs do people have?: Miami, South Beach: sales, apartment - Florida (FL)
  161. Legal and Illegal Tint for cars: Miami: rental car, eyeglasses, how much - Florida (FL)
  162. Redlands Revisited: Miami, Kendall, Homestead: low income, foreclosure, homes - Florida (FL)
  163. East Kendall or West? 8795 SW 112th: Miami, Largo: homes, neighborhoods, to live - Florida (FL)
  164. Coral Gables: Miami: real estate, crime, homes - Florida (FL)
  165. Is Orlando like Miami?: Jacksonville, Tampa: crime, construction, place to live - Florida (FL)
  166. another moving to florida questions (miami-dade area): Sunrise, Homestead: sales, foreclosures - (FL)
  167. Best Public High Schools Between Fort Lauderdale and Miami: Hollywood: renting, house - Florida (FL)
  168. How is the social life like in Brickell?: Miami: condo, house - Florida (FL)
  169. Miami's $400 million shortfall: Orlando, The Villages, Harlem: real estate, homes, bankruptcy - Florida (FL)
  170. Miami Riots of 1980: Miami Beach: house, gated, live - Florida (FL)
  171. job ideas in Miami?: fit in, school, universities - Florida (FL)
  172. Who would you encourage to move to Miami?: apartment, rental - Florida (FL)
  173. Moving to florida to attend MIAMI DADE COLLEGE --help- where do i live?: Hollywood: apartment, foreclosure - (FL)
  174. I have a dumb for you re beaches in Miami: Orlando: condo, houses - Florida (FL)
  175. Brickell vs Coral Gables vs Aventura: Miami, Kendall: real estate, rent, mover - Florida (FL)
  176. Congratulations to GW Carver Middle 100% FCAT MATH: middle school, assessment - Miami, Florida (FL)
  177. truth about miami: crime, mortgage, house - Florida (FL)
  178. about moving to South Florida, South Beach: Miami, Miami Beach: affordable apartments, foreclosures - (FL)
  179. moved to Miami from Australia???: Orlando, Fort Lauderdale: appointed, rental, insurance - Florida (FL)
  180. hii: car, place, rain - Miami, Florida (FL)
  181. New Music from Hectik Rivero on ESP 'Serious': records - Miami, Florida (FL)
  182. Reasonable quality work: car, areas, repair - Miami, Florida (FL)
  183. Miami Bridal Hair Stylist: hairstylist, travel to, great - Florida (FL)
  184. Risky move - need opinion: Hallandale: how much, organic, live in - Miami, Florida (FL)
  185. Websites for researching Miami and Fl: Tampa: good, recommend, about - Florida (FL)
  186. Great Fresh Market on Lincoln Rd: organic, best, place - Miami, Florida (FL)
  187. Miami Beach Broadwalk Footfall/Foot Traffic: park, work, agency - Florida (FL)
  188. Dental Assistant questions?: college, year, considered - Miami, Florida (FL)
  189. Help w/ cheap parking close to SE 2nd Ave.: park, charge - Miami, Florida (FL)
  190. Safe City to live?: Miami: good schools, place to live, relocate to - Florida (FL)
  191. Townhouse: to buy, bedrooms, rooms - Miami, Florida (FL)
  192. Townhouse: condo, area, phone - Miami, Florida (FL)
  193. Need Property Manager near Palmetto Bay: Miami, Tampa: rental, driving, looking for - Florida (FL)
  194. real estate lawyer recommendations: Miami, Miami Beach: condo, mortgage, live - Florida (FL)
  195. Bradbury Grocery- 3017 S.W. 16th Terrace: Miami: neighborhood, store, residential - Florida (FL)
  196. Small town - Miami, Florida (FL)
  197. Two new Museums to be built in Bicentennial Park!: Miami: construction, arena - Florida (FL)
  198. Aventura Apartments: ratings, businesses, place - Miami, Florida (FL)
  199. Young and moving to Miami-Job hunting !: Miami Beach: condo, buying - Florida (FL)
  200. best miami church - Florida (FL)