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  1. Miami Gyms?: Hialeah, Doral, Palmetto: buy, living in, price - Florida (FL)
  2. Leases in Miami: Miami Beach, North Miami, North Miami Beach: real estate, apartments, renters - Florida (FL)
  3. using a ductless mini/multi split A/C?: home, maintenance - Miami, Florida (FL)
  4. about Apartment Rental Timeframes: Miami, Miami Beach: apartments, hotel, vacation home - Florida (FL)
  5. 75k salary in Miami: South Beach: apartment, rentals, insurance - Florida (FL)
  6. Which Everglades Habitat is your favorite to visit: camping, pine - Miami, Florida (FL)
  7. how is the art and art gallery business in miami: Havana: how much, buying - Florida (FL)
  8. Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins New Stadium: Miami: mortgages, incomes - Florida (FL)
  9. 5 de Mayo in Miami.: gated, rating, population - Florida (FL)
  10. Miami Avenue closure in Brickell for pedestrian mall: South Miami, Rio: 2013, condo - Florida (FL)
  11. reverse osmosis water -Homestead: Pinecrest: buying, Whole Foods, Walmart - Miami, Florida (FL)
  12. Yes! Snow in August!: tickets, sound, love - Miami, Florida (FL)
  13. Hotels in homestead safe area for Nov: Miami, Hampton: suites, yard - Florida (FL)
  14. Keep it coming up: Miami: apartment, condo, credit - Florida (FL)
  15. Need Advice: Got a job at JMH and Moving to Miami: Kendall: apartment complexes, to rent - Florida (FL)
  16. Miami from Houston: Coral Gables, Doral, Miami Springs: apartment, for rent, mover - Florida (FL)
  17. Miami Beach communities / districts..: Surfside, South Beach: restaurants, zip code, bars - Florida (FL)
  18. What direction to face for maximum sunlight through windows through the day: Miami: rent - Florida (FL)
  19. Easter brunch during Spring Break?: Miami, Aventura: family friendly, place, resort - Florida (FL)
  20. relo for job in downtown Miami: Pembroke Pines, Miami Beach: renting, condo - Florida (FL)
  21. Seeking advice for upcoming vacation in south Dade county: Miami: spring break, hotels - Florida (FL)
  22. State Senate Passes Bill To Cut Down On Road Rage: Miami: law, driving - Florida (FL)
  23. how much is the labor cost for putting up a privacy fence: average cost - Miami, Florida (FL)
  24. Airport Miami 24/7?: Hollywood, Heathrow: high school, bus, to move - Florida (FL)
  25. Are there short-term Apt rentals in Miramar?: Miami: extended stay, apartments - Florida (FL)
  26. Is it a common to see people jogging in your neighborhood?: Miami: neighborhoods, live - Florida (FL)
  27. Apartment near Jackson Memorial Hospital: apartments, to rent, school - Miami, Florida (FL)
  28. Brazilian moving to Miami: Coral Springs, Miami Beach: rental, condo, low crime - Florida (FL)
  29. Looking for loft in Brickell: Miami: to rent, lofts, mover - Florida (FL)
  30. Connecting flight time in MIA - advice needed: Miami, Panama City: buses, airport - Florida (FL)
  31. Homestead Neighborhoods: Leisure City, Campbell: low income, best neighborhoods, apartment complex - Miami, Florida (FL)
  32. Mentally challenged services & housing: Miami: house, adults, fellowship - Florida (FL)
  33. University Park Area: Kendall, Doral, Sunset: crime, townhouse, landscaping - Miami, Florida (FL)
  34. Mediterranean / European vibe?: Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton: houses, restaurants, beach - Florida (FL)
  35. About to close and having last minute jitters, cold feet, ?: Coral Gables: rental - Miami, Florida (FL)
  36. Commuting To FIU South: Miami, North Miami: university, living, doctorate - Florida (FL)
  37. Miami homeowners insurance: foreclosure, mortgages, broker - Florida (FL)
  38. Relocating, 30+ health care professional - best place: Miami: to rent, income - Florida (FL)
  39. South Florida Tech Industry Opportunities: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: college, living, cost of living - (FL)
  40. Texting ban passes Senate,: Miami: 2013, car insurance, law - Florida (FL)
  41. The best latino club in Miami?: Mango, Havana: live, nightclubs, food - Florida (FL)
  42. serch for italian families in miami(moving to miami): Fort Lauderdale: apartment, rental - Florida (FL)
  43. Buying home with unpermitted work: Miami: countertops, appliances, buying a home - Florida (FL)
  44. Hello, I am new: Miami: best city, club, night club - Florida (FL)
  45. Four Seasons Downtown or Loews?: South Beach: how much, hotels, restaurants - Miami, Florida (FL)
  46. Moving to Miami - Need Advice: Miami Beach, North Miami: apartment, rentals, homes - Florida (FL)
  47. Black Creek: Miami, Cutler, Princeton: insurance, houses, to live in - Florida (FL)
  48. with Cordoba Apartments in Doral?: Aventura: 2014, apartment complex - Miami, Florida (FL)
  49. Sun Spots on face after living in FL several years: Miami: dermatologist, home - Florida
  50. Miami Dade School Transfer: home, best schools, live in - Florida (FL)
  51. Sunny Isles Beach advice: Miami, Miami Beach: real estate, 2013, apartment complexes - Florida (FL)
  52. Need Help... Miami High School Recommendations: Aventura: lease, limo, magnet school - Florida (FL)
  53. Alex and family...insanity, part II (Coral Gables, is that you?): Miami: real estate, rent - Florida (FL)
  54. Where can I find a place in South Beach that allows dogs?: Miami: apartment - Florida (FL)
  55. Buying a condo at Flamingo south beach ?: for sale, real estate - Miami, Florida (FL)
  56. Flood Plain ...: Miami: insurance, mortgage, houses - Florida (FL)
  57. Accents in Dexter: Miami: rating, Hispanic, accent - Florida (FL)
  58. I love this weather!: Miami: camper, live, deal - Florida (FL)
  59. From Milwaukee to Miami: Kendall, Aventura: apartment, neighborhoods, living in - Florida (FL)
  60. Free Spanish Classes?: community college, community, church - Miami, Florida (FL)
  61. Where to get existing countertops relaminated in Miami?: Home Depot, to buy - Florida (FL)
  62. High School in Brickell?: Miami, Coral Gables: insurance, magnet schools, live - Florida (FL)
  63. Safe, Inexpensive, Good Schools: Miami, Miami Beach: apartments, townhomes, best schools - Florida (FL)
  64. Key biscayne-cape florida state park ranked in top 10 as best beaches: Clearwater: 2013, beach - Miami, (FL)
  65. News, Miami bar holds tomato fight: 2013, farm, basement - Florida (FL)
  66. heading upstate anytime soon or pasing through Orlando?: to buy, vehicle - Miami, Florida (FL)
  67. rush hour traffic into coral terrace: Miami, Kendall: place to live, moving to, suburbs - Florida (FL)
  68. I need knowledge about an apartment area, uick help!: apartments, renting - Miami, Florida (FL)
  69. More Questions for transferees: Miami, Miami Beach: income, income tax, living in - Florida (FL)
  70. Atlantic Broadband Experiences?: South Beach: renting, promotional, neighborhood - Miami, Florida (FL)
  71. Commute times- North to South or West to East is faster?: Miami: fit in, apartments - Florida (FL)
  72. Apartment in Miami: Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Aventura: real estate, apartment complex, rentals - Florida (FL)
  73. Possibly moving to Miami, worried for 7yo with autism: apartment, rent - Florida (FL)
  74. Older Bar/Louge in South Beach: pubs, residential, area - Miami, Florida (FL)
  75. Neighborhoods to look at- Family, Work near JMH Downtown: Miami: apartment complexes, rent - Florida (FL)
  76. MARRIOTT at MIAMI WORLD CENTER is ACTUALLY a THING and HUGE: Miami Beach: 2013, mover - Florida (FL)
  77. Heading to Miami with 3 month visa: Tampa, Orlando: hotels, employment, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  78. Mynt Lounge: Miami, South Beach: college, club, beach - Florida (FL)
  79. Good Shopping and restaurants in Miami and miami beach: Aventura: hotel, shops - Florida (FL)
  80. General needed on Miami: Miami Beach, Surfside: sublet, apartment, safe area - Florida (FL)
  81. Moving to Miami soon for internship: Miami Beach, Kendall: apartment, mattress, safest area - Florida (FL)
  82. Historical Merrick relics recovered this weekend in Coral Gables: Plantation: house, salvaged - Miami, Florida (FL)
  83. Ultra Music Festival: Miami: looking for, should - Florida (FL)
  84. white female with 2 felonies from MA: Miami, Homestead: apartment, felony, lawyer - Florida (FL)
  85. The insanity almost feels like 2007!: Miami, Orlando: appointed, real estate, rental - Florida (FL)
  86. When Do you think Rainy season will start?: county, humidity - Miami, Florida (FL)
  87. How common is it for people to fly the american flag outside their home?: Hialeah: house, neighborhoods - Miami, Florida (FL)
  88. Second-generation Cubans and English: Miami: live in, food, gas - Florida (FL)
  89. Premature rainy season?: Miami: schedule, average, weather - Florida (FL)
  90. Double Tipping Ploy - South Florida Restaurants: Miami, Miami Beach: spring break, credit card - (FL)
  91. Tattoos and Florida: Miami: college, living in, military - (FL)
  92. Flowering trees in Miami.: Poinciana, Orchid: home, landscaping, garden - Florida (FL)
  93. What's too far away from the south beach action? looking to rent: Miami: real estate, mover - Florida (FL)
  94. Plastic Surgeon moving to Miami: Miami Beach, Coral Gables: neighborhoods, to buy, to live - Florida (FL)
  95. Where are all the part time jobs at.: college, closing - Miami, Florida (FL)
  96. Non-Hispanic whites in Miami-- are they able to integrate well within this Latin city?: Hialeah: high school, to live in - Florida (FL)
  97. Opinions on Key Biscayne: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: condos, houses, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  98. Is Lebron Doing For Miami's growth What Jordan did for Chicago?: University: condos, hotels - Florida (FL)
  99. Mini housing bubble - is it still a decent time to buy?: Miami: for sale, real estate market - Florida (FL)
  100. Dolphins want hotel tax raised, but NFL executives don't want to pay!!: Miami: 2013, insurance - Florida
  101. No. 3! Miami rises on 'Most Well Read Cities' list: Celebration: sales, 2014 - Florida (FL)
  102. Crime in South Miami: Kendall, Coral Gables: houses, neighborhoods, places to live - Florida (FL)
  103. Uverse or Comcast: live, prices, deal - Miami, Florida (FL)
  104. From MDC to...?: Miami, University: find a job, transfer, high school - Florida (FL)
  105. Chicago Transplants: Miami, Miami Beach, North Beach: mover, standard of living, buses - Florida (FL)
  106. Germs in Miami: mattress, school, allergens - Florida (FL)
  107. Thinking of moving from DC Area to S. Florida: Miami: headhunters, find a job - (FL)
  108. First Time Home Buyer: Miami, Miramar: real estate, rent, insurance - Florida (FL)
  109. Low cost living in Homestead? Is this: Miami, Leisure City: for sale, condo - Florida (FL)
  110. DC to Miami???: Miami Beach, South Beach: apartments, rental, mover - Florida (FL)
  111. Norm or Ab...?: Miami: activity, car, office - Florida (FL)
  112. last nights Flooding.: Kendall: house, living in, moving - Miami, Florida (FL)
  113. So is the real estate market like this in the rest of the country?: Miami: sales, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  114. For or Against Incorporating the greater Kendall area into a City?: Miami: 2013, city hall - Florida (FL)
  115. The hunt for the perfect home-continues-more confused than ever: Miami: crime, new home - Florida (FL)
  116. Sick of majors street having additional names put on them!: Miami: how much, schools - Florida (FL)
  117. Rate Miami drivers: Davie, Palm Beach Gardens, Naples: 2013, insurance, home - Florida (FL)
  118. Tremont Towing & South Beach Tow: Miami: 2014, club, residential - Florida (FL)
  119. Pinecrest vs Weston: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines: HOA, crime, homes - Florida (FL)
  120. My impressions of Miami and Miami Beach: live, cities - Florida (FL)
  121. More on real estate madness, when do 100% cash buyers go away?: Miami: transplants, renting - Florida (FL)
  122. Moving from TN to Fl - 5 kids - homeschoolers: Miami: for rent, crime - Florida (FL)
  123. From what country is your Favorite Hispanic Food?: Havana: restaurants, sushi - Miami, Florida (FL)
  124. To have Bilingual Education or not Have Bilingual Education?: Miami: movies, middle school - Florida (FL)
  125. Cocaine Trade in Miami: homeless, location, town - Florida (FL)
  126. Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, need quick advice!: Miami Beach: rent, condos - Florida (FL)
  127. Miami in the 21st Century: 2013, home, live - Florida (FL)
  128. Commuting Brickell to downtown Fort Lauderdale: Miami, Golden Glades: neighborhoods, school, living in - Florida (FL)
  129. What websites do you go to for local news?: Miami: house, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  130. NYC to Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove?: Tampa, Lakeland: sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  131. homestead exemption: Miami, Miami Beach, Lee: oceanfront, condo, credit - Florida (FL)
  132. Chavez kicked the bucket - Miami reaction?: Hialeah, Doral: condo, houses - Florida (FL)
  133. MIAMI'S NEW LANDMARK (Renders): Rio: fit in, 2013, condos - Florida (FL)
  134. Fed up with tolls?: Miami, Kendall: 2013, upkeep, taxes - Florida (FL)
  135. Where in Miami I can still buy an apartment for 50?: Hialeah: for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  136. Charlotte to Miami: Coral Gables, Edgewater, Key Biscayne: apartments, rental, condos - Florida (FL)
  137. 35 yrd gay guy moving to Southern Florida for school.: Miami: movies, living in - (FL)
  138. Is the Cuban population in Miami still intact?: Hialeah, Tamiami: neighborhoods, live - Florida (FL)
  139. 25 Things to Know Before you Move to Miami Article: Hialeah: fit in, house - Florida (FL)
  140. Would you live/buy house next to a community pool?: Miramar: condo, buying - Miami, Florida (FL)
  141. Con Los Terroristas: Miami, Tampa, Hollywood: vs, title, best - Florida (FL)
  142. Visiting Miami for Spring Break. Luxury hotel in downtown or Art Deco hotel in South Beach?: condo, good hotel - Florida (FL)
  143. What are the safest places to live in Miami: Hialeah: 2013, apartment complexes - Florida (FL)
  144. Miami area gas prices: Miami Beach, Aventura: low income, sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  145. When the media promotes Miami they only show Miami Beach, WHY?: Hollywood: houses, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  146. Planning to move back with my wife and 5yr old. Are schools good there?: Miami: rent, high crime - Florida (FL)
  147. Relocating w 4 kids to Miami. Hubby working in Coral Gables. Best/Safest place within 40 min. for $2500/mo?: Pembroke Pines: fit in, to rent - Florida (FL)
  148. I love Homestead!: Miami: condos, houses, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  149. Top 5 Negative Things I ...while on an extended stay in Miami: Tampa: apartment, rent - Florida (FL)
  150. Cheap cities near Miami.: Hialeah, Port St. Lucie: section 8, renting, high crime - Florida (FL)
  151. From DC and relocating to Miami: Miami Beach, Coral Gables: apartment, mover, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  152. New waterfront dining suggestions?: Miami, Miami Beach: how much, restaurants, prices - Florida (FL)
  153. Miami Not in the 20 Most Miserable Cities List: Fort Lauderdale: real estate, 2013 - Florida (FL)
  154. Miami skyline: hotel, cities, building - Florida (FL)
  155. Miami-Dade Transit Security Assaults Passenger for Taking Picture: 2013, rent - Florida (FL)
  156. Possibly relocating to Miami with Kids: Miami Beach, Weston: rental, house, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  157. Where's the love!?!?!?: Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach: crime, neighborhood, living - Florida (FL)
  158. Give me 5 restaurants...: Miami, Kendall, Homestead: hotel, homes, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  159. Is South FL's economy really that bad?: Miami: 2013, lease - Florida
  160. Might relocate to Miami: Miami Beach, Miami Shores: fit in, rent, condo - Florida (FL)
  161. Starting a ice-cream company and factory; Design District?: Miami, Miami Beach: sale, high crime - Florida (FL)
  162. Best and Most Affordable Places to Live Around Miami/Monroe County Area?: Cape Coral: apartments, rentals - Florida (FL)
  163. My car was stolen! Help!: Miami, Kendall: insurance, school, to live in - Florida (FL)
  164. Muy excellente!: Miami, Hialeah: houses, neighborhoods, luxury - Florida (FL)
  165. If Miami gets hit by the Big One.: Naples: 2013, rental - Florida (FL)
  166. Does commute from Broward to Doral?: Hialeah, Pembroke Pines: taxi, bus - Miami, Florida (FL)
  167. Little Havana: relocating.: Miami, Hialeah: safe area, living in, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  168. Need South Beach hotel recommendations (must accommodate 5): Miami, Miami Beach: rental, hotels - Florida (FL)
  169. Miami or Fort Lauderdale....Summer Olympics...????: Tampa, Orlando: 2013, skateboarding, hotels - Florida (FL)
  170. Cultural Why do Non-Hispanic Americans Get offended by Hugs & Kisses as Greetings?: Miami: movies, live in - Florida (FL)
  171. Icon or Vizcayne?: Miami: condo, to buy, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  172. student moving to miami - which area to choose?: Kendall: apartment, rental - Florida (FL)
  173. Need helping figuring out where to stay and party in South Beach for my Birthday: Miami: renting, condo - Florida (FL)
  174. Areas for 30+ educational professional moving to Miami: Hollywood, Miami Beach: rentals, high crime - Florida (FL)
  175. transfer in miami: find a job, taxes, where to live - Florida (FL)
  176. Am i crazy? young family of 3 relocating to miami from saint louis.: Tampa: low income, apartment - Florida (FL)
  177. Miami-Dade: Mandatory Jail For Hit & Run Drivers*: 2013, crime - Florida (FL)
  178. The Broken Window Theory Applying to Miami Neighborhoods.: Hialeah, Kendall: foreclosure, renting - Florida (FL)
  179. How much longer will the 2011 real estate bubble last?: Miami: real estate market, 2013 - Florida (FL)
  180. Professionals: Where/How did you find your job in Miami?: unemployment rate, transfer - Florida (FL)
  181. What happened to South Beach?: Miami, Miami Beach: neighborhoods, restaurants, price - Florida (FL)
  182. needed -- NJ Shore Natives moving to South Florida: Miami: apartments, to rent - (FL)
  183. Where do WHITE people live?: Miami, Hialeah: real estate, condos, townhomes - Florida (FL)
  184. Ultra Music Festival Thoughts: Miami, South Beach: 2013, apartment, hotel - Florida (FL)
  185. New Map with all the Neighborhoods of Miami-Dade rated by quality of life - Neighborhood-O-Meter: Hialeah: violent crime, homes - Florida (FL)
  186. Proposal For U.S. 1 Expressway In South Dade Moves Forward-pinecrest to florida city: Miami: sales, 2013 - (FL)
  187. Which is better for hurricanes?: house, to buy, pros and cons - Miami, Florida (FL)
  188. BB&T Center Sunrise - How are Floor Seating rows numbered for concerts?: arena - Miami, Florida (FL)
  189. Need to find wheelchair accessible group home for physically disabled daughter: Miami: to live in, moving to - Florida (FL)
  190. Daytime Party Boat to Island?: Miami: beach, food, activities - Florida (FL)
  191. help with exotic car rental and nightlife: beach, best - Miami, Florida (FL)
  192. Can tell about Charter Schools USA?: company, building - Miami, Florida (FL)
  193. Summer Baseball 2013: Miami: school, county, expensive - Florida (FL)
  194. Price of construction for a SFR.: Miami: how much, house, per square foot - Florida (FL)
  195. Moving to Miami, Large dog and 6 month old: Coral Gables: apartment, rent - Florida (FL)
  196. Information on Condo Buildings on Collins: Miami, Indian Creek: leasing, club, beach - Florida (FL)
  197. Looking for recommendations of churches in cutler bay palmetto bay.: buying a house, buying - Miami, Florida (FL)
  198. Do you live in Ojus, Biscayne Park, Surfside or Normandy Shores? Step right in: Miami: purchase - Florida (FL)
  199. Mortgage on an H1B: Miami, Miami Beach: apartment, rent, credit - Florida (FL)
  200. Is there limit webinar hour towards CPE for CPA? - Miami, Florida (FL)