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  1. LDS moving from utah to Orlando: University, Apopka: rentals, townhome, university - Florida (FL)
  2. calabay parc/solana: Hampton: rental, HOA fees, house - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  3. House Hunt... where?: Tampa, Orlando, Kissimmee: condos, townhouses, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  4. Avalon Park subdivision: Orlando, Sanford, University: mobile home, neighborhoods, good schools - Florida (FL)
  5. Thinking of moving back to FL. after being gone for 15 years (military and Gov work); Need help: Orlando: low crime - Florida
  6. Where is the Stealth Bomber Display?: Conway: live, airport, vacation - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  7. Lake Buena Vista short term housing: Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs: lease, house, to live in - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  8. Mass transit? Route 39? Taxi?: Orlando, Maitland: how much, living in, bus - Florida (FL)
  9. Winter Park near Cady Way Park?: Golf: apartment complexes, neighborhood, high school - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  10. looking for a lot to build on: Tampa, Orlando: for sale, homes - Florida (FL)
  11. Ready to Move: Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Sanford: neighborhoods, good schools, income - Florida (FL)
  12. Southern Pecan Circle: on Area & Complex: Winter Garden: for rent, condo - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  13. Know of Nice RV Park near Stricom?: Orlando, Christmas: renter, employment - Florida (FL)
  14. Low Cost Wedding Locations: Orlando, Longwood: to rent, house, weddings - Florida (FL)
  15. advice on where to apply for computer support jobs?: Orlando: find a job, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  16. How to become a teacher?: Orlando: credit, school districts, title - Florida (FL)
  17. Recommend Joe Blasco Cosmetics & Makeup School?: Orlando, Rio: student loan, weddings - Florida (FL)
  18. my son: school, live in, activity - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  19. Sanford vs. Lake Mary Schools: homes, middle school, live in - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  20. Best family area to live with commute to Baldwin Park?: Orlando: best cities, rental - Florida (FL)
  21. Autism - preschoolers, teaching job?: University, Vero Beach: school district, university, move to - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  22. Winter Garden or Winter Park?: rental homes, crime, homes - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  23. are you looking for apartment in East Orlando?: Tampa: lease, pros and cons - Florida (FL)
  24. Looking for information on Orlando area?: Ocala, Altamonte Springs: house, job market, elementary school - Florida (FL)
  25. Is Sandpoint in meadow woods, a nice place to live?: apartment, for rent - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  26. Veterinarians: Winter Garden: garden, moving, deal - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  27. Local Live Theater: Orlando: area, classes, venues - Florida (FL)
  28. under 21 downtown: Orlando: club, moving, nightlife - Florida (FL)
  29. Stupid ........: reputation, instructions, corner - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  30. Orlando to the beach, how far? Which ones?: Port Orange, Cocoa: house, to live in - Florida (FL)
  31. with Wedgewood apts in Daytona?: Port Orange: apartments, safe area - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  32. Where are the prisons in the Orlando area?: crimes, subdivisions - Florida (FL)
  33. Need a room to rent near International Drive: Orlando, University: university, finance - Florida (FL)
  34. Orlando Daytona Commute: Winter Springs, Seminole: house, military, moving - Florida (FL)
  35. Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!: Orlando, Lakeland: how much, home, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  36. Under The Table Work near Fashion Square Mall: student loan, employment - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  37. Cable internet from Brighthouse - does it have cable tv included: neighborhood, live - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  38. Short-Term Rental Questions and Advice: Orlando, Kissimmee: rentals, condos, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  39. good + affordable vegetarian food near universal studio: Orlando: coupons, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  40. Crystal Lake area safe?: Orlando, Conway: apartments, crime, buying a home - Florida (FL)
  41. PreK/Preschool and help: Kissimmee, Trinity: licensed, best, teachers - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  42. East Orlando Jobs: Melbourne: job openings, salary, military - Florida (FL)
  43. Relocation advice: Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando: how much, college, closing - Florida (FL)
  44. Moving from Chicago to Orlando: Tampa, Pine Hills: crime, homes, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  45. Homes in 32771- West of I-4: Sanford, Lake Mary: insurance, neighborhoods, buying - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  46. Opening a home daycare in orlando....: how much, price, best areas - Florida (FL)
  47. Shooting at Wet N Wild: Tampa, Orlando: violent crime, college, camp - Florida (FL)
  48. How has the slowing economy, $4.00 a gallon gasoline and rising Airfares effected Orlando?: credit card - Florida (FL)
  49. No luck with Commercial Contractor: Orlando: contractors, housing market, tree - Florida (FL)
  50. orlando science center: camps, activities, park - Florida (FL)
  51. V.a. Hospital: Winter Park, Baldwin: neighborhood, medical center, area - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  52. 45-60min Commuting range to downtown: Orlando, Winter Park: new home, neighborhoods, private schools - Florida (FL)
  53. Bi-racial Jewish chick moving to Winter Park, has questions: Orlando: salons, school - Florida (FL)
  54. good areas near west colonial and john young?: Orlando, Ocoee: apartment, renting - Florida (FL)
  55. Adult Tumbling near Orlando: gym, classes, offer - Florida (FL)
  56. Osceola County (Tax and Insurance): foreclosure, home owners insurance, house - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  57. Marietta ,GA vs Orlando: Windermere: moving to, children, town - Florida (FL)
  58. Lake Nona & airport noise: Country Club: homes, neighborhoods, school - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  59. on realtor with knowledge of Davenport area: Loughman: short sales, foreclosure - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  60. same old questions: Orlando, University: apartment complex, rental homes, condo - Florida (FL)
  61. Beach Clubs in Symrna Beach or: Lake Mary: rent, club - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  62. Traffic Patterns: Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary: home, living in, moving to - Florida (FL)
  63. Celebration Fees: Winter Garden: HOA, condos, townhome - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  64. Relocating To Orlando From Maryland: Winter Springs, Oviedo: apartment complexes, to rent, low crime - Florida (FL)
  65. Park Manor Estates (zip code 32825)?: Conway: crime, homes, safe area - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  66. Looking for nice small towns near Orlando: Lakeland, Melbourne: for sale, apartment complex - Florida (FL)
  67. Requesting views/information on Village Walk at Lake Nona: Orlando: real estate, rentals - Florida (FL)
  68. Lake County?: Orlando, Ocala, Sanford: homes, schools, tornadoes - Florida (FL)
  69. Looking for a place to rent for me and my kids: Orlando: apartment, rental - Florida (FL)
  70. Businesses in Lake Mary: Plantation, Heathrow: live in, plantation, drive - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  71. Property Taxes: Homestead: mortgage, credit, buying a house - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  72. Help Family Moving to Clermont: Orlando, Ocoee: sales, apartments, home - Florida (FL)
  73. Good Antique Stores in Orlando?: Sanford, Key West: sales, hotel, buy - Florida (FL)
  74. I need help finding a job in the orlando area: college, moving to - Florida (FL)
  75. Are there houses in the area selling?: Seminole: sales, buying - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  76. Housing needed: Orlando: home, to buy, good schools - Florida (FL)
  77. Looking for a good vet in Oveido: University, Oviedo: house, university - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  78. Hey you Orlando locals...: Winter Park, Longwood: HOA, low crime, houses - Florida (FL)
  79. Relocating to Orlando: Pine Hills, Ocoee, Oak Ridge: foreclosure, condo, townhomes - Florida (FL)
  80. Orlando Salary: Oviedo, Winter Park: apartment, condo, house - Florida (FL)
  81. Bored Teenagers: Orlando, Winter Springs, Oviedo: neighborhoods, high school, to live - Florida (FL)
  82. German men need a job near Winter-Park!: Orlando: for sale, construction - Florida (FL)
  83. House Deposit Return: Kissimmee, Iona: mortgage, attorney, money - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  84. Moving from UK to Davenport, Florida: real estate, rental, attorney - Orlando, (FL)
  85. UK Resident buying a car - need help: renting, car insurance - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  86. Looking for 2nd home in Orlando area.: bank owned, foreclosure - Florida (FL)
  87. Are there full-time gifted programs at the elementary schools in the Windermere/Winter Garden area?: Orlando: moving - Florida (FL)
  88. Moving to Orlando Area: Winter Springs, Oviedo: crime, neighborhoods, YMCA - Florida (FL)
  89. help me decide where in Orl. to move: Orlando: neighborhoods, high school - Florida (FL)
  90. 40-ish couple with 8 y/o son seek NICE furnished rental: Orlando: apartment, rentals - Florida (FL)
  91. Idea for organizing a Bachelor Party in Orlando?: Tampa: restaurants, club - Florida (FL)
  92. Moving to Davenport, recommendations needed for neighborhood: Solana: apartment, HOA - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  93. Are there good, mature reggae clubs in Orlando?: rooftop, live - Florida (FL)
  94. Moving: Orlando, Winter Garden, Seminole: to rent, insurance, townhome - Florida (FL)
  95. How are the hospitals near Winter Springs?: Orlando, Altamonte Springs: live, moving to - Florida (FL)
  96. Hotel for cheer team from Wis.?: Orlando: hotels, high school, friendly - Florida (FL)
  97. Need help..: Sanford: RV parks, crime, motorhome - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  98. Looking to rent villa/house in Dr.Phillips for holiday: Orlando: rentals, condo - Florida (FL)
  99. Sunday Brunch Buffet recommendations: Orlando, Winter Park: hotel, houses, live - Florida (FL)
  100. Oviedo high or Hagerty?: Winter Springs, Live Oak: foreclose, rental, crime rate - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  101. Florida vs Texas: Orlando, San Antonio: transplants, crime, job market - (FL)
  102. what is going on in Hunters Creek?: crime, homes - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  103. Moving to Orlando, about area..: Miami, Pine Hills: apartment, rentals, condo - Florida (FL)
  104. Winter Park, Conway or Lake Nona?: Orlando: apartments, foreclosed, crime - Florida (FL)
  105. Independence Neighborhood ?: Orlando, Winter Garden, Longwood: short sales, foreclosures, condo - Florida (FL)
  106. Is Orlando boring to live?: Miami, Tampa: apartments, condos, how much - Florida (FL)
  107. Plant suggestions: homes, move to, eat - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  108. Kirkman Apartment 1633 S. Kirkman Rd THAT BAD?: Orlando, Tallahassee: apartments, lease - Florida (FL)
  109. I would like to know how to live with Florida wildlife: Winter Springs: houses, buy - Orlando, (FL)
  110. Relocating to Orlando~Can't find a job!!??: hotel, job market - Florida (FL)
  111. I am moving to Orlando, need to know which are the safest areas to live??: Kissimmee: apartments, crime - Florida (FL)
  112. Nightlife in Orlando!!: Winter Park: house, mall, oil - Florida (FL)
  113. Moles everywhere....: neighborhood, contractor, live in - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  114. This Orlando bashing is getting ridiculous...: Miami, Tampa: real estate, hotels, homes - Florida (FL)
  115. best private schools (elementary): Orlando, Oviedo: crime, homes, college - Florida (FL)
  116. A Few More Questions...: Miami, Orlando: apartments, renting, how much - Florida (FL)
  117. Screened Backyards: Orlando, Winter Garden: HOA, insurance, house - Florida (FL)
  118. Motorcycle Weekend Road Trip: Orlando, Ocala: home, live, dangerous - Florida (FL)
  119. Opinions on Oviedo, Winter Springs, and Lake Nona: Orlando, Altamonte Springs: appointed, to buy - Florida (FL)
  120. Orlando or Charlotte?: Port Charlotte: homeowners insurance, crime rates, houses - Florida (FL)
  121. A for outsiders views on the Orlando area: Kissimmee: rent, low crime - Florida (FL)
  122. Looking for a Condo Downtown...advice: Orlando, Waverly: bank owned, short sale, apartments - Florida (FL)
  123. Thorton park or Baldwin park: Orlando, Union Park: renting, high crime, house - Florida (FL)
  124. Winter Park-looking for reasonable commute: Orlando, Kissimmee: real estate, house, safe neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  125. moved from LA (santa monica): Jacksonville, Miami: middle-class, sales, buying a house - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  126. Black population of Orange County: Orlando, Pine Hills: appointed, crime, home - Florida (FL)
  127. Winter Park, FL: University, Andover, Sorrento: low income, apartments, renting - Orlando, Florida
  128. Single Latino trying to move to Orlando or...: Jacksonville, Miami: apartment, leases - Florida (FL)
  129. How safe is Sanford, FL?: Winter Springs, Oviedo: apartments, renting, landscaping - Orlando, Florida
  130. MA to Windermere?: Orlando, Winter Park, Winter Garden: bank owned, for sale, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  131. What do you guys think about Clermont???: Orlando, Oviedo: renting, house - Florida (FL)
  132. Orlando-Tourists Beware: Pine Hills, Altamonte Springs, Apopka: transplants, crime, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  133. Best communities near Disneyworld: Orlando, Winter Garden: rental, HOA, condos - Florida (FL)
  134. Orlando-Downtown Vacation Help: Miami, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach: fit in, to rent, crime rates - Florida (FL)
  135. Really Bad Weather In Orlando: tornadoes, dangerous, beach - Florida (FL)
  136. Miami vs. Orlando HELP: Coral Gables, Altamonte Springs: crime rates, job market, transfer to - Florida (FL)
  137. teachers out there?: Orlando, Apopka: to buy, school district, closing - Florida (FL)
  138. know a good high school: Orlando, Pine Hills: homes, high schools, college - Florida (FL)
  139. Is now a good time to buy in Florida?: Orlando: fit in, sales - (FL)
  140. mall at mellinia area: Hunters Creek, Celebration: apartments, to rent, condo - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  141. Muslim/arab population in Orlando, Winter Park: Pine Hills, Goldenrod: living in, eat - Florida (FL)
  142. Disney College Program, worth it???: Orlando: sales, school, university - Florida (FL)
  143. Apopka or Altamonte Springs?: Orlando, Sanford: apartments, lease, how much - Florida (FL)
  144. Highways/Freeways and Tolls: Miami, Orlando: credit card, how much, buy - Florida (FL)
  145. Stoneybrook East or West: Orlando, Oviedo: credit, buy, closing - Florida (FL)
  146. 20 something moving to FL: Orlando, Clearwater: for rent, lofts, condos - Florida
  147. French student going to work at Disney this summer: Miami: rental car, apartments - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  148. I'm extremely afraid!!!!: Orlando, Hunters Creek: house, subdivision, maintenance - Florida (FL)
  149. Bank Owned Property: Orlando, Winter Springs, Winter Garden: tax lien, for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  150. Orlando Pros & Experts - look: Haines City, Clermont: RV park, for sale - Florida (FL)
  151. Moving to Davenport area May 10th.: Orlando, Winter Haven: apartment, rentals, condos - Florida (FL)
  152. Orlando has horrible traffic: Miami, Winter Springs: move, beaches, transportation - Florida (FL)
  153. Looking at an Orlando Move: Sanford, Oviedo: house, best schools, campground - Florida (FL)
  154. I love me sooome good Pizza..but where can I find a good pizzaria??: Orlando: university, live - Florida (FL)
  155. What a perfect day it was...: Orlando: transplants, home, landscaping - Florida (FL)
  156. Places to Live Near Downtown: Orlando, Winter Haven: apartments, rent, condo - Florida (FL)
  157. Rrottweiler friendly home: Orlando, Kissimmee, Poinciana: apartment complex, rentals, insurance - Florida (FL)
  158. Schools in & near Orlando: Palm Bay, Melbourne: real estate, best schools, living - Florida (FL)
  159. I mean jeez, Is it really that bad?: Orlando, Melbourne: violent crime, homes - Florida (FL)
  160. all been asked this before: Rio: rentals, insurance, condo - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  161. police presence needed? avalon/waterford: Orlando, Oviedo: foreclosures, renting, HOA - Florida (FL)
  162. READY, SET, GO! But Where To?: Orlando, Pembroke Pines: crime rate, homes, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  163. Possibly moving to Orlando: Winter Springs, Oviedo: for sale, apartments, rental homes - Florida (FL)
  164. British families that have moved to Florida: Orlando, Kissimmee: for sale, rent - (FL)
  165. Do we need a UK ?: Orlando, Oviedo: attorney, vacation home - Florida (FL)
  166. on SPECIFIC Kissimmee areas - help!!!: Poinciana, Lake Mary: rental, condo - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  167. on pine ridge, leesburg?: purchasing, retirement, area - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  168. Moving to Orlando: renting, job market, accounting - Florida (FL)
  169. Disney Golf Job?: school, courses, looking for - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  170. Advice on Wanting to Move Bos-Orlando: Lakeland: places to live, money, places - Florida (FL)
  171. great haircutter in Orlando: salons, haircuts, education - Florida (FL)
  172. Moving from Clermont to East Orlando: apartments, to rent, reviews - Florida (FL)
  173. Interested in Moving to the areas surrounding Orlando: neighborhood, good schools - Florida (FL)
  174. Looking for on moving to Orlando Area: to rent, mobile home - Florida (FL)
  175. Jobs ???: Orlando, Seminole: job market, construction, market - Florida (FL)
  176. Investment: Orlando: area, firm, job - Florida (FL)
  177. Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing and Research comoanies in Orlando: move to, sunny - Florida (FL)
  178. Ukrainian Exchange Student looking for people to take me clubbing this friday: Orlando: buy - Florida (FL)
  179. nice to know there are others who feel the same way: to move, weather - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  180. BMX Racing: Orlando: theater, clubs, race - Florida (FL)
  181. Home School Groups/Connections: Orlando: inclusive, community, exclusive - Florida (FL)
  182. owner-builder education: home builders, employment, construction - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  183. Travel: Jacksonville, Miami: American, year, fun - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  184. Insurance - medical / UM: car insurance, car, pay - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  185. Free ornamental, native trees for Arbor Day: Country Club, Winter Garden: city hall, power lines - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  186. Need about area: Orlando: home, moving to, town - Florida (FL)
  187. House cleaning & Landscaping: Sorrento: place, landscape, bark - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  188. Madness on I4 Highway!!: Orlando: town, downtown, traffic - Florida (FL)
  189. UCF Housing Sublease $530/negotiable: rent, home, movie theater - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  190. Orlando Hotels advice: where to stay, things to do, friendly - Florida (FL)
  191. New Resident - Questions: Orlando, Goldenrod: home, transfer to, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  192. Lake Catherine Area?: Orlando: apartment, safe area, safe - Florida (FL)
  193. Mediocre to good High School with low violence: Orlando, Apopka: HOA, home - Florida (FL)
  194. 10% Down: Orlando: mortgage, to buy, prices - Florida (FL)
  195. Davenport schools..: good schools, good - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  196. MindComet: Altamonte Springs: work, environment, spring - Orlando, Florida (FL)
  197. Relocating: Orlando, Kissimmee, Poinciana: to live in, move to, small town - Florida (FL)
  198. Questions about relocation: Orlando: neighborhoods, middle school, moving - Florida (FL)
  199. Found a winter park video: Orlando: neighborhoods, moving to, travel - Florida (FL)
  200. Visiting the Villages with children: rental, condos, hotels - Orlando, Florida (FL)