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  1. re Safepoint home owner's insurance: Tampa: house, inspection, price - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  2. Kindergarten for Fall babies: Tampa: 2015, daycare, transfer - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
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  6. Odessa: Trinity: crime, houses, safe area - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
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  8. Strawberry Festival - Good Times: home, theater, cost - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  9. RV Park With Rentals: Tampa, St. Petersburg: RV parks, apartment, homes - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  10. Oxford Condo/Townhomes in New Tampa: bank owned, for sale, real estate market - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  11. difference Jun/July: vacation, car, humidity - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  12. the Tampa area: University, Temple Terrace: apartment, rental, house - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  13. general :moving: Tampa, Brandon: apartment complex, look for a job, tenants - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  14. Need a great realtor for beach condo area of SPete beach area.: to rent - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  15. Spider bite kills a 62 yr old guy: Tampa: moving to, garage door - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  16. need help Buying a TownHome in Hampton chase, Tampa FL 33626: bank owned, to rent - Tampa Bay, Florida
  17. Looking to purchase income property: Tampa or surrounding cities: Ruskin: sales, rental - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  18. New construction at Himes and 275: Jay: houses, housing, office - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  19. Exotic Tegu Lizards breeding - South of Riverview: Tampa: eat, yard - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  20. Relocating from Southern Indiana: Tampa, Clearwater: apartment, renters, low crime - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  21. Vacation in Dunedin (Hammock Park) or Crystal Beach?: for rent, condos - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  22. What's up with St. Pete utilities?: Tampa, St. Petersburg: flat fee, apartments, for rent - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  23. 9 yr old local boy sets World Record.: Tampa, Largo: health, race - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  24. Pick your own fruits & vegetable farms around tampa bay: Miami: gardens, moving to - Florida (FL)
  25. looking for moving: Tampa, Clearwater: car registration, insurance, job market - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  26. Dunedin construction on the Causeway: condo, restaurant, vacation - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  27. Wanted: Doctor That Specializes In Lyme Disease: Tampa, Clearwater: area, water - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  28. Looking for laidback church with GREAT music in Tampa!: non-denominational, best - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  29. Where to live/best schools need to commute to St Pete&TPA: Tampa: houses - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  30. Best school district for Aspergers high schooler in St. Pete area: Clearwater: cliquey, college - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  31. Young family a move to Tampa: Clearwater, Palm Harbor: sales, insurance - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  32. Jobs in the pool field: live in, area, company - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
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  36. DC To Tampa: St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor: apartments, neighborhood, salary - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  37. Vegetarian and Homeschoolers activity in Tampa?: Brandon, Temple Terrace: 2015, good schools, restaurant - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  38. TECO Energy Planner: Tampa: home, water heater, live in - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  39. Canterbury or Shorecrest rep?: schools, tuition, educational - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  40. Best cheap public golf courses in Tampa Bay?: Brandon, Bloomingdale: club, move to - Florida (FL)
  41. Moving to Tampa from Puerto Rico: Clearwater, Brandon: 2015, low crime, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  42. Happy with Recent Swimming Pool Construction??: Tampa: for sale, contractor - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  43. Company suggestions for pool cage extension (concrete, pavers, screens: looking for, message - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  44. Closing costs and rental suggestions?: Sarasota, Bradenton: real estate, apartment, insurance - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  45. We are Moving to where do we look?: Palm Harbor: homes, school districts - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
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  51. Best Restaurants in Tampa Heights and Riverside Heights?: Seminole: food, housing - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  52. How is t-mobile coverage in Tampa?: Orlando, Wesley Chapel: purchase, zip code, cost - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  53. Moving to Tamp Cost from Nashville TN: Tampa: apartment, car insurance - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  54. Utility Companies - Palm Harbor: Clearwater, Gulfport: coupon, apartment, car insurance - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  55. Opinion on niehborhood: Tampa, Brandon: apartments, rental, condos - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
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  57. Moving to South Tampa - real estate agent?: schools, residential - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  58. Job offer in Tampa. Looking for a rental.: Brandon, Bloomingdale: rentals, homes - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  59. find a rental in Old NE/Hyde park/Pass a grille: St. Petersburg: sales - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  60. Weeki Wachee or Homosassa Wild Animal park: Dunedin, Sunset: gardens, moving to - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  61. all moved out of Tbay: Miami, Tampa: houses, buy, theater - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  62. Need advice ,How is the Job Market Down there?: Tampa: loan, home - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  63. Bye red light cameras in Pinellas county...: St. Petersburg: 2014, costs - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  64. School/housing advice: St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor: home, safe area, good schools - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  65. Clearwater Beach for lunch: hotel, wedding, restaurant - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  66. Batting Practice: ticket, schedule, time - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  67. Rental Deposit-depreciation of carpet and appliances: rental car, townhome, tax - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  68. Apartment Hunting near USF: Tampa: 2014, apartments, rent - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  69. Flood insurance relief bill on the way for who needs it: Tampa: rental homes - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  70. San Gennaro Festa in Safety Harbor this Weekend!: food, things to do - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  71. Resort and Spa in Tampa Bay ?: Clearwater, Safety Harbor: hotels, luxury - Florida (FL)
  72. about FLORIDA AS-IS CONTRACT: Is buyer's deposit the same as escrow?: real estate - Tampa Bay
  73. LGBT community: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: appointed, 2014, colleges - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  74. Relocation Seeking Advice: Miami, Tampa, Lakeland: to rent, house, buying - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  75. Relocate To Tamp: Tampa: high crime, employment, living - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  76. Testosterone Therapy, hollistic doctorsi n area (taking United Healthcare): pharmacy, health care - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  77. Need recommendations especially from northern transplants: Tampa, Clearwater: new home, live, shop - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  78. Time for a Real Estate agent - Renting: Tampa, St. Petersburg: apartments, rentals - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  79. Tierra Verde: Tampa, Seminole, Wesley Chapel: chapel, vacation home, neighborhood - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  80. Romantic Places in Tampa Area - to propose to girlfriend: Clearwater: restaurants, bars - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  81. Oak Lake Park Condos Clearwater,Fl: Dunedin: move, bike, area - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  82. Job in Northwest Tampa..where to live?: Clearwater, Palm Harbor: apartments, luxury - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  83. Seeking a genuine, down to earth church in the Tampa Bay area: St. Petersburg: living in - Florida (FL)
  84. Condos near Treasure Island...: Clearwater, Sunset: rent, appliances, hotel - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  85. Moving from NJ,: Tampa, Wellington: rent, chapel, houses - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  86. Area Churches in St. Pete's?: Tampa, Orlando: home, moving to, homeless - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  87. amid the mess Happy Valentines Day!: Tampa: house, move, office - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  88. Travel between Tampa and Miami: Lakeland, Weston: motels, construction, restaurant - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  89. Countdown to my move back: lease, home, living - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  90. Taxes new house?: sale, 2013, buy - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  91. IT jobs in Tampa area: tech job, transfer, contractors - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  92. Hiring Property Management firm -: Boyette: rent, HOA - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  93. DC > FL: Advice ..: Tampa, Orlando: transplants, for sale, power lines - Tampa Bay, Florida
  94. moving back to Florida: Deltona: houses, transfer, schools - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  95. know how to search for liens on properties?: Miami: tax lien, 2014 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  96. Man, 34, critical after shooting at Holiday chiropractic center: 2014, camper - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  97. moving soon to tampa..need advice: Clearwater, Palm Harbor: homes, safest area - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  98. Best Youth Football in Tampa: Riverview: school, college, move to - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  99. Multi unit investing Tampa: Palm Beach: section 8, real estate market, apartment - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  100. Relocating from Idaho: Tampa, Valrico: transplants, 2015, school - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  101. Tampa area young family friendly: Clearwater, Fort Myers: for rent, crime, chapel - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  102. Anniversary ideas in Tampa area: Clearwater: hotel, houses, live - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  103. relocation information in clearwater area: Tampa, Sarasota: rent, home, schools - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  104. Our metro named one of the top 20 most romantic cities in America!: purchases - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  105. Fruitland Heights neighborhood in St Petersburgh: home, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  106. Moving from jacksonville - location downtown/near downtown?: Tampa, Westchase: apartments, rental - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  107. Pasco Development more good news: Wesley Chapel: 2014, chapel, living in - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  108. Trader Joe's South Tampa: St. Petersburg: real estate, 2014, construction - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  109. Opinions on Cheval?: Miami, Tampa, Safety Harbor: homes, to buy, schools - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  110. tampa, old NE, ?: Clearwater, Largo: for rent, houses, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  111. Opinions on Lexington Oaks neighborhood in Zephyrhills, FL: Lutz, Wesley Chapel: HOA, chapel - Tampa Bay, Florida
  112. NORTHERN Developers are now forcing us to tear down our trees: Jacksonville: 2014, home - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  113. Growing areas with appreciating real estate in TB?: Tampa, St. Petersburg: 2013, foreclosure - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  114. Baltimore or Tampa: Clearwater: job openings, quality of life, living - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  115. Tampa still ranked 7th in foreclosures nationwide: Jacksonville, Miami: for sale, real estate - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  116. sun pass: how much, buy, DMV - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  117. Is St Pete right for me?: Clearwater, Country Club: rent, neighborhoods, living in - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  118. Loving the SP beaches - Gulf blvd: Clearwater, Sarasota: real estate, 2014 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  119. Carollwood: Tampa, Citrus Park, Lutz: new house, living, restaurants - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  120. Liveability of Tampa for Slightly Crunchy, Outdoorsy Liberal Single Person: Miami: apartment, rent - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  121. Want to spend a week in Tampa, suggestions for a place to stay and things to do?: St. Petersburg: leasing, condos - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  122. Tell me about New Tampa!: Brandon, Sarasota: home, landscaping, safe area - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  123. Safe area to live in Tampa?: Miami, Brandon: for sale, real estate, apartments - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  124. Moving to Florida: Tampa, Palm Harbor, Bay Pines: transfer, neighborhoods, school - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  125. on commute times...: Tampa, Orlando: low crime, how much, construction - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  126. help new tampa, south tampa, fishhawk or lakeland: Brandon: elementary school, income - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  127. If you moved away and then back, are you happy you did?: Tampa: transfer, school - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  128. Moving to TB from Omaha.: Tampa, Brandon: fit in, how much, place to live - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  129. Old Seminole Heights or Tampa Heights?: Lee: real estate, 2013, crime - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  130. Your best burger around the tampa bay area: Brandon, Gulfport: restaurants, food - Florida (FL)
  131. Questions for NYC people that move to Tampa Bay area: Miami: appointed, real estate - Florida (FL)
  132. Such a sad story. One stupid driver and 4 USF students dead: Tampa: 2014, condo - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  133. HELP: Moving to Tampa-St Pete with a big budget: Clearwater: for sale, transporting - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  134. ...interesting houses on sale...: Tampa, Cape Coral: for sale, real estate, renters - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  135. Are there lls in Land O Lakes?: Gainesville, Lakeland: roads, close to - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  136. New plans for Trinity area...mall, thousands of homes,: Hernando: 2014, movie theater - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  137. Engagement Ring: Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater: insurance, wedding, buying - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  138. Trader Joe's is opening in ONE WEEK!: Tampa, Sarasota: chapel, buying - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  139. needed about HD DVR box to replace it with different cheaper option?: to rent, HOA - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  140. West bay home builders: Tampa, Bell: sales, price, nicest - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  141. South Tampa!: 2014, houses, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  142. Homeowner's Insurance in Area: Gulfport: rental, bad credit, new house - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  143. Florida State Fair: Tampa: appointed, schools, to live in - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  144. Chicago to Tampa...?: Brandon: real estate, crime, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  145. Missing NYC: Tampa, Safety Harbor, St. George: apartments, rentals, condo - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  146. Pasco County Fair vs Florida state fair: racist, best - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  147. AS-IS Help....not sure I'm doing what's right: for sale, real estate - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  148. What is there to do year round in this area?: Tampa: transplants, living in - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  149. Difficult time finding a job: Tampa, Clearwater: job market, schools, contractor - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  150. Aren't the realtors supposed to be in touch with the HOA?: for sale, 2013 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  151. Moving To Wesley Chapel, Fl: Tampa, Orlando: foreclosed, to rent, HOA - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  152. Thinking about moving to Tampa from Atlanta: Palm Harbor, Dunedin: extended stay, for sale - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  153. Relocating To Florida: Tampa, Sarasota: living in, cost of, moving to - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  154. Tampa and surrounding areas- Pros/Cons for cities and Preschools: Brandon: sales, crime - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  155. Nine-Day period= 21 people killed: sale, insurance, how much - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  156. Moving from nebraska, help: Tampa, Clearwater: real estate market, low crime, mobile home - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  157. regrets moving back to Tampa?: Sarasota, Apollo Beach: home, school, living - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  158. **2014-15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers *: Miami: appointed, high school, design - Florida (FL)
  159. Best 'family friendly' beaches in Pinellas: Tampa, Clearwater: luxury, camping, live - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  160. Another wrong way crash on 275.: Miami, Tampa: 2013, bars, things to do - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  161. Social quality of life in Tampa sucks, where to run?: Miami: appointed, to rent - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  162. Quick fishing: Tampa, Seminole: homes, tax, exemptions - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  163. Woman claims she is humiliated at McD due to her service dog: Miami: 2014, rental - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  164. Looking into Tampa area, did research but still have concerns...: Clearwater: appointed, sales - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  165. Stupid Are There Geckos in Tampa Year Round: Tallahassee: live, kitchen - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  166. Careful at the pump...skimmers are busy to scam us.: Brooksville: 2014, get credit - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  167. sun city center: Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Golf: cul-de-sac, 2014, houses - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  168. Wesley Chapel or Trinity: Tampa, Clearwater: 2013, insurance, homes - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  169. Cell Phone service in Fishhawk Ranch (Lithia): Brandon: 2013, to buy - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  170. moving 99% sure this time: Tampa, Brandon: renting, crime, chapel - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  171. Wrongful toll violation notification: Miami, Tampa: violent crime, school, live - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  172. It's Official-Vacation Plans to TB underway!: Tampa, Orlando: appointed, rental, hotel - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  173. Is there anything you can do in Miami that you cannot do in Tampa?: Orlando: condo, how much - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  174. Moving to largo. need help with schools: Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor: 2014, low crime - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  175. Property Virgins in Tampa Bay: hardwood floors, renting, appliances - Florida (FL)
  176. Spring Hill - Hernndo County - More growth: Tampa, Brandon: 2014, mattress - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  177. Report ranks Tampa the third-best U.S. city to find a job: Clearwater: low income, best cities - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  178. Deposit for new home -- 15% normal?: Tampa, Estero: short sale, credit, lender - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  179. Tampa FL Vs. Reno NV: Miami: real estate, universities, casinos - Tampa Bay, Florida
  180. Zombie Rush on March 15: Tampa, Sarasota: 2014, race, water - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
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  182. Hockey stadium Wesley Chapel St Rd 56-I-75: Orlando, Bradenton: hotel, outlet mall - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  183. Researching relocation frm Pittsburgh 2 Tampa: Miami, St. Petersburg: transplants, 2015, apartments - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  184. help finding apartment and DayCare in Dunedin: 2014, apartment complex - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  185. New Fresh Local Produce in Largo: prices, store, map - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  186. Magnolia Heights St Pete:: neighborhood, pros and cons, live - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  187. Johns Butcher Shop - Lutz, FL - Tampa Bay, Florida
  188. Whittington Townhomes Largo area: Seminole: condo, to buy, new construction - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  189. you could HELP Identify Arsonists!: Palm Harbor: park, build - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  190. Information on Sunnybrook Condos in New Port Richey: Clearwater: HOA fees, activity - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  191. Ft Myers/Naples vs. Tampa Bay: low crime, schools, restaurants - Florida (FL)
  192. Tampa tops list for expected median home price increase: Jacksonville: homes, housing - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  193. Tampa Bay PD joins in birthday celebraton for RI boy battling leukemia: 2014 - Florida (FL)
  194. Hillsborough county household chemicals and electronics collections: phone, accept - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  195. Los Prados condos and Enclave apartments: Clearwater, Dunedin: rentals, house, to buy - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  196. Tampa Bay Townhomes: real estate, townhouse, school district - Florida (FL)
  197. Thoughts on apartments in St Pete?: Villas, Gateway: villas, skyline - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  198. New Age/Wicca/Voodoo stores in the Tampa area ? - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  199. Primary Care - Anne C. Hermann experiences?): office, reviews - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  200. Recycling Plastic water & soda bottles in Pasco ??: land, driving - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)