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  1. a move to Tampa. on the area.: Seminole: hardwood floors, apartment - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  2. How is the Riverview area?: Tampa, Brandon: renting, townhouse, neighborhood - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  3. What neighborhoods downtown St. Pete are safe for renters?: condos, how much - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  4. Unethical landlors forces last min move to Tampa?: Lakeland, Lutz: renters, HOA - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  5. Fiberglass pool or may want to be aware of this...: Oldsmar: 2015 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  6. Moving need advice (costs/ neighborhood questions) Valrico: Brandon, Largo: rent, crime - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  7. What are the Pinellas County options for disposing of a 12 volt home security battery?: buy - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  8. advice for retiree couple moving to St Pete ?: Tampa: 2014, rentals - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  9. ideas..information about St Pete Beach: Tampa, St. Pete Beach: insurance, mortgage, hotels - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  10. Looking for excellent cleaning lady: Seminole: house, moving, authority - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  11. Packrat vs upack: movers, how much, houses - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  12. Relocating to Palm Harbor/Dunedin area, help with townhomes: Tampa: rentals, condos - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  13. Opinions 3rd Street North or Shore Acres: condo, floor - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  14. Nice affordable area around Carrollwood?: wood floors, renters, home owners insurance - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  15. FDOT plan in works to connect Tampa to Jax: Jacksonville: 2015, chapel - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  16. Be careful where you get gas w/all this rain: vehicles, station parking - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  17. Were to rent 2 bedroom / 1-2 bath?: Tampa, Clearwater: apartment complex, rentals, amusement parks - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  18. I have high arsenic in my water, what should I do?: co-op, safe - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  19. Tell me about Country Place: homes, neighborhoods, square footage - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  20. Mom & Pop / Independent motels in Pinellas County: Tampa: 2015, apartment - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  21. Is massive planned growth wise, the drainage and flooding issues?: Trinity: new home, mall - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  22. News, Countryside Chick-fil-A 9 local restaurants closed for health inspection violations.: Tampa: 2015, inspectors - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  23. My second happiest place on earth!: Tampa: income, places to live, things to do - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  24. Roller skaating coaches in new tampa area: New Port Richey, Port Richey: live in, teacher - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  25. North Tampa Heights crime- perspective buyer: North Port: sale, real estate, HOA - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  26. What is the current situation like in the Bay Area?: Tampa: crime, job market - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  27. Relocating to Tamba Bay Area: Tampa, Brandon: homes, safe area, shop - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  28. Northern area of Tampa, Palm Harbor to Spring Hill area?: Wesley Chapel: chapel, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  29. Bavaro's, I'll miss you so much: Tampa, Orlando: restaurant, airport, food - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  30. Citrus Park Elementary School: buying a house, neighborhood, buying - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  31. Summer Rains: landscaping, water bill, budget - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  32. neighborhood St Pete near The palladium/coliseum: apartments, living - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  33. Tampa Hurricane Insurance cost, issue -: Tallahassee, Temple Terrace: house insurance, mortgage, how much - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  34. Riverview/Apollo Beach/Ruskin/Parrish VS Wesley Chapel/Land O Lakes for family with school age kids?: Tampa: power lines - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  35. Where to move: Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater: homes, live, restaurants - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  36. Pasco County no longer picking up bagged recyclables: 2015, neighborhood - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  37. 3 Top Schools in St. Pete?: St. Petersburg: neighborhoods, living in, moving to - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  38. New construction builders in Tampa area?: Riverview, Ruskin: chapel, home builder, price - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  39. Moving to Tampa area-best place to live: Seminole: high school, price - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  40. Restaurant Recommendation downtown St. Pete: Bell: price, shop, beach - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  41. Is this area Safe?: Tampa, Westchase: home, school, living in - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  42. Electrician recommendation: Jacksonville, St. Petersburg: how much, live in, licensed - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  43. Relocating from NJ to Tampa: Orlando, Lutz: safe neighborhood, good schools, to live - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  44. Bulgarian Community in Clearwater?: Tampa: barber, places, ethnic - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  45. Are there many black professionals in Tampa: real estate, house - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  46. Possibly relocating to Brandon Area: Tampa, Bloomingdale: to buy, YMCA, schools - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  47. St. Pete/Tampa seasonal temperatures: Anna Maria: live, shop, buses - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  48. My thoughts on Tampa (3 months): Brandon, Citrus Park: hotels, house, living - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  49. Drive from New England to Palm Harbor ideas: fit in, new home - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  50. All you can eat wings anywhere?: Tampa, Clearwater: sales, chapel, live - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  51. Is there a cheap way to ship stuff from Russia to US?: pricing - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  52. Estimate shingles roof: how much, house, roofing - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  53. Neurosurgeon with TGH Affiliation: Tampa, Brandon: rain, hospital, specialists - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  54. Tampa Bay Ranked 5th for Healthcare Jobs in August: houses, job openings - Florida (FL)
  55. Special Needs daughter..... schools in Tampa Area: to move, place - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  56. 40 somethings empty nesters moving to FL: St. Petersburg, Treasure Island: condo, how much, neighborhood - Tampa Bay, Florida
  57. Tampa Bay Home Depot Installers: contractors, price, flooring - Florida (FL)
  58. Schools in St Pete- what's the story?: Tampa: 2015, middle schools - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  59. Real estate investment questions for Tampa area: renting, HOA - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  60. advice on ybor location: Tampa: apartment, lofts, home - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  61. How much do you pay in toll fees when commuting?: Tampa: live in, authority - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  62. Rental Homes Safety Harbor: for sale, real estate, houses - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  63. palm harbor? is it a nice place to live: Dunedin: condo, chapel - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  64. Where to donate toiletries in St. Pete: hotel, homeless - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  65. Wow Broadband: house, prices, FIOS - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  66. Moving from Atlanta, looking at travel and schools.: Tampa, Orlando: low crime, new house - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  67. I have of cities doing sewer smoke tests, Why?!: neighborhoods, residential - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  68. Active Adult Communities in WC?: Tampa: real estate, homes, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  69. Specific location weather: Tampa, Clearwater: 2015, live, move to - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  70. Upscale, Classy Bars / Restaurants / Lounges in Pinellas: Tampa, Largo: how much, hotels - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  71. Lithia questions: Tampa, Bloomingdale, Pinecrest: HOA fees, custom home, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  72. ~ moderate rent; nothing fancy ~: Tampa: apartment complex, rentals, gated - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  73. Planning to relocate to Florida. Tampa Area!: cheap apartments, rental - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  74. Property Taxes before homestead: sales, real estate, how much - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  75. After the relocation...: Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, Safety Harbor: car rental, 2014, rentals - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  76. apartment rentals: Clearwater: to live, beach, park - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  77. Georgie's Alibi closing Sept. 19th: Tampa: affordable housing, gay, place - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  78. St. Pete apartment complex recommendations: Gandy, Rio: price, area, roach - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  79. How is Southbound Bruce B Downs in the morning? (8am): Tampa: to rent, how much - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  80. St. Petersburg for families?: Miami, Tampa: appointed, houses, safe neighborhood - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  81. St. Pete's KENWOOD Neighborhood: to rent, insurance, houses - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  82. Places to play soccer: Tampa, Bradenton: club, area, registering - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  83. Grey Swan Hurricanes: Climate Change & Storm Surge: Miami, Tampa: power lines, university - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  84. Home rental-best bang for your buck ?: Pinellas Park, Dunedin: condo, loan - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  85. Transportation to beach??: Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Gulfport: rent, hotel, taxi - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  86. Smoke detectors could have saved their life's and are a code regulation...: Tampa: 2015 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  87. Swim Bike Run near Brandon! Need advice: Tampa, Clearwater: 2015, how much - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  88. Tampa Bay Area Gardeners...: houses, buy, living - Florida (FL)
  89. Opinions on St. Stephen's vs Nativity Catholic?: Tampa: schools, relocating - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  90. From GA to FL???: Tampa, Orlando: best cities, houses, living in - Tampa Bay, Florida
  91. Tampa Airport to downtown: hotel, taxis, bus - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  92. Renting Apts in Tampa: apartment complexes, leasing, crimes - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  93. Temple Terrace/Surrounding area apartments: Tampa, Clearwater: 2013, rental, low crime - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  94. Tampa Bay couple in 'awful situation,' forced to sell as condo converted to rental: Miami: for sale, apartments - Florida (FL)
  95. Uber hearing tomorrow (Sep 9): Tallahassee, Clearwater: 2015, insurance, taxis - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  96. Seffner fatal sinkhole address opens up with a new 20 foot hole.: 2015, homes - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  97. Tampa Forum Meet Up: Oldsmar, Westchase: transplants, real estate, 2015 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  98. Crime in Ybor on Decline: Tampa, Bradenton: 2015, condo, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  99. Lakeland in a few hours: Miami, Tampa: house, neighborhoods, construction - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  100. Relocation company/realtor recommendations: Tampa: appointed, real estate, sublet - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  101. So nice......: Spring Hill, Oldsmar: living, retire, area - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  102. Tampa Named Best City in the USA to Retire: Jacksonville: 2015, crime rates - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  103. I-75/SR-56/SR-54 Outlet Mall/Wiregrass area = Brandon in 10 years: Bloomingdale: houses, purchase - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  104. Moving from NJ to Tampa Florida in 1 year...where are locations in or near Tampa for family?: Brandon: to rent, HOA fees - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  105. Most health insurers raise 2016 Florida Obamacare rates: Tampa: 2015, health insurance - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  106. Best neighborhoods in Tampa for roughly ~ $500K?: Palm Harbor, Lutz: for sale, HOA - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  107. Erika Storm advice: Tampa, Lakeland: insurance, mobile home, buying - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  108. real estate in tampa: Clearwater, Sarasota: HOA fees, insurance, condo - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  109. Hillsborough County 11th Worst For Congestion in the US!: Tampa: sales, 2015 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  110. Moving to Tampa Area-Want it all..canal front, nice area,: Apollo Beach: houses, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  111. Moving to Pasco County: Tampa, Lutz: insurance, buying a house, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  112. Mall walking near brandon/ tampa: University, Gandy: crime rate, transfer, university - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  113. Fishing scene salt and fresh: Clearwater, Dunedin: live, safety, moving - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  114. Flood Insurance on waterfront propery: Tampa, Apollo Beach: home owners insurance, mortgages, how much - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  115. 2015 Florida Summer Almost Over, Yippee!: Christmas: move to, place, humidity - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  116. Moving next week from Scottsdale, AZ to St. Petersburg, FL.: Tampa: living in, beaches - Tampa Bay, Florida
  117. Power outages - The myth proven wrong.: Spring Hill: 2015, power lines - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  118. Jacksonville or Tampa, which one is better for banking/finance jobs?: Miami: real estate, mortgage - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  119. 2013 Crime Index Posted on C-D: Tampa, St. Petersburg: apartments, neighborhood, zip code - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  120. Is it a nice life out there in the 55 plus communities?: Tampa: rental, condo - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  121. Relocating to Tampa from CO, greatly !: Palm Harbor: real estate, homes - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  122. Who can't walk on their lawn because of all the rainfall?: tenant, fence - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  123. Step2 Kid Alert Visual Warning System - is this illegal in Hillsborough county?: buy, subdivisions - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  124. Aug 24 Trial Starts - movie theater shooting: Tampa, Wesley Chapel: 2015, live - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  125. why are license plates so expensive if you gift your car to your child?: sales, insurance - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  126. No Bubble in Tampa Bay: Miami, Orlando: for sale, real estate market, 2015 - Florida (FL)
  127. going to tampa for a week for work...: Brandon, Lutz: rental car, 2015 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  128. Starbucks lifts man's ban for scolding customers in handicapped parking: 2015, lenders - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  129. The foreclosure crisis is over: Tampa, Citrus Park: section 8, short sales, 2014 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  130. Things Locals Love to Do in Tampa: Sarasota, Siesta Key: rent, buy - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  131. Moving to Tampa... Personal training jobs?: Memphis: rent, house, job market - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  132. florida or stay in NC: Tampa, Orlando: low crime, house, good schools - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  133. Chicago Dog: Tampa, Brandon, Hudson: 2015, live, restaurant - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  134. Relocating from Minneapolis to Tampa: Safety Harbor, Oldsmar: apartments, for rent, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  135. looking for charming florida beachtown: Sarasota, New Port Richey: house, restaurants, price - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  136. So when does it stop raining: moving, snakes - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  137. What does Tampa do with all the water floods?: Trinity: 2015, buy - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  138. Moving to Clearwater Florida: Largo, Dunedin: condos, homes, neighborhoods - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  139. What beach do you like to visit best?: Tampa, Clearwater: food, pine - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  140. Young college graduates moving to tampa-need answers: Brandon: apartment, job market - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  141. Another Hot Home Sales Report: Tampa, St. Petersburg: for sale, real estate market, 2015 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  142. Pickup of donated furniture before moving: Spring Hill: apartment, appliances, neighborhood - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  143. School ratings not consistent?: Tampa, Palm Harbor: transplants, HOA, insurance - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  144. Future plan to move to Florida: Tampa, St. Petersburg: neighborhoods, middle school, university - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  145. Driving to MacDill: Tampa, Clearwater, Lutz: RV parks, rentals, motorhome - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  146. Home Owners insurance rates more insane: Tampa, Sarasota: real estate, apartments - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  147. CPA Moving to Tampa January 2016: job market, school, college - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  148. What does everyone think about the Uber situation?: Tampa: insurance, credit card - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  149. Land o Lakes to Lakeland: Tampa, Brandon: for rent, low crime, chapel - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  150. Flooding from rain , s homes doing this ?: insurance, how much - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  151. I guess Pinellas County has lost it completely!: HOA, zoned - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  152. WOW! Just WOW!: Tampa, Spring Hill, Sarasota: 2014, house, shops - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  153. alarm company recommendations: insurance, crime, new house - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  154. Hillsborough more up and coming?: Tampa, Lakeland: rental, crime, chapel - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  155. Denver To Tampa - Looking at Trinity, Odessa, Land o Lakes, Wesley Chapel and New Tampa: Citrus Park: appointed, real estate - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  156. TBTimes says Tampa should look at Raleigh for Downtown success: Lake City: condos, homes - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  157. Six Flags is coming to the area as predicted for years.: Spring Hill: 2015, hotels - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  158. I have an idea for a new Rays stadium that may be better for Tampa Bay.: St. Petersburg: university, live in - Florida (FL)
  159. Looking for a Christmas dinner restaurant: Tampa: hotels, living, restaurants - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  160. 3 years in and is how I feel now.: house, job transfer - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  161. Best route advice: Tampa, Tallahassee, Ocala: vs, moving, horse - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  162. Good Bachelor Party Spots?: Tampa, Dunedin: rent, hotels, home - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  163. FishHawk Ranch ... Increase in Pediatric Cancer????: Tampa, University: 2014, power lines, chapel - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  164. Temple Terrace building code statement -: Seminole: rentals, new home, camper - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  165. Estancia / The Ridge /: Brandon, Bloomingdale: HOA, chapel, new home - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  166. We Made the Move to Florida!: Westchase, Seminole: house, living - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  167. Tampa Named Best City in Southeast: Miami, St. Petersburg: real estate, 2015, condos - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  168. Single Family (300k-500k) with 30min commute to Downtown: Tampa: HOA, violent crime - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  169. Where would you buy with 750k?: Tampa, Lakeland: rentals, HOA fees, crime - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  170. What has surprised you about the area, after moving What did you miss after all your research?: Tampa: real estate, 2014 - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  171. bioluminescent water in the Tampa area?: Orlando, Clearwater: neighborhood, college - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  172. about magnet elementary schools in Hillsborough: Tampa, Union Park: 2015, house - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  173. What do you like about living in Florida?: rent, how much - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  174. New to Florida, Friends: Clearwater: house, place, summer - Tampa Bay, (FL)
  175. What's with the cheap, white, particle board, less than builder grade cabinets in homes: Tampa: apartments, for rent - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  176. Tampa Electric to Build Largest Solar Project in Bay Area: 2015, house - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  177. Teacher From TX to Tampa: Miami, Sarasota: 2013, health insurance, transfer to - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  178. hispanic / latino community: Tampa, Clearwater: live in, restaurants, metro area - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  179. What happened to the dunkin donuts in Clearwater?? closed??: neighborhood, stores - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  180. Another reason to move to Tampa Bay. Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World: Brandon: sales, hotels - Florida (FL)
  181. Moving to Tampa, need advice: Spring Hill: apartment, home, to live - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  182. Tampa Villas South: buying - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  183. Charter schools in St. Petersburg?: academy, recommend - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  184. Flooding creates hundreds of potholes in the Tampa Bay area: live, malls - Florida (FL)
  185. Relocating to Temple Terrace, Looking for apartment near by Indian grocery stores: apartments - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  186. Moving, need neighborhood/area recommends.: Miami, Tampa: foreclosure, low crime, house - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  187. Room/studio needed for friend near downtown Tampa: home, neighborhood - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  188. Colombian restaurants / markets in St Pete Beach ?: activities, festivals - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  189. Apartment hunting in Tampa: apartments, safe, park - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  190. Program helps residents make clean-energy upgrades: Pace: 2015, how much, homes - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  191. Retired couple looking manufactured home community in St Pete.: gated, safe - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  192. 2015 Real Estate Values Coming Out Soon: Gulfport: houses, assess, appraise - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  193. Thurgood Marshall Middle School VS Azalea Middle reviews?: houses, buy - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  194. Family moving to Tampa looking for daycare and senior community: 2015, apartments - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  195. Affordable Christian Private School: Brandon, Riverview: credit, live in, moving to - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  196. Primrose Cross Creek vs Tampa Palms: daycare, how much, area - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  197. northdale: home, high school, live in - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  198. Recommendations for International Tax Lawyer/ Accountant.: Tampa: rating, looking for, process - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  199. Plant City??: Tampa, Brandon, Seffner: rental, place to live, move to - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)
  200. work for Hilton from home?: reservation, hiring - Tampa Bay, Florida (FL)