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  1. Canada's haunted Craigdarroch Castle (Victoria BC): house, live in, visiting
  2. The politics of French Canadians outside of Quebec: train, areas - Canada
  3. Goal : Permanent Residence. Which route to take, PhD or FSW ?: 2014, schools - Canada
  4. Tsunami Warning: moving, start - Canada
  5. A Different Windsor: price, eat, reviews - Canada
  6. Moving to Canada for work: how much, home, employment
  7. Banff - Jones (Hovercraft) snowboard for renting (or selling): 2013, rentals - Canada
  8. How's the job market for IT and logistics in Canada? And just white collar office work in general?: school
  9. Tom Brokaw explains Canada to Americans: military, manufactured, wealthiest
  10. issues with American crossing border to Canada, post-Sandy?: home, moving
  11. Looking for a Quebec City Street Musician: for sale, location - Canada
  12. Canadian citizens- immigrants to Quebec: courses, pay - Canada
  13. looking for relations: live, water, how to - Canada
  14. I know i'm not alone in this but help!!!!: school district, college - Canada
  15. French-Canadian country music?: title, stations, radio - Canada
  16. fans of Royal Canadian Air Farce ?: working, kids - Canada
  17. Kateri Tekakwitha: catholic church, area, place - Canada
  18. Canadian accountant who knows well all benefits from a home base business: legal - Canada
  19. Canadian motels, hotels: camping, prices, budget - Canada
  20. Quebec City Information: rentals, condo, houses - Canada
  21. Jobs for the multilingual in Quebec: sales, hotel, lawyer - Canada
  22. Is the winter overcast on the west coast that much worse than Ontario's?: quality of life - Canada
  23. Can Canadians sing or play the blues?: live, club - Canada
  24. Renting in Canada Montreal Advice: apartment, rentals, neighbourhood
  25. Scientists: Canadians Have Trust Issues?: prices, safe, plumbing - Canada
  26. Worst. Songs. EVER. By Canadians!: diamonds, baby, song - Canada
  27. A Canadian railroad disappears: houses, live, costs - Canada
  28. Point Roberts 2: purchases, exemption, prices - Canada
  29. Winnipeg's number two language: how much, prices, food - Canada
  30. What woul say a Canadian of french roots if s/he was called Latin?: live in - Canada
  31. 5% Goods and Services Tax: sales, appliances, credit - Canada
  32. Is yard rolling popular in Canada?: car, friendly
  33. Vietnam war era draft dodgers: live, population, place - Canada
  34. First Time in Canada: Coming to Victoria, Places to Avoid?: crime, hotel
  35. Living in Quebec City area with kids?: real estate, 2013 - Canada
  36. News, Truck Falls Through Ice: What Happened On The Canadian Fishing Trip?: safe - Canada
  37. What parts of France and England did Anglo and French Canadians come from?: population - Canada
  38. Guelph, ON neighborhoods: university, to live in, moving to - Canada
  39. Canadian Remembrance Day Youtube Video: how much, schools, living - Canada
  40. Moving to Moncton-Help: apartments, rentals, home - Canada
  41. Canadian Immigration Questions: how much, lawyer, college - Canada
  42. Drive to Yellowknife in early-mid December?: ferry, winter, date - Canada
  43. Canada's sacrafice, as seen by a Brit.: credit, home
  44. Does PEI look different from the US northeast?: houses, teaching jobs - Canada
  45. Once Catholic areas of Canada outside Quebec: home, catholic schools
  46. L'amour interdit en Quebec?: high school, moving, educational - Canada
  47. Ontario winters less fierce?: live in, cities, places - Canada
  48. We better watch out for our water: buying, safe - Canada
  49. Quebec federalistes?: deal, proposed, about - Canada
  50. News, Police chief sends gangsters Christmas cards: crime, most dangerous - Canada
  51. American DESPERATE to work in the Alberta Oil Sands! HELP!: leases, credit - Canada
  52. Canada never mentioned in U.S. elections....: tax rates, live
  53. At first, he was congratuated by the school for exposing software security flaw, but was expelled later!: 2013 - Canada
  54. London, Ontario information needed: best cities, 2013, crimes - Canada
  55. move to London, Ontario for work. Need school information: credit, home - Canada
  56. ripping Canadians off: sales, coupon, car insurance - Canada
  57. Immigration/Visiting: income, living, cost - Canada
  58. Wanted: GPS and Game Cameras operational below -15C!: yard, rated - Canada
  59. What is the cost of dental care in Canada?: insurance, how much
  60. French colonial buildings in Quebec: houses, architecture, dating - Canada
  61. Canada's Over-Valued Housing Market: sales, real estate market, 2013
  62. Doctoring in Canada: insurance, lawyer, cost
  63. Lawyers in Canada: appointed, health insurance, law school
  64. yonge street changing faster now that it used to?: condo, how much - Canada
  65. Do you know about Ecklundson Construction in Nanaimo BC?: custom home, bars - Canada
  66. Pursuing an artistic and creative career in Canada?: renting, buying a home
  67. Driving along Pur Laine: winter, difference, family - Canada
  68. Twangin' away in Ottawa: live, famous, free - Canada
  69. Hotels in Victoria: house, suburban, location - Canada
  70. Canadian teen bullied to death: home, high school, living in - Canada
  71. Extinct French settlements in Canada?: moving, catholic church, cemetery
  72. Visiting Halifax: hotels, neighbourhood, restaurants - Canada
  73. Cancer on the rise on PEI?!: living in, assess, statistics - Canada
  74. Is Northern Ontario a nice place to live?: stats, retiring - Canada
  75. What's the difference between Native vs First Nations people?: school, live in - Canada
  76. Analogies between Canada and the UK: home, price, agricultural
  77. Canadian history pop quiz: metro, pay, date - Canada
  78. Getting into Canada: felony, exemption, assess
  79. Moving from Southern California to New Brunswick: apartments, rentals - Canada
  80. Second language instruction in Canada: home, high schools, living
  81. Canada pharmacist: professionals, working, American
  82. Newcomer jobs... Vancouver or Toronto: house, employment, universities - Canada
  83. Education in Canada?: universities, stats, tuition
  84. Straight from Winnipeg: business, kids, music - Canada
  85. IMF warns about Canadian housing market and debt: money, business - Canada
  86. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays my Fellow Canucks :): 2013, moving - Canada
  87. Island Dispute: prices, oil, land - Canada
  88. Concetration: universities, centers, airports - Canada
  89. Is/will Canada fall/falling behind the US in terms of Cannabis legislation?: sales, inspections
  90. Could we get a sub-forum for the Atlantic Islands?: area, MBA - Canada
  91. The United Kingdom of Canada: rated, trading, pay
  92. Things I've about the Canadian dialect: how much, house - Canada
  93. Speaking Frankly of French Canadians: area, place, accent - Canada
  94. Which province feels less Americanized?: houses, construction, living in - Canada
  95. Does Portland, Oregon remind you of a Canadian city?: condos, homes - Canada
  96. Help American moving to Hamilton area: low income, for sale, real estate - Canada
  97. Alcohol sales in Canada: taxes, price, groceries
  98. Do you know The Star-Spangled Banner ?: America, countries - Canada
  99. Lexus' made in Ontario are cheaper in NY: buying, taxes - Canada
  100. Cowboy Culture in eastern Canada: high school, live in
  101. Is Canada more free than the United States?: home, bankruptcy
  102. Conspiracy theorists in Canada: brokers, buy, taxes
  103. Diversity in Canada's Parliament: shop, office, catholics
  104. Interested in going to college in Canada: get credit, loans
  105. English fluency in Quebec versus northern European nations: movies, public schools - Canada
  106. Young engineer seeking managerial position in the mining industry: find a job, school - Canada
  107. Thinking of moving to Canada: 2014, home, schools
  108. Cross border shopping with Nexus card: credit card, buy, organic - Canada
  109. Canadians' view on chiropractic: health insurance, how much, home - Canada
  110. Canadian celebrities and politics: 2015, residential, office - Canada
  111. The Scottishness of Anglo-Canada: military, trees, accent
  112. French Canadians in Windsor: 2013, to buy, theatre - Canada
  113. Invasion of Canadian privacy rights: how much, transfer, law - Canada
  114. What’s it like playing hockey as an adult in major Canadian cities?: layoffs, neighborhoods - Canada
  115. Australia vs Canada: home, movies, live
  116. Call Home: how much, living in, codes - Canada
  117. Why does Canada need to be diverse?: middle-class, houses
  118. Conservative Provinces in Canada: lawyer, casino, taxes
  119. Adopting parts of Canada into the US: taxes, live
  120. Salary expectations for Victoria, BC (single, no kids): apartments, for rent - Canada
  121. Entering Canada With a Criminal Record: crime, felony, lawyer
  122. Commonwealth citizens that dislike britain?: attorney, law, versus - Canada
  123. Canada Inferiority Complex: live in, garden, move to
  124. Canada has a Race Problem Too, So Let's End the Smugness & Solve it Together: schools, live
  125. Non-Quebeckers: How good is your French?: school, living in, retired - Canada
  126. How do French Canadian Women Differ From Anglo-Canadian Women?: living in, restaurant - Canada
  127. How did Canada become Hollywood North ?: movies, centers
  128. Does American entertainment seem foreign to Canadians?: houses, movies - Canada
  129. Anti-american sentiment anglophones vs francophones?: university, living in, restaurants - Canada
  130. Muslims in Canada: neighborhoods, catholic schools, taxes
  131. Franglais ?: lower-class, credit, live - Canada
  132. Canadian Houses: new house, neighbourhoods, subdivision - Canada
  133. Quebec language laws -myths or facts?: home, schools, vs - Canada
  134. Who's seen tornadoes in Canada?: condo, house, neighbourhood
  135. are teacher salaries too high in Canada?: home, public schools
  136. Canadian perspective on the US election: insurance, house, pros and cons - Canada
  137. Canadian Public Servants Six Figure Salaries: university, inspections, salary - Canada
  138. real thoughts from an ignorant American..: rent, low crime, to live in - Canada
  139. Why doesn't Canada have US Interstate like highways? Lack of money?: construction, military
  140. Do you watch U.S. news shows?: price, train - Canada
  141. Canadian healthcare FAIL !: appointed, health insurance, unemployment - Canada
  142. Where is Canada's produce belt ?: house, employment
  143. McGill and Laval: the Canadian Ivy League?: public schools, universities - Canada
  144. Home prices in Ontario: real estate market, house, find a job - Canada
  145. Cornwall Ontario: employment, high schools, university - Canada
  146. Money matters: vs., bills, station - Canada
  147. Canada MORE CONSERVATIVE than the U.S.: how much, statistics
  148. Is Canada now a 'puppet/satellite' state of the American hegemony?: crimes, gated
  149. usa vs canada madness: moving, race, flood
  150. French Canadians - the blacks of Canada?: to buy, schools
  151. How would becoming a US citizen/resident effect Canadian old age pension benefits: get credit, calculator - Canada
  152. Ugly Americans in Canada: buy, university, living
  153. Was Canada always more similar to the US than the UK? If not when did it become more like the US?: house, versus
  154. Quebec's third-largest language?: living, restaurants, bars - Canada
  155. Why do Canadian Chain Restaurants suck?: home, living in, costs - Canada
  156. Why is Tim Horton's so popular?: rental car, rental, hotels - Canada
  157. The politics of Anglos who want Quebec to leave: rated, transit - Canada
  158. Our immigration system needs to be overhauled!: apartment, employment - Canada
  159. A visit to Canada: 2013, renting, neighbourhoods
  160. Does canada lack a rebel archetype.: live, suburban, rated
  161. Why current Canada government went that extreme: living, fence
  162. An American's opinion on Canadian nationalism: military, vs., yard - Canada
  163. My experience getting a Nexus card: 2015, fingerprints, credit card - Canada
  164. I want to go back to the UK: sales, house - Canada
  165. What would you consider Canada's 4th city?: prices, vs
  166. How Canada was sold to the New World Order: sale, to buy
  167. The Future of prostitution in Canada: 2015, condo, hotel
  168. Which city has worst traffic: Vancouver or Montreal?: construction, moving - Canada
  169. RCMP vs City Police Officer: crime, mortgage, house - Canada
  170. Gentlemen it's time...: to live in, versus, stats - Canada
  171. Introduce me to Canada: gated, live in, law
  172. Canada 2012: home, move, area
  173. Are Canadian Stereotypes True?: 2013, credit score, high school - Canada
  174. Canada (studying ): low crime, lawyers, universities
  175. Shopping Stateside: sales, buy, live in - Canada
  176. Religiosity of British Columbia: schools, live, stats - Canada
  177. Do Canadians like Thanksgiving food?: living, vs., shop - Canada
  178. I used to want to move to Canada: appointed, how much
  179. Actors/actresses that evoke Canadianness: movies, school - Canada
  180. Can you ID Canadian actor/esses?: crimes, pictures - Canada
  181. Are Atlantic Canadians the Southerners of Canada?: crime rates, income
  182. Who's tried gardening in Canada?: rent, houses, neighbourhoods
  183. Saw posters on my way to work downtown Toronto. Stop Acting Gay ?: neighborhood, live in - Canada
  184. Should canadian demand better representation.: movies, association, educational - Canada
  185. Wife with US green card - immigration to Canada?: lawyer, income
  186. Observations and questions yesterday, from my time spent on US election day, in BC.: income, fence - Canada
  187. CFOS: station, music, love - Canada
  188. Why do Canadian businesses peak at a certain size?: university, courses - Canada
  189. New Comer to Canada Information: location, working, single
  190. celebrating Canadian women's house art: crazy - Canada
  191. Has hitch hiking always been more prevalent in Canada than the US?: areas
  192. Comparison of social, fiscal, and political views Provinces (graphs): 2013, budget - Canada
  193. What are Archetypes More Likely in Canada than in the US?: countries
  194. Is there a connection between Edmonton and Portland?: people, family - Canada
  195. Job opportunities for Social Workers.: salary, offer, hiring - Canada
  196. I am having trouble figuring if Vancouver/GVRD or Alberta is better for living?: fit in - Canada
  197. Lowest pollution Canadian province/s?: air pollution, health, interior - Canada
  198. Missing British Columbia Man found in Mexico: beach, tree - Canada
  199. Haliburton ON: where to buy, shops, moving - Canada
  200. Canada`s connection to eastern europe.: versus, renewal, estimate