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  1. Niagara Falls April 18 - April 20th: good hotels, price, deals - Canada
  2. Jim Flaherty has died: 2014, house, university - Canada
  3. Has from Toronto ever moved to Vancouver?: condo, neighbourhoods - Canada
  4. move across country (to NS)?: rent, condo, cheap house - Canada
  5. Why the dissent in hockey ?: best, soccer, working - Canada
  6. NIAGARA FALLS :): limo, transfer, university - Canada
  7. How is the drive from Quebec City to Gaspé?: live in, shops - Canada
  8. Best Province- City to have an affordable suburban lifestyle: real estate, 2014 - Canada
  9. Travel to Canada from the states...: required, place, driver
  10. Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver: neighborhood/geographic comparisons: credit, beaches, estates - Canada
  11. Debating between Montreal or Toronto as a new grad: appointed, rent - Canada
  12. Interesting Information about Geography of Canada: oil, single, largest
  13. about retention citizenship: section 8, insurance, credit card - Canada
  14. American moving to Halifax!: apartments, houses, to buy - Canada
  15. Waterfalls in NL, QC and Toronto areas: hotel, shop - Canada
  16. Can i move without a work permit to Ontario: real estate, apartment - Canada
  17. Maternity Leave in Ontario: health insurance, lawyer, employment - Canada
  18. Where was this filmed? Toronto?: restaurants, kitchen, businesses - Canada
  19. How to transfer money from diferent Canadian bank account (no interract): costs, limit - Canada
  20. Visiting Newfoundland: rent, hotel, prices - Canada
  21. JUSTIN BIEBER officially in Ffestival Mawazine RABAT in Morocco 2014: eat, news - Canada
  22. Mississippi in Ontario!: live, limit, territory - Canada
  23. moving to Canada - insurance travel, health: calculator, living
  24. Proper preparation?: income, income tax, how to - Canada
  25. Thinking about going to college in Ontario or Toronto: schools, colleges - Canada
  26. Francophones in American universities: cost, rated, best - Canada
  27. Do Ukrainian-Canadians feel strongly about the situation in Ukraine?: live, plantation - Canada
  28. Is grande prairie a safe place to live?: to rent, house - Canada
  29. Retire in Quebec: health insurance, high school, taxes - Canada
  30. Coming for work to Iqaluit from India as a 60 year old: health, companies - Canada
  31. Your Food Grown With Human Poop?: condo, disposing, organic - Canada
  32. Canadian ATM Withdraw Limits?: bills, rating, locations - Canada
  33. Bus transportation between Winnipeg and Minneapolis: shop, buses, train - Canada
  34. Retaining Canadian SIN after moving to USA: insurance, tax return - Canada
  35. Where in canada should a Canadian who has spent most of his life in America move too: best city
  36. ssjj: felony, expensive, probation - Canada
  37. Another one for the Canadian Hall of Shame: American, percent - Canada
  38. Will healthcare improve as baby boomers secede?: schools, tax - Canada
  39. good places to surf in CA?: beach, island - Canada
  40. Activity and occupation. answers: business, permit, student - Canada
  41. Canadian family down my street: houses, live, friendly - Canada
  42. Presentation: party - Canada
  43. Quebec?: daycare, house, safe neighborhoods - Canada
  44. Good cities to live around Brantford, Ontario?: for sale, real estate - Canada
  45. When does St. John's Newfoundland get spring leaves?: live, trees - Canada
  46. bC equivalent of Coeur D'Alene ID?: cities, similar - Canada
  47. Where to move in BC?: teaching jobs, purchase, school - Canada
  48. What is the southernmost place in the Southern hemisphere that has a climate that can support palm trees?: interior - Canada
  49. Been to Tadoussac?: hotel, shop, garden - Canada
  50. How is maple syrup production this year?: winter, better - Canada
  51. A newspaper blast from the past: cinema, university, shop - Canada
  52. Master level Social Worker needs guidance finding work in Ontario.: find a job, university - Canada
  53. McDonald's Canada CEO calls foreign worker controversy 'bull****': housing, title
  54. Quebec's Catholic relics: homes, schools, college - Canada
  55. Ellesmere Island Canada tourism (want to visit): food, ferry
  56. CANADA IT Jobs: living in, professionals, cost
  57. Applying for Canadian citizenship ahead of time: high school, living - Canada
  58. News, Winnipeg man fined $113 for walking more than 'two abreast': 2014, moving - Canada
  59. Best canadian city for Jazz music lovers?: beaches, summer - Canada
  60. Breaking News: Economy of Saudi Arabia (population of only 30 million) has overtaken Canada!: income
  61. REALLY, Google maps? Lac Megantic?!?!: place, town center, street - Canada
  62. 3 Month Waiting Period for Healthcare - Pregnant: insurance, how much - Canada
  63. Does language identity (French vs. English) trump racial or other forms of identity in Canada, unlike the US?: office
  64. How socially activist the 3 Canadian big cities are vs. the most liberal US cities (San Francisco, Seattle, NYC ): school - Canada
  65. Quebec Production Wheel or Canadian Production Wheel: for sale, home - Canada
  66. When do i have to leave canada?: bus, deal
  67. Did early Chinese immigrants to Canada come exclusively from Southern China, or from Northern China?: homes
  68. A Canadian Before He Was Famous: credit, high school, office - Canada
  69. Churches and volunteering in Windsor, Ontario: home, bars, best - Canada
  70. Winnipeg? Quebec City? Yellowknife?: home, live, to move - Canada
  71. Shipping something from USA to Canada: credit card, home, pay
  72. New Propane Furnace: house, living, residential - Canada
  73. about Canadian Experience: university, move to, employers - Canada
  74. When did the Conservatives turn against high tariffs?: quality of life, prices - Canada
  75. Jobs in Canada For Foreigners?: for sale, apartments, airport
  76. Does Canada have a longer history of immigration from the Indian subcontinent than the US or about the same?: purchaser
  77. fulltime RVers in Canada?: RV park, insurance, how much
  78. C'est Levis!: houses, train, oil refinery - Canada
  79. 6 Month Limit Visitor in Canada: apartment, how much, school
  80. Is your favorite Canadian brand still Canadian-owned?: club, corporate - Canada
  81. Moving to Vancouver Island and looking for advice: apartment, to rent - Canada
  82. Help me to decide what city to stay: school, universities - Canada
  83. Top Alaska Highway Campgrounds: RV park, camping, food - Canada
  84. Olympics Judging Corruption: 2014, best, between - Canada
  85. move to Canada(Toronto) for a period of 1 year questions: apartment, renting
  86. What is the correct TRP Application???: how much, lawyers, wedding - Canada
  87. Heads up on cross border brokerage charges.: credit, broker - Canada
  88. confused about working permit in canada?: 2013, live, to move
  89. Daylight savings time starts again: hours - Canada
  90. dual citizen bringing travel trailer in CAD ...: insurance, buying - Canada
  91. UK to Quebec driving licence: process + insurance?: car insurance, DMV - Canada
  92. Why didn't Halifax grow into one of Canada's largest and premier cities?: live, military
  93. about visiting Canada: health insurance, crimes, home
  94. Questions About Moving to Canada as a New Canadian Citizen: city hall, health insurance
  95. Canadians are too permissive about abortion: 2014, taxes, health care - Canada
  96. Have you been to Haida Gwaii?: appointed, house, camping - Canada
  97. Questions to Canadians: If United States wanted to annex Canada would you fight back or join us?: home, school
  98. In most Canadian cities, is taking a bus as commute looked down upon or associated with poverty?: low income, car insurance - Canada
  99. What Canadian city would fit my wants?: ski resorts, restaurants - Canada
  100. Was their ever a point in canada's history when it could have been a french country?: live, land
  101. Meet Mouldy Old Schmo: house, farm, car - Canada
  102. how many wars did canada enter during the 20th century?: theater, live
  103. Oh Canada, you sound so tempting now.: 2014, condo
  104. Moving to Canada from US: should I import my old cars?: 2014, insurance
  105. Have you seen a polar bear?: live, most dangerous, beaches - Canada
  106. Schools for rich Canadians: neighborhood, private schools, universities - Canada
  107. Irish Canadians: neighborhoods, statistics, moving - Canada
  108. Both same sex foreign couple seeking to visit canada for wedding ceremony: living, legal
  109. to our canadian friends: 2013, buy, school - Canada
  110. Why are English Canadians not bilingual?: neighborhoods, elementary school, live in - Canada
  111. Why Canadian healthcare is better: insurance, universities, live in - Canada
  112. Do you think Toronto and Vancouver have different cultures?: houses, living in - Canada
  113. Seriously Relocating from USA to Canada, Need: real estate, crime
  114. Driving in Ontario (G1): rent, buy, legally - Canada
  115. Which vacation would you pick: sales, amusement park, hotels - Canada
  116. driving Minnesota to New York....through Canada?: cost, ferry
  117. Where is Canada's most fertile soil?: houses, organic, garden
  118. Political TV show Cartoon (Quebec): American, free, moved - Canada
  119. Do Canadians secretly pray for global warming?: how much, gated - Canada
  120. Does Canada have an unofficial national anthem?: live in, military
  121. Did Quebecois men serve in WW II?: asbestos, military - Canada
  122. Have you experienced a hurricane in Canada?: homes, tornadoes
  123. What Happened to Canada?: 2014, house, employment
  124. Who remembers HMCS Bonaventure?: fit in, how much, house - Canada
  125. What is it like being poor in Canada?: 2013, apartment
  126. Time to drop the firearms banhammer in Canada like the United Kingdom before us?: violent crime, buying
  127. Police killer in Moncton: 2014, live, codes - Canada
  128. Ordering a sandwich in Valcourt: closing, stores, food - Canada
  129. How does the black or African-American culture/community relate or compare to the black/African-Canadian one?: university, live in - Canada
  130. who is broadcasting Scoccer world cup in Canada: 2014, living
  131. liking Canadas new polymer money?: bills, dental, paid
  132. Where is the northernmost place in Canada where deciduous trees predominate?: live, land
  133. Where does a Canadian move for better weather ?: 2013, to live - Canada
  134. I'm a Canadian illegal immigrant in the USA and I'd like to return: lawyer, home - Canada
  135. hate speech in canada: fit in, 2014, crime
  136. Canada annexing Turks & Caicos: for/against?: 2014, buses
  137. Mexico influence in Canada compared to America: live in, restaurants
  138. Did the Midwestern German/Scandinavian wave of immigrant settlers to the USA influence adjacent Canada?: live in, farmers
  139. Best thing on a Tim Hortons menu: store, yard - Canada
  140. What would happen to Quebec and Canada if Quebec separated?: military, transport
  141. What we like about Canadian winters.: home, construction, food - Canada
  142. Why so few black Canadians are descended from colonial North American blacks (eg. Loyalists) but new immigrants?: transporting, crime rate - Canada
  143. How 'bout dem 'Lympians?: top, winter, Russians - Canada
  144. What is your favorite Canadian city?: home, college, military - Canada
  145. Is Victoria to Vancouver as Quebec City is to Montreal?: live, moving - Canada
  146. A about marriage between a Canadian and AMerican Citizen and other questions: apartment, lease - Canada
  147. A merger of the U.S. and Canada would create an economic superpower Read more employment, military
  148. What! Perpetual Child Support?: school, university, live in - Canada
  149. Travel from US to Nova Scotia: how much, hotel, home - Canada
  150. Canadian children's shows: theatre, living, castle - Canada
  151. What is the best city (metropolitan region) in Canada?: living in, costs
  152. about to relocate to the middle of nowhere, now impossible.: rent, loan - Canada
  153. Let the Quebec political games begin: 2014, moving, racism - Canada
  154. What if Canada was annexed by the USA: taxes, zip codes
  155. Similarities between Canada and the American South: appointed, shop
  156. Using an Unlocked USA iphone in Canada Questions: apartment, lease
  157. about food names.: house, living, restaurants - Canada
  158. bilingual areas : how do people converse?: neighbourhood, live in, metropolitan - Canada
  159. Crossing Border: apartment, rent, buy - Canada
  160. Someone from Europe asked me what the best place to visit in Canada would be?: how much, vacation
  161. Harper threatens to kick Russia out of G8: how much, house - Canada
  162. I Feel Betrayed!!: vs., shop, eat - Canada
  163. Do Canadians have Tall Poppy Syndrome ?: home, place - Canada
  164. Does remember children's books (early 80's)?: home, elementary school - Canada
  165. The immaturity of the Canada/U.S. rivalry by in Canadian media: violent crime, home
  166. Has imported a car from the US recently?: inspection, title - Canada
  167. What's it like to be Canadian.: 2013, health insurance, home - Canada
  168. What are the worst Canadian whiskies?: wedding, cost, reviews - Canada
  169. Multilingual Canadian singers: live in, Irish, town - Canada
  170. In Canada, are ethnic minorities more likely to vote left-wing?: fit in, gay
  171. Canadian Middle Class - now the world's richest: middle-class, 2014 - Canada
  172. Where did Canada's national character stereotype of reservedness or being overly polite/apologetic come from?: university, safety
  173. Rob Anders is out!!!: tax, live, club - Canada
  174. Would Alberta be considered liberal by American standards?: fit in, live - Canada
  175. About to relocate in the middle of nowhere in Canada.: appointed, home
  176. Where to move from Winnipeg? ANYWHERE!: real estate, house, transfer - Canada
  177. Does Canada have affirmative action ?: employment, school
  178. What do you think about Canada having an open border with Australia/NZ?: how much, to live
  179. Muscle cars made in Canada: rental, buy, live
  180. How seriously is Creationism (as in vs. Evolution) taken in Canada?: schools, live in
  181. Why can't the US & Canada have a EU type relationship: crime, how much
  182. European wanting to work in the oil sands of Alberta: uestions!: house, find a job - Canada
  183. Retire in Halifax?: sublease, to rent, insurance - Canada
  184. Wanting to move out of Vancouver for study, which city to choose?: rental, insurance - Canada
  185. Is Chinese-Canadian food different from Chinese-American food? What are differences?: living in, restaurants - Canada
  186. My grandnephews like this Canadian cartoon: farm, farm, full - Canada
  187. Need help for Hamilton Living....: apartments, rentals, schools - Canada
  188. Kelowna real estate market?: prices, increasing, time - Canada
  189. Help with a survey!!: demographics, culture, women - Canada
  190. Moving to aylmer quebec (ottawa region): things to do, places, value - Canada
  191. best rural internet%?: companies, cell phone, monthly - Canada
  192. with the history of two towns -: live, places - Canada
  193. More Canadian than British soldiers took own lives in 2013: 2014, military - Canada
  194. Temporary work permit vs Permanent Residency for employment: insurance, health - Canada
  195. Are we in a housing bubble?: prices, housing market, property - Canada
  196. Shotgun Jimmie: buy, live, costs - Canada
  197. Bighorn ram horns found in Alberta may set world record: bus, run - Canada
  198. Congratulations Quebec!: news, about, election - Canada
  199. Story of Our Flag: design, people, video - Canada
  200. Americans living in Canada - media request: America, better