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  1. Canadians the boot from Jeopardy!: 2014, safe - Canada
  2. Bishop's University: school, universities, shops - Canada
  3. St-Jacques, Quebec: house, school, trains - Canada
  4. Transfer credits from U.S. to Canada?: transfer to, universities
  5. Newfoundland v.s. the rest of Canada?: home, live
  6. Murder suspected in deaths of thousands of Canadian indigenous women: sales, violent crime - Canada
  7. Sympatico internet and email: getting stupid emails?: organic, taxes - Canada
  8. Best Campground/Hotel to stay at for Dawson City Music Festival: good hotel, camping - Canada
  9. moved to Manitoba?: houses, living, moving to - Canada
  10. What's Nova Scotia like Esp Pictou? Property taxes?: for sale, beaches - Canada
  11. Canadian Provinces, Allies or Detractors?: buy, law, floor - Canada
  12. Where are doctors needed the most?: 2015, school, college - Canada
  13. Has on ever applied for a Canadian study permit? I have a few questions...: how much - Canada
  14. relocating from AZ to Ontario: sales, apartment, for rent - Canada
  15. with Valentine's?: closing, live, restaurant - Canada
  16. Is the weakening Canadian dollar causing food to cost more?: live, prices - Canada
  17. Not that Canada was not cool in my book...: subsidized, wages
  18. Center of Geographic sciences .Lawrenceville NS?: community college, living, drivers license - Canada
  19. Tax is higher in NY than ON?: sales, credit - Canada
  20. Flawless and beautiful creature: transport, snow, camera - Canada
  21. Canadian home & property defense laws from ladders: how much, house - Canada
  22. As oil usage does it affect Calgary?: real estate, evictions - Canada
  23. IT Job Market for foreign Software Developers: salaries, tax - Canada
  24. Need on canadian police check: shop, value, history - Canada
  25. Canadian car rental fees: buy, moving, trailer - Canada
  26. St. John's, Newfoundland: crime rate, purchasing, salary - Canada
  27. Dual citizen: home, job market, tax - Canada
  28. Victoria, BC or Halifax, NS?: rent, job market, universities - Canada
  29. How Scottish Is Canada?: how much, construction, university
  30. One Week in August: YQB - YUL: rental car, rental - Canada
  31. How to get red seal for welding?: school, college - Canada
  32. A Very Unusual Canadian Family: home, high school, college - Canada
  33. Thinking about moving to US from Canada?: how much, school
  34. Moving across country cost??: apartment, mover, how much - Canada
  35. My sympathies to the Canadian people: cost, military, deal - Canada
  36. Searching for an international moving company: work, good, moved - Canada
  37. Ontario eviction ?: home, taxi driver, vehicle - Canada
  38. Ontario eviction laws ?: rent, lawyer, tenants - Canada
  39. Gord Downie - Tragically Hip has terminal cancer: live, wealthy - Canada
  40. American IRAs and Canadian RRSPs: employment, income, taxes - Canada
  41. Maritime from seattle wa us- best areas: real estate, rentals - Canada
  42. Passport Guarantor's Signatures on Supporting Documents: section 8, floor, renewal - Canada
  43. Thoughts on Waterloo and Kitchener: universities, income, property taxes - Canada
  44. Canada interest rate forecast?: for rent, mortgage, get credit
  45. to immigrate to Canada?: insurance, lawyer, home
  46. Water Woes Precursor: 2015, living, law - Canada
  47. Dual Cititzenship in Canada thru parentage: to live in, to move, dual citizenship
  48. Canada ranks No. 2 10 countries for cost competitiveness: real estate, 2014
  49. Pharmaceutical kickbacks: prices, money, companies - Canada
  50. for Canadian skiers/snowboarders: to rent, how much, price - Canada
  51. Aboriginals in Canada: living in, vs, statistics
  52. US kid in Windsor, Ontario, to renew passport - can't go to Detroit?: home - Canada
  53. Moving from Buffalo, NY to Canada, looking for cost and quality of living information: university
  54. We are looking for professional movers in Ontario.: homes, live - Canada
  55. Alberta bound: neighbourhood, vacation, office - Canada
  56. New Canada National Parks: 2015, bill, design
  57. NAFTA activation at border?: credit card, employment, school - Canada
  58. Vancouver BC vs. Toronto ON: crime, universities, place to live - Canada
  59. Canadian snowbirds allowed much less time in US?: lawyer, tax - Canada
  60. US universities and Canada: schools, wealthy, rank
  61. Do Newfoundlanders ever think about becoming their own country again, apart from Canada?: 2015
  62. China overtakes Canada as the United States' largest trading partner!: oil, business
  63. Trudeaumetre: appointed, 2014, bills - Canada
  64. on long term visits from US: apartment, rent - Canada
  65. Pelee Island: agricultural, beaches, ferry - Canada
  66. Moving Back to Canada with American Vehicles: sale, lease
  67. Canadians: Does your iPhone 6 work when you travel to the U.S?: 2014 - Canada
  68. Bullying in Canada / BC: live, moving to, gay
  69. How will you shop this Black Friday?: sales, 2015 - Canada
  70. American buying a place in Canada but not immigrating: rent, insurance
  71. The Mohawk in Quebec: 2015, entertainment, community - Canada
  72. South African Teacher; looking to immigrate.: 2015, lawyers, teaching jobs - Canada
  73. Alberta or Vancouver w/ NYC trips: how much, home, college - Canada
  74. Newfoundland : Hiking / Fjords in November: ferry, parks, area - Canada
  75. Montreal vs Toronto (drugs) (people): houses, schools, quality of life - Canada
  76. Cudos to CP Rail.: 2014, train, yard - Canada
  77. Drawing U.S. Soc. Sec. in Canada: income, income tax
  78. Quebec City - apartment rental sites: rentals, neighborhoods, to live - Canada
  79. Sobey(St. Marys University-halifax) vs Asper(University of Manitoba-winnipeg): school, universities - Canada
  80. Accomodation for short-term stay in Hamilton?: subletting, apartment, rent - Canada
  81. London, Windsor, and Chatham: low crime, home, unemployment rate - Canada
  82. When you need a few laughs...: place, 2007, local - Canada
  83. Happy Hallowe'en Canada !: houses, school, safe
  84. Unions in canada.: look for a job, legally, approval
  85. Saugeen Shores, Ontario, Canada: income, living, beach
  86. The Trudeau Metre: citizen, personal, labor - Canada
  87. Time To Remind Ourselves: live, military, safer - Canada
  88. What are the benefits of having immigrants?: unemployment rate, taxi driver - Canada
  89. Native mass suicide attempts: 2013, violent crime, new house - Canada
  90. Best and worst details about your part of Canada ...: real estate, 2015
  91. Canada says no to single male refugees: 2015, crime rate
  92. Do canadians Hate Americans: credit, movies, tax credit - Canada
  93. Grey Cup 2015: university, versus, clubs - Canada
  94. Funniest Canadian comedians ...: 2015, home, wedding - Canada
  95. What are the most religious parts of Canada?: appointed, apartment
  96. Am I the only one who experiences culture cringe?: house, live in - Canada
  97. Is it easier for an American to move to Canada or a Canadian to move to the US?: fit in, 2014
  98. Parents charged in their young son's death because they did not seek proper medical in time: mattress, home - Canada
  99. Do Americans still think Canadians are Friendly?: living in, to move - Canada
  100. Canadian Passport Nightmare: fingerprints, lawyer, price - Canada
  101. Only in Canada...: school, university, taxis
  102. Done with winter: apartment, home, trees - Canada
  103. Moving to BC!!: living in, pollution, swimming - Canada
  104. Is Ontario more like the US Midwest or Northeast?: credit, neighborhoods - Canada
  105. Tim Horton's is good!: buy, school, stores - Canada
  106. another (i am looking) into moving to Canada: insurance, how much
  107. Who is the most corrupt province, Ontario or Quebec?: bankrupt, cabinet - Canada
  108. Nice small towns in British Columbia: house, good schools, living in - Canada
  109. Justin Trudeau as PM: 2015, income, cabinet - Canada
  110. Is the firestorms in Alberta the reason why it was warm today in Southern Ontario?: safe, best - Canada
  111. Parts of Ontario and certain NY State radio stations: home, live in - Canada
  112. Are you guys missing Harper??: approval, rating, party - Canada
  113. Save the PETS in Ft McMurray. Donate today!: credit card, houses - Canada
  114. Vancouver vs Toronto (crime) (drugs) (condo) (aesthetics): rent, condos - Canada
  115. Trudeau showing strain?: house, floor, moving - Canada
  116. Oh good, 1 billion more Chinese people heading our way: 2015, condos - Canada
  117. Canada superpower: condo, house, schools
  118. Home Mortgages in Canada vs USA: insurance, condo, mortgage
  119. Live downtown Niagara Falls Ontario: best cities, real estate, 2015 - Canada
  120. Fort McMurray is Burning: house, construction, camps - Canada
  121. Should I move to Winnipeg, Halifax, or Alberta ? Movingfor job opportunities Youth/Social/Community/Non Profit: fit in, apartment - Canada
  122. Why are Canadians so touchy about criticism of their Healthcare: live, cost - Canada
  123. Canadian chain stores and restaurants.... are there left or have they all become extinct?: wedding, to buy - Canada
  124. Will you marry me Canada?: universities, incomes, living in
  125. Searhing for the Gough Family in Ontario Canada: home, living in
  126. The future of passenger trains, once: tax, costs, bus - Canada
  127. Giving birth in the U.S or Canada?: health insurance, buying
  128. Is Canada really going to legalize weed?: condo, homes
  129. Best 'artstic' community in Canada?: school, college, to live
  130. Is there a Canadian upper class?: hotel, to live, to move - Canada
  131. Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi Stoops to Name Calling: 2014, sex offenders - Canada
  132. Environmental Martyrdom: subsidized, live in, manufacturing - Canada
  133. How many provinces and territories have you been to?: hotel, neighborhoods - Canada
  134. Do you feel safe walking around in Toronto?: 2015, crime - Canada
  135. Bringing hockey equipment into Canada: how much, to buy, cost
  136. What forums do Canadians prefer: health insurance, living, gardening - Canada
  137. Moving to Canada - Canadian boyfriend: lease, living in, law
  138. Canada's healthcare system is cratering with just a ninth of the US population: 2015, health insurance
  139. Young couple looking for areas of Canada where we won't face much harassment.: new home, living
  140. U.S Doctor Critiques Canadian Healthcare: 2013, live, assess - Canada
  141. Which city feels least Americanized? Vancouver vs. Montreal: construction, live - Canada
  142. STOP Giving Quebec Free Racism Pass: neighbourhoods, schools, clubs - Canada
  143. Provincial politics: house, party, senior - Canada
  144. Who has a real Christmas tree?: hair salon, apartment, house - Canada
  145. Which city has a better downtown? Calgary or San Jose?: 2014, theatre - Canada
  146. A good book on curling: reviews, attractive, history - Canada
  147. British influence in Canada vs. Australia: moving to, transport, population
  148. Best Province/ Territory to live in Canada: home, pros and cons
  149. U.S. Troops at Canadian Border: unemployment, legally, gangs - Canada
  150. So sad. 5 Dead, 2 Others Injured in Saskatchewan School Shooting: health care, gun laws - Canada
  151. Coderre says no to trans Canada pipeline: transfer, buy
  152. How long can Canadians go before Jihad REALLY hits??: 2013, to live in - Canada
  153. I must admit you guys have of the most beautiful women.: appointed, movies - Canada
  154. Do you support Justin Trudeau bringing in refugees to Canada?: buy, living
  155. Science Proves Canadians are more polite than Americans: mobile home, yard - Canada
  156. Are fewer Canadians traveling to Florida?: 2015, to rent, condo - Canada
  157. Work in buffalo live in canada: home, unemployed, transfer
  158. Plunging Canadian dollar, now down to $0.70 US: 2015, house prices - Canada
  159. Best Canadian Movies EVER!: 2014, live, title - Canada
  160. Dual Citizenship Questions: apartments, insurance, home - Canada
  161. I need urgent help! Halifax or Victoria?: real estate, apartment - Canada
  162. Hospital bill in Canada?: rent, health insurance, credit
  163. Is the mullet still fashionable in Canada?: deal, business
  164. St. John's or Halifax?: apartments, hotels, school - Canada
  165. 6 Day Road Trip from Toronto to Miami or nuts?: hotel, home - Canada
  166. Reciprocal living and working rights backed in UK, Australia, NZ and Canada: law, legal
  167. Dismal season for Canadian NHL teams: home, layoffs, gated - Canada
  168. #SuperTuesday: Searches for 'How can I move to Canada?' spike: 2013, living
  169. Cool Canadian Town/City Unique School: middle school, living, move to - Canada
  170. DUI from 2001 - Entry into Canada for vacation: gated, inspector
  171. Best Canadian TV shows!: credit, school, college - Canada
  172. So What's Cape Breton Like?: home, school, living - Canada
  173. Writing an entire demographic out of the history books: crime rates, high school - Canada
  174. Canada's Justin Trudeau ...: buyer, vs, budget
  175. How to move from the U.S to Canada?: buying, live
  176. Canada is no longer America's largest trading partner: 2015, credit
  177. What is your favorite Canadian National Park?: parks, area - Canada
  178. International survey: Canadians voted the 10th most attractive nationality in the world: movies, vs - Canada
  179. a move to Ontario, from NJ USA: 2015, credit - Canada
  180. Do Canadian secondary schools field sports teams beyond hockey?: private schools, clubs - Canada
  181. Canada ranked as 'most admired' country in the world: report: 2015, living in
  182. Where is Canada's Maple Belt ?: 2014, buying
  183. Does Windsor, ON have the best pizza in Canada: appointed, home
  184. Children Choir In Ottawa Singing Muslim Song: trendy, title - Canada
  185. Visiting Canada For The First Time.: insurance, credit card, how much
  186. Globe and Mail: Most refugees don't want to come to Canada...: crime, how much
  187. Is the current CAD/USD exchange rate increasing tourism to Canada this year?: 2015, hotels
  188. Mai oh Mai!: estimate, celebrities, island - Canada
  189. study, adaptation , immigration: home, movies, schools - Canada
  190. Canadian farmers colleges: universities, agriculture, food - Canada
  191. Raising beef cattle in Canada: 2014, buy, farm
  192. What form should a cooperative union between the U.S. and Canada take?: live, law
  193. International survey: Canada viewed as lame while America voted the coolest: movies, live
  194. moving to Windsor, Ontario: for rent, crime, how much - Canada
  195. work for the MNR?: school, budget, office - Canada
  196. Lac-Megantic's railway in happier times: 2013, train, rain - Canada
  197. Elementary schools in collingwood ontario: move to, children, time - Canada
  198. Canada is rocking the music scene .. but are we doing better then we realize?: live
  199. Cost of living in Hamilton on: car insurance, costs, move to - Canada
  200. Volunteering in Ontario (Halton Region): college, live, corporate - Canada